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Donna Underwood My son jack received the MMR vacine In Liverpool at 14 months old immediately there was a change, my little jolly baby boy had gone. All eye contact and speech had dissapeared over night and 2 weeks later he was being refered to a specialist . Jack is non-verbal and severely autistic who now needs 2-1 specialist care 24 hours a day

Luanne Uttley My daughter Halle had the vaccines and at 18 months and developed a high temp, had a seizure. She changed at that point. She was diagnosed with autism a few years later. I am an American living here in England and the vaccines were administered in Portland Oregon and Arkansas. Two different places. By then she was vaccinated here in England, She already was showiing signs of Autism and delayed speech. (Stourport).


Gert Van Der Walt Tiaan started to to talk and seem to be a normal boy then all changed,even speach that he developed disssapeard,but what vaccine?

Jessica Vandever My son is now 27 months and he went in for his one year shots. They told his dad that he was behind (which he was NOT) and gave him like five different things. He always had large lumps after vaccines, but after a whole year of seeing him regress from the boy who was advanced for one to this quite withdrawn passive toddler is alarming. He was vaccinated in Springville NY by Springville pediatrics. I'm pregnant now and. I will NOT vaccinate this child ever.

Guiselle Van Schuppen My son has regressive autism. He was vaccinated partly in Hilton Head, SC until age of 6 months then we moved to Titusville, Fl and then he got vaccinated until he was 15-18 months. I saw his regression when he got the MMR and he had a bad allergic reaction of a vaccine when he was 10 months, Pertusis vaccine. He was doing everything at his aga and beyond. Thanks for everything u do. I know over 60 kids that been vaccinated here in Titusville that have autism.

Tina James Van Stavern MMR, Chickenpox and Flu shot ALL given @ 18 months. Lost speech and mobility. Sensory issues. She is doing very well today. graduated 3rd grade with straight A's. minimal resource & CMC @ school. location of shot.. Las Colinas TX

Galina Varese My beautiful boy was developing well, reached all the milestones, was very sociable, had a great eye contact and was an early talker. He had his MMR vaccinaton at 16 months, and developed a high fever, was poorly for several days. After tha...t he started to regress, slowly losing his speech, now at 8 he is totally non verbal. His idiosyncrasies are becoming more pronounced with years. We love him, he is a gentle soul, very affectionate, giggly and funny, but also frustrated on the daily basis, dfficult to cope with, has a sleeping disorder, and eats a very limited diet. Frankly, I will never forgive the doctor in Williamstown MA who said that my fears about the MMR were ungrounded. I wish I listened to my heart. I hate it when people say time to move on. That's what politicians do, when they commit crimes.

Lucy Mendoza Vasquez He was a perfect little baby up to the age of 18 months, that was right after the ...MMR shots. That's when we started to notice his regression in many areas. He could no longer remember the colors, shapes and numbers he had learned. He seem deaf. I still remember thinking he had a problem with his hearing because the lack of acknowledgment every time we would walk into the room where he was at, we were being ignored most of the time.After many visits to the Doctor, Specialist and many sleepless night he was finally diagnosed with PDD-NOS then a few months later we got the diagnosis no parent would ever like to hear. AUTISM!! (Andy started slamming his head on the ground, screaming and having inexplicable tantrums. He started to have very loose stool and was sick all the time. Andy has gone through so much he has been on the GFCF diet, many years of speech therapy, Biomedical treatment, ABA therapy and is still on vitamin B12 shots and is still on Micellized D'3 ~ (Austin,Texas, Travis Co.)

Isabel Vazquez My son was talking , played and laughed like any other toddler till he was 15 months. He was admitted in the hospital with the rotto virus, high fevers . He was given numerous antibiotics then he got the MMR vaccine. In the next 2 months he began to bang his head and the regression began. Went from saying 20+ words to 0. He is 40 months now and has not called me mom in over a year, has meltdowns, etc . He has 8 therapies/week and is showing little improvement.

Melissa Vega My son reacted at his two month shots. He stopped pooping the day he got his shots and continued for years to have GI issues. I didn't know the correlation to GI issues and autism and continued to vaccinate him. Around 15 months, he stopped playing with other kids, lined up all his toys, severe OCD, lost words, flapped his hands. He was finally diagnosed at age 3. Austin, TX. We did not report to VAERS.

Luke Ventham My daughter was a normal healthy baby girl although she did suffer from some nasty ear infections when she was very young. However she was hitting all her developmental milestones including starting to talk. As soon as she was given the three in one mmr jab she regressed and lost what speech she had. She suffered a nasty reaction to the mmr and also regressed with regard to her fine and gross motor skills. She was diagnosed autistic in 2013 at two yrs old and we have been having ongoing battles with doctors since to get the necessary investigations, and blood tests that need to be done. She is nearly four and suffers badly from intense bowel pain and constipation. We have encountered a brick wall from the nhs when trying to get the help she needs and answers as to the cause of her condition. I have found that to voice my opinion that the MMR caused my beautiful daughter's condition is to meet with ridicule by most of the doctors I have met. It's an absolute disgrace that my poor daughter has suffered due to the malpractice of the medical world and children will continue to suffer until this scandal is addressed!

Karen Vickers-Corfe My oldest daughter, now 20, had the MMR vaccine when she was a baby. I had given her tylonal before we left. When we got home, she was spiking a high fever, and becoming lethargic. Though she's not been diagnosed with autism, I suspect that she is on the spectrum and her brothers and sister also have autism and on the spectrum. She is only Now getting tested. Vancouver B.C Canada

Suzette Villalobos My son had his 12 month shots in December of 2007 and immediately regressed after that with high fevers of 103. Degrees and above. He had an MRI per peds request in May of 2008 because he was not walking or talking still. Results and dx given was chiari 1 malformation of his brain along with ASD. Which was later determined by his neuro to be severe brain swelling from vaccine reaction and fevers. After implementation of biomed, HBOT and diet. My sons MRI in 2012 showed he no longer had this brain swelling. He now is thriving in the third grade. He will be 10 years old this year. He still is delayed from peers his age but works hard to keep up. He also still has his ASD dx but went from severe to high functioning. He also has frontal lobe epilepsy.

Danny Vincent My son Danny was born April 23, 2003. He was given the Vitamin K shot and Hep B and wouldn't wake up for 24 hours, he slept and didn't wake to eat, he had poor sucking reflexes. Even pinching him didn't wake him. Then the 4 month shots including the DTaP he screamed for days and ran 103.8 fever, the six month shots were the same screaming, arching the of the back, high fever. Then at 15 months he was given the MMR and he quit talking and quit eating after 12 hours, he banged his head on any surface and wouldn't point, say people's names, and lost the ability to count, say letters or colors. He switched from massive diarrhea to massive constipation, went back to drinking from a bottle and stopped eating table foods. He still chokes on his food occasionally and has sensory issues severe in the mouth, he has had febrile seizures and now has abnormal brain activity all the time all over his brain with no point of origin. My daughter Victoria was born April 6, 2006. She reacted to her 4 month shots the same with fevers and screaming and we stopped vaccinating her at 9 months old, so glad we did, but she was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in 2012, with no known tick bite or bullseye rash...so not sure if vaccine related but thought I would share.

Sharon Peregud Vincent After my Son had his 4 month well check, and 3 vaccines that day his behaviors changed. He stopped eating from a spoon, would not munch or even start chewing food until 2 years. I stopped all the shots after his 4 month well-check, went through 3 different peds. He eventually had OT/ST and determined he had sensory issues, but not a clear diagnosis. Since I stopped all vaccines went through many months of therapy, and making sure he has quality food and vitamins his sensory issues are not a problem anymore. He has sensitivity to loud noises, and no more feeding issues! If I would have continued the vaccine schedule I KNOW he would have been a different boy today. I did the right thing, and will continue to do what I feel is right for my son despite the hostility and anger from doctors who think otherwise. I have stood my ground, and would not be pushed around in the ped offices. I did my research and gave these doctors a run for their $$$. I knew my research, and they were tongue tied as to how to respond to me. By being firm, they let go of their manipulation. Johns Creek and Suwannee, GA.

Gina Vokoun (Mom) Born 1966 - Age 6 (1972) received Measles vaccine in Cleveland, OH. 2 months later diagnosed with Epilepsy. Update: Found gf/cf diet, no preservatives or artificial colors or flavors. Off the liver transplant list. ;o) No more seizures, still very organized and focused on one thing. (Past 3 years - Autism) Both boys listed below are gf/cf, no artificial colors or flavors or preservatives. Both are mainstreamed and medically I'm keeping them on track with supplementation. Jeffery Athon (my 1st child) Born 1991 - Was fully vaccinated. Age 4.6 years (1996) received MMR, DTap in Glendale, AZ. High fevers 105-107 started immediately following for 5 days, then seizures started at 2 weeks post vaccine. Hand flapping, regressed socially, and began unfocused behaviors and hyperfocused on things he likes. Today, 19 yo, still very unfocused for school but can maintain. He's a genius guitar player by ear only. Max Vokoun (2nd child) Born 2004 - DX'd CP at 10 mos old. Mildly effected left arm only. Was fully vaccinated. Age 15 mos (2006) received 12 month well visit vaccines in Mesa, AZ. All of them. Within 3 weeks, lost all words, screaming, lining up toys, lost eye contact, quit playing baby games like patty cake, retreated into his very own private world. Gastrointestinal WAS always a problem from birth. Could not tolerate milk products. Started treating DAN! Protocol at his 3rd birthday. Diagnosed at 3.7 years old. Update: Mainstreamed, still receiving PT, OT, speech (not for long tho). Jeff now 18 but at 4.7 yrs went w/in himself, mainstreamed now Mesa, AZ. Max now 6 but at 15 mts lost all speech and would SCREAM now mainstreamed Mesa, AZ

Crystal Votaw My 1st daughter is 6 and has up to her 18 month shots. She changed after her shots and i chose not to get her anymore even before i knew what was going on with her. She was dx with autism 2 wks before her 3rd birthday. My 2nd daughter has...nt had any shots and she is 18months. She is showing some signs of PDD~NOS but i know for a fact that she wld b way worse if she wld hve got her shots. Trust ur motherly instincit. U r ur childs ONLY advocate!!


Cherish Wade I'm a firm believer that every child is different and some just don't take well to vaccines. I have 3 children going on 4 and my youngest son was effected by vaccines.the morning after a double set of vaccines witch included the mmr my boy couldn't talk to me at all. All he could do was scream, cry, and throw himself down at my feet everywhere I went. Before the double set of vaccinations he seemed to be a pretty normal boy. I was advised by an amazing pediatrician that I found that he wouldn't vaccinate my boy witch made me immediately do research on the topic. I don't ever want to vaccinate my children again!! As a matter of fact when I stopped all vaccinations on my kids my other boy was able to start learning alot of things that seemed too complicated to him before. My kids are my life and I only want what's best for all of them. In Barstow ca and once again in idyllwild ca. I wish I would have been more educated on the possible harm vaccines could do to my boy.

Jacqueline Wade All I know is my youngest son was a cute loveable affectionate baby until he got his MMR shot then all of a sudden he stopped looking us in the eyes, didn't respond to his name, wouldn't give hugs anymore. Completely seemed to changed. It was strange. He also started having stomach issues every other month. His shot was given in Indiana.

Kimberly Hunter Wagenknecht Theres no proof but my son talked like a normal 1 year old until he got his 1 year shots and then all of a sudden he quit talking. It was like a brick wall came up. Hes now 10, at 3 was diagnosed with PDD. We live in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.

Karmen Wagler My son Talon had a reaction to Hep B # 1 at the Riley Hospital Indianapolis, Indiana. He developed hive type rash and inconsoleable crying. The nurse there told me not to get another hep b. He received his 2 and 4 months shots in Loogoot...ee indiana. He seemed to be developing really well. He could say words and tried to say anything we told him to. He got his MMR at about 18 months. He developed persisent diarrhea that was mucusy, frothy, with undigested food. He slipped away from us. Lost all speech, began to flap his arms, then seizures developed. As a baby, he had heart surgery and T&A and ear tubes so I always thought that all the anesthesia, antibiotics and vaccines probably played a role in his regression.

Laura Wagner When my son was 6 months old and got his vaccines he was a normal healthy happy baby. With in a few days he stopped looking me in the face. He changed. He got really clingy started crying all the time and refused to look me in the face. He was delayed in everything. I just knew something was not right. A mother knows. My intuition was right. He saw specialists and was diagnosed with aspbergers PDD NOS. Pervasive Developmental Disorder. also mold tourets, and mild ADD. Milwaukee County, City of Glendale in Wisconsin.

Michele Waldman My son received his first series at 6.5 lbs, in. He was born 11 weeks premature, and the shots given to him at 2 months of age, Hep, Hib, DTP, and oral polio vaccines in December 1993. Within 2 hours of arriving back home after the vaccines, his left leg swelled, was red and he had a fever of about 102.5. I gave him Tylenol and put him in a warm bathtub. He was extremely fussy, wouldn't breast feed or latch on as well as he had done before, and he screamed at a high pitch that I had never heard before. The screaming was very disturbing and he cried inconsolably all night long for about a week or so. In between screaming, he was lethargic, wouldn't breast feed very long, and didn't interact or respond to stimulation, as before. Most notably, my son stopped having bowel movements. He was solely breast fed and his bowel movement schedule suddenly changed--to one bowel movement--every 9-14 days! I mentioned this to his doctor, and he said that this was "normal." This, after having 3 children before my son, solely breast-fed, these bowel movements did not appear "Normal" to me, nor to my husband. The consistency of the bowel movement was like "paste" and extremely foul smelling and very large in quantity. My son was developmentally delayed at 2 yrs old. At age 4, he was diagnosed with PDD, Asperger's. Today, my son is 18 and still has developmental issues with good judgment, reasoning, trust, lack of empathy. He's very intelligent, but socially inept. San Diego, CA

Dana Dunagan Waldrop Rick O. died of SIDS, just after getting his 2 mo vaccines, I know that the DTaP was one of them. (I can't ask about the rest because his Mom hates me for trying to teach her about fever. She was my best... friend for 40 years.) He cried that high pitched scream for weeks prior to his death. That cry was called "colic" by his doctor. He stopped breathing while the caregiver was rocking him to sleep. He was in her arms when he quit breathing, she began CPR immediately but it didn't work. This was a very sweet elderly lady who was married to a preacher. I know this lady did not harm that baby...vaccines did. My brother was a perfectly normal baby. Back in the 70's, kids only got a few vaccines. My Mom took him in for his DPT (only one vaccine), brought him home and put him to bed because he had a fever. Shortly after his fever spiked fast and he began to have seizures. The next day he was still having seizures and began the hand-flapping, stopped talking and stopped making eye contact. He continued to have seizures, almost daily, until he passed away at 23 years old. The anti-seizure drugs finally took a toll on his heart. From day one, all doctors agreed that it was a vaccine injury. All throughout his life, doctors acknowledged that it was a vaccine injury. No one *ever* denied it. We didn't have the word "autism" back then, but after research and working with autistic children, I know today that he was severely autistic. The hardest part about it for me is to hear my Mom blame herself. She did what was expected of her. She did what she thought was the right thing to do. She was *not* to blame! Things happen for a reason. Evil has taken over this world and it's up to those who know --- to warn others. Bless you all! My son has severe seasonal allergies and I know it was from the vaccines, I've done a lot of research.

Kathryn Walford My child was diagnosed before, and I held off on jabs since she was one. Not too long ago they talked me into getting her a catch up, so she had the jab that comes before the MMR. From the moment I got her home she was very unlike herself. This is a lass that cannot sit still for a couple Minutes, and she was sprawled on the sofa, staring at the ceiling and not responding to anything I did. She was awake, and breathing fine, a little hot but just not there. She started speaking a couple hours later just to say her arm hurt, and I held a drink for her, shortly after she said everything hurt, her temperature was a lot worse by this point (45) and as I was getting her to bed she passed out. This was all in the space of a few hours after having the jab. I rang the NHS hotline which took over an hour to respond and call back, then another half hour to send an ambulance, which arrived another half hour after that, by which time thank fully she was much back to her oldself. Needless to say I will NEVER allow them near her with any more vaccines. I was in N.Y. when my 6 year old recieved all her immunization. North Walsham, England (Must point out she was 5 years old when she got that jab. I can't help but think if id had it done when I was "supposed to" it may have killed her).

Heather Walker My son was developing normally, including language until age 3 after the receiving a vaccination he withdrew, lost all component of language within six months, fever, crying, rash, gastro issues, petit mal seizures, loss of gross and fine motor skills regressed to an 18 month old developmental level. Now age 8 language returned and progressing. Schenectady, New York

Sarah Wallace My 2 yr old Jules born on 12-12-08 had received vit k shot and within 5-10 min had a fully facial rash and red splotches all over his face. My midwife thought he was having an allergic reaction to the laundry soap that we washed the towel in that we wiped him off with. I researched it more and found out this is a common reaction to the vit k shot. He has had constant ear infections, lost partial hearing, and has always been pretty sick since then. He has had failure to thrive as an infant, when he was 3 months old he had rsv as well as the flu twice within 2 months. He is very thin and has poor muscle tone. It was a home birth at our house in bonner springs ks. My midwife was based out of leavenworth ks at the time..I'm a bit on edge as well bc the vit k such is correlated with childhood leukemia. My best friend's daughter who is 2 and half, same as my child who had the vit k shot, her daughter was just diagnosed with ALL. Acute lymphoblastic leukemia. This is my worst fear for my son! It is so tragic and more people need to know vit k is not safe. for anyone! Sage(2-26-03) my oldest had Chronic acid reflux and gerd which I think was from the hep b shot at birth. He had colic and gas problems. He now has adhd and is on the ASD borderlines. He is also very thin and has poor muscle tone.

Jeff Walsh Daughter, H1N1 vaccine, Fall 2009 (Just turned 2 at the time) Fever and rash for a few weeks. Regression - behavior/verbal/etc...(ASD) She was way ahead of peers before this vaccination. (It was the final straw of toxicity for her) It's been about a 1.5 years and we have been doing biomedical treatment etc....she is doing much better but still long ways to go! Salt Lake City, UT

Brenda Walters Hmmmm I think a possibility! My daughter babbled a lot before the 1 yr vacc then after it she was silent for a year! :( She is 3 now and starting to say some words :) she is also ASD!

Kaylene Walters My son is 15 now MMR.. he lost all his speech. warragul victoria Australia..

Annette Renee Walters-Wyler I have two vaccine injured children: My oldest daughter - NFL Cheerleader, Desiree Jennings (you can Google her name). Her story is all over internet. Neurological damage after flu shot containing Thimerisol/Mercury. Received her shot at a Safeway Grocery Store in Ashburn, Virginia My youngest daughter, Morgan couldn't walk because of hip effusion and swollen joints, she had head to toe rash/hives after 7 vaccines in one day. She still has what is referred to as "Chronic Arthopathy and Analgia" Federal Vaccine Court knows and compensates for this illness from the MMR. She received vaccines in Traverse City, Michigan from pediatrician.

Laura Walthew My daughter's quick story. She did (visibly) fine with the DTaP, and so later we were convinced to give her the Prevnar brand of pneumococcal vaccine. She had been babbling at that point, and even mimicking the word, "hello" at around 3 months of age--amazing!! You should see my video I have posted on my facebook page. But after the Prevnar, she was completely silent for two full weeks. That scared the living daylights out of my husband and me, so we stopped vaccinating our daughter. I believe that, and the homeopathy have helped her to get back on course. She has no problems that we can see now, but we wil really never know if she would have been even more "advanced" and healthy had she not had any shots. This was in Tonawanda, in New York state.

Vee Walton Son was given DPT and polio vaccines at 6 months, soon followed by a high fever, high pitched screaming, followed by a year of “glue ear” and illness. Improved with homeopathy. (Sussex).

Toby Wan-Kenobi My son Nathan was talking, playing, pointing and leader of the pack at two and a half. He had gut problems from birth and was below par with his older brother BUT was ready for school and raring to go. In the next year, with MMR and DTP 11 months apart - WE LOST OUR SON to a headbanging, screaming, wordless, zero eye-cotact ball of pain. This was done by Sunbury Health Centre, south west London. Today, at age five and a half and after two full on years of bio-medical, special diet, homeopathy and specialised occupational therapy work we have Nathan reaching out to recover and us reaching in to recover him - and it is working. September 09, we went GfCf and started supplementary reinforcement of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids, hired a DAN practitioner and Homeopath – had lab tests run on urine faeces and saliva, and lo and behold massive heavy metal poisoning, gut dysbiosis, compromised G.I/Immune system, runaway infloration by candida yeast and his liver not synthesising glutathione nor processing out the homo-cysteine (a mess) - a year later and he is now talking again, playing again, looking at people a little and using imagination

Shane Ward Received MMR, developed ADHD, Aspergers, anger problems, learning difficulties, bouts of diarrhoea, loss of temperature control. UK

Karen Warren After 5 vaccines at the age of 18 months one being the mmr my daughter regressed with in 2 weeks she had a seizure and became very ill she began to tremor and slowly lost all speech and stopped eating she started to develop sensory issues

Mychelle Washington I have always kept up on immunization. I notice differences about 2 weeks later. My youngest didn't get any till she was 1 and I am now thinking at 18 months she may need testing. My second daughter missed a lot of vaccines and is the only one I feel acts like a "normal" 3 year old. I did everything the doctors say you should with my oldest who is 6. She has never missed a shot. I am not satisfied with the "we don't know what causes asperger".

Carol Noel Waters My son had a reaction to a vaccine. It's been a while now so I don't remember it, but afterwards he woke up in the middle of his nap screaming. He was never a fussy baby and rarely ever cried, but after the vaccine was inconsolable. It was followed by terrible diarrhea. I called the doctor's office it was so alarming and it turns out that one of the vaccines was for stomach virus. It was administered in Mishawaka, IN.

Braden Watkins Vaccines caused my sons Autism 100 per cent. WAAAAY before Jenny ever said it ... I was saying it.

Sharon Rudi Wayner We have a long list of screaming syndrome, seizures, shock, hives etc, but miraculously no permanent damage. Somewhere in my files I have every reaction, and all vaccines and reactions recorded that were submitted to the FDA. I recall 2 children died from the same lot of DTaP and there were 20 ER visits from it. I have a 30+ page testimony of our experience, Dr. Wakefield is the hero. She never got the MMR thanks to him. She had received an enormous amount of thimerosal in the first 6 months, worst case scenario with the exception of the Dtap, and I got a flu shot in first month of pregnancy before i knew I was pregnant. Let me know if you want copies of anything. Holland, MI.

Michelle Velie Weaver My son, doing everything.. Mmr first birthday, fever, screaming, lethargic,​ was told he had a viral infection. Got 15 mo. Shots..he shut down..lost everything! BEN is 10 now..after dozens of therapies he’s doing super. Not recovered. But making huge strides, and always improving! We are in Selma, NC.

Angela Webb My eldest son had first set of vaccines at 4 months (contained mercury) we noticed some high pitched screaming which we thought may have been teething. We had further vaccines at 6 months and the screaming became constant and lasted for years. We also noticed he started to fall from sitting position and developed severe cradle cap. Development delays became apparent from 7 months. At 18 months he was diagnosed with global developmental delay and 2 years old severe autism. He did not walk until age 4 and still struggles. We have seen an environmental specialist who did some genetic testing and was found to have severe inability to detoxify from the norm. He has severe heavy metal poisoning from mercury and aluminium. Lead was also discovered which we now know came from our very old 1830's house (paint and water supply). Biomedicine has showed significant improvement.

Courtney Webb My son ended up in the ICU when he was five days old after his first Hep B. However we were told there was no connection and we believed them although the SVT is a listed side effect (but who is given that insert to know that right?). He recovered and thrived then at nine months. I saw the odd loss of eye contact at twelve months. He had stopped answering to his name at 18 months and lost all his words. You may ask why did I continue to vaccinate?, because my pediatrician looked me and my husband straight in the eye and said it's not autism or the vaccines until 18 months. All the while, each time he wrote in his records RED FLAG: ASD LIKE SYMPTOMS. My son's condition was caused by a combination of acetaminophen, low glutathione and toxin exposure, we know he had a genetic vulnerability for these because of my own auto-immune issues which, were not diagnosed until a year after his birth. He received his vaccinations in Columbia, SC.

Linda Weinmaster My son is 19 years old and the RhoGAM shot given during my 28th week of pregnancy set up a perfect storm. He had all of his childhood scheduled vaccines on time and had reactions after each series. He will never be able to hold a job, drive, live on his own. He requires 24/7 supervision. He currently works 2 hours per week at a pet store and goes to school for a film media class. He will start a community transition program next year. He will live at home with his parents than with one of his older brothers. Omaha. Nebraska

Bill Welsh Grandson Luke met all his milestones as corroborated by his records. He received the MMR vaccine and was rushed to hospital the same evening, never fully recovering to this day. He is still without speech, suffers extreme hyperacusis and makes his hands bleed. Glasgow, Scotland

Kat Wendel I don't know for sure which vaccine was the straw that broke the camel's back. What I do know for sure is that hep b was given at birth and within 2 weeks my son was crying uncontrollably for hours on end every day. Of course the Dr. told me it was colic, which I now know is a load of crap. He never baby talked when he was supposed to but was always physically on track. That's where a lot of my confusion came from. He was starting to speak around 10 months & unfortunately I felt pressured by my son's pediatrician in Nov of 2009 to allow him to have the flu vaccine. Within 4 weeks all attempts of communicating were gone. I always had suspicions about vaccines & so I decided at the end of my pregnancy that we would follow an alternate vaccine schedule. I believe even one vaccine is too many & I wish I knew then what I know now. We are now facing a looming Autism diagnosis at age 3. These shots or assaults I like to call them happened in Katy, Texas.

Mary Werba Following immunizations at age approx. 18 months, Ryan got a really high fever, which was diagnosed as viral meningitis by a small town doctor. He had a spinal tap and we went through hell. Following that illness he lost much of the words that he knew and just whined constantly. Every day after that we lost a little bit more of him and at 4 yrs old he was diagnosed with PDD/NOS. Manitoba, Canada

Liz Weston My daughter had the MMR vaccine in Athens, Greece in 1998. She then regressed & developed Autism. After a long struggle & lots of help she is now studying 4 A levels in mainstream school.

Sue Wetheridge Had MMR at 15 months, became delirious, lost speech, lost eye contact, couldn’t bear to be touched, has since recovered some speech but needs support. (Durham)

Heather Whaley My son had developed perfectly until his MMR @ 15 months, ran a low fever, had a mild rash and then started regressing, loss of speech, unresponsive when called (appeared deaf at times), understood nothing we said to him, made no eye conta...ct and had chronic ear infections. He was diagnosed at 21 months with severe autism. That was in Pinellas Park Florida. He is now 3, has early intervention therapy, IV chelation to remove the metals from his body,on supplements and the GFCF diet. He is improving dramatically and to most does not appear to be autistic. He has verbal apraxia but is slowly getting his speech back.

Kate Whelan After 9 month shots plus flu shot, my younger son developed chronic ear infections and stopped breast feeding. Handflapping started at 11 months after Flu shot booster. Multiple ear infections, pneumonia, etc occurred. At 15 months, he rece...ived MMR, plus 7 other vaccines. Showed signs of seizure that day (did not realize till later), stopped talking, staring spells, began posturing, bowel issues began. Diagnosed with autism at 27 months. My older son developed GI issues immediately after receiving MMR plus 6 or so other vaccines. He also developed Tourette's after his 5-year old vaccines. Diagnosis: Asperger's. Madison, wisconsin, usa

Casey Wheller My son is now 17 and was diagnosed as having autism when he was 3 ½. Jonathan was meeting all milestones ahead of schedule. His pediatrician told me when he was 6mos that he had never seen a child so aware of everything. When he was 12 months he received his MMR vaccine. About an hour after returning home he developed a fever. He then had a horrible rash on his bottom. He had diarrhea. I called the doctor’s office to say that I thought his immunizations were causing a reaction. When I told the person on the phone what was going on I was told those were not adverse reactions to a vaccine. I believed her. Jonathan continued to cry, scream and have this horrible rash on his bottom for a few days. Then he just stopped. It was like seeing a light go off. His eyes changed. Before he had this mischievous gleam in his eyes and was always on the go, curious. Now all he wanted to do was sit in his walker that he didn’t need to use anymore. He was changed forever. I have always believed that his vaccines caused his autism.

Cheryl White My story is the exact same as Trudy's,but ear infections included!My son is now 9 years old. Philadelphia

Jill White My son Dale was injured by the antibiotics & HEP vax he got at birth. He could only sleep for five minutes at a time before he'd wake up in pain & this went on for months. Then we got to up to 10 min. etc. When we got his "2mo old round of vax" at 8 mo old he lost his words & ability to hold himself up. By the time we found a DAN! doctor when he was 20 months old he had never slept longer than 90 min. He never had a formed bowel movement until homeopathy at 3.5 yrs. Now at 7 yrs he is still not verbal but making great progress with MAPS doctor. Mahalo Wahiawa Hawaii

Tomeka White MMR- We waited until Donovan was 20 months because we heard about the "autism shot". After he got the shot he developed a fever that would not break for a week. The Dr convinced me that it would be ok and that my baby boy just had a reactio...n. He stopped talking, they thought he was having seizures, his gait was off, and he totally shut down. I am convinced that the shot took my son's bubbly, "that's awesome" voice away.

Wendy White HepB, dpt, pollio, given in Massena, NY birth to 1 yr. Birth (natural no pain killers), after Hep B vac I could not get her to wakeup to eat and she lost to much weight, Bilirubin over 21, after 1 week admitted into hospital under UV light... till her Bilirubin came down (1week). For 3 weeks would flick and scrape bottom of her feet hard per doc verbal orders to make her cry to wake up and eat something (doc said typical of some newborns to be this sleepy). They made me stop breast feeding for 1 week in hospital and told me my breast milk was "TO HEALTHY" and that I caused a high immune response because of my TO HEALTHY breast milk. That "formula feeding would bring down the immune response and help lower Bilirubin" and UV light. I continued breast feeding as soon as they let me take her home. After that, high fever over 104 and screaming for 1 week with each vaccine. I questioned each vac and told hush... it was all normal. Delayed walking and crawling unable to defecate for up to a week at a time but no hard stool from age 2 month to 8 months. I refused MMR at one year though I new nothing of vaccine reactions and studies in 1994, my gut scream fowl. More problems erupted over next 17 years. Current medical diagnosis at age 17yo: Primary Raynaud's all extremities and throat, costochondritis, non cancerous stomach polyps, slow emptying of stomach, easy to vomit, migraines (normal MRI), gray hair since 10 yo, acne since 10yo, and skin ulcers since 3yo. Weirdest thing my daughters tong swells up if she takes and form of niacin and migraines are instant and worse. (Stumps docs). None of my kids get vaccines now and my daughter teaches other kids by putting piece of ice in her hand and showing them the damage as her hand instantly turns dead colors. University of Washington is currently conducting a study on children and raynaud's and the increase (dna samples of finger nail clippings and blood draws over several years). They wanted my daughter for study but dis-cluded her after paperwork was in, i think that was after I verbally told them no vaccines and why.

Mary Lynn White-Eldridge My son received the DPT vaccine, the next day he was extremely hoarse. The hoarseness continued for over a week. I took him to the doctor, they said his larynx and vocal folds were extremely swelled, all a coincidence that it happened immediately after the vaccine. Tried medication and was then sent to a specialist. Then he was diagnosed with nodules. Before that vaccine my son never even had a sore throat or any kind of hoarseness.

Ana Whitlow We followed all of the vaccination schedules to the letter with our children. Our youngest child ( Brian 3 yo) was born in Jan of 2011. As soon as he was old enough he got the flu shot in a recommended 2 shot dose one in Nov and one in Dec of 2011 at Kaiser Permanente in San Diego. When Brian was around 18 months old he got so upset that he started crying really hard and then went silent and limp like he passed out and when he came back he was groggy and disoriented. We took him to the pediatrician who told us he is manipulating us with his tempers. We have tried to look at this as a behavioral issue but it doesn't seem to be. He has them as often as he gets that upset. At least once or twice a week and sometimes more. They are like a seizure because his body goes really tense I can hear his jaw cracking popping or teeth grinding sometimes and he is clearly passing out like he just short circuits. I am so upset I have stopped all vaccines and shots with all if my children until I get answers. I don't know where to start. I don't trust anyone anymore

Natalie Whitmore My son is 9 years old and is diagnosed with Autism aged 4. As a baby he showed all expected developments talking, walking etc ahead of his age. Within two weeks of receiving his MMR he stopped talking completely and social development disappeared. Halesowen, UK

Lisa Wiederlight-Gibson All healthy until his MMR, and then colitis and autism began at 14 months.

Carolyn Wilcoxon My son is 16 now, and pretty much completely normal (with a little geek). I'll never know if that lingering geek is who he would have been without vaccines, but I'm ok with it--he's awesome. Jacob's reactions were slow, and not as noticeable. I thought vaccines were water with a little unharmful virus in them. Anyways 4 years of explosive diahrea, no hard stools during that time, multiple food allergies, chemical sensitivities (foods and environmental), 3 violent hour long tantrums a day from age 2 to 2 1/2, which improved dramatically when we went on diet/supplements and lowered environmental exposures to chemicals. Cedar Rapids Iowa

Tami Wilken My son, Gavin is vaccine injured. Developed ahead of schedule. At 15 months old, he received the MMR, DPT, chicken pox and flu vaccine on the same day. He had a reaction on his skin where it was administered. Within a week we noticed he started having the following symptoms; lost his ability to speak, started rocking in front of walls, projectile vomiting, eczema, undigested food in his stools, transparent skin, crying for unknown reasons, inability to sleep and withdrawn socially. At 19 months old, he was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

Jenny Wilkie My daughter Francesca now 10 has severe autism. She was, I am led believe, initially affected by an MMR shot I had 6 years prior to her birth. She seemed very normal at birth, but had a severe reaction to her 1st DPT shot (age3 months). She subsequently lost all her speech and functional use of hands between the age of 18 months to 24 months following her MMR shots! All early shots were administered in Antigua (West Indies). She has recently been diagnosed as having mitochondrial damage to her DNA and RNA, and massive heavy metal toxicity. She has suffered from seizures since the age of 2. Francesca is currently under the care of Dr. Bradstreet in Melbourne Florida, and Dr Laurens Maas here in Barbados, where we now reside. Francesca can currently neither walk, talk nor use her hands functionally at all. We are doing a lot of homeopathic treatments, ondomed, supplements, HBOT, etc. and we seem to be making a little progress. I have huge respect and admiration for Dr. Wakefield, (he is my hero). I only wish I had known 10 years ago what I know now!

Dawn Willey My daughter was 9 ½ months when she received the last of her DTP shots. She was completely normal until this final straw. Within days she had her first 40 minute seizure. I knew right away that the vaccination had caused this. We opted out of vaccinations from then on, but at 15 months we were traveling out of the country and I couldn’t be at the appt. The doctor talked my husband into getting the MMR shot. Within days a whole new seizure type emerged. She is now 3 and has had 59 seizures. The vaccine was administered in Mansfield, Texas. Please do the research and DO NOT vaccinate your child.

Donna Williams my daughter now 18. When she went in for her first apt. after being born, had a series of shots. The one they gave in the thigh, she had a reaction to, I don’t know what the shot was, but at site of the shot she had a baseball size cherry red raised hot swelled area. Took her back to the office 20 mins after shot, they looked at it and said ‘oh thats normal not to worry!’ I don’t know, if that had anything to do with her autism because when she was born all she would do is scream and cry all the time! but she didn’t say full sentences and had to have speech therapy at 3 yrs. She was diagnosed with adhd, odd, ld and ocd. When 8 she was diagnosed with autism after saying all those years, something else was wrong with her and being told it was bad parenting and I was the problem! Being asked over and over how much I drank and how much drugs I used when pregnant. I never drank, nor did I or ever have, or done drugs nor did I drink while pregnant and never did illegal drugs! When I was pregnant I didn’t even take tylenol or prescription drugs only the prenatal vites! Chippawa PA

Gerri Williams Son starting regressing right after he turned 1. He received MMR, and 3 other vaccines at a year old. By the time he was 3, he lost speech, failure to thrive, chronic diarrhea/constipation, no appetite, significant global delays. 4 peds GI later, found he had large amt of unexplainable lymphatic nodules/aggregates/edema throughout large intestines. Also, inflammed esophagus with aggregates. Sounds similar to what Dr. Wakefield found in kids with same chief complaint. Received vaccines in Springfield, IL.

Jessica Williams My son got diagnosed with an ingunial hernia at 4 months, at 6 months old he had surgery and ever since the anastesia, he lacked eye contact, mumbling, cooing and cawing...i still believe his daignoses of Autism had something to do with that. and so many high fevers at a young age Kansas City Missouri at Childrens Mercy Hospital

Karen Williams ,my son kristian was diagnosed with severe autism disorder after he had the MMR vaccine. My other children had menigitus c , and the normal triple baby vaccines etc. I,ve so far found out that all vaccines have arsenic in them and lead...flu jabs have an over dose of mercury too. I know that it has been found with evidence that my son kristian has had no gentic connection to do with the autism if it wasn,t for the MMR vaccine that he was given he would still be fit and healthy today. London borough of hillingdon and lancashire ( burnley) ,both were in the united kingdom.x..

Michelle Williams Connor H 8th July 2003. Happy typical child who reacted to the whooping cough imm's received his MMR at 14mths and within 6hrs had fever, lethargy, and became a living corpse - my son disappeared before my very eyes - I have seen a report saying if there is a reaction to the baby shots that any immunisation after that containing thirmasol can cause autism - why was I waved away by my GP and told I was over reacting if it is common knowledge amongst medical practitioners???? Sydney Australia

Mike Williams MMR vaccine may be alright for many children. Ours had the combined jab in 2007 and was diagnosed with Autism when starting Primary School. Not wanting to risk him getting worse with the second MMR jab, my parents kindly paid for our son to have separate vaccines. He seemed so much happier and abler after these. Separately, his special needs school laid the guilt trip on parents for their children to have the swine flu vaccine, 14th January 2010. Ten days later he was admitted to hospital for a week with meningitis like symptoms, which turned out to be suspected Kawasaki disease. He had similar symptoms 31 May 2010, which meant another trip to hospital (it was said to be a blood infection this time). It is time the government and medical boards wised up to the FACT that no one treatment suits all. And they wonder why there's a measles epidemic?

Nadine Williams This is reference to my son who is now 8 years old. The first booster or MMR was given to my 2 1/2 day old son prior to his release from the hospital. This is a standard shot required of all infants in NYS. I had to sign a waiver agreeing to the shot. When my son awoke from the shot at home, he screamed, wailed for over a day. From that point on we were told he had colic. I doubted that as things progressed. He acquired every cold/virus and eating issue. When about 4 we learned he had extreme food allergies, digestion issues and more recently several disorders that are Autism Spectrum related (SPID, Auditory Processing, Non Verbal Learning Disorder). I truly believe they are related to the vaccines. A homepath recently told me she say heavy metal poisoning in my son, which is directly linked to vaccines.

Sarah Williams My twin son passed away 3 &1/2 days after the recommended 2 month vaccine series & was mis-diagnosed...

Stacy Williams Our twins Alexis and Tre they are now age almost 7. There were premies but doing well and starting to grow. Then we started RSV shots and each time they just seems to get a little cold nothing huge, well then they got their MMR and the DDtp... shot, they got shots together so I could never say one way or another. After their shots they had fever, runs, rashes, wouldn't eat, and laid around. The first time I called to report it and the CDC told me these were not from the shot. I was so stupid and believed them. It called their doc and she said the same. The next time they got shots they were gone. I lost them. The had fevers and rash and runs again. They stared into the corners, and screamed none stop. My daughter started to recover and talk but not much. Both were over four before they really talked. Now my daughter is dong well but extremly hyper. She also gets upset easily. My son however did not fair as well. He is allergic to everything, he rashes, bloody noses, no weight gain, extreme behaviors. This was Delaware County Muncie, Indiana I knew in my heart at 18 months that they had autism, but at that time was still just believe their doctors that we saw every two to three weekssorry forgot to add that son has horrible tummy issues. and we now see Dr.Justus Indianapolis Indiana, great doctor.

Eric Wilson was a beautiful and healthy baby boy, our first child. He received his first vaccination around the age of 2 months. He was cranky and feverish and in obvious discomfort for a few days. One sad July morning my husband found him dead in his crib. They called it SIDS, but I was never comfortable with that diagnosis. I have always maintained his death was caused by the DPT vaccine. Eric would have been 34 years old this May.

Lindsay Brown Wilson Both of my children regressed after "MULTIPLE" vaccines were given in one sitting (not just MMR); they were misdiagnosed for many years and we are SLOWLY getting things in place now to help (they are 14 and 8) Clarksville, KY

Marilyn Wilson My son had the mmr jab in Dunstable Bedfordshire at 13 months old and prior to this seemed to be developing normally. He has since been diagnosed as Autistic and has moderate learning difficulties

Mo Wilson Son had MMR, cried for hours, diarrhoea, regressed all skills. Same occurred with booster MMR, degenerated further into autism. Now, after 9 years of biomedical intervention and diet, just starting to make a slight recovery using homeopathy but long long way to go. Now age 14 years.

Sarah Wilson We noticed a huge change in my son after his MMR shots at 18 months old.Before this he was a happy little boy who babbled excessively and gave us perfect eye contact. After the vaccine he regressed rapidly and just became lost inside himself with little to no interaction with any-one.He is now almost 12 and is still non-verbal and we still have our challenges but for the most part he is happy and that is all I could ask for. Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Heather Marie Winters MMR is the vaccine we suspect (the only vaccine he received during that visit). He spiked an extremely high fever (106.5+ didn't let the thermometer finish), had a rash all over his body, was lethargic, was having seizures, and unresponsive to medications (they ruled out viral and bacterial infections too). We stopped all vaccines after that. His immune system is compromised and he is a medically fragile child, but overall he is doing well compared to where we were 9 years ago. The vaccine was administered in Monroe NC.

Dru Wintter My daughter, Jordan, became ill after her third hep b and other vaccines when she was six months old. Her hair fell out in patches and she had chronic runny nose with thick green /yellow mucous , and swollen lymph nodes, thereafter for the next year and a half until I put her on a strict diet. During that time doctors treated her with strong antibiotics and further damaged her immune system and digestive tract. I decided then that I had to take matters into my own hands and educated myself on how to make her well again. She is now fourteen years old, beautiful, talented , and intelligent. She still has multiple food allergies, though, and has been diagnosed with ADHD.

Lou Winquist My son, born May 5th 2003 in Dublin Ireland was given TWO MMR shots on same day - the first was administered then the nurse returned and told me not to worry it was expired and she woudl administer a current one as well :( Sadly I trusted her when she said it could cause no problems as back then I was totally unaware of vaccines/autism and the connection. Vaccine administered in Edgeworthstown, County Longford Ireland in 2004.

Corinnea Wise My story is a little long. Short story. Male-DOB 10/05. Noah, was an advanced developer. Walked, ran, talked (car truck dog cat house mouse ect.) by 10.5 months. Still on stage 1 baby food. Couldn't handle solid foods, fruit. Due to bowels, diarrhea and bad eczema. 14 pounds. This is when we finally received him as a goatee placement. We were already involved with the family before birth. We had his 16 year old brother. Due to poor communication between agencies he had been placed with yet another agency at birth. By 13 months we had progressed to NATURAL table food. Still avoiding fruit including tomatoes. We had already fought several ear and tonsil infections. I had avoided getting the MMR vaccines as long as I could. 2 weeks to the day. Whammy!! He didn't sleep through the night took several 10 minute naps a day, eczema bad almost raw patches. Crawling pulling on furniture to stand up. Momma Dada. Wanted to be held but very tight - in a bear hug fashion. Started to have feberal seizures (high fevers). So we had go watch very closely and intervene quickly at any sign if a fever. He often spiked. Knowing what was going on we started on vitamins most of the B's. Got into early intervention finally -this was what pushed the Co. To move on it. Therapy OT/PT/ST. Transitioned into preschool. Now we can't stop him. Still has some minor balance issues. Have to watch he doesn't eat too much fruit and milk. Sometimes a picky eater. Goes tru spells of constipation to the point of bladder blockage and also diarrhea. Talks talks talks. LOUDLY. 2nd set of ear tubes. Adenoid and tonsils out. Perfect hearing. Thinking too sensitive. Noise making squeals yelling repeating. Very bright directions puzzles academics. still likes to be bear hugged if being held. Plays rough with others his size/age. Great with babies, toddlers, and then teens and adults. Great with swimming & equestrian therapy. Starts soccer, and martial arts next month. We are planning on home/online schooling. With community/our church events and interventions we will be scocialed out. By the way we adopted him at the age of 2 years. He is 5.5 years now. Bio history or mental health, drugs, alcohol issues. We still have contact with them. Franklin Co. Ohio. Immunizations at 13 months in Richland Co. Ohio. Official Dx's 3/11 ADHD PDD ASD.

Wendy Wisley We live in Toowoomba, Queensland. As far as I know the immunisation incentive scheme of being paid at the completion of your childs immunisations is one of the Federal Australian Governments. Most people here in Australia have never been made aware of the possible risks involved with immunisations and many take their children to free immunisation clinics without knowing what they are being immunised against. I certainly didn't know any better and after 15 hours of labour and then an emergency c-section I was never informed of the risks involved with immunisation, nor was I aware that he had even recieved the Hep B shots until after thery were done. I will forever feel guilty that I handed my baby over without question. As I said even though he displayed some different behaviours as a baby I will never know if the toxic coktail he was given as an infant compounded his condition and made it worse.

Samantha Wisteria MMR 2003 at 13 months, speech went completely backwards just to "ga-ga" and "bub-bub". I knew something was wrong/had changed I took him back to dr who insisted my son was "fine". He is 13, severe autism, non-verbal, IQ unmeasurable. Before the poison jab he was passing all milestones on time, if not early. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Jessica Colacuori Witmer My daughter had a reaction in Fort Wayne, I can't remember what the shot was, it was administerred at 2.5 weeks of age. She reacted by extreme crying, what I believe to be headaches/brain inflammation, severe constipation and constant crying. That's very sad to hear. Well they made a ton of money off of my baby girl from that incident. $36 for a tiny canister of nutramigen. We spent two hundred dollars a WEEK on pre-digested formula from that point on. She endured six rounds of antibiotics for ear infections in the first year of her life. That led to severe yeast overgrowth, under her fingernails and in her ears. She was having up to 12 diarrhea poops a day. We started her on SCD and from that point ONLY fed her homemade goat's milk yogurt watered down and sweetened with honey. She started to recover, but it was an uphill battle. She is three now and she is still on a strict diet and has sleep issues. We have also done about 10 rounds of andrew cutler chelation protocol and have seen improvement from that. Indiana

J Witt I had always followed our doctor's recommendation to immunize my children. There were never any problems with my first two, they never had any adverse reactions to their vaccines. However, with my third child, Abigail, there was. She was born approximately three weeks before her due date. She had some minor issues with her breathing and received breathing treatments several times a week for the first month or so. She was also jaundice and her levels were high enough that the doctor's considered admitting her back into the hospital. We were able to keep her home and her bili levels gradually decreased. At that time, I didn't even think any of this could be connected to the HBV vaccine she received at two days old, I assumed her early arrival played a part. I'm still not sure if there could be a connection there. She did fine for her first few months with the need of breathing treatments becoming less frequent. I took her in for a routine well check and immunizations at five months. She received her second round of Dtap, HIB (Comvax), Polio (IPV), HBV (Comvax) and Pnemococcal Conjugate (PCV7). Within hours she became ill. She developed a fever, began vomiting, and became lethargic. I called her pediatrician and was told by the nurse to continue with Tylenol until the fever diminished. As for the vomiting, she suggested giving her one teaspoonful of water every hour until she could hold it down and then to try to reinstate formula and baby food slowly. She was ill like this for about a day. I would have never thought that that day changed her life permanently. I knew (mother's intuition) shortly after that she was going to be a "special" child but couldn't pin point what "special" entailed. By the time she was a year old we had a full on battle with food. (This continues still and she is 11yrs old now.) What she would eat was a very small variety of foods. She actually stopped growing for about a year and I believe it was due to the lack of nutrition. We did everything we could we could think of. We added Pediasure to her daily diet. We tried different foods and making eating fun. Nothing changed. As a toddler, she cried a lot. I knew something was wrong. When I discussed it with her pedatrician, she said Abigail was what would have been considered in the old days as a "difficult child" and would likely have OCD when she was older. I was not happy with her answer or efforts to help Abigail. There were other issues that developed as she became older. Breaking bones was common for her between 14 months and 4yrs old (maybe due to her nutrition). She had broke both bones in her wrist, her arm near her shoulder, and a bone in her foot. Our last major scare was what Emergency doctors diagnosed as a concussion, although she never hit her head. It was a tramopline incident that I witnessed, where she lost consciousness and stopped breathing. Scary! By this age, the sun was too bright. Clothes, socks and shoes hurt her. You would have thought bologna was her kryptonite, as she would scream in agony if she so much as smelled it. Ten melt downs in a day was an exceptional day. I'm talking screaming like someone is torturing her. She never slept through the night until she was 5yrs old and it still wasn't an every night occurrence. Night terrors were as scary for me as they were for her. To see her in that state and to not know how to stop them was a nightmare in itself. She loved spinning or swinging, almost excessively, and always walked on her toes. She would have sudden panic attacks for reasons I still can't explain. I pushed the issue with the doctor. I called our state government. I called the school system considering she was due to start school the following year. She was tested extensively through the school system and fell just under the line for Asperger's but was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder. At that time, I was told by the State that this wasn't usually an acceptable diagnosis unless paired with Asperger's or other diseases. Fortunately, that changed. She attended Occupational Therapy for 1 1/2yrs and was a changed little girl from there on. We still struggle with her disorder from time to time but nothing like it used to be. She has a much higher quality of life now but I know that this is something she will have her entire life. We now have a 2 yr old son that is past due for vaccines and we are receiving a lot of heat from extended family about getting those done. We don't want to risk the adverse effects but also don't want to make misinformed decisions that could put our son's health in jeopardy.

Anna Forster Wolk My son Adam developed as a typical baby, I thought I was doing the right thing and had him vaccinated with the MMR vaccine--just as I did with his older sister. Within 2 weeks, he stopped talking, didn't make eye contact and withdrew from us. He is nearly 19 and will not live a normal life-won't be married, go to college, or drive a car. Vaccine administered in Waukegan, Illinois, USA.

Janet Wolos Joan thanks so much for being a voice for so many of us!For years they claimed the autism had nothing to do with shots she recived I have always known after the mmr my daughter showed signs went from verbal till non verbal. All the professonals I took my daughter too would brush me off as a simple No the shots didnt cause it. I will always know the truth! She declinned rapidly afterwards . My daughter was healthy up and til then! They told me that it was just temper tantrums it would pass thats when she was 2 and a half as of today shes 22 and very autistic! She has many strengths but forever need to be taken care of the rest of her life!I will always be her voice! I dont think all shots are bad but given safely if there is of such! I also have pictures of her the before and after shots how dramaticmaticlly she did declined thank good ness some of her speech come back at age of 7 with alot of speech threapy and I thank goodness she can use the bathroom on her own ! Lennie has alot of strengths! We contune to work with her to give her a comfortable life! Charlenes doing alot better only now and then she has tantrums or meltdowns as they say it ! But in genreal my daughter is making progress! She is smart aware of avery thing! To you and my friends out there dont give up hope ! Joan hope this can help someone! We all need to unite support and listen to each other about the vaccines the good side and the bad side of the vaccines!

Sheree Lee Woodington NJ MMR and he stopped talking completely!

Cindy Woods I watched my fraternal triplets begin to change after they received 9 vaccines at 13 months. My 3 completely different babies began losing the verbal skills already attained, motor skills, eye contact and so much more; thanks to biomedical treatments and too many therapy hours to count, my girls are now "recovered," but my son is not, although he is much better. (Mississippi)

Maria Woodward Within 24 hours after MMR had a very high temperature and covered “head to toe” in measles rash. Is now age 20 years and is epileptic and has Semantic Pragmatic Disorder (England).

Sharon Woolley My little boy is 4 with Aspergers with SPD. He was absolutely fine and hit all his milestones, walking at 10 months, until he had the Hib and MenC at 12 months. He had fevers after every vaccine and was ill every 4 weeks until the age of 3. From then on he ceased to respond to his name, zoned out in front of the TV, spent hours fixating on wheels of toy cars, never looked at anyone, wasn't interested in playing with other kids, became extremely anxious and would spin around quite often. Vaccines were given in Lytham St Annes, Lancashire and Winchester, Hampshire.

Casey Worden My son Jeremy was also developing normally, meeting all "desired" milestones until his MMR vaccine and he was also dosed with RSV vaccine. Within a week he was reduced to nearly non-functioning. He is 11 now and considered high functioning today, but has severe sensory issues and was just finally potty trained at age 10. That's it in a nutshell. He was born in Missouri (USA).

Jennifer Wortman My son who is 18 now still suffers from severe eczema due to the toxins in a year's worth of vaccines. Thank God it wasn't worse but I was able to educate myself and I stopped after a year and did NOT vaccinate my other 7 kids. Through the years he has been the 1 in 8 of my kids who is always sick.

Elisha Wright I noticed from the day our 4th child was born by c-section in 2007. The Dr made 3 attempts to insert the spinal tap, I was very groggy afterwards and my son was taken away with increased HR (from stress). From the moment they handed him to me I knew that he was 'different'. He made limited eye contact, very compliant and later delayed gross motor skills. Initial diagnosis was Global Developmental Delays in 2008, then the seizures started in late 2008 (Neuros are unsure of reason for these starting) finally a diagnosis for autism in Dec 2009. I am in they can help our son. Since starting the seizure meds (4 in morning & 5 at night) he is non-verbal) Western Australia

Marci Wright My son was normal as a toddler, but has reactions to immunizations (high fever, incessant crying, swelling at injection site) Because the earlier vaccinations made him sick, I held off on the MMR shot until he needed it to start pre-K, at age 4. Immediately following these, he developed severe immunity problems & other problems began occurring - my intelligent, social child developed difficulty with speech, behavioral problems (including meltdowns), fine motor difficulty, & started acting strangely - constant rocking & odd behaviors with toys (he would sit & endlessly spin things). He was diagnosed with asperger's in the past year, at age 11.

Nicole Wright My now 6 year old showed signs of regression around 18 months after the MMR was administered. He lost speech, some coordination, and became distant. He couldn't point, or wave when he could before. His eye color also changed from bright blue to a dull, hazy green. He is the oldest of my four children. The other three have not had the MMR, and continue to progress appropriately. My son was vaccinated in Reading, PA in 2006. Our children may be silent, but you will hear us scream the truth!

Kim Wright-Smith Our 2 month old daughter had a catatonic reaction to her Dtp. On admission to hospital I was told to get out of the treatment room when I tried to explain that she had her vaccination that morning. Whenever I mentioned the vaccine and that she had gone downhill after receiving it, they either walked away or asked me to leave the room whilst observing her. There was nothing on her hospital discharge notes about her possibly reacting to the vaccine. Our next born son reacted to the HepB at birth and screamed 24hrs/day for 5 months. He was labelled as "colicky", I continued with vaccines as I did not connect them with the sickness of my children. This son has Autism and is a very sick child with many other medical issues.



Donna Yarrow Son had DPT vaccinations at 3, 4 and 5 months, regressing a little after each one. By 9 months he was “in his own world”, lots of screaming, diagnosed autistic at just 14 months. Now age 11 years, he is severely autistic but is just starting to have words, but is otherwise non-verbal and has serious bowel and allergy problems.

Kerry Yates Son could count to 10 at 10 months, had MMR at 18 months, subsequently reduced to babbling. (West Sussex)

Veronica Yates I have two sons that had adverse reactions to MMR vaccine. My oldest son, Nature, is 11yrs old. After receiving his MMR shot while recovering from illness(his doc said it would be fine) he started having episodes where he would stop breathing and turn blue. At the time we had no idea what was wrong and even took him to the emergency room on a couple of occasions. I now believe he was having silent seizures. He began to regress and eventually lost all of his speech and continues to be non verbal today. This was in Drexel Hill, PA. When I got pregnant with our second son I was very concerned and cautious about the MMR shot. So I found a doctor at Cooper Pediatrics in Voorhees, NJ that was offering the mumps, measles and rubella shots in seperate doses which I read would be safer. My second son received the measles shot and shortly after started blank staring and had one episode where he stopped breathing. After that I never vaccinated him again. He was delayed with his speech, has been behind academically and displays some odd behavior however many of his typical social skills are still in place. Although he is behind academically he is progressing rapidly. There is no doubt in my mind based on what I've seen in my own home that my children have been injured by vaccines. Oh and I have a third son who I chose not to vaccinate at all and he is now 4yrs old and developing typically.

Jason and Dawn Yeates My now 8yo had a reaction at around 18 months. His leg became swollen and he was diagnosed with cellulitis. He was given antibiotics. He has some sensory issues, permanently enlarged tonsils, skin sensitivities, and allergies (antibiotics, mosquito bites). He did not learn to ride his bike until he was 7 because of his lack of coordination. He learned to walk at 9 months and has hit all of his other milestones. My now 5yo had a reaction at around 12 months. At the injection site a large lump appeared. It lasted for about 4 months. I cannot remember if she had a fever or crying spells as at the time the doctor said it was just a normal reaction and dismissed any concerns. She now has speech delay and has been in speech therapy since the age of 3. She is also unable to blow her nose because she cannot coordinate the muscles in her nose and mouth correctly. She learned to walk at 8 months and has hit all of her other milestones, except speech. They were given their vaccinations in Kankakee. We now do not vaccinate our children anymore.

Jane Yendle-Davies Cardiff UK. My daughter was advanced for her age and by 11 months had 8-10 clear words. She suffered a serious viral infection just after she turned 11 months that lasted almost 4 weeks and just a week after recovering from this got her MMR jab, her regression was instant! She became mute apart from the odd growl, totally in her own world. She will be 3 in sept and was diagnosed in Dec last year as low functioning autism. The grief we feel as a family over this can still be overwhelming and I am pregnant again and can guarantee no vaccines will touch this baby!

Lisa Yorgason My son began regressing after receiving catch-up vaccinations at 14 months. He got:

DTAP (#3) Hib/HepB (#2) IPV (#3) MMR (#1) PCV7 (#3) Varicella Immediately 'the usual' fever & irritability, gave Tylenol 'as directed.' Over the next few months he progressively lost all language & eye contact, produced only soft stools, and just wanted to watch videos all the time. Developed extreme sensitivity to crowds, commotion, loud voices, singing, and people violating his space - kicked out of preschool for biting & throwing furniture at the age of 3. Received autism diagnosis at 28 months. Immediately began GFCFSF low-allergenic all-natural diet, progressively adding therapies (speech, OT, music), 4+hrs habilitation daily (mostly Floortime), epsom salt baths, and supplementation. Now in mainstream school at grade-level, excellent social skills, some residual grammatical difficulties and OCD but essentially 'recovered.' NO MORE VACCINATIONS!!!!! I will take my chances! Ogden, Utah

Cecelia Young My son Adam was fine until mmr vaccine in 1995. He had high pitched screaming high temp and was in a semi conscious state. He didn’t seem to recognise anybody. He couldn’t eat or drink. We had to force fluids into him. He regressed and was later diagnosed as autistic with bowel disease. The GP and the hospital he went to with vaccine reaction say it was not the vaccine. Mmmm must be because it was Friday?????? Dublin

Jennifer Young Our daughter, Madison, had GI problems from birth. We believe they were caused by the antibiotic she received during her first four days of life, coupled with the mercury containing Hep B vaccine she also received. She did well otherwise, aside from the GI issues. Hand and arm flapping began during her 7th month after receiving 5 vaccines (for 7 different illnesses). She remained cognitively intact and continued to progress, although she was a bit cranky. On her first birthday she received MMR, Varicella and Influenza after which she stopped sleeping through the night (which she had been doing since 7 weeks old) and would wake up screaming several times a night. I had never heard any child scream that loud and still haven't to this day. From there things started going downhill. Her language stopped progressing and she lost eye contact. GI symptoms worsened to some degree. However, after the second Hep A she received, her GI symptoms became severe and we realized she was showing characteristics of autism. She was formally dx at age 3. Now at age 8, she is essentially recovered through biomedical treatment. Still has some mild social issues and language is not quite at age level, but close. GI problems remain, but are improved as well. Nacogdoches, Texas

Graham Youngs My daughter is now 15 with special needs learning at school. My partner and I have always thought she was mildy harmed from her mmr jab. Holyhead


Jackie Zacharias Sorry didn't mean to end my post: Because he was my first born and I didn't know any better, he had his 2 month, 4 month, and 6 month vaccine with no apparent side effects. Then the day of his year shot I gave him the tylenol before headi...ng to the clinic as my Peditritian recommended. Just after getting home about a 5 minute drive, my son became quite cranky. Soon, I was on the phone with the clinic as he screammed a very high pitch scream for some time. I was told by the nurse he would be fine, just give him Tylenol. I explained he had had his dose and was told that there was nothing she could do, this was normal and he would get better. As I recall, he finally stopped because he fell asleep. By 1 and a half he was banging his head on the floor repeatly at times with no apparent reason. Despite this however, he could point out every letter of the alphabet to his Dr. by the age of 1 and a half and was sight reading 50 words at the age of two! He did not however potty train till at least 3 and a half, made less eye contact by 2 and a half than he had previously and by 3 and a half when he would only talk in phrases and not do anything with peers other than paralle play. Something was up! He was finally diagnosed at the age of 4 and a half with Autism, although some in the mulidisiplinary team thought maybe the diagnosis should have been Asbergers, I an now glad it wasn't because Jared has had several regressions since then, one bigger one at 6 and a half and again at 9. He is now in a lifeskills class and still will not show anyone that he can read, although he is amazing at puzzles, sings in perfect pitch and has a passion for music. I live in Alberta, Canada. My son Jared just turned 14 in February.

Hanz Zens My son had BCG at 5 months, and had a big lump under his armpit which was removed by surgery. Then he had MMR at 14 months, he had loose stool after that (campylobacter) He had a vocabulary of 50 words, plays well and did everything on time. now flaps, spins, non-verbal. London.UK

Mary Ziebert In 2001, Stayton, Oregon My son was given 5 vaccines for his 24 month check up, 2 months later the same doctor gave my son the same vaccines. My son stopped talking, making eye contact and playing with toys. Today he is 12, severely affected by Autism and is nonverbal and low functioning.

Dustin Zeimet Our son was administered hib and the flu vaccine in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Within 3 days we started seeing headbanging, hitting and many more meltdowns than usual. He is almost 4 now and his regression of skills into autism started between 13 and 15 mo.

Maureen Del Zio My son developed eczema within 24hours of receiving his 2nd DPT shot at age 4 1/2 months. It got worse and worse for about a year and then started to dissipate. This vaccine was administered on 10/2/06 in Bloomington, IL.

Nellie Z-something In my case, my son was born " normal" ... HE MET ALL HIS MILESTONES. He even said words like: yuck, ball, mama, doggie, plus more that I have written down in his baby book!!!! My son used to laugh, point, turn around when called .... Then it went away!!!! Well, in my case, he was NOT born autistic!!!!! My son was normal, he babbled, waved, pointed, and then it was gone! I know what happened to my son and nobody will convince me otherwise! Sorry to sound angry but I am! My son's life was stolen from him and I let it happen... Someone just doesn't stop talking without something ( environmental) or whatever, triggering it... This is in my case...