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Linda Samee Fabyunkey I cannot remember the name of the vaccine, but my son was administerd the Hib vaccine in January of 1994. He ended up getting meningitis & nearly dying, He is good & well now. He will be 18 in October. San Diego, California at Naval Medical Center.

Cindy Facteau I have two boys on the Spectrum. My oldest was born in 1997. Due to my young age and lack of health insurance, I vaccinated him at the local county clinic. I could not always find transportation to the clinic for his shots to be on schedule, so he was inadvertently "spaced out" with his vaccines. He had frequent ear infections as a baby and toddler, and behavioral issues that began when he was only 18 months old. We had to padlock doors and windows to keep him inside, because he never slept, and frequenly eloped. He spoke at a very early age, and seemed to my younger self to simply be "problematic." When he was 5 years old, he attempted suicide, and was placed inpatient for a month. He was diagnosed with Early Onset Bipolar Disorder and ADHD. He was medicated, at the advice of the doctors, from then on. Ironically, it was not until our second child was born that he would finally receive the help he needed. Our second son was born in August of 2007. He was a happy baby, developing completely as he should. We chronicled it on video, as we are a military family, and wanted to keep family and friends involved in his life. We had full insurance through the military, so I got him every vaccine on the schedule, every time. When he was 6 months old, I took both of the boys into the Naval Hospital for their flu shots. Our baby immediately became ill, and had violent diarrhea. I assumed that he had developed flu-like symptoms as a result of the vaccine. My older son, who was 10 years old, seemed to be unaffected. Two weeks into this nightmare, I received a phone call from a doctor at the Naval Hospital, informing me that there had been a mistake, and both of the boys had received the ADULT dose of the flu vaccine. When I expressed concern, he assured me that it was "the same thing" they administered to children, it was simply not FDA approved for usage in children. He neglected to mention the devastatingly high levels of ethyl mercury in the multi dose vials though. After enough "convincing," I was put at ease by his explanation, and pushed it out of my mind. We were packing up to move to Camp Pendleton, so I assumed that his avoidance of affection and lack of usual cheer was related to the chaos around him. By the time we took him in for his 9 month well baby check, he was failing to hit half of his developmental markers. He no longer smiled. He obsessively pushed buttons, stared at fans, and his diarrhea had not gone away. I was assured that he would "catch up," but my gut told me something was horribly wrong. By his 12 month checkup, he was hitting NONE of his developmental milestones. We may as well have been furniture, because he existed in his own little world. He hand flapped, head banged, and screamed incoherently. He also did not take his first steps until he was 14 months old...and when he did, he was a toe walker. During this time, I had been vaccinating him. At 12 months, he got his Varicella vaccine. He developed chicken pox within a week. He had two rounds of Rotavirus, and was diagnosed with Rotavirus twice that year. By 12 months, I demanded answers. By 14 months, a speech pathologist was telling me to self refer to the Regional Center. By 16 months, Regional Center had diagnosed him as "at risk for Autism, with global delays," and he began ABA, Speech, OT, and PT. By 18 months, a developmental pediatrician at the Naval Hospital diagnosed him with Autism. We began researching, and decided to stop vaccinating both boys. By the age of 3, he was not speaking. We began the GFCF diet, and within 3 weeks, he said his first word..."Arm." We've continued with intensive traditional therapies, coupled with biomedical interventions, and now, just a month shy of his 4th birthday, he speaks in 7 word sentences, and has more words than we can count. He is affectionate and playful, and engages in imaginative play...trying to draw others in with him. Piece by piece, we are attempting to undo the damage that was done. I am not anti-vaccine. I do not know what happened with my older son, but it is very clear that the flu shot sent our little guy into the Abyss. I have 3 separate autoimmune issues myself, and was pumped full of Pitocin and had epidurals with both of my sons. Whatever the cause may be, there are enough people who have seen their children decline after receiving a vaccine that we cannot all be wrong. I am not a conspiracy theorist. I am a realist.

Krissy Congleton Fagan My son Bradley is 13 and his vaccines were given in Arlington TX. One day Bradley was talking and shortly after receiving his vaccines he went from having a full vocabulary and typically developing to a limited vocabulary of ball and bye. Very sad time. But he tries really hard now and does really well. Needless to say my other two children don't get their vaccines...

Susan Farndell I think I may have given you this before but I have ME and therefore brainfog rules so forgive me. My son was at school with Michael and Terry Thomas and if it weren't for meeting Isabella I don't know where I'd be because no-one believed me when I said I always believed my son was damaged by the DTP. He had that high pitched scream and the temperature spikes and he had sleep problems and behavioural problems ever since. He was vaccinated in Hove. He is now 19 and doing well in college. He doesn't go out much tho he has quite a good group of friends now. He spent two years in the Learning Support section of the college before beginning a proper course but that was vital to teach him how to cope with the world and to give him the social skills. I was constantly asked how do you know there's something "wrong" with him, he's your first child...but then I'd see a "normal" child talking, looking straight at you, playing with other kids, doing a load of things my child did not do. He has a bank account now but still hasn't grasped about paying money in tho budgeting is not a problem which is nice. Hove, East Sussex

Diane Farr My son Thomas Farr, vaccinated with DTaP and MMR on one visit, South Carolina. Shots were given at 16 months of age. WIthin a few short months he lost language, social skills, couldn't feel pain, no self help skills, just watched toy story, didn't play with toys, chronic diahrea, distended belly, too name a few. Today he is recovered through diet and other unconventional therapies....all traditional therapies proved unsuccessful until we changed his diet. Thank you for compiling this list. I just talked to a mom the other day with a four year old autistic son. She told me she's been going in circles for two years because she has felt compelled to cure her son but conventional doctors and her husband has discouraged her and are encouraging her to accept his illness. Greenville, SC

Amanda Farrell I do not believe there is only one cause of autism, and I certainly hope that the rest of the world doesn't stop lookin for the reasons and a cure. My son started to speak, crawl, and walk on time and them slowly regressed. I have pictures of him eating crisps and now the sight of a crisp or smell sends him histerical. So I do believe, actually i know that the vaccines caused my sons regression into autism. Kildare, in Ireland

David Farrell-Shaw [aged 2 MMR 2005 Place Scotland severely distressed very temperature had to have cold baths to get his temperature down very ill for many days speech didn't return for years. Dunoon Argyll

Cara Stlouis Farrelly My daughter was immunized in 1995. We lived in New York. She is brilliant and yet we've spent so much of our time trying to figure out how to help her live with the random short-circuits and inexplicable sensitivity to normal noise, lights and smells.

Mandy Favell My Daughter Chloe Had all her immunizations by the time she was 3 then she had some strong antibiotics that made your wee go orange, Sadly someone close to us had caught meningitis. Chloe was talking, going to a pre-school, toilet trained, yet regressed at 3 and a half, lost speech, lost bowel and bladder control and starting acting really strange. At times the screams were uncontrollable. She is now 11 still with non-verbal speech, Still in nappies and suffers with constipation. Chloe had tests in hospital and nothing abnormal was found? I believe that she had too many toxins for her young body to cope with at this tender age. I still believe many people can be allergic to any vaccination.

Amanda Faye My son was doing great talking and matching colors and great then had the mmr vaccine at 18 months and a week later wouldn't make eycontact stopped talking and really stopped doing anything was diagnosed with autism 2 months later ‎"but vaccines dont cause autism" such bull my daughter still hasnt had her mmr shot and never will i think having the measles for a week (if she ever even gets them) is much better than being autistic all of her life not that it is a bad thing my son is awesome but why would purposely subject another child or myself to that. red bluff, ca

Jessica Santone Fedalen My son is 6 we are from Pa he had 8 seizures after his first set of shots. Now he is diagnosed non verbal autism, MR, ADHD, sleep disorder! The seizures started 48 hours after the firt set of shots at 6 weeks old! He did walk until 26 months crawl until 18 months sit up until 10 months. He stil has trouble on steps and just started to jump!!

Bea Feldmann Our identical twin boys were born 5-6 weeks prematurely in 2002. They each weighed approximately 4.5 lbs. and have a family history of immune system diseases. They were given the Hep B shot and Vitamin K shots in the hospital even with their low weight, prematurity, and family history. Unfortunately, they continued to receive the routine vax as per the recommended schedule up until the age of 18 months. No one explained to us the potential risks or lack of safety studies. No one offered information on ingredients. At 15 months, after their MMR shots + 3 others our children slipped into a world of Autism. The immediate physical problem was severe diarrhea with multiple daily stools that literally “burned” their bottoms leaving oozing, bleeding blisters. Then came the eczema and loss of muscle tone. Then came the loss of eye contact, shared interests, and ability to recognize self. They then developed sensory integration problems which manifested in stimming (hand flapping, toe walking, spinning, etc.) and the lack of ability to feel pain. Their bond with us and each other slipped away. Typical regressive autism with profound GI issues. Given the regression and GI problems we stopped vaccinations after the 18 month round. We implemented biomedical interventions (many) and as we saw the GI problem heal, their ASD behaviors improved. They still have Autism and although they are identical twins, they occupy very different parts of the spectrum. One is higher functioning and the other is more moderately affected. Not coincidently, my non-verbal son had the worse GI problems to manage. We are mad as hell that this happened to our children and feel that the medical community is responsible for their disregard of vax injured children and for their lack of acknowledgment that this does happen. We are fortunate, though, in that we found a support system in the biomedical community…doctors and people who have actually listened and done something to help. For them we are grateful. The shots were administered in Santa Barbara, CA beginning on the first day of life in 2002.

Julie Feldt My son, Blake, was treated early for his autism and we were lucky to have Thoughtful House near us when we went to seek treatment. He had his HepB vaccine hours after his birth, and had acid reflux which I feel was due to this vaccine. We stopped vaccinating after his 6 month shots were given but the damage was done - thankfully, he never had the MMR which would have thrown him even deeper into autism. I feel the HepB vaccine paved the way and the DTaP unraveled his health. His head exploded in size after his DTaP at 4 months old - he was 98%'ile for his head which was 75%'ile at his prior appointment before he received his DTaP - he became very quiet and slept for around 14 hours that night after those 4 month shots. I looked up his batch numbers a few months ago, and there were a few deaths and adverse affects that were also local. After his DTaP we continued to see language and signing developing, but just barely making the milestones and behind in a few areas - no pointing or animal names/sounds. By 18 months, he lost all language and communication. He was stumbling and falling, tantruming, screaming, poor eye contact, arm flapping, and tip toe walking. No language and a completely different child since he was such a happy and fun baby before this. He has been undergoing biomedical treatments and a GFCF diet, and at almost 3 1/2 years old I consider him practically recovered - he is pretty much indistinguishable among his peers now. We started to see him coming back to us after 4 months of biomedical which included chelation. We live in Round Rock, TX but his shots were given in Cedar Park, TX. We are in the Austin, TX vicinity.

Jennifer Felger Austin Harford Co., Bel Air, MD: My son had convulsions within minutes of his 4 mo. and 12 mo. vaccines and regressed significantly from 12 months on.

Pamela Byers Felice Atlanta, GA HepB on second day of life. Rashing (NOT baby acne). Screamed throughout the night. Obvious pain, drawing of legs. Extreme diarrhea for first few weeks of life with 18 to 22 poopy diapers per day. Milder reaction to following vaccines. Moderate reaction to flu vax at 2 yrs. Autism symptoms at 2 ensued. Started biomed immediately. Sensory diagnosis 3yrs. At 8 she is recovered and THRIVING.

Jill Fenech Megan Phyllis Fenech - born July 1993. Apgar score 10. Mellow Meg received Hep B second week after birth. We continued to follow the vaccination schedule. Meg played in the tub splashing her sister Katie. Laughed and giggled. Big beautiful blue eyes. Babbling and smiley. Eight months old my best eater of small finger food. Nine months - stopped eating completely. Cried and cried. Very hard to get to sleep at night. One year - seven days of 106 degree fever. Then she went backwards. More crying, irritable, never happy. Hours of walking the floor holding her. Where was my mellow Meg? Age 2 1/2 no eye contact at all; lined up everything; had to be carried everywhere; ate only a few things; screamed constantly; completely ignored everyone, including her hero - her sister Katie; would not respond to her name. Diagnosis - autism. Doctors said she would never get any better and that maybe some speech would help. They rubbed my shoulder when telling me this. They let me walk out of that hospital without any hope or any game plan. They had completely given up on my beautiful 2 1/2 year old child and they were sad, but okay with it because they had done their job and stuck a label on her forehead. This didn't have to happen. Simpsonwood, happened in 1991 - two years before she was born. If they had acted then, this tsunami could have been averted. They continue to play the shell game of "these kids have always been here" and "it is genetic and nothing can be done to stop it." When it finally hits the fan, it's going to be really bad. It didn't have to be this way.

Richelle Feniak My daughter was a happy, healthy baby. She was always ahead of her peers with each of her milestones & development. Unfortunately, I was stupid enough to get all her shots (in Alberta & BC, Canada). At around 2 years old she started going downhill. By 3 yrs old she had no impulse control & would hoard food & run into traffic. Her development dropped to below average. In kindergarten she struggled. Coming out of grade 1 she could barely read the word cat or spell her name. Anytime she was doing homework to long, her eyes rolled into the back of her head & she would throw fits. I had her diagnosed . The result was PDD NOS / high anxiety.

Raechel Ferguson I have a very unique story. My daughter had just turned 1, and went in for her 1 year check up with our Pediatrician. She received 4 different vaccines. Within a week my daughter has a throat virus, extreme cough and fever of 104.1. A week after this odd sickness, I noticed raised bumps on her arms that spread over her body and looked similar to Chicken Pox. After weeks of Specialists and Hospital stays, she was diagnosed with Gianotti-Crosti Syndrome. They said it was so rare that they knew nothing about it, except that it is normally caused by Hep B. Which just happened to be the last Vaccine she received. She tested negative for Hep B. After further research, we came to the conclusion that her Syndrome/disease was caused by the vaccine. My daughter has scars, and flare-ups. She has a special plant-based diet to keep her immune system strong, so she doesn't have flare-ups. I am totally against Vaccines and am looking for support wherever I can get it.

Rebecca Ferguson Caroline was born on June 2, 2006 and was a happy, healthy, playful baby up until 6 months of age when she received the DTAP, IPV/OPV, Hep B, PCV7 and a flu shot all at her 6 month well child visit. After that, she began exhibiting a shaking behavior any time her excitement or sensations became more than she could process. Other than that, she was still fairly typical. She began to babble

and was developing a few words... Ma-ma, da-da...the words that touch a parent's heart. However, after 12 months of age (and the MMR), she lost them and did not gain any others. Her repetitive movements worsened, lack of eye contact etc... all autistic traits. Her whole story is at www.regardingcaroline.com/history Chicago, IL

Geoffrey Files Had MMR, experienced high temperature, flakey red skin, now age 13 and severely autistic with mental age of 2 (Scotland).

Wendy Marks Fiolek I KNOW that immunizations caused my son's Autism and no one will ever convince me otherwise. I had a beautiful, healthy six month old baby boy. He started to turn inward and developed severe gastrointestinal problems. Today he is almost 15 years old and severely autistic. CDC, you suck. My son was six months old and had his DPT shot. He was so tired that day and ran a high fever. In less than a day, he developed severe gastrointestinal problems and became constipated and I had to give my baby enemas. We had to put him on a special diet for four years. Little by little, my baby began slipping away from me. Brick, New Jersey

Roxie Fiste Our daughter was a very active college student in 2007 - very sweet and happy. She was frightened into taking the Gardasil vaccine (2 of 3) by our former general practitioner. She now has seizures, no feeling from the knees down, constant nerve pain and migraines 24/7, Gastro paresis, and struggles with brain fog. She has terrible emotional swings once in a while (not like that first six months after the vaccines but still an issue). We hope to find a good neurologist soon who can perform an MEG. So far they've only run EEGs and and EMU, which won't go deep enough into her brain to find out why she has such high electrical activity in her brain. (It's the cranial nerves that have been injured, but to what degree we don't know.) I've been in touch with some of the leading experts in the field of vaccine injury, and Gardasil research. Many believe it was the adjuvant, some feel it is both the adjuvant and the vaccine. We live in Ohio in a small town called Vandalia. We have just recently found some very good doctors who believe this vaccine did all of these injuries to her body/brain. She has been reported to VAERS by one doctor.

George Fisher 18 months old, had seizure and died 10 days after MMR, cold-like symptoms before his death, previously very healthy. Measles virus found in lung tissue and blood.

Jessica Fithen My son reacted negatively to the Hep B shot on Day 1 if life, had bloody stool and a body rash all over his body within a week. Doc said this was normal. After his 13 month well-baby visit, when he was given MMR, dTap, flu and varicella, th...ings went rapidly downhill. He didn't speak until he was 3.6 years old with the aid of biomed and ABA. Today he's on the road to recovery but not there yet. We stopped vaccinating at 2 years old, thankfully. Gurnee, IL.

Carolyn Guzman Fitzenreiter Nope. My son would be typical (probably smart with allergies) if he hadn't been vaccinated against 10 things at 6 mos, causing his brain to swell.

Jeanette Fligg My daughter was okay at birth, she would get fevers after each vaccine and would seem a bit more distant after each one...She received the MMR and a flu vaccine around about the same time, which did the damage. By the time she was two, she had no words, lost skills, and could only flap her hands for stim, this was in Columbus, Ohio back in 2004. My daughter was born in August, 2002 and she's 8 now. As for this whole vaccine debate, everyone has a different tale and different reactions, if your child had no reactions to vaccines but still ended up having autism, so be it, but there are children that are getting reactions, 1 out of 110 is a scary margin, Our children are getting these disorders some how and we have to question it somewhere

Desirae Flores This breaks my heart! So many parents take their kids to get vaccinated and think there doing the right thing. I didn't read up on the shots because you trust that doctors wouldn't even chance giving something toxic to your child. My 2 year old son had 20 vaccines by his 2nd bday. After I changed his pediatrician I got his paper work and wow he always got sick after theses shots! Rashes fevers bronchitis I was always worried how could my 10lb healthy boy be sick so much???? What really worries me are all the autistic kids with parents that do nothing to help their child because they believe the doctor once again! When they say there is no cure!! Well maybe not but there are so many things to help our children! Lets stay PRO ACTIVE!!!!!!! Torrance, California

Beatriz Flores-Hampson My son didn't show any signs of autism before one particular vaccine. After that things started to be very different, I have videos of my son since birth until age five (every three months we used to make one for my parents in Peru) and you can see the difference in behaviour and speech, from the chatty little boy to the quiet one and repetitive movements. But will I ever prove that the MMR stole my healthy child? Stockport, Cheshire

Dolores Flynn Of course I can’t be sure which vaccine was responsible because they were administered on the same visit. Shortly after, my 18 month old son began having what we thought were ‘growing pains’, he would wake up in the night or in the morning and cry from pain and everywhere I pointed, he said yes it was there. Seemed to be all throughout the body, but mostly legs and maybe arms. It was long ago, hard to remember. I don’t remember anything I did working, it just calmed down after a few hours. It lasted a few years. Received at Health Department, Redding CA in summer 1991

Sherry Flynn My daughter, Erin Flynn was affected by her vaccines. At her four month vaccine she slept for a whole day afterwards, woke up and had a seizure. Gone was her sparkly bubbly engaging baby self. She was listless, not connected. EEG done-inconclusive for seizures Late fall 1984 Beverly MassachusettsHer MMR shot further assaulted what little speech, and gave her a case of the measles. She had this shot in Pepperell Massachusetts. Late Winter 1985 Erin was dx'd with atypical severe autism at eighteen months of age at North Shore Children's Hospital Salem Massachusetts by Dr. Edward Hart. When Erin was 18 years of age, April 2002, she was dx'd with Mitochondrial Disease Complex 1 after a biopsy at Massachusetts General Hospital Boston. I believe firmly that these vaccines damaged her, and altered her life adversely.

Tina Dalsgart Fogdal My youngest son, now 4, got the MMR when he was 18 months. Same night he didnt sleep at all. Cried and screamed all night! He changed after that night! At 2 he was diagnosed with Infantil Autism. Our doctor has reported it as a lifelong sideeffect to the danish register of vaccines. It was i Fredericia, Denmark, Europe.

Betty Fohl I am from Connersville IN. My son, Lancetin (Lance), has Autism (PDD NOS) and ADHD. He had problems when he would get the MMR shots. He would have mild seizures. We noticed it after his first time getting the shot and realized it only happened after he had been vaccinated with the shot. I told his Dr about it, but it was blown off. He had them at the Dr.'s office here in Connersville. He hasn't had any problems after the first 3 times after having the vaccine.

Nicole Foland My son Travis got the MMR shot in 1997 and within 2 weeks started complaining that his heart was racing i felt his chest and his heart rate was 160 (im a nurse and a midwife) it only lasted about a minute and then stopped. We took him to a paediatric cardiologist. They did a lot of tests and sent us home with a heart monitor that u put on him when his heart would race. I was reassured that the MMR vaccine didn't cause it but did no research of my own I just blindly followed and did what I was told. My son died 6 months later from SVT. 2 years later my son Jared was 3 1/2 and my son Seth was 9 months old . Jared got the MMR shot and Seth got dtap, hib, polio. Seth cried for 2 hours after those shots and little did I know that it would be the last time he would speak for 2 years. He stopped walking and barely would crawl followed by banging his head. I cannot convey the depth of despair watching my normal son deteriorate rite in front of me and there was nothing i could do to stop it. Seth was later diagnosed as severely autistic at the age of 18 months. Once again i was reassured it wasn't the immunizations ...it was going to happen no matter what ...just a coincidence... I still did no research of my own and just blindly followed. 9 days later my son Jared started seizing and once again i was told it wasn't the MMR vaccine just a coincidence. I still did no research of my own and just blindly followed and did what i was told. Three months go by and Seth is due for shots and by some miracle a new girl is working and checks us in she is not aware that im a nurse and that i work in the birthing centre at the hospital . She hands me vaccine information sheets. I was shocked no one had ever given them too me i didn't know they even existed! I went straight to adverse reactions on the MMR sheet and read 6 in 10,000 children suffer seizures, brain damage or death. WTF let me tell you my paediatrician walked into the room and i lost my fucking religion!!!! Needless to say no shots were given that day . This is when i started to research. I got on pub med, postgraduate journal of medicine, cdc website and ever vaccine drug insert. I could not believe what i was reading and the shock of it all. Everything i was taught was a lie. We then spent the next 2 years healing Jareds body naturally from seizures. (He couldn't tolerate seizure medication). Seths body was harder to heal. It took 5 years of naturopathic supplements, speech , physical, occupational, and music therapy. None of my children ever received another immunization and they never will!!!!

Tammy Folden For my son, I firmly believe it was a pneumonia vaccine given to him at the age of ¾, I believe it was. He got a fever right away of 106-107 for several days. His leg swelled with a goose bump at the injection site, and he couldn't walk on his leg for about a week or so, thus started all the learning problems he has now!! Fargo, ND

Katrina Achin Fontes It's not clear exactly when my children started having neuro problems. At about age 2, my eldest son began acting very precocious. OCD seemed brilliant (aspergers) had no desire to play w/ other kids. Later, he also developed Tourette's and A.D.D and has tons of sensory issues! My other son had uncontrolled epilepsy for yrs until he began L-Carnitine. My sister's kids who weren't vaccinated are high-functioning and normal. The one that was vaccinated is autistic/PDD, IQ of 70..both his parents are scholars. So, out of my sister's and my 6 kids, three have significant neuro problems and were vaccinated, the other three are fine and weren't vaccinated. Her son who is autistic was developing perfectly, then had the MMR and regressed. :( The vaccines were administered in Plainville, MA and Mansfield, MA(near Boston).

Alan Foos I have three kids and two adults damaged by amalgams, the kids all by both amalgams and vaccines, perhaps the better question is who is not damaged, depending on degree. The adults (myself and wife) were also damaged by vaccines, but the exact record doesn't exist for an ANOVA. I make these inferences scientifically by using the vaccination record as a complete randomized block ANOVA (amalgams based on paired comparisons nested in the anova). This is more technical than most testimony, but it's what I got. Montana

Andrew & Cindy Fong My oldest son, now 9, received his 12 month shots, 15 month shots and flu vaccine, all within 2 weeks, while he was on antibiotics for an ear infection. They said it would be okay since he wasn't running a fever at the time of the shots. He was 14 months old, and we were traveling for the first time. I wanted him to be "protected." When we got to our destination, he came down with a virus and ran a high temp. After that, he would get sick every 3-4 weeks with something new. His immune systems was completely shot. This continued until he came down with Kawasaki's at 2.5 yrs. He ran a 105-106 degree fever for 9 days, before being diagnosed and receiving a round of IVIG. He regressed after this illness, and was diagnosed at 3.5 yrs with autism, moderate to severe (it took over 6 months to get into the center that diagnoses kids here in Arkansas). While my oldest son was developing normally until his regression, my second son, now 6, had all the red flags of autism. He was due for his 6 month shots the day after my oldest son's autism diagnosis was made. Though I expressed concerns, the nurse guilted and shamed me into taking him in. I've always regretted this. My younger son had seizures (not febrile, but within 24 hours) after his 4 month shots. I should have known better. Between 3-11 months, he was completely lost, making strange vocalizations, not babbling, and engaging in severe self-stimulatory behaviors. I'm fairly certain this is related to the vaccines. He was diagnosed with developmental delay, and later with PDD-NOS. I know it would have been much worse for him if we had continued to vaccinate beyond 6 months, and if we didn't have him in intensive speech & OT therapies, along with doing biomedical interventions. Recently, I learned from my mom that before a summer music camp when I was in 3rd grade, she was required to show proof of my immunizations. She'd lost the records and couldn't get them from the pediatrician. They told her that I should just get all the shots again, which I did. For the next few years, I suffered from "unexplained grand mal seizures." I was on phenobarbital for 2 years. No one made the connection between the second set of vaccines at the time, but now in retrospect, I'm sure they were related. Years later, after college, I had a job at a hospital. They offered the hepatitis vaccines (set of 3 shots). I got 2, but in my busyness, failed to get the 3rd within the allotted time frame. They said I'd need to redo the whole set to insure immunity, so in total, I received 5 hepatitis vaccine shots. During this time, I experienced serious memory problems, and for about 6 months, had a twitching muscle on my face. I seriously thought I'd had a TIA or something. With my history of seizures following vaccines, I think that is the more likely cause. When I was pregnant with both boys, I had the flu shots (again, thinking I needed to "protect" them). They were the ones with thimerosal. I wonder about whether this might have affected the boys prenatally. More recently, I've had issues with unexplained uticaria (hives). I wonder whether this is related to my history of reactions to vaccines and immune system issues. I do believe there are a certain subset of people who have a physiology incompatible with vaccinations, and unfortunately, I believe our family falls in that category.

Alison Foster Had full set age 4 about 14 years ago and regressed. MTHFR etc then had baby boy following year. He had issues vaccine adverse reactions projectile vomiting surgery, ear infections/surgery chlesteatomas. We got ours in San Jose Ca

C Foster My son is unvaccinated also and has autism, however my nephew regressed and starting having seizures when he had a DTaP booster at 6 months later diagnosed with autism. My brother went into anaphalactic shock when my mum got him vaccinated against whooping cough at at 2 years old. I have never had any of kids vaccinated and i really think my autistic son would be way further down the spectrum. He is non verbal but he is very happy, has no stomach problems or food issues and no aggression so i think we are lucky. So many of my friends children have gut issues on top of their autism, that must be awful for these poor kids. So yes i think it causes austism and i also think it can make it worse if the child already has it. Also my son never regressed he just never never developed certain skills, to have skills and lose them must be heartbreaking :(

Lindsay Fowler My son was 19 months, in 2009, he had missed his 15&18 month shots . I went in and they told me they could give him both sets then ( included MMR, Hep B(2), Hep A(2), Hib, PCV, DTap(2), IPV(2), Varicella). I wasn't sure, I asked if it could be dangerous to give him so much. The nurse told me there wouldn’t be anymore side effects then if it were one set. I agreed. Later he experienced a pretty high fever for a night and half the next day (about 103.5) was also very lethargic, by the time we got to the Dr. it had broke and they seemed to just play it off like it was nothing more than me overreacting. Over the next couple weeks my son stopped responding to his name, stopped using any words, he wouldn't play anymore, he threw huge tantrums and got very physical, got picky with food or wouldn’t eat, no eye contact, no more hugs, bad constipation, wouldn’t sleep through the night.. He had regressed completely within a month. He is almost 5 now, I haven't vaccinated him since. He has a couple words he will use infrequently, but correctly. Still is not toilet trained and still has problems with this bowels but it’s better than before. He keeps eye contact now and he's much more social. I pray everyday that we find a way to bring him back completely. Idaho Falls, Idaho

Mel Fox Melissa Phillips, silverton Exeter Devon uk, epilepsy during childhood, behavioural problems, social difficulties, IBS, and vasovagal syncope That was MMR btw

Kristin Frank After our son, Logan received his 18 month vaccines, he lost ALL language, and began a major regression - he is now nearly 4, and is doing very well due to intense early intervention therapies and lots of love and patience! Moorhead, MN

Amy Robertson Franklin MMR 2 months after it was like he was a newborn again. Today he has sever Autism non-verbal. Appomattox, Virginia

Carole Frazier I am not a parent, a grandmother. My grandson was developing typically: speaking , social,happy child after the MMR he started regressing This caused him to have chronic diahrea. .At this time then thinking the thermerasal (mercury) was the problem his checking all virals being certain no mercury he got the DPT this was really what made all worse. This little boy is 13 now diagnosed with a autoimmune disease. These children with regresssive autism are physically sick. Note: This little boy`s sister has never been vaccinated she is 6 doing well above all her peers. We know & were told by a reputable doctor hw would not be afraid to bet his practice if she would have been vaccinated she would have full blown autism.

Free My eldest son developed a rash after needles at 12mths. First his face appeared red til after a week it became itchy and he scratched and scratched. It was severe eczema, so severe people thought he had chicken pox or he had fallen over and grazed his face. Now at 8.5 years he still suffers with allergies and mild eczema but no more toxins deliberately put in his system (or that of my other babies), thank you.

Joanne French My nephew looked like he had suffered a stroke, we tested him for deafness, and he's been severely autistic since his MMR. Adelaide, South Australia

Russell Friend 18 years ago my son Jamie had a raging temperature the night of his MMR immunisation and we had to call a doctor. He is autistic. Portland Weymouth, UK

Jackie Frisby I totally agree my son changed after his MMR jab. Wwithin weeks he changed, he had his 8 month check and was doing well, ticked all the boxes, looked when u called him. I know what the cause was.

Kim Fritzsching ‎ 2 kids vaccinated in 2004 both have suppressed immune system and sick ever since. Houston, tx

Yasmin Fryer Was healthy and happy, starting to talk. Then received MMR, and within 15 hours became vacant, stumbling. silent, a shadow of the former child. Norwich, UK

Karen Wood Fuller I wish I could pin point. I suspect the HepB but he also had all of his immunizations the first 2 years while he was sick and on antibiotics at the same time. 24 rounds of antibiotics in the first 24 months of life. California

Desere Fullerton My son had the mmr vaccine, soon after he got a terrible fever and got a cold after. About a few days to a week after, he stopped paying attention when I would read to him, n after we noticed he had stopped babbling. then it progressed where he started feeding himself n the stopped. he pretty much regressed from there. Brooklyn, New York

Gina Futrell Our son stopped progressing became afraid of things he was never afraid of before, started having meltdowns and major anxiety and ocd.

Meredith G My name is Meredith from Adelaide, Australia, and I have a vaccine injured daughter. After the MMR just after my daughter’s first birthday, within the time frame outlined on the sheet I was given, my daughter had a seizure. Her temp was up that day, she was a bit ‘off colour’, and that night she had the seizure. Within a few months she had had more and more seizures. I noticed her development slowed, and it became evident that she had brain damage. It took 5 years to get seizures under control on meds. She is now almost 20 but functioning around 3-6 years. She is not independent, and needs help in all areas of life - hygiene, getting dressed, reading, writing, etc. She is on 3 epilepsy meds.


Olive G My son contracted vaccine-strain atypical measles from his MMR in Oklahoma City in 2004. We dealt with severe food aversion and anxiety issues from that day and have almost every day since.

Tracey Chewning Gaitani After the first Hep B (24 hrs old) , he had a delayed reaction (3 days later) by screaming for hrs, rushed him to ER in Savannah, Ga. He had calmed down by then, but after each vaccination(and we split them up,only 2 at a time), he would ac...t as if he were struggling(hard to describe) sweaty, uneasy(as if his blood sugar was bottoming out) . Of course he had "colic" the first 3 mos. The real bad reaction happened after his 3rd Hep B: delayed by 3-4 days, he became pale, slept ALOT, very weak, could hardly crawl, screamed for 5 hours in the car going OOT for Easter, then week and a half later , sick with viral inf and dev secondary inf of ears and throat!!!!Down antibiotic lane we went! He is a patient of Dr Elizabeth Mumper and we are looking into a mitochondrial disorder!!!! He is verbal but very ill.

Angie Gallagher We have four children, all vaccinated to some extent. Our research began after #4 had seizures following an attempt to catch up his vaccines at 16 months. They called them febrile but his temp was under 100 when they occurred so that didn't make sense. From there we learned our daughter's (#3) issues were also likely caused by them. Because of the measles & h1n1 outbreaks of 2009 my OB pressured me into taking both vaccines while pregnant with her. I developed a severe rash shortly after which they tested me for PUPPS but it was negative & was just told it was an allergy & to take benedryl. She is now 4 years old, nonverbal autistic, severe sleep disorder, sensory issues, and has congenitally missing teeth which can indicate a rubella infection while pregnant. The R of MMR and would explain the rash I got. Our #2 child has adhd and dyslexia and our #1 child has severe eczema, allergies and asthma. So, basically, all four of our children are vaccine injured which our pediatrician confirms and supports the stopping of all vaccination. Excited to know the truth now but wishing we had known sooner. All occurred in/around Minneapolis, MN.

Loreea Gallagher My daughter was diagnosed with Autism last summer at 2.5 years of age. She had her standard age approiate vaccinations,which I never noticed any difference after, but she had flu shots twice and both years she has sick the following day with fever, fussyness and general discomfort. Chico California - intrestingly my nephew who lives 2 blocks away from us was also diagnosed with autism last summer. We have no previous family history of autism, but two children in one family within two blocks in 2 months seems suspect to me. He had vaccinations too, but his were given in Thanks for what you are doing- we need answers for why this is happening to our children. Red Bluff California.

Raymond Gallup Eric Gallup was born normal on 1/17/1985 based on videotapes and regressed into autism after getting the MMR vaccine at the doctor's office in Parsippany, NJ. He received the MMR vaccine in April 1986 and regressed slowly losing language skills and being very hyperactive. We later found out from blood tests that he had an immune dysregulation including measles antibody titers that were 10 ten times higher than number and tested positive for myelin basic protein antibodies. Also Eric had a quarter sized stomach tissue in his esophagus (very painful according to Dr. Arthur Krigsman) and colon inflammation. Eric has aggressions that include biting, head-butting, kicking, scratching and pulling hair all due to the adverse effects of vaccines. Eric broke my right index finger in 2003 and my left thumb in 2009 with his teeth. No one would help our family and we had to pay a lawyer $5,000.00 to get Eric in a residential center in Delaware. I knew a woman who left her daughter at a NJ state residential center and then walked away since she had no help either and the center took her daughter. That is how desperate some parents get because they are alone with no help from anybody. This will be an expensive proposition for governments worldwide because this autism is a life-long disability that will cost lots of money. Plus these children will become adults like our son and will not be able to contribute to society at large. An economic and human disaster. What a shame, what a crime!!!!! Lake Hiawatha, NJ. I have tables from the US Department of Education showing that autism for ages 6-21 increased from 1994 with 22,780 nationwide to 369,664 nationwide in 2010. Also, the Social Security Administration shows that there were 45,684 children/adults with autism collecting Social Security benefits in 2002. Now in 2010, there are 145,162 children/adults with autism collecting Social Security benefits. These tables can be sent as an attachment by sending an email request to raygallup@optimum.net .

Shannon Gamache My son developed apnea after the Hib and Pneumococcal and then seizures after the DTaP. We then stopped all vaccines and he recovered by 9 months, I shudder to think where he'd be had I vaccinated him with all 60 or so of the recommended vaccines by the age of 5. Central ME

Stephanie Garcia My Son started taking an iron supplement & immediately after that he stopped talking & Started to babble & mumble. He was diagnosed with expressive language disorder at age 1 1/2 & Attended a speech & language school until the age of 3. Then while in preschool they did a psych evaluation & determined he was Autistic. He's been in a special-Ed class for a year & will be starting first grade in September. Talks like a parrot now, But very very active!

Carol Gardiner Son given MMR at 14 months, suffered high temperatures and seizures after a few days, then regressed and at 17 years is now severely autistic with no speech (London)

Amanda Orsum Gargula MMR @ 12 months Reaction =night sweats, listless, irritable, for about 2wks change in personality ie) fixated on stuff like TV Lego Trucks Food types. Adelaide SA

Kathy Garrett My son Wayden had his first Dtp shot at 2 months old and started having seizures within an hour or less of having the shot. His leg was hard and bright red from the injection to his hip. Wayden's doctor and the emergency room confirmed that he had an allergic reaction to the dtp vaccine. Wayden went into severe seizure for a long time and meds worked sometimes. October of 09 Wayden had gotten sick, really sick. Wayden was in the hospital for a week, having seizures almost dying twice from lack of oxygen. Wayden acted differently in the hospital but we thought it was maybe because he was sick. After one week of leaving the hospital, Wayden was diagnosed with autism! He went from talking and socializing at a normal level for his age, down to non verbal and non-responsive. I lost my son that week, someone had shut him off to the world and locked him inside his own head. I know if Wayden wouldn't have had his vaccine, then he would never have had seizures, then never be autistic. I blame myself for knowing the side effects and ignoring them, but choosing to vaccinate anyway. Wayden has had hyperbaric oxygen therapy and is doing fantastic now, he is communicating and making eye contact (not at his age level but still doing it). I feel like Wayden suffered from the vaccine, and I feel that very strongly.

Sarah Garvey Liam and Paige were born 10/16/2006, and my son Liam passed away at 9 weeks of age, allegedly of “Shaken Baby Syndrome”. He stopped breathing only three and a half days after being fully vaccinated with all the recommended 2 months vaccinations. Paige also supposedly suffered from the same SBS; however she had different “injuries”. Since 2006, there have been no charges filed for these “crimes” yet my mother, Jamaal, and I remain “suspects in an ongoing homicide investigation”. Unfortunately, I do not know the lot #'s or manufacturers of the vaccines given on 12/14/06. Both my son and daughter were vaccinated this day "as recommended" without being fully informed about potential side effects. My son stopped breathing around 7am on Mon 12/18/06 and officially passed away on 12/21/06. In August of 2009 we became pregnant with Melina. Our goal was to have a natural water birth at the nearby freestanding birth center. However, once the director learned that Paige was not in our custody we were forced to have a hospital birth. We voluntarily met with a Beverly Hospital social worker before and after Melina’s birth in order to ensure her safe homecoming. I am proud to say that we had a wonderful completely natural birth of a 9 pound, 5 ounce baby girl, Melina, thanks to the help of my awesome midwife Susan Thomforde. Melina who was born 5/14/2010 was taken into custody by DCF (The Department of Children and Families, formerly DSS, The Department of Social Services) at Beverly hospital on 5/16/2010 based on “history” alone. The department even admits there were no concerns whatsoever, but the 51-A allegations were supported for neglect based on our “refusal to acknowledge inflicted injuries” of our twin children. Two representatives from DCF came into our hospital room the evening of Saturday, the 15th, and told us they were taking Melina into emergency custody. There was no investigation; no questions were asked. All hospital nursing staff, including the director of nursing, as well as several of my midwives, two of whom testified in Melina’s temporary custody hearing, all said there we NO concerns whatsoever regarding Melina.

Patricia de la Garza Mine after the meningetec, became a 1950´s Dracula, screaming at the top of her lungs at the sight of light; (She was autistic and is now recovered.

Nicole Gates My son zach is almost 3 years old. he was giving a multiple of 4 shots when he was 13 months old which was the Measels,mumps,rupella vaccine,and pcv vaccine.was affected a great deal he cries all the time , has severe communication problems,and has horrible fits.it has been a rough road. they were administered in dayton tn at my sons primary care physician.

Jeanne Gehrke In 1998 we welcomed our 3rd child Emily. At the time I believed my physician who said vaccinations were necessary and safe. I trusted his advice. When Emily was 18 months old she received the recommended vaccines, including MMR. 20 minutes after the vaccination on our way home in the car she projectile vomited all over. I immediately called the Dr. as we were not home yet asking if I should bring her back in. I asked him if this was from the vaccine and he assured me that that was not the case. She must have a flu virus and just keep her hydrated. I had no idea that there was a growing database of reactions like this that were supposed to be reported to. My Dr. assured me this had nothing to do with the vaccines. When I look back now, I remember when crawling we noticed she would drag one leg behind her. We thought it was just a quirk and no big deal. By the age of 2 she was speaking mostly gibberish and we couldn't understand most of what she was saying. Again the Dr. dismissed this and said not to worry about it until she was 3. We began to notice that when other family or friends would come over, she would avoid going near them and hide from people. We thought she was just shy. By the time she was 5 her kindergarten teacher was concerned that Emily would not talk to her or very seldom to other children. We had her see a speech therapist and they diagnosed her as have "selective mutism". We had no idea what this was but were assured she would "grow out of it". Many of our conversations with Emily were still very much gibberish and difficult to understand. No one in the medical field ever warned us that this could be damage from vaccines so she received more shots at age 6. She is now 20 years old. She is forced to live with us because she has tremendous anxiety. It is difficult for her to have conversations with people she doesn't know well. She has only one friend who will do things with her. She has a low paying job that for the most part she doesn't have to deal with the public and she is terrified of looking for a different job as she hates change and transitioning. She has very low understanding of consequences for her actions. And has no real understanding of how finances work. She has attempted twice to get a drivers license and was terrified to even try until she was 19. She has failed both times because she has a hard time understanding directions either written or verbal. She gets easily depressed and cannot handle even constructive criticism. Many times running off crying and screaming. Instead of finding courage to do things on her own she will retreat into a shell and do nothing. She has never been tested for autism spectrum disorders (because she refuses to go to the Dr. and we do not have guardianship over her) but her father and I clearly believe she is on the spectrum and it was a direct result of vaccines. She may never be mentally mature enough to live on her own independently. Her younger brother Adam is even worse off. He also received vaccines until age 6. At age 18 months he was saying basic words like momma and dadda. He would pick up a play phone and say "hello". But after his 18 month vaccines those words started disappearing. It was hard to get his attention and would not look up when you called his name. He would lay on the floor spinning wheels on a toy car. By age 2 there were no words. When I questioned the Dr. he assured me again not to worry. He said that his 4 older siblings were just doing the talking for him. Looking back before he walked he did an army crawl on his belly on the floor. He never crawled any other way. By the time he was 2 1/2 years old we took him to an early childhood evaluation at our public school. After 15 minutes the teacher came to us and said our recommendation is that you have him tested for autism. We had no idea what autism was. Just before his 3rd birthday he was diagnosed high functioning autistic. Even with hours of one on one speech therapy, occupational therapy and behavioural therapies, at 16 he is still considered nonverbal. He does some requesting verbally but no conversations. He refuses to use a communication device after trying several. He gets frustrated and has meltdowns that include screaming, yelling, crying, punching his thigh and side of head leaving bruises and irritated acne on his temple to cause it to bleed. He was acting out so violently that we have been forced to put him on medication last year. I am fearful to take him in public places because during meltdowns he runs and jumps and has almost knocked people over in the process. I know now in my heart that this began because of vaccines. But when he was small I had no idea there was a connection. No one ever showed me the long list of side effects and I assumed the vaccines had been tested for safety. I had no idea that I should report adverse effects. The Dr’s told me fever, swelling of injection site and fussiness, sleeping more or sleeping less were all normal and to be expected. Even telling me it was ok to give added vaccines at one time if we were behind on one or more. Telling me it was safe. Luckily I never agreed to that. I regret ever trusting medical professionals where vaccines are concerned. I was led to believe my children needed this to keep them safe. Being told how dangerous it was if they didn't have the vaccines, made to feel like I was an uncaring parent if I didn't do this because every other parent was doing this. Our son will never be able to live independently. He doesn't comprehend danger and has even been abused by a special education teacher at a public school. We fear for his safety every day that he leaves our home. The guilt is very real. We wish we could give him all the help he needs but we do not have the financial resources to do so. This just adds to the guilt.

Pam Reed Gentry I took my son in for his first set of shots at 6 weeks (I refused all shots at birth). He was bombarded with poisons just wham wham wham almost like hitting a hornet nest. My poor baby, I went right home and started researching vaccines I am forever mortified! He cried and cried and then seemed to get better only to have what I thought were mini-seizures about a week later and they went on for several weeks. His Dr said that was just an immature nervous system. Well im no fool! No more vaccines for my baby!!! I have three older children who are fully vaccinated, I didn't know the dangers nor that I had a choice in the matter. I do now and this baby does not ever need another vaccine! I know in my heart that if I had kept on the vaccine poisons he would be forever damaged! Thank God for people like you and the internet with all the knowledge for everyone to see. Cookeville, TN

Diane Gerlach I have a 6yr old son named Davey Gerlach and he was born healthy, healthy pregnancy, no problems, then at his 6month DTP and HIB vaccines, he got a really high fever for two days but then he was fine, it wasnt until his 15month check up that he got the same DTP and HIB & Pneumococcal at that visit & that same night he had 105 fevers took him to ER said it could be side effect or a virus? sent him home. we kept him in his little portable tub in cold water and cold towels most of the days!!! fever didnt break for 5 days...it went down to 101.00 but didnt go away for at least 5days. we f/u with Ped. several times was told he was fine. a virus!! he wouldnt stop screaming, crying...after a wk he calmed, fever gone, we assumed he was listless and not himself due to being in a fever for so long that he was just tired :((( now i dont think so. at 15months he stopped smiling, stopped wanting to be cuddled, less sleep.my happy son was no longer .. today he is still nonverbal (he use to say mama and dada at 12months. babbled all the time happy smiles, kisses. i have great pics of him looking at me when id say davey look at mommy and snap, pic done!! after that week of fevers he was never the same. always crying, little sleep. withdrawn.. became aggressive and mute! FYI we had a toxins/chemicals testing done blood and hair analysis, and how can a 3yr old (at the time of test) have Extremely high levels of aluminum?? Arsenic and Mercury?? and just HIGH levels of lead!! boggles the mind!! with the help of our DAN dr. he is starting to talk..he has 100% eye contact!! still has some SIB's...due to communication deficits/is on seizure meds. he began having seizures at 4 almost 5years old. he is at a 3yr old level and WE COULDNT BE PROUDER OF HOW FAR HE'S COME!!! AND WILL CONTINUE TO!!!by the Grace of God!! City: Escondido, CA 92027

Nicolette Germano 30 and a 1/2 years ago my daughter was two weeks old. She was peaceful and sweet, slept well, ate well and had not been sick. From the day her pediatrician started giving her shots her entire being changed. she became irritable, never stopped screaming, was constantly sick with fevers, vomiting, seizures and rarely slept. our world was torn apart. I was calling her Dr. and was told it was just colic. THEY LIED TO ME! When she was 5 she got so sick she couldn't even take down a teaspoon of water, it would just come back up again. Her Dr. said to me it’s a flu and DON'T BRING HER IN THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO FOR HER! Well after 7 days of dealing with this I took her to the emergency and they refused to help her, the Dr wouldn't even put a stethoscope to her chest. I was out of my mind and I told him he was going to give her an anti-biotic, he refused but when I was done with him he finally gave it to her. This went on her entire life, and when she was 19 she got a kidney infection. We thought we had it under control until she got into our spa. Within just a few seconds she began screaming get me out! she was screaming in pain and nothing we did helped. After 4 attempts to get her admitted into the hospital they finally rushed her to ICU where we were told her nervous system was shutting down and collapsing all her muscles. they said if it reached her heart she could die. It stopped just under her heart but left lesions on her spinal cord and left her paralyzed from the waist down. She has been in a wheelchair ever since. I have done a lot of research and have come to the conclusion the reactions of my daughter and so many other children suffering the same is from the MMR vaccine and the medical journals and medical reports I've read lead me to the same conclusion. Sacramento California.

Carrie Seale Gerner After receiving the first shot, my daughter lost her verbal skills and totally withdrew from us - verbal skills never came back and she is still extremely delayed in development - now age 10. Schledehausen, Germany

Celia Gerrity My daughter was given the hepB vaccine at literally one minute of age, after a difficult Pitocin induced birth. She slept for 23hrs a day for the first three months of life and was unable to be breastfed, due to lack of ability to suck. She received all the standard vaccinations until 10 months, at which time I stopped all vaccinations, as I had begun to have concerns about her unusual health and the role of vaccines. From about a year until almost five years she was unable to sleep for more than 20 minutes at a stretch, at which point she would wake up screaming, only to start the cycle over again. She has had health symptoms that have led to investigations for auto-immune problems and has been diagnosed with multiple learning problems. The concerns I have had over her health have been excruciating. She is now 13 and doing very well. I know with complete certainty that her system cannot handle vaccines, or many pharmaceutical drugs for that matter, and keeping these substances out of her system is absolutely critical to her well-being.

Mariposa Ghr I believe the vaccines are responsible for all this, autism, asthma, allergies and more. I have a proof. Sadly I don’t have the money to investigate the clinic where I took 2 of my 3 children to be vaccinated and they have autism syndrome. Low quality of vaccines to everyone to make profit and money for those stupid rich people. Vaccinated in Huntington Park CA.

Andrea Giboney My son was dx'd at age 2y11m with PDD-NOS. He is now 7y7m old.

I was living in Italy for the pregnancy/ birth of my son (military spouse). I received a flu shot @ 6 months pregnant and a RhoGam injection around 28 weeks and 2nd RhoGam hours after birth. He was born without complications, but developed severe colic at 2 weeks that lasted almost 7 months. He received every recommended shot and on time. He was always a bit behind milestones, but drs. attributed it to the colic and told us he would eventually "catch-up". We didn't see a sudden regression within the first 3 years like a lot of people do, but we did see the bi-monthly unexplained high (106) fevers, constant diarrhea, lack of eye contact, flapping and non-developing verbal language. We started some biomed protocols and stopped the vaxing once he was diagnosed until age 4y6m, when we moved to California, at which time we allowed a Dtp, and within a few days he regressed a years' worth of progress. We started DAN dr. guided biomed including chelation, and we were able to regain that lost year and then some. Looking back, I believe his body was damaged in utero, and then the damage continued with every vaccine. Had I not received the Flu and RhoGam shots while pregnant, I think we would've seen the sudden regression with the vaccines and been able to connect the two much earlier.

Karen Gibson Son, immunised at 13 months, with a week to ten days he became an “empty shell”, now severely autistic. (Falkirk) UK

Chris Giddens When my son was immunized - the injection site got infected and he got cellulitas. I live in California now my son has autism..

Deborah A. Gies DPT 1981 of 13 month old son. 2 week febrile episodes with screaming & vomiting. Fever would come down by 5am. By 6pm the following evening fever , vomiting and screaming would begin all over again. Swelling of injection site. As weeks continued he became more and more distant, irritable and many bouts of diarrhea. Food preferences, poor appetite. DX came at age 2 of Atypical Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Felt so so alone since no one believed me when I expressed concern about the adverse reaction and regression of my child. Received Vaccine in Bristol , Pennsylvania -Local Pa Dept of Health, regressed into the world of autism. Today age 30 receives 24/7 care.. Difficult behaviors, continues with cognitive decline even in adulthood. Perhaps due to the many medications used to control irritability and mood instability. I live in Bucks County, Pa.

Debbie Gilbert My daughter is almost 21 now. I believe her health problems all her life stem from the first immunizations. I refused to give her any more after she had trance like symptoms when she was an infant. I told the pediatrician of my observation and he dismissed it. I changed pediatricians and after much discussion, he agreed to “half” the dose of the pertussis. Then the Health Dept nurse did not want to do it. I was treated very negatively during that appointment and the next one that she got the other half. I then decided to never give any more of them. Then began a life long UNBELIEVABLE BATTLE with her health. She did not sweat, had high body temperatures and would tell us she was “freezing”, vomited almost every day, cried all the time, had severe skin conditions, did not sleep. As she got older we noticed she had poor coordination, “unnormal pain tolerance”. Complained of stomach aches her whole life. Later turned into severe constipation in her teen years. She began fainting and having amnesia to the extent that she had to be home schooled. She then slept hours on end, had intermittent pains in her arms, she has had multiple headaches. Now she has fainted and is so weak so much that she lost 2 jobs, had to quit college. She is nauseated every single morning (vomits most days) and has tried numerous home remedies. She has lost from 170 to 115 in 2 years. I don’t agree with her decision, butnow she said that the only way to keep the nausea down is to smoke marijuana. She feels so guilty to resort to this, but says it is the only way she can eat in the morning. Over the last 6 years, her teeth have been turning, her skin on her hands and feet are very “wrinkled” and rough. I still believe there is some coorelation with the vaccine. I can’t put my finger on it and we are tired of going to doctors and racking up enormous bills for no help.

Paula Gilfedder My grandson ended up in hospital for 10 days with a severe allergy after MMR. He was readmitted a few weeks later with breathing difficulties. Dr. Wakefield is being 'shut up'. The UK is at its dirty work again!!!!!

Amanda Giles When my eldest son (now 21) was 2 he had the MMR. Within a week his behaviour changed for the worse & he started dribbling. The dr put it down to his age & wouldn't take me seriously. A friend suggested seeing a homeopath, which along with cranial osteopath made a huge improvement. However he has always had more problems with focus and application than his younger non-immunised brothers. He now has a son of his own who has not been immunised. East Sussex. UK

Carole Gillespie Our daughter lost speech, pointing and her 'vital spark' after immunisation, she is now 13, has no speech, severe learning difficulties and severe abdominal pain. Glasgow, UK

Dee Gillin Liam (10) spiked a high fever and had a febrile seizure the night after his MMR and Varicella shots at 15 months. Lost eye contact and babble. When his speech came back it wasn't the same. He now has multiple diagnoses of Autism, adhd and bipolar disorder. Gaithersburg, Maryland in 2001

Ann Giltner My son, Eric, was born on July 23, 2005 at 37 weeks gestation in Conway, Arkansas. He weighed 7lb, 7oz and had an APGAR of 9. Though I wasn't asked for consent at that time, he was given the hep B vaccine when he was 28 minutes old. According to his records, he was in NICU within the hour. His head was swollen, he was under an oxygen head box. He screamed for 3 solid days, stopping only from exhaustion. They told me he had aspirated amniotic fluid and had aspiration pneumonitis. He was treated with 2 different antibiotics for 8 days. When he was returned to the regular nursery after 3 days in NICU, he could not suckle, latch on, slept constantly. I was eventually asked for consent to give a "hepatitis shot" on the day he was to be released from the hospital, the 8th day of life. (the word "vaccine" was never mentioned, I was not given any of the required information, and I was never told what type of hepatitis it was for until AFTER the shot had been given. He is now 5 1/2 yrs old. His official diagnoses are autism, PDD, global developmental delay, apraxia of speech, severe hypotonia, scoliosis (23% curvature), and ataxic cerebral palsy. He also has absence seizures. He is unable to walk, feed himself with utensils, or provide himself with any self care, such as dressing himself or brushing his hair or teeth. He is allergic to many foods, the most severe of which are gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, peanuts.

Karen Giorgi I have 3 children with autism who were never vaccinated. I was vaccinated while pregnant with my first child. They are 12, 10 and 8 years old. I'm still thankful that I didn't vaccinate them because I think they would have been a lot worse off.

Babee Girl The best birthday present ever is being home with my son and spending it with him. If you had of told me I would be here today snuggling him on the couch a few months ago I wouldn't have believed you. For those who don't know, I nearly lost my son in January after he had a heart attack and stopped breathing after his 6 month needles. He spent 2 weeks in a coma in ICU and a further two months in hospital. I've been told he won't ever walk or communicate but he proves the doctors wrong every day with his strength. I guess I'm posting this as appreciation post because I am so proud today and every day of how far my beautiful son has come. Feeding tube Pfft who cares he's ‪#‎hottestbaby2015 for sure. A newfound love for paramedics, doctors, nurses, and all allied health professionals you make the world go round! Dana Day Perth Western Australia

Beth Giuffre My son Luke developed complex partial epilepsy in March 2012 after his Proquad (MMRV) and DTaP shots at a 5-year-old well visit in Capitola, CA. He had been perfectly healthy until that day--thriving! In four months after the shots, he developed double-vision (strabismus), then his immune system started to fall apart. A year after the shots he became sick twice in two weeks. Then he went into status epilepticus with a viral rash (rubella-type). His seizures are considered refractory. His behavior has changed with the different meds and seizure activity. He has had chicken pox in the past year, the very thing the MMRV was supposed to vaccinate him against. At one point we thought he might become autistic, as he was exhibiting very repetitive behavior, but diet and CBD oil has helped tremendously. Aptos, CA

Caitlin Nicole Gladhill My son was normal and speaking, then had the vaccines and within a month could no longer talk or do gross or fine motor skills!!!!!!! New castle, Delaware, USA I also will never believe it's not vaccines!!

Jeanne Goddard Everything is here - all the shots, all the reactions... all the shit I should have understood but didn't because I was so ignorant to what was actually going on. 12/20/2001 Round 1 Vaccinations: DTaP1, Hib1(Comvax), IPV1, HepB1(Comvax), Prevnar1 02/26/2002 Round 2 Vaccinations: DTaP2, Hib2(Comvax),IPV2, HepB2(Comvax), Prevnar2 04/25/2002 Round 3 Vaccinations: DTaP3, Prevnar3 10/2002 Charlie is talking, counting to 10 and reading the little books we read to him. 10/04/2002 Charlie has his 1 year check up. Decided to try him on whole milk a few weeks ago. He seems to be doing okay. 10/24/2002 Round 4 Vaccinations: Hib3(Comvax), IPV3, MMR1, HepB3(Comvax) 03/03/2003 Charlie is still having nosebleeds at night or when he is sleeping. He is hyper. 03/04/2003 Round 5 Vaccinations: DTaP4, Varicella1,Prevnar4 05/2003 Charlie is very hyperactive. His language has all but disappeared. He will not keep his clothes on. 11/07/2003 Round 6 Vaccinations: HepA1 2 Year Check-Up: Charlie is very hyper. Dr. Z expressed concern over this and asked if Charlie would ever sit still and read a book with me. I replied that he would. Dr. Z said he was glad to hear that because otherwise he would be concerned about Charlie’s development. 04/09/2003 Charlie has been sick for the past week. Low fever, runny nose, green drainage, chest cough. Dr. Z prescribed antibiotics. 06/15/2003 Charlie ate his crib today. He is eating strange things. He won’t keep his clothes on. 8/17/2004 Charlie ate his second crib today. 10/??/2005 Charlie was kicked out of his first preschool after only a few days. School psychologist states clues that something is really wrong (no eye contact, sits along, keeps to self, won’t talk, tantrums, sensory issues). 12/2005 Diagnosed: Autism 08/07/2007 Round 7 Vaccinations: DTaP5, HepA2, IPV4, MMR2(ProQuad), Varicella2(ProQuad) 08/08/2007 Had to call Dr. Z. Charlie is really sick from shots. 102.5 fever; sore throat; swollen, red/hot leg; lethargic; complaining of being “sick” (that’s a first!). “Mom help me. I am sick. I need help.” 08/13/2007 Charlie has complained that his brain is shaking, hurting and going to explode. I thought maybe he was having migraines. He is also chewing on strange things - banana peels, metal, plastic, wood, paper. His language has dropped back and his behavior is going down the tubes. Laura suggested L-Theanine and epsom salts baths with baking soda. Also suggested we try increasing the amount of Methyl B12; but, school has started and we are afraid to increase Charlie’s aggravation, sensory, hyperactivity issues. 09/04/2007 More complaints of brain shaking, rocking and pain. Head is going to explode. Figured he was having another headache. 09/11/2007 More complaints over the past week. Called Laura, she asked me to email the info so she could forward to Dr. Davis. Email stated, “Charlie has been telling me lately that his brain hurts. He says it is shaking. That it is fighting. When you ask what his brain is fighting he says, "Charlie. My brain is fighting Charlie." Mike held up a fist and said, "Show me what your brain is doing. How is it moving. Move my fist like your brain is moving." Charlie started shaking Mike's fist from side to side. This is the third or fourth time in the last 3 or 4 weeks that he has complained of brain trouble. I assumed he had a headache. But it sounds like something different. It sounds like he feels his brain shaking... or something. Have you ever heard of such a thing? I have searched and searched but can't find anything like this anywhere (on the sites I usually go to and the books I currently own). Any ideas?” 09/12/2007 Charlie is sick with a cough/congestion/fever again. 09/18/2007 Charlie drew a picture of himself Sunday morning. I asked him why he had funny hair on his head and he said, “That’s not hair. That’s my brain.” I said, “That’s your brain on top of your head?” He said, “Yeah, and my brain is gonna explode!” I am beyond worried at this point. My gut tells me I need to take him to the doc. Will try Laura one more time and then will call Dr. Z. Was able to contact Laura about Charlie. She hasn’t heard back from the doc. She asked me to resend the email so she could contact Dr. Davis again.

Mary Godinez-Mattingly For my son it happened around he was about 12 to 14 months old in Chicago. My dilemma is... what is worst for my child to get one these childhood diseases and dying from that disease or taking a chance on the autism? It's hard to know for sure! They are saying alot of other things can give induce autism in kids the air quality of where u live at, certain food additives, meds u take

Lisa Goes Noah we suspect was initially harmed at birth by Hep B (became jaunticed, never cried, only grunted. Jaundice lasted for weeks, dr did nothing) We were not asked or informed at the Hospital in Oak lawn, Il if we wanted him to have the vax they just did it (THE SAME DAY HE WAS BORN) IL, USA

Nisha Goggin HepB, couldn't suck and was very fussy from then on. Autism low functioning. OT from two months on, he is now eighteen years old, and still our baby hughy.

Denise Goller My son Wyatt was born 11 days early. He was given to me one hour after delivery. I had. C-section and because of my low back surgeries I was completely put under during delivery. Wyatt had a funny color to him. It turned out to be jaundice. I always wondered about the shots automatically given upon birth to cause this. The hospital never treated his jaundice. Ar Wyatt's two month check up he received the dtap, polio, hib b. He had an adverse reaction, he laid there, white, pale, unresponsive. He looked dead. I called the doctor and they acting like ut was no big deal, he was fine. I called my mother and she ran over and could not believe how he looked and just did not move. Breathing so quietly that we were frightened. I called the doctor again and they said perhaps he should not have the dtap anymore. By 9 months I knew he was Autistic. This was in Buffalo NY in May 2006 the dtap and other shots given. He will never be vaccinated again.

Melissa Golpl My son got an MMR in 2003 in Buffalo, NY and had a severe reaction with the Rubella Rash, Mumps cheeks, he had an ear infection and pneumonia at the time, and had to get IV fluids with a fever that broke at 105.1 in the ER and projectile vomiting. He was 15 months old and it was his second dose, which should have been caught because he had just had one two months earlier. I filed a VAERS which the ped had an issue with giving me. I found it online and did it anyway.

He was subsequently diagnosed with PDD-NOS, then that was changed to Autistic Disorder by a neuropshych eval. done in 2007. He has had severe sensory issues and is on the Home and Community Based Services waiver here in NYS. He has also had viral meningitis in October 2007.

Angelina Cruz Anthony Gonzalez. When he was born they put the hepattis vaccine (without asking me). After that he got reflux (very bad) and started getting allergies. At 16th month he got his MMR shot. Got a lot of fever and regressed completely. I am from Caguas, Puerto Rico.

Carolyn Gonzalez-Galvan At 18 months I had a happy, healthy, talking baby boy, then all of a sudden he went blank, no speech, violent, screaming , biting, kicking, not eating, itchy etc. and we continues to work through it each day, Fresno, Ca.

Tonia Gonzalez I believe that my son developed autism because of his vaccines. he did not present with immediate reactions like rash/fever/seizures. He slowly lost his skills. He has a "severely significant burden of mercury" (lab report) as well as other metals in his body. His vaccinations would have contained Thimerosol. He was vaccinated in Plymouth, Devon.

Granny Good-Food It took 12 yr to show up, but my son was vaccine injured, and had to have a bone marrow transplant to save his life. Not all injuries show up right away. An imbalanced immune system makes a person more susceptible to disease for the rest of their lives.

Chantel Goodrich-Swedgan My son was a late talker and walker. very limited verbal skills at 12 months he has a twin sister so i could compare how late he really was. * 12 months started having violent seizures. drs said it was purple crying but my daughter (his t...win) had 2 instances of purple crying so i knew the difference. repeatedly told the dr that unlike me daughter my son looked drunk after his seizure and would almost instantly after fall asleep in my arms. until he had 12 seizures in the hospital and the nurses caught it (with me SCREAMING in his room for help and a dr) did he FINALLY receive the medical help he required it was 4 months of hell getting him diagnosed plus i was almost up on assault charges cause i threatened the dr that if he told me this was purple crying i was going to strangle him with his own stethoscope. diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, polio, hib, hep b 2, 4 and 6 months of age

measles, mumps, rubella 12 months of age *at the time my child was going through this i was never the kind of mum to write down all the sicknesses or ear infections but i can tell u he had no more ear infections or colds than any house hold with 3 kids (so there were quite a few) my next child will be watched more closely though believe me!! *my son was highly aggressive towards his twin, older brother and mother/father. he would pull chunks of his sisters hair out for no reason sitting in the side by side stroller. i would treat him like my other two kids and give him time outs but the difference between them was he would hurt himself by throwing himself into the door, smash his head against the wall or attack anyone close to him. Surrey BC, Canada

Lajeana Goodnight My son was 18 mo old and doing great, other then ear infections (got tubes), he got his 18mo booster..and then seemed to stop advancing..was almost stuck @ that age..did testing, waited for a specialist appt..FINALLY @ age 6 got a diagnosis..aspergers and adhd..sad deal..my older 2 ran fevers but that was it..if I were to have another child I'm affraid I wouldn't immunize again..wichita, KS

Chantel Goodrich-Swedgan My son was a late talker and walker. very limited verbal skills at 12 months he has a twin sister so i could compare how late he really was. * 12 months started having violent seizures. drs said it was purple crying but my daughter (his t...win) had 2 instances of purple crying so i knew the difference. repeatedly told the dr that unlike me daughter my son looked drunk after his seizure and would almost instantly after fall asleep in my arms. until he had 12 seizures in the hospital and the nurses caught it (with me SCREAMING in his room for help and a dr) did he FINALLY receive the medical help he required it was 4 months of hell getting him diagnosed plus i was almost up on assault charges cause i threatened the dr that if he told me this was purple crying i was going to strangle him with his own stethoscope. diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, polio, hib, hep b 2, 4 and 6 months of age

measles, mumps, rubella 12 months of age *at the time my child was going through this i was never the kind of mum to write down all the sicknesses or ear infections but i can tell u he had no more ear infections or colds than any house hold with 3 kids (so there were quite a few) my next child will be watched more closely though believe me!! *my son was highly aggressive towards his twin, older brother and mother/father. he would pull chunks of his sisters hair out for no reason sitting in the side by side stroller. i would treat him like my other two kids and give him time outs but the difference between them was he would hurt himself by throwing himself into the door, smash his head against the wall or attack anyone close to him. Surrey BC, Canada

Lyn Goodwin My son was born normal, develop normal...he watch kids programme especially the bear in the big blue house & my son dance with the song with it, walked & used cutleries at 11 months, he talked & used to say dada, juice & nulk ( calls his mi...lk). Then at 15 months he had the mmr. When he came back it's like I've got a different child... He stop doing all the things he used to do. I didn't know anything about autism then but I knew there was something wrong. By 18 months, after 2 consultations, they diagnose him with mild autism. At 9, he was diagnosed as severe autism & severe learning disability. Now, 11 years old...my son is non verbal & only uses basic PECS & makaton. I am not blaming the MMR and I'm not on denial either but I just want to understand if there was a connection. I am not looking for cure but only seek the best help & support so he can at least function as part of our society. And if can be avoided, then I think we the parents & other/future parents have options re: vaccinations. We the parents of ASD sufferers had different circumstances on how our children became one. So I think we should respect each others opinion.x London UK

Marisa Gorbett My brother, Derich Cannon, received the varicella vaccine in 1997 in Springfield, IL. He broke out in chicken pox and had a severe allergic reaction. He stopped talking, walking and rapidly regressed. He has been through over a decade of speech, developmental and occupational therapy. He'll be 15 this year and starting High School, but will spend most of his school days in special classes, as he has throughout his schooling. He has made a lot of progress, but is still socially behind kids his age.

Amanda Gorton My daughter who is almost 17 changed when she was vaccinated at 18 months and I believe sustained a brain injury. The vaccines were administered by a doctor here in Brisbane.

Wendy Gourlay Son had MMR at 18 months, and within 48 hours developed very high temperature, rash, bowel problems, vomiting, lost developmental skills and then regressed, diagnosed as autistic at 2 years 10 months. Now age 10 years, doing better but very restricted diet, sudden vomiting and bowel problems, poor sleeping, poor communication, high temperatures. Our twins had all injections up to first mmr. both were developing normally till then and in fact Luke was quickest of the 2. within 24/48 hours of mmr he had Luke had raging fever vomiting and horrendous diahorrea and a rash. he lost skills he had previously. diagnosed with autism at 2years 8 months. injection was fife scotland.

Fanona Grace Son, now 34, received 1 tetanus shot at 2yrs and had fever, writhing pain for 3+ days after the vaccine. At 12 had the mmr and for 5+ yrs had reoccuring cold viruses and really bad cases of cold sores on mouth and nose. He was otherwise healthy immune wise as a child. The tetanus was in 79 in Chicago area, the mmr was in Montana in late 80's.

Jessica Gratz My son is now almost 7 yrs old and diagnosed with Autism, ADHD and Epilepsy. He was typical and hit all milestones on time until he was 15 months old. He went in for a Well Baby check and to get his first MMR shot. Within days my son was hospitalized with oxygen levels of 89 (he had allergy and asthma issues since 7 months old) He had explosive diarrhea and was running a fever. Finally after 2 weeks of battling these symptoms they tested his bowel movements and he had Salmonella poisoning as well. We could never figure out how that happened because he had not had chicken or eggs recently prior to the symptoms. By the time he reached 18 months old he lost every skill but walking. He head banged, cried all the time, no eye contact, verbal skills of a 9 month old baby, would not play with his cousin anymore and sleeping was something of the past. Today he has the verbal skills of a 3 to 4 yr old which has been awesome to see that jump in the past year. He developed Epilepsy last year as well, the doctors have yet to identify what is causing the seizures or even get a EEG that shows abnormal activity. He is in school full time and does intensive in Home Therapy 20 hours a week. We have another son who is typical, we would not let him have the MMR until after he was 3 and no problems with that. MMR was given in Prairie Du Chien, WI

Lorinda Jo Brodie Grauel My son had developed normally, even ahead of schedule until the set of vaccinations he received around 15 months. Overnight he regressed, lost his speech, withdrew into his own world, and became a totally different child. Now, he still has grand mal seizures, functions at about the level of a 5 year old, and is still non-verbal. Clay County, Missouri

Heather Graveline My youngest son talked and made eye contact playde with me all the time until he got the mmr shot. Then he started not looking and not being able to speak at all and spinning around in circles and hand flapping all aday:( Daykimbal Hospital Putnam ct

Emma Gray She had the first batch of MMR when she was about 14/16 months old, but before that I had no concerns, she was a happy child. She fed well, blabbed away to herself and others , slept well, then it seemed over night she changed. She didn’t try to talk, stopped sleeping, stopped playing, stopped eating, everything changed , she is 7 now and still has very limited diet and also has to take meds to go to sleep. She has just started to talk in the past year and has also just started to play. We have to maintain routine as much as we can or its mega melt downs. I’m really not sure if MMR caused it. I’m told it’s just a coincidence but I have not, had the booster MMR that she should have got at 5 just in case. She had vaccine in Stockton on Tees, Cleveland.

Jean Gray My son developed a rash after MMR. He experienced horrendous ear problems, his pupils were dilated in extreme bright light, sweating....then peripheral vision, ritualistic movements, laughing at 'nothing' lost all skills over the following months,running out of his skin, not to mention foul smelling BMs, excessive diahorrae by 'coincidence', I developed type 1 diabetes, I was breast feeding at the time. City, Newcastle upon Tyne

Vicki Green He is 3 and a half now and was born healthy but premature and reacted to HepB at just 7 weeks old - stopped turning his head to my voice, stopped eye contac...t when feeding, stopped feeding infact and what little I got into him made him scream in agony, screamed day and night, high temp for 10 days, bowels terrible. He only started having formed stools 4 weeks ago for the first time in his life. Failed to thrive. (Sheffield)

Kelly Greenberg. My son was given the Proquad (MMR+Varicella) and a Hep A at 12 months of age. I am not one of those moms left to wonder if these vaccines hurt my son, because he had a seizure right there in the peds. office when he was injected. My pediatrician said he had a seizure because he was crying too hard from the shots and didn't even report it or put it in his medical records. I believed her because, after all she IS a doctor.... Yes my son was later diagnosed with autism. However, I believe the first insult was the Hep B at birth. A few days after he was born, his eyes started rolling back in his head. Later another set of shots, I think the 6 months set, I took him back to the doc because there were hard lumps at the injection site. If I only knew then. Anyway, at two and a half my son tested with significant delays, and the pediatric neurologist said he had classic autism and was "significantly effected". After starting biomed, along with the usual suspects, (dysbiosis, bacteria, methylation and mito markers), he also had high mercury and lead. We treated and chelated, and today a it would take a trained professional a while to spot any autistic symptoms. Looking back now, my daughter narrowly escaped autism. I remembered a trip to the emergency room (after investigating my son, thought I would check my daughter's records), I remembered her getting a high fever that would not go down with medication. Sure enough, days after the MMR. She also had some strange virus around 1 yr.old that brought us back to the emergency room again for high fever and raised red large patches all over her body. Also shortly after a vaccine. Today she is very thin, pale and malnourished looking, with stomach pain for the past 4 yrs. She gets pain shortly after she starts eating, about 3-4 mins. in, but also random pain throughout the day. She has just learned to live with it. My pediatrician has been no help in that department. I need to get her scoped by Dr. Krigsman, but frankly I'm afraid of what I will find. From what I can tell, both of my kids were mercury poisoned (French lab test showed this), and the mercury has caused methylation problems,seizures, and mental problems. Looking back, the damage started with the Hep B shot. Then continued with the mercury in the other vaccines, causing neuro damage. One thing I noticed though, before the MMR, my son was the happy autistic, always smiling and running into walls like a Labrador puppy. Happy, but unaware of the world around him. After the MMR came the ugly autism. He started head banging till he bled and kicking until he split open a toe. The sensory issues and sensitivities, and the need for repetition and OCD stuff, came after the MMR. That was a dark time I would like to forget about. Life is different now. I took my son back to the same doctor that diagnosed him, and he couldn't believe he was the same boy. He was so excited for me. Then I told him I did the whole "Jenny McCarthy thing" and treated him biomedically. After that his tone changed, and he turned his eyes down at his note pad and just said plainly "He must have just grown out of it". Wow, I didn't know you could "grow out" of a genetic disorder. That is why I know the media is wrong, and mainstream medicine is wrong... my son is proof. I am glad I am writing this today, because today was his first day of preschool, in a typical class, and noone knew of our dark past. He was just one of the boys. Listening to story time. Coloring his picture. Singing songs and doing the little gestures. He woke me up early this morning to remind me it was his first day, and to tell me he was going to go pack his lunch so he wouldn't forget. I cried the whole way home from the preschool, not because it was his first day. But it was like the day Pinocchio became a real boy. Two years ago a child could tell in minutes there was something really wrong with him, and going out in public was painful for everyone. But today I was so proud, and I felt so blessed. When I picked him up he looked at me like he was all grown up and wanted me to notice. Words can't explain it. Anyway, thanks to Dr. Wakefield and all his colleagues fighting and researching for our kids. Count my son as one that was saved by all their hard work.

Jan Greenman First triple vaccine, diptheria, whooping cough and polio. Had a fit and still has a hole the size of a 1p in his leg where the needle went in. went on to develop adhd and Aspergers - my book Life At the Edge and Beyond tells the story. Didn't have the mmr. Southmead hospital, bristol - Luke spoke about his autism last thursday at the House of Lords

Anna Gret Each of my three children were vaccine injured. My first child had the hepatitis b in the hospital as a day old infant. She screamed all that night and would not nurse and lost her rooting reflex. After her 18 month old shots that included the MMR, she got a 105 degree fever and the starring in space and non responsiveness started that I now believe were a form of seizures and they continued until she was 7. The autistic symptoms began (no eye contact, no responsiveness, no interest in her family, no language, repetitive play, running away and my mother said was I was afraid to say out loud - something is not right. We took her to a developmental pediatrician and she had autism. My other two did not get the hepatitis b in the hospital (thank God). After their well visits, they got liquid diarrhea and rashes. My son had sensory integration disorder and felt no pain. He required vision therapy and occupational therapy to integrate his primary reflexes. My youngest only got her two month vaccines and was allergic to everything including grains. I put her on a meat and veggies diet for a year. She was small for her age and had stomach pain. She is the least damaged. My children are recovering with homeopathy and supplements. I will NEVER touch vaccines again. I will spend my life spreading the word about the harm vaccines do and the corruption of our government and pharmaceutical companies.

Caroline Grierson My son got his 3rd vaccine, including pcv at 6 months and stopped making eye contact and showing interest in surroundings. also regressed with weaning, choking on any lumps in food. had mmr at 19 months and within 4 weeks started headbanging, stopped babbling and sleeping, and started mouthing everything. he is now nearly 6 had diagnosis of asd to a significant level and verbal iq of 84, non verbal of 72. vaccines administered in Belfast.

Michael John Griffiths I was only 10 at the time (1963) my baby brother was given the Measles vaccination. I recall after the shot he immediately got an ear infection and was administered Penicillin shots, this was all in the space of a few days. I recall during the course the penicillin, Tony my brother had convulsive fits ... This was passed off as Epileptic fits, though this was not true. Tony had regressed and has never spoken since and is diagnosed as severely Autistic.

Marina Grima From Sydney Australia. My son Daniel was diagnosed at 22 months with Autism just four months after his MMR vaccine. I totally believe that this vaccine was the cause of his Autism. Daniel had achieved all his milestones at the normal rate. However, not long after the vaccine his lost his speech, there was no eye contact, he didn’t know how to feed himself, would stare into space without a care in the world. Watch TV and I would bang pots in the background and he would not flinch.

Joe Groves Normal 12 month old until vaccinated. Talking well and creative-playing but these disappeared within days.

Kelly Groves As a parent of a six year old with autism, I am totally against the MMR. He met all milestones at the age of 12 months but after his jab we brought home a different child- totally unresponsive:( My youngest has just had measles and that was ...a much easier two weeks than the four and half years of living with autism I'm a stronger person for it and wouldn't change a thing about my little man :) he's perfect to me!

Nancy Grubbs We adopted our son at 5 weeks, he was oxygen deprived and drug exposed. He was doing really great until his 6 mo vacc.-screamed for 2 years, couldn't put him down. Language went away after 12 mos shots, 16 mos, imitation, eye contact gone. DPT took him out, by 16 mos, he was gone. Stopped vax at 2 yrs and started trying to fix him, too late. Was toxic for aluminum at 18 mos hair analysis. He is now 16, non-verbal, sev autism, retardation, and now bipolar. Functions as a 3 yr old, or less. Diapers, tons of meds. Chelated, 33 in home therapists for home programs for 13 years. Now in non-public in S. CA. We love him beyond words. We adopted 4 children, all ended up with spec needs, ADHD, ADD, LD...we have never had any support as there has not been another family like ours we could talk to. I homeschool, 12 years now. Did 52 therapies with these kids. They are now 17g, 16g, 16b, 11b.It has been a very traumatic life so far, but we are a great family. Thanks be to God. San Diego, CA

Andrew Grujic My son was a brave and no fuss boy before his injections, now after his 18 month injections it's as if something has clicked. He cries all the time, scared of little things that never used to bother him, and doesn't seem as carefree.

Angel Guillot San Antonio, TX --Immediately following MMR in 1999 my 15 month old son started crying inconsolably, then developed a temperature of 103*-105* while on fever reducers. After 10 years of diet, gut healing, anti-virals and immune therapy...he has greatly improved health wise, but remains in special Ed class.

Tambra Gunter My son Tyler went in for MMR shot at 14 months, it caused him to get Asperger Syndrome. He developed Fever , rash, crying like he was in pain for 3 days. This was in 94, before they took the mercury out of the shot. He is now 17 will be 18 ...March 21st., not worse but no better. He will Graduate High school in May. This was in Baltimore Md. He was a normal baby till then, Would sit for hours watch the ceiling fan spin, obcessed with trains, would sit and watch them go around for hours, or play Thomas Trains forever. He only likes certain foods, he has no friends beyond 3 at school, never goes out of the house to do stuff with friends, very anti social. Just wants to be home with his family or at his grandparents house.

Shawnna Gunterman My little Ethan was 18 months old after getting the MMR shot. Within one week he no longer talked, he stopped walking and eating. He has been diagnosed with sever non-verbal autism seizures, Tourette's sensory interaction disorder and feeding disorder. He is now 3 and still will not eat food only pedisure in a sippy cup I live in Greenville, KY

Gail Gurley My (healthy, normal, extroverted, musical, academically gifted, sports playing) 14 year old son got the Td vaccine in May 2008 and told me the day he got it he felt his brain ripping/tearing apart. After that for months, he had hair loss, bleeding gums, and he was wetting his head over and over. He lost short term memory, had personality changes, developed allergies to foods he had never had before and developed even more to where he had to be put on the GF/CF diet. He lost his binocular vision, had kidney and liver damage and developed leaky gut and irritable bowel syndrome. He became severely constipated and nonverbal and is now an autistic 17 years old. We are in New Port Richey, FL and trying to care for him 24/7 with this vaccine injury with no compensation.

Sarah M. Gutierrez was born completely healthy. Hit all her milestones up to age one. At 18 months, she received several vaccines, including DTaP and MMR in Hollister, California. She became violently ill within hours. She vomited for 6 hours straight with a 102.9 fever. Within the week, she went from a smiling child, full of light and energy, to a non-verbal, no eye contact, blank-starring toddler. She ate non-edible things, paced, ran in circles, wouldn’t point or talk (did this previously), didn’t know who we were, wouldn’t engaged in social behavior at all. She had diarrhea and constipation (almost potty trained prior to the vaccinations!), and would cry out without reason. She was diagnosed in 2003 with Autism; we started biomedical treatment in 2004, only by chance by an approaching parent. After several blood, urine and fecal labs, we found she was rot with fungus, elevated titers of Measles and Bordatella Pertussis (‘P’ in DTP) Viruses (from vaccinations), Mercury, Aluminum and Lead Toxicity. Since starting the treatment in 2004, today Sarah is happy and healthy for the most part, with splintered skills in reading and comprehension. She does not socialize with her peers for the most part. She is of high intelligence, but will not show it unless prompted. Her language is not spontaneous by any means. She is home schooled by me (tired of the schools not doing their job to help her!), has 15 hours of Applied Behavioral Analysis, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Vision Therapy. What I wouldn’t give to have known about the risks of vaccination! Sacramento, CA


Nicki H When my low birth weight son was a few days old, he was given the Hep B shot without my or my husbands consent. My son had mostly local swelling, but it was bad enough to warrant a trip to the ER with an overnight observation for "severe localized swelling from vaccine injection" (their words not mine). After this incident my healthy but small baby developed an allergy to milk, soy, and eggs along with severe reflux and had to be placed on a special formula. Two months later I was bullied by our pediatrician to give my baby the HIB shot. Withing 15 minutes my son had stopped breathing and was turning blue. We were rushed to the ER and later PICU. In the following days we learned that my son now had apnea and his allergies were now even more severe. He stopped moving his right leg (the leg from the shot), and began being fussy and almost inconsolable. The ER doctor admits that my son had a vaccine reaction, but to this day (10 months later) his old peditrician says it was just a fluke. My son is now one and he has some gross motor delays on his right side. We still don't know what we may find out in the future as he is still so little. The vax was administered in Wilkes Barre, PA

Leah Haddock Hi, I am responding to your request for a story concerning a vaccine injury. My son was given the MMR vaccine among a few others on the same day in 1996. He lost all speech and developed behavioral problems, ear infections, and hand flapping within months of receiving these shots. He is now 14 with severe autism and still non verbal. These shots were administered at Shasta Community Health Center in Redding, California. Thank you and good luck in your research. "as published on SaneVax"

Cyndi Haggerty My son was 18 months old with full speech and developing normally when he received his DTAP. Within a month of his 18 month vaccines he completely regressed losing all speech. He began having silent seizures and was soon diagnosed with autism. He is approaching his 4yr vaccines, and honestly I do not want to get them any more shots. I have worked along with therapists for 2 years with ABA, OT, PT and speech and am not going to have all this hard work be lost with any more vaccines.

Dave Haglund My two children were talking, and then suddenly quit. I would give anything to be able to have those days back. Just thankful that we live in an age with assitive technology, so that they have some way to be able to communicate. It is good that there are sites like this so people know that they are not alone

Freek Hagoort The Netherlands 8 years old at time of death Following are excerpts from an article written by Anneke Bleeker. Read the full text here. Family of criminal decides whether he should be punished? Is this possible in our country, in the time we live in; or, is it a sign of the time in which we live? A criminal who has a lot to answer for, is not judged by independent judges, but by his own family! The verdict is clear: you don't hand over your own family to a possible prison term, even when the offense warrants exactly that. Who would believe this scenario could happen? Unfortunately, it appears that is just what is happening. Freek was an ordinary boy, like thousands of others his age. He played with his friends, went to school, played football and performed all kinds of activities boys his age do. He was a normal boy, part of a family; he had a father, mother and brother. Freek Hagoort did not become 'special' until after his death. Freek Hagoort died just before his ninth birthday, only three days after he received his MMR and DTP vaccines. He died on 9 March 2009. This is reported in various ways, through newspapers, books, radio and television shows, and lectures. Only after his death is his name known. He is now a 'special child.' Freek is a special boy who died as the result of vaccination, recognized by everyone except the Government! It seems government health officials feel the information should not be brought forth, not under any circumstances! If indeed, should information appear in the newspapers that Freek's demise was a result of the national vaccination program, the wider implications are known. The vaccination program would be staggering even more than it already is. You see, Freek died at the same time questions were being raised about the HPV vaccination 'feast.' He died at a particularly poor moment, just because of the media frenzy over whether vaccines are reliable, or not. Do they have added value; or are they downright dangerous? Those issues were in focus at that moment, so, the fact that a boy died because of vaccinations that have already been given for decades could not come to light. His death could not have happened at a more inconvenient moment. When Freek's parents contacted the general practitioner because the boy had become so very ill, they admitted that this reaction could be a result of the vaccinations, which were given the Thursday before. They were told this type of reaction had been confirmed a couple of times, and one needed not to worry, he would get well. Following his death, upon contacting RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment), the pathologist received a clear message that this death had nothing to do with vaccination, so he didn't have to do an investigation into it. Out of the question! The parents were treated like capital offenders, who had abused their own child and that was it! So, at first, according the the GP, Freek's being so ill could be related to the vaccinations. Death was not considered at the moment. Then, after his death this relationship was out of the question according to RIVM! The National Vaccine Program for every new-world citizen is launched even before they are born, when the pregnant mother is advised to get the pertussis and flu vaccines. Day one, the HepB vaccine is waiting for the newborn. If parents object, or question--they are told loud and clear that they are being irresponsible. Who is irresponsible? The Government that wants the population filled up with vaccines, without properly knowing what all it brings about; OR, the parents who want to know all of the facts before vaccination? (NOTE: The SaneVax team has been informed that the Dutch Institute for Health (RIVM) did the original autopsy and concluded the vaccines had nothing to do with Freek's death. The parents wanted an independent autopsy conducted, but to this day, the Dutch authorities refuse to provide the necessary tissue samples. Our question is this, "If the vaccines were not related to this young boy's death, why are the authorities refusing to provide samples for independent appraisal?")

Cindy Halim Year 2000, 2 month checkup vaccine. Either Fairfax or Reston, VA. Projectile vomitting immediately the very same day until at least the next day. Went back to the pediatrician but of course dismissed as a no concern. Missed developmental milestones (speech, cognition, interaction, language, eye contact, etc) until age 7 when we started biomedical intervention (GFCFSF diet, mB12, etc). Now recovered from autism. Still has ADD but not autistic anymore.

Amber Perkins Hall My daughter Madalyn had the mmr shot at 15mths, before the mmr she did everything early held her head up at 6wks, said or cats name at 3maths was crawling by 5maths, and at 8maths walking talking at 11maths. Was a very happy sweet baby who ...was always smiling and laughing. The day she received the mmr shot she ran a low grade temp. less than 24hrs later stopped walking, talkin, she quit smiling and laughing! she would crawl over to a corner in a room and set and rock or if she was anger she would scream and bang her head on wall or the floor.. At age 4 was diagnosed with Wanderer's. Mady is now 8 and also has ADHD and on40mrs of Vyvanse. It has helped her out so much with the ADHD and has even helped some with the autism. She received the mmr shot in either stilwell or westville oklahoma in'03. Worse mistake I have ever made. But my other 3 kids are perfectly normal. And none of my boys have received any of there shot nor will they e ever.

Claire Hall My son had his MMR vaccine in bedford on the 30/10/2007, when he had the vaccine his arm swelled and he had a high temperature afterwards. last year in december he was offically diagnosed as autistic at the age of 4, his language was very delayed, hardly any social communication with other children etc. I cannot say with 100% conviction that he would have not been diagnosed with autism if he hadnt had the jab, but I do know that when he was younger I didnt think there was a problem with him whatso ever, I remembering expecting him to talk very young as he was trying so hard and was very vocal, then one day he just went quiet, food was never an issue, you could take him anywhere in his high chair and he would eat whatever you gave him, now its only crackers and pasta.

Sheila Hall My son, Nathan, was 6 months old in 1983 when we finally consented to his first vaccine. He was given the DPT shot at the doctor’s office in Mt. Vernon, MO and within 30 minutes (before we even got home) his injection site had swollen to twice its normal size, turned bright red, and had become hot to the touch. He was screaming inconsolably. Of course I called our doctor immediately and was told he was probably reacting to the shot and it would pass. They had given me a night contact number, thankfully, and I used it several times in the next few hours. I had been working as a Respiratory Therapist in the regional trauma center and was accustomed to working in ER, ICU, CCU, and NICU with my patients. I knew that what my son was experiencing was not a “normal” shot reaction. Our normally happy and contented child was crying that keening scream that I’m sure many will recognize. It’s called “encephalitic crying” but it sounds more like an animal caught in a trap than a human child. His temperature went to 104 and would not respond to medication. For the next 48 hours he continued to scream constantly and would not eat. Since I was an “experienced caregiver” our doctor did not have him admitted to the hospital, though he did call them in case things got worse. We were blessed because our son didn’t die that day and doesn’t have seizures or ASD or PDD as so many do today. He did lose some of his fine motor control; he writes with his whole hand instead of using his fingers to control the pen, for instance. But our doctor, who was big on vaccines, told us it was DEFINITELY a vaccine reaction, that we should NEVER vaccinate him again or he might die. He also said we should not give vaccines to any future children because our family had too high a risk factor. (Several others from my family also had children who reacted badly to their shots.) I wish I had our doctor’s statement in writing now so my children could use it when their doctors begin to push vaccines. Indeed, I wished I had it in writing in 1992 when an LPN from our local health department became angry that I would not consent to continue the vaccine schedules with our children – by then we had five and one more on the way. She kept after us until she talked me into allowing only the Tetanus vaccine, which was available separately at that time. Then she got very angry when I caught her pulling the shot from the DPT vial. I said, “I might look like a hillbilly because I AM one, but I have a degree in Biology and can read that label. If you gave that to my son, he would probably die right in front of you because he almost did the first time he got it.” In those days she couldn’t turn us in for refusing vaccines. But she did report us later because our 18-month-old had lost FOUR TENTHS OF AN OUNCE between WIC visits! She weighed within the normal range for her age, and I explained that our whole family had just had the flu but that everyone had recovered and was fine now. This LPN wanted the child to see their doctor immediately but I had to get the car back to my husband for his work that day and the baby was NOT sick! I thought I had negotiated with her that if there was still a weight loss issue at our next monthly visit we would see the doctor at that time, and I took my children home. About 4 pm that day an official from the child “protective” services in our county came to my door saying he had orders to pick up our daughter and have her admitted to the local hospital for “failure to thrive.” He spent about 30 minutes watching our kids happily playing and the child in question was toddling about in her walker with cheese and crackers in front of her, obviously not sick or endangered. I explained to the man our disagreement with that particular LPN, and told him that she had one year of schooling after high school, compared to my Bachelor of Science in Biology, and that she had worked three years at the health department compared to my five years at an RT at the hospital, on the CODE team nearly every night. The man finally told me he was not allowed to sign off on the report, but I could contact my local doctor for his opinion. It was nearly closing time, but I was able to get the doctor on the phone and explain my situation. I said I didn’t have a car and would have to walk there. They consented – thank God – to wait for me! So I put coats on the kids and packed three of them in baby carriers – on each side and on my back – and all of us who had just recovered from the flu proceeded to walk about two miles across our small town to the doctor’s office. When we arrived he was LIVID that we’d been forced to do that just to accommodate the opinion of an LPN about our kids. And because it WAS a small town he knew the nurse and the situation and understood she was REALLY angry because we didn’t vaccinate as she believed we should. We moved out of town shortly after that and I don’t know if she continued to work there or not, but I’m VERY sure she had no idea what she actually nearly did to us… and she probably would not have cared. Those who want to mandate our decisions about vaccination usually DO NOT understand that many of us have lost, or nearly lost our kids to them, and some who have survived are simply not the same. They ridicule our nightmare experiences with the comment that it is only “anecdotal evidence” but they forget that such “evidence” – in court – is called TESTIMONY! And billions have been paid in damages for the supposedly non-existent vaccine injuries… But we're just ignorant, stupid people and it’s all in our imaginations, right? I would never tell people they can't vaccinate. Hopefully, those of us who DO understand there are genuine risks involved will not be FORCED to comply with standards that will almost certainly be reversed one day, when the “powers that be” can no longer ignore all the damaged people and have to finally take a really hard look...

Melissa Halley I'd avoid the dtap or any others with pertussis!!! My son had seizures due to pertussis especially if you have ANY family history of seizures not just immediate family!! evergreen park Illinois

Elizabeth Hamilton Son received his vaccines and “changed”. He now has ASD and ADHD and also has celiac disease. He is now on a gluten free casein free diet. (Scotland)

Rebecca Hamilton My son is diagnosed high functioning autistic. At age 15 months, he got his MMR shot. That same night, he became violently ill. For 2 days he had a high fever and kept vomiting. After that, he lost all his speech, eye-contact went away, cognitive and other skills slowed to the point of a near crawl. He began having severe sensory aversions, hurting himself by banging his head on the wall, and stimming. We stopped vaccinating at that point. It took years of therapy, but he is currently verbal, his sensory issues have lessened to some degree, and we were eventually able to potty train him. Now we have another son with VERY mild PDDNOS who was never vaccinated, but I think it would have been much worse if he had been.

Susan Hamlyn Francis was 10 years old and fighting fit. He had a 'booster' MR jab in the huge campaign to vaccinate 7 million + UK children in November 1994. Within three weeks he developed agonising and crippling arthritis. This lasted over 9 months and, as it receded his, Crohn's symptoms started. It was our consultant paediatrician who diagnosed an adverse reaction to the vaccination - though he would not put it in writing. 17 years on, Francis's Crohn's has devastated his life. He is fed through a tube in his chest for 12 hours a day.

Beatriz Hampson I am totally convinced that the MMR caused my 19 year old son's autism. He received different vaccines and didn't have a reaction but with the MMR he became very poorly and changed his behavior. I didn't allow my daughter to receive the vaccine and they send me two social service agents and when I said that I will authorise the vaccination only if they give me a signed letter guaranteeing no future complication such as autism. The two women left saying they could not promise anything like that. I am very grateful for all the effort put in the investigation and I pray for one day to get the true answer.

Jennifer Graham Hampton ‎ 18th month son with no delays and very appropriate speech regressed after the dtap vaccine and lost 95% of words, tantrums/head banging began and major GI issue including cramps and explosive diarrhoea. Intensive therapy and He has Apraxia now but speech is coming along and still is delayed but gaining every year. Atlanta.

Luke Hanam Had MMR, then developed autism, food intolerances, speech problems, learning difficulties, now age 13. (Essex).

Kim Hance My son was a perfectly normal until vaccination at 3yrs of age. After he stopped talking, loud sounds made him crazy and repetitive behaviors started. He's 22 now it's been a long road but thanks to my parents, loving teachers and therapist he graduated a-b honor roll and is working at our library here but, yes I believe the vacation had a hand in this. Amarillo Texas

Vanessa Hancock I noticed a dramatic difference 1-2 months after my son had his MMR jab and this was before there was talk of a connection. At the time I did mention it and there was no link made. UK

Dana Haney Kylie Wayman (16) was given the shots in 2007 while at Cass Job Corps in Ozark, Arkansas. 1st shot made her feel like she had the flu, 2nd shot set her into severe stomach pain and pass out, 3rd shot basically did her in. Kylie has been in and out of ER's, Dr's offices, and hospitals every since, and has recently WON her disability case. She has an auto immune disorder, fibromyalgea, severe pain all of the time, migraines, memory problems and extreme fatigue. She has had pericarditis, pleural effusions, 103 fevers, EXTREME pain in her stomach, ovarian cysts, exploratory surgeries, colonoscopies, her bowels are eroding, endoscopies, and the list goes on and on. Kylie was perfectly healthy BEFORE she shots, and is now classified as disabled. We have an attorney in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I have filed suit with the Court of Federal Claims in Washington DC. I hope this helps, NOBODY should go through what these girls are going thru. Their pain is REAL, and their lives will never be the same. The doctor, hospital, and all of the testing is VERY EXPENSIVE. My husband and I both work full time jobs, and also part time jobs as well, and I still have stacks of Kylie's medical bills that I just cant pay right now. Fort Smith, Arkansas

Shelley Hanley My son was was 12 weeks early, he met each mile stone later than all other children iIn my area. At about age 1 he had started to talk, was starting to stand unaided & could sit & crawl, he continued to progress greatly. He went for his next vaccine as per which was the MMR. Soon after this I noticed great changes, his speech just went, there was a difference in the way he would try to walk (before he stop trying) it was like he had gone back 6month. 4 yrs on he got a diagnoses of server autism server learning disabilities. He started growing at a Different rate to others, he didn't talk again untill he was 8yrs old his 1st words where I love u mummy. I wouldn't change him for the world but this could have been prevented.

Dee L Hannah After my daughter had the MMR both times, she never was the same. The first one was in 2002 when she was a baby. She cried so much, it scared the hell out of me. Then in 2004, she regressed in speech, toilet and social skills. We lived in youngstown ohio at the time.

Nancy Castaneda Hansen In california we can sign a waiver to the vaccines. My son was meeting milestones then a month after the mmr he started having seizures, lost the milestones and huge tantrums began. That started at 15 months, got the epilepsy dx then 2 months shy of his 4th birthday we got the ASD dx. He was chronically sick for 5 months prior with repetitive ear infections. Administered in Long Beach.

Dawn Hardy Our son, now 8, suffered adverse effects every time he received a vaccination, but because we were assured by our doctor that vaccines were 100% safe (and necessary) we continued to vaccinate. Our perfectly healthy baby, who was hitting all his milestones, lost eye contact, developed eczema and allergies, began vomiting daily, and suddenly had chronic diarrhea within weeks after his 1 year vaccines (received in Pennsylvania). After his 2nd round of vaccines, he began "stimming", lining up cars, needing constant routine. Still, our doctor assured us we must keep vaccinating and that he was fine. It was his 3rd MMR shot that pushed him over the edge- within two weeks of the shot, he regressed almost entirely into a world of his own, lost language and motor skills, suddenly developed asthma, and would have screaming "melt-downs" several times per day. Even then, it took us a year to get a doctor to admit that he was now fully autistic. There is no question in our minds that our healthy child's system was attacked by the injection of vaccines into his little body, because we watched it happen as he regressed before our eyes. Today, we are in the process of recovering our son. Like a diabetic, our son's damaged system must be controlled with a strict diet, but when managed properly, his autistic symptoms are reduced by 80-90%.

Mary Harford Oldest son, Brendon, was vaccinated in the USA in the state on Louisiana following all guidelines as to when they are "supposed" to be given. I was also given a tetanus vaccine while I was pregnant with him. Showed bowel issues from birth, but they seemed to get worse after each round of vaccinations. I have removed any foods coming form aluminum cans, containing red dyes, milk products, and have added a probiotic and digestive enzymes to his diet and he seems to be doing better bowel wise. He's still non verbal, but says more words every day. My youngest son, Jacob, was vaccinated in the USA in the sate of Louisiana following a delayed vaccination schedule and receiving no more than one vaccination at a time. He was developing "normally" until he received his MMR at age 3 and a half. Then he regressed and stopped talking. No subsequent vaccinations and now he's verbal. Only has 2 to 3 bowel movements a week, but they seem to be "normal". Now he has an educational classification of Developmentally Delayed and no medical diagnosis of autism. He is due now for a DTaP and MMR booster. I have declined to give consent for these vaccinations at this time. God could not be everywhere therefore he created mothers.

Karen Cormaney Harker I have 2kids affected by MMR...my older son was never diagnosed but I do believe he is high functioning,,,my 8yr old has severe autism. Started with a high fever,,rash and loss of development!!! I know my sons autism is the result of a vaccination and nobody will ever convince me otherwise!!!!!!!!!! Woodbury New Jersey

Patti Harlan My son is 35 ...He was 14mos old when he got his MMR...Four days later was in the hosp with a 105 temp.Was developing normal ..Was a very happy alert little boy ..Went down hill from there on..Developed seizures which still are prevalent in his life today...City was Jeffersonville,In.Year 1977.....

Catherine Harland My son was born a floppy baby, he had not a lot of muscle control, he was slower than the normal baby, ie supporting the head at six months, he was about 10 months, after he started to support the head, we seen him start to develop slower than the norm, he didn't crawl but he walked about the age of 14months, he started to sing the nursery rhymes with us. We were seeing him develop more and more as I said, that bit slower than the norm, until he got the MMR at the age of 18 months, that's when he stopped using the language he didn't sing anymore nursery rhymes, he was diagnosed with autism at 3. Now I would say if a baby has the flu, or a cold, is unwell of any illness they will not be given a jag, even to this day, I as an adult get the flu jab, if I do not feel well they will not give you the jag, yet my son at 18months who had a weakness to start with, would tell me that his immune system was not strong enough for the triple vaccine and that was that was the cause of his autism and bowel disorder.

Andrea Harris My son went downhill shortly after getting the MMR shot at 18 months. He completely regressed in all behaviours, stopped speaking and just seemed to be in a world all his own.He was diagnosed with moderate/severe autism at 3 1/2. He is now... 8 and has made some progress but still has many obstacles to overcome. He is starting to speak and has some functional language, is partially potty trained and is learning self help skills. He functions on the level of about a 4 or 5 year old. Of course his pediatrician doesn't believe it was caused by vaccines and neither does the FDA . I know that it was changed my son because he was a perfectly fine toddler until he received that vaccine. He was walking, talking, learning to potty and doing all the normal things a toddler does. am very leary about allowing to have ANY vaccines including the flu shot. Lynchburg Virginia

Rita Abernathy Harris My once typical talking in sentences GS had rec'd all his vax up to 18th Month's as advised by his ped, at 20/mos he got 6 shots in one day at shots for tots & flipped like a fish in water almost over night. Lost his speech, meltdowns from ...hell, eye contact, everything gone out the window, he was a stranger. Dr Stephanie Cave diagnosed him at age 4 after weeks & weeks of extensive testing, "Mercury Poisoning" from his vaccines. The MMR broke out in his gut, fast forward now age 12, with therapies, diet, etc, he is some better, still not mainstreamed in school, talks like a baby, gut issues from hell, hyper, struggles to please, to learn, to anything. No help from our State at all, signed up at age 4 for our state slot vavier, still on the waiting list. His diet, supplements, etc are over $500 per month. His life was changed forever because of toxic vaccine's. Thank you for doing this, when finished please provide a link we can send to bashers because to me, this is living proof that we watched happen right in front of our eyes, these stories after stories is what the General public, pro-vaxers, Doctor's, new Mom's, expecting Mom's, etc. need to be reading. We will not stop yelling until we are heard. I have been at this 10 years now & just getting stronger everyday, just like the rest of you, "We are their Voice" West Monroe, Louisiana.

Dave and Jill Harrison Our son, Sam, received 8 vaccinations at his 15 month well baby visit (DPT, OPV, MMR, Hib). After these vaccinations, he lost eye contact, lost all vocalizations, stopped playing with toys and instead would spin all objects, and started having sensory issues. He also began to have eczema and loose stools. He received his vaccinations at the Longmont Clinic in Longmont, Colorado on 12/27/96. He is currently 15 years old, has recovered his speech and his gut is healing after being on the GF/CF diet for 11 years, along with biomedical treatment and other therapies, including ABA, Sensory Learning, and an Individualized Neuro-Developmental Plan. Sam still struggles with extreme anxiety, social difficulties, and sensory issues.

Anne Hartman My son Jack basically reacted very poorly to each round of vaccines, which notably started at around 4 months. The reactions started off less severe or pronounced if you will. He would sleep for sometimes 18+ hours, would wake very lethargic and had little to no appetite at all. I remember taking a medicine dropper trying to get him to take in formula and/or water. Around 36 hours following his 9 month vaccines (which was given when he was 10 months), which included the DTaP, he came down with a case of diarrhea like nothing I had ever seen or smelled before. It literally smelled like something was dying inside him. It was bright yellow and burned whatever flesh it touched. It lasted for 10 days. Pediatricians told me it was just a coincidence and that a bad stomach bug was going around. I begged them to allow me to bring in a stool sample for them to test, as I could not even get him into the car because the diarrhea was relentless and if he sat in it, it surely would have been agonizingly painful. They refused to test on the basis that it would have made no difference to the treatment recommendation…which was keep him hydrated. How I regret it ALL now! The final vaccine I ever gave him, the flu vaccine in 2006, landed him in the ER 24 hours later with a 105 temperature and acute cellulitis at the injection site which spread to his trunk and upper leg. I suspected a febrile seizure but after monitoring him they released him with the recommendation to see a neurologist. All vaccines were administered in Suffolk County, New York.

Libby Hartrich Flu Nasal Spray, 9 hrs of age at time, meltdowns became unbearable, headaches, stimming increased dramatically. Administered Martinsville, IN, Doctors office. Took about 9 months for the effects to wear off.

Rolounda Denise Hartwill My son changed around 18 mos. I began asking the Dr questions and I never got a solid explanation. By the time he was 2 and I told my now 3rd peds Dr that my son would starve if I didn’t give him food! He didnt talk. I even bought up possible Autism and was told "Oh no! If he were autisitc he would be aggressive and would hide when a stranger entered the room!" She said my girls were probably talking for him and I just didn’t notice. It wasn’t until I took him to a Family Dr. (father to 5 kids) who referred me to a Neurologist and took my concerns seriously. Unfortunately that was at the age of 4. I don’t know what happened but, my baby changed after those shots. I don’t know what I would do if I found it to be the cause. But my Lil Michael deserves to know.

Kathy Hass My son was born 1980. He was correctly diagnosed in 2003 with Asperger's Syndrome (nearly two decades of mystery). After that I read a lot about mercury and vaccines on the internet. Since my son was rare for his time, I figured it had to be another reason (he was not overly-vaccinated like kids were later). I started to study paper mills and found out they are major mercury polluters because of the coal-fired plants that they used. I was pregnant downwind of a coal-fired paper mill, and finally connected that to my son almost 23 years later. Unfortunately my son got his mercury poisoning in the womb. I was in St Mary's Georgia USA, and the paper mill was Gilman Paper Co, then it was bought out by Durango. I tried to find out if I could sue them, but then I discovered that that Durango paper mill had gone out of business after major OSHA violations, and lawsuits from employees and their families! Thanks for doing this project, Omaha. Nebraska

Hannah Hatt Son Samuel was a happy child, but had MMR at age 2 years and reacted with a temperature and loose stools. Within one week, poor eye contact, loss of vocabulary, change in behaviour. Diagnosed ASD at 6 years old. Is now age 9 years, still has bowel problems and receives continuing support for his ASD. Hannah’s other children did not receive MMR and are in good health.

Amy Hauer San Diego, Ca. My son had a reaction to the MMR vaccine at 15 months old. Not only did he become very sickly within two weeks, but I recognized his social and physical regression right away. Having 3 older children and being a Child Development Specialist, I knew it had to be the vaccine. He is now 20 years old and has been “diagnosed” with ASD and Significant Cognitive Delays. He is doing amazing now, thanks to some great quality vitamins/supplements that I found from an online company, which has proved to “heal” much of the damage that was done.

Edward Hawkins Had MMR at 16 months, developed autism, bowel disease, reflux, dyspraxia. (Kent)

Karen Hawkins First MMR - lost speach and went in to his own little world - started flapping got very routienin and stoped playing with other children his own age. This vaccine was given in Didcot Oxfordshire in the uk - today luke is the same shows very challenging behaviour. doesnt sleep much doesnt like change cant handle the hussle and bussle of life non verbal and wears pads and goes to a special school in wantage where he gets one to one !

Laura Haynes Child 1 (Hannah, 2 Dec 2000) hep B (Sydney 3 dec 2000), high pitched cry for 2 weeks & lost sucking reflex meningococcal (Ede, Netherlands dec 2000), lost all language & social interaction MMR, chicken pox (Sydney 2003) lost all facial expressions, bowel problems began (parasites, impaction, infection etc), "disappeared" diagnosis (made age 2): profound autism, heavy metal toxicity, demyelination current status: body healed but in state of healing crisis. Remains severely autistic child 2 (Amara 26 Nov 2001) DTP (Ede, Netherlands Jan, March, May 2002) no immediate reaction but... diagnosis (made age 3): PDDNOS, heavy metal toxicity current status: recovered but approx 6 mnths delay & socially immature Our Dr has stated that our reactions tend to the immediate CNS response. As such, we do not develop rashes, fevers or other signs that our bodies are fighting. Also much of the damage eg demyelination, was cumulative and occurred over years.

Sandra Haynes Son had brain scan in 1993, showed normal, had MMR in 1994, brain scan in 1995 showed damage. Severe epilepsy, learning difficulties, non-verbal, now aged 18 years. (Leicestershire)

Liz Hayward My son received the Rubella vaccination (we were breaking the MMR shot into 3 separate vaccinations). For 1.5 weeks after the vaccination our son stopped communicating, was extremely irritable and cried continuously. Total change in personality. His daycare reported that he sat and stared at his hands for 20 minutes without stopping and expressed concern in the change in his personality. He did improve from this and did get his language back etc, however he is no longer a calm, peaceful child. He is very hyper with a lot of anxiety. Vaccine given in Ramsey NJ

Madeleine Hearn Developed severe eczema and constipation straight after immunisation at 12 weeks. Now 2 years 3 months, still has eczema, egg allergy, itching. Refused MMR.

Jaelyn's Heart Jacob stopped talking after the mmr at 15 mths. He got worse after his mmr at 4 years old. Vaccines are ineffective, full of toxins, and sometimes deadly. California

Andrew Heather Had MMR at 18 months, vomiting, rash, eczema, conjunctivitis, tonsillitis, glue ear, autism, loss of eye contact, loss of speech. Now age 12 and still on medication. (Essex).

Beth Schilling Hedges My 3rd child got his chicken pox shot at 17mths (I declined the mmr); and within a few days he lost the words he had and on the day he turned 18mths he went up on his tip toes and has not come back down since. he is my 2nd child with autism; so I think there is a genetic component to it.

Jody Hedley My son Lincoln was a perfectly happy baby who interacted with everyone he met. Before he was 18 months he had excellent eye contact and more than 20 words. Shortly after receiving his 18 month vaccinations (in Sydney, Australia) he lost all speech, no longer gave eye contact and disappeared into the world of Autism. 15 months and lots of intervention later, his eye contact is improving, he is starting to say some of the words he was saying previously, and we are starting to feel like he wants to be part of our family again. I fully believe that vaccinations caused his Autism and he will NEVER be vaccinated again!

Mary Moran Heller My son was born in 1998 in Marin County, CA. He was born perfectly healthy, great apgar, nursed well, no cholic. At 6 weeks he got his first dpt. within hours the injection site was severely swollen and he woke from his nap with a high pitched non-stop scream. The next day Ii noticed he wouldn't look in my eyes anymore. He developed cholic. I told my husband he seemed to have turned autistic overnight. I didn't even know anyone claimed a link with vaccines. He is classically autistic, just as i feared. He was not before that dpt reaction.

J. Helm I kept a journal of all my child's milestones. He was ahead on his milestones, and he had a lot of language (and was potty trained before the MMR). When given his 3 month shots he developed this runny yellow stool that didn't go away for years. He still developed normally. When we went in for his MMR he regressed from a happy playful toddler to a little boy that had no eye contact, would not respond to his name, lost all potty training skills (and didn't gain them back until 6 years old), and spent his time spinning wheels on his toys. He started to have severe melt downs. He was a normal eater before the MMR (I have pictures of him eating all kinds of food) and after the MMR he would only eat very limited foods (pizza, mac and cheese, milk, and some candies). We stopped vaccinations and got a DAN doctor (did several DAN treatments, ABA, speech therapy, OT, and son rise). My son is now 7, and he is affectionate again. He is doing a lot better. Vaccinating my son is my one and only regret in my life. We have a 2 year old daughter. After much research and consideration we decided not to vaccinate her. She has had no health problems and is a typical little girl. Ogden, Utah

Melody Henderson When my son was born he was the most alert newborn I'd ever seen and had no trouble nursing. He had a twinkle in his eye! I was released 24 hours after I had him. He was given his HepB shot before we left the hospital. That evening I had to wake him to feed him. I took him to the doctor the next day for a follow up and he'd developed a fever, increased heart rate, and was lethargic. He was rushed to a Children's hospital by ambulance where he stayed for three days. No infection was found and the doctors released him after massive doses of antibiotics, even though no infection was found in his blood, urine or spinal tap. At the time I didn't know that vaccines could cause that type of reaction so I didn't report it or ask for a brain scan to check for swelling. At his 2 month check up I told his doctor that I thought something was "wrong". He wouldn't make eye contact, was lethargic and I told her "the spark has gone from his eyes". She said she agreed and noticed the difference. He is five now and he is non-verbal, eats limited finger foods, drinks from a sippie cup, still in diapers, has low muscle tone, intestinal issues, has frequent outbursts and a sleep disorder. He's been receiving services for DD and Autism since he was 14mos old. He never had shots after the 2mo appointment. I'm glad, otherwise he might be worse off than he is now. Oregon

Renee Henderson My son stopped talking. He stopped eating a variety of foods and would only eat crispy microwaved turkey bacon, popcorn, cheese curls (foods of a crunchy consistency). He is now 15 and still in diapers. He used to say his name greet people and interact normally with people.

Andrea Hensley My son got sick with immunization. Paediatrician always said he's fine no worries. The polio round did him in. He developed a fever of 103 it remained even in the hospital on IV antibiotics. He went home and the light in his eyes were gone. He was miserable for 2 yrs. We began the diet and vitamins and supplements with some medicine chelating. He is a completely different happy loving child. I'm grateful every single day that he is able to call me his mommy again

Jin Her It's apparent that my son reacted from the vaccinations more severely but am not sure if it was properly and medically documented. Both my twins are allergic to wheat, dairy, eggs & peanuts. A simple allergen tests prior to the vaccination shots would be ideal in preventing adverse side effects. Much thanks for your time, energy, and dedication to the autism community.

Krystal Herbert Everytime my son got a vaccine he would act out. Everytime I would call his Doctor, they would say it was 'Normal'. I look at my son and think ' I was trying to protect you, yet you are now disabled...' Now I know not to trust the 'DOCTORS', but its just a little to late. He is doing very well, lots of hand flapping and meltdowns. But day by day it gets easier... All of Tripp's Vaccines were administered in Eufaula, OK & Mcalester, OK Please say there is hope for our little boy!

Rhionna Herbert Son was noticed as “different” at 8 months and diagnosed as ASD at age two years, having had all his injections. Is still ASD. (Blackpool)

Douglas Herich In September of 1998, my son Matthew was 7 years old and entering the first grade. The school nurse gave all first graders the MMR vaccine on a Monday and he immediately he fell ill. By Wednesday, he had a 105 temp and we had to rush him to the hospital. Matthew had contracted a virulent form of Streptoccocal Bacteria and it had begun to shut down his organs...primarily, his kidneys. He was later diagnosed with a rare chronic kidney disease called MPGN type II or Dense Deposit Disease. There is no known cure other than cand he is on hemodialysis at the age of 22. Thanks big pharma. The reason we know this to true is because the strep virus has a 3 day incubation period and because it was injected IM, it was able to bypass the bodies primary defense mechanism leading to the destruction of his kidneys. The virulence of the bacteria was such that it literally altered the immune response mechanism. His own body is attacking the kidneys thinking the virus is still present and this causes inflammation. By the time he turned 18, the need for a new kidney became obvious. Now the need for dialysis as a means to prolong the need for a transplant posed a bit of a problem for my son who is currently attending Cal Berkeley, but Matt has adapted well and figured it all out. In the coming months and years, the ability to "print" new organs using 3d printers combined with the donor patients own DNA (via stem cells) should provide a more logical solution.

Raquel Hernandez MMR vaccine took away my sons ability to speak understand and look straight into my eyes, he's 21, I have to care for him and will until the day I die.

Shannon Midzalkowski Herndon My son developed horrible eczema after his 2 month shots. Started as a small patch on his leg, and ended up all over his face- looked like he had been badly burned. Of course the doctors swear that the vaccines had nothing to do with it. My Daughter has not had a single vaccine, and her face remains as clear as can be. Stupid vaccines.

Ammie Herrera My son was born in February of 2000 and was diagnosed with Autism in 2002, with hypertonia of the eye in 2003, with Dopa-responsive Dystonia (left wrist) in 2004, with Pseudo-Intestinal Obstruction in 2006, with presumed Constitutional Growth Delay in 2008, and being tested currently for Maple Syrup Urine disease. I have RH- blood and received a Rhogam injection with a full adult dose of mercury while I was seventh months pregnant in addition to the Hep B vaccine at birth and all other vaccinations by age 2. PA USA

Melissa Fancher Herrick My son was 7 1/2 months old when I finally decided to let them administer his 6 month shots "Rota/Hib/PCV/DTaP" and a Influenza shot all in 1 afternoon. After that day my once beautifully healthy colored, very alert Smiling, waving, giggly boy had left. He was always extremely lethargic, chronic fevers, his eye contact and speech vanished, His face puffy and red,with chronic ear infections. I didn't continue his vaccine schedule because his reaction was so devastatingly clear he had been damaged. He was diagnosed with ASD @ 22months. Brain MRI shows a 6mm scar on his frontal lobe. He is 3 and still fighting for recovery. Keep up the incredibly brave work, you have a concrete wall of support from all of us around the world and we will NEVER stop fighting for your work, for our children, and for some kind of justice. Thank you♥

Melissa Allen Hettick My now 10 yr. Old daughter has ASD, ADD, Bipolar disorder, SPD. DTaP I believe was the culprit. Administered in Minden, NV. She had hives, fever, small seisure, and had a complete change in character, was violent, screamed for days, cried almost nonstop. Completely out of character for the smiling, snuggley, cuddle girl I had before. Also she has food allergies. IBD/gluten sensitivity

Barbara Starkey Hewitt My son was affected by his MMR vaccine. Was very sick afterwords. Lost all speech few wks later. I also had rogham shots while pregnant with both my kids. My son is nonverbal and goes to a school strictly for Autism My daughter is diagnosed with PDD/NOS she has come some far she will be in 4th grade this will be her 2nd yr of Reg ed classroom in our local school district. So crazy how many parents say symptoms began after MMR vaccine but unfortunately I don't think it will ever be named as one of the causes. Warren, Ohio

Thomas Hewitt Developed severe autism, allergies, intolerances after MMR, in pain, hits head against wall. Thomas was born and developed well, a smiling and interactive child reaching all the milestones until he had the MMR vaccine at 13 months. Thomas then started to change, his behaviour deteriorated, he began screaming, his ears were red, he had red cheeks, his stools became runny, smelled offensive and had mucous. Thomas had begun to potty train, that stopped. His bowel issues became worse and he was noticeably distressed after eating certain foods, and his symptoms deteriorated. At 4 years, he was severely autistic and had a large mass in his bowel diagnosed by gastroenterologists as well as lymphonodular hyperplasia and severe constipation. The problems have got worse and he is now on a restricted diet, unable to tolerate most foods and getting severe pain. His bowel is extremely sensitive and despite medications he has not got any better. Thomas had four severe seizures which ended as abruptly as they began and no proper explanation, but during one seizure he nearly died. At 18 years his weight is 50 kilos, his growth slow and his learning severely disabled. London

Katy Hickam The flu shot is pushed during pregnancy. Heb B, MMR, and the fact they get so many at such a young age on such a tiny little body, is what I think triggers the autism to turn on. I truly believe it’s a mix between the gene and the shots/environment. My son would go into a coma like state after his shots. At 5 years old the school didn't even feel he was autistic like anymore, then we had our 5 year shots. He regressed horribly after that. 3 months later he wasn't talking, he was using stims again, and more. Now a year and half later he is much better.

Andrew Hickey After his 9 month old shots, he ran a fever, then one day later on the changing table he arched his back looked at the wall....Last time I saw my real son, He was verbal, smiled, and got high remarks from a scum bag pediatrician 2 days earlier....perfect baby no more.... Orland Park, IL Loyola Pediatrician, Dr Rojad

Elaine Rambo Hickey My daughter had an adverse reaction to her 2mth shot - the DpT. I believe her autism=brain injury The HepB is the one they give on the day... they're born insane!!! Oh, another shot during pregnancy would be that Roghram (sp??) Three times: 1) fever, inconsolable crying, 2) bloating from brain inflammation and 3) finally, head banging. Low-functioning, non-verbal, sleep disorders, GI issues, etc, etc. Schenectady, NY – USA

Tammy Hiett My son ricky hiett who is now 23 and non verbal and still wears diapers became autistic in 1988 after the mmr vaccine, there was a lot of blood curling crying, he was unconsable and then ended up with ear infections at least one every month, tarpon springs, fla

Lynn Higgins Fairport, NY. 3 with PDD-NOS. First child mmr, 15mths, lost language, stopped eating, etc. 2nd child had a reaction to 6month round which included a glorious cocktail of DTP, hep b, hib, flu, started screaming and stopped sleeping, would put him down and he wold wake screaming every 15 min, inconsoleable. At that point on he had separate vaccines, no other issues,is five and is in year one of recovery. 3rd child, our only girl, only one vaccine at a time starting at 4mths, had the DTP at 9mths and started having a lot of anxiety issues, crying, sleep problems, and was not responding to name.

Anita Higgs Son, had MMR at 15 months, within days of this lost vocalisation, personality/demeanour completely changed, extreme tantrums, diagnosed autistic at 3 years, now age 12 years. (Birmingham)

Stephanie Highlander 2 of my children have Autism. One of those had a D.P.T shot at 13 mouths of age with in 2 days of the shots he ended up in ICU for 7 days with spiked fevers & Seizures no cause was found or know then. He is now 18 and Asperger's Syndrome with Epilepsy. My other child had the same shot and after a week I noticed his developmental behavior had changed. He is now 11 and is diagnosed Classic Autism. Vaccines where given in Logan W.V and we are in a study that Duke University was doing now moved to Miami University who are saying Autism is Genetically linked with environmental factors.

Karen Hilbrown My boy, MMR regression without a doubt xxx

Megan Hild New Mexico 20 years old Megan loved children, especially her nieces and nephew. Her family was her life and she never missed an opportunity to spend time with them. She especially liked to be at home just hanging out with family and friends. Megan was a student at CNM working towards her Associates degree in radiology and general studies. Megan's beautiful smile will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved her. She was a very healthy and happy young lady, and loved going to college. Here is an excerpt from an email her mother sent: "On her death certificate, it will read - cause of death unknown. She's my daughter and I loved her!!!! I will never see her graduate college. I will never see her wear a wedding dress and hold her babies in her arms. We have a sixteen year old son who says, 'Life does not matter; what you do in life does not matter.' This is how this vaccine has changed our family's life forever! Megan was 20, happy and healthy. She was attending college with a promise of marriage after graduation. She held her life in the palm of her hand. Now, all this family has is a certificate with an unexplained cause of death on it. Something that was to protect her health may hav taken her life. There needs to be an investigation right away--before more young women are injured, or worse, die.Please do not allow another family to have to live the life we have been made to live." Megan's symptoms included rash, severe stomach pains, severe headaches/migraines, extreme fatigue and vaginal bleeding.

Carmel Hillary Caghden Tully aged 19months MMR, rushed into hospital and put on a drip adverese reaction and very ill for a long while after. Hospital stated conisidental, Loss of speach and autisitic symptoms developed. Re learnt to speak, speech keeps getting lost every 6 months on average, slight autistic waiting for full diagnosis. Aged 4.5 years now. Still flapping and dancing like an 18 months baby when excited. UK Brighton

Brandi Hillman I think the MMR is what stole my baby away. She was alittle behind in mobility, but she was talking at 1. 8-10 words, and within a week of having the shot, she stopped talking. She started phsyical therapy at 15 months, and within a month w...as up on her feet, and cruising, and perfered being on her feet, after that shot, she degressed. She stopped talking, she stopped wanting to be on her feet. She is 3 next week, and we still struggle with keeping her up on her feet, and she still isn't walking. Camp Hill Pa

Joanne Hindman My son's leg swelled up to twice it's size and he could not walk right for almost a week after his first MMR vaccine given in Bethesda MD.

Samantha Vanreymersdal Hink Dylan was 5 weeks early...and at 6lbs came into the world..With every vaccine he recieved( i would only allow 1 at a time because he was soo tiny) fever and slight rash....when he was 2 1/2 my husband took him for his checkup( i was at wor...k) They pumped my baby full of 6 shots...MMR..DTaP...Prevnar...Hep...varicella and the flu shot.....he got home with all those bandades. That began the rash and fever within 12 hours...2 days later explosive Diarhea..and vomiting off and on for 3 weeks.lethargic.. After months of the same...we finally ...changed doctors..new md sent us for GI testing , rush bloodwork, High levels of metal(aluminum,Mercury,) Started Chelation therapy..conclusion Heavy metal posioning...had an ALCAT...he had lost all speech,obsessivly lined,spinned,no eye contact(only for camera at times) New doctor finally made the connection a year after the series...he is vaccine exempt...no tolerance to metals, chemically sensitive, Classic Autism. He has regained speech, But still has major sensory, and behavior issues.

Lorena Hinkle On my son's 1 year birthday I took him to Pediatrician in Columbus, OH for MMR Vaccine. He developed a fever immediately after and was not feeling well for several days. Noticed "Autistic-like" symptoms 2 week's later (Videotape). Received MMR shot at age 5 with same result---fever lasting several days.

Kate Hoag Mesa, Az 2006. My son reacted to Hep B at birth( cried most of the time I was in the hsopital after c-section), then after about 75 % of his shots, he was in urgent care with high fevers. Stopped doing shots after 18 months, but he already had 36 by that time. I was tired of taking him in to urgent care. After that, he stopped getting sick and didn't have any more chronic ear infections. He was diagnosed with Celiac and ASD and Sensory Processing at age 4.

John Hobbs My grandson, normal till after MMR regressed into autism. Now 9 non verbal can't communicate.Medics comment, The Manta of Despair, Autism is of a genetic origin and alternative treatments will not change or cure the condition. How wrong and depressing.

David Hodge Our son went to his 2 year wellness visit and passed every benchmark. Our doctor advised us that he had one more Pediarix booster to receive. We returned three days later and the shot was administered. Within less than a week our son lost his 20-30 word vocabulary. He would no longer make eye contact with anyone. In fact, he did not interact whatsoever. Luke became a zombie! Westfield Indiana, USA.

Pamela Hoffmann My daughter died less than 48 hours after receiving her Dpt, at her 2 month well baby checkup, in 1979, in Ottumwa Iowa. I'm pretty sure it wasn't reported. I tried to collect financial compensation for our loss in the 80's, from the "National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) ", but ran out of money in the process, so had to drop it.

Julie Hohimer-Johanson My daughter was severely effected by the whole cell pertussis part of the dpt vaccine in 1997. Her immediate reaction was seizure activity however we didn't know it at the time. Today she is going to be 15 in a week, wheelchair bound, non verbal, unable to potty train and regressing daily. She is still a beautiful child and we love her very much Kansas City, MO.

Heather Holden Noah recieved the DTaP and MMR on the same day when he was 16 months old. That night, his temp got to 105 and we went to hospital. We went home that night, but After one week, Noah was still acting "different" with constant tantrums for 4-5 hrs, spinning, no eye contact and echolalia and toe walking. At 2 and 1/2, he was dx with Autism. He is now 7 and is almost recovered using GFCF, chelation, a very long list of supplements, and thousands upon thousands of $$ spent. He will NEVER recieve another vaccine again and neither will his younger brother. We live in San Antonio, TX.

Lalena Holland MMR is so bloody conversational that jab has alot to answer for, and yet so many people dismiss that it may even be the cause in the first place. Ok so I have 5 children that all were vaccinated with all the jabs that they have to offer (never did my research when they were tiny). Oldest child 15, has dyslexia and dyspaxia (neurological disorder). Next child 13, has autism, dyslexia, (neurological again) tics and other learning difficulties. Next child 11 has non-assessed bipolar (but doctor says that children her age do-not get it, so won't assess her). Next child 8 has learning difficulties, and speech problems with mild behavioural problems (no assessment). Youngest child 7 has hirschsprung’s disease (gut related bowel condition and they failed to diagnose him for 6 years after a 6 year battle to get him properly looked at, he was on deaths door when they finally did.). However there is no genetic history of neurological in either side of the family of the children yet doctors still dismiss its jab related.

Paula Holland My 9 yo daughter, Hannah, had a reaction 3 weeks post her 2 mos vaccines (Dtap, Hib, Hep B and IPV) in 2001. She had a severe UTI and after 2 months of Abx treatment, and a VCUG that cleared her of urinary reflux, no specific "cause" could be found for the UTI. Today, she is diagnosed as PDD-NOS (IQ of 69) with severe language disorder (expressive and receptive), sensory integration disorder, multiple visual perceptual disorders including ocular motor planning, tracking, binocularity and many other; she struggles socially though she does love people, especially adults. She has been under the treatment of a DAN! practitioner since 2005 and has been tested to have high levels of mercury and aluminum and has many gastrointestinal issues (diarrhea, etc) and multiple food intolerances (gluten, casein, soy, eggs, peanuts) and is on a special diet and many supplements. She receives speech therapy, OT and is in Special Ed for reading, spelling, and math as she is currently functioning approx 1-2 years below grade level. Old Town, ME Thank you for compiling this information. Is there a place where I can view all the data you are collecting.

Terri Sue Holliday DTaP. My son got it and started having seizures. A pause, thank god to do EEG it saved him. Seizure stopped, darn shot again and seizures started again. My boy seemed locked up in a box. I got him about half way out. No more dtap. Bloomington, IL

Therese Holliday Wyatt Holliday - MMR/DPT San Jose CA ped office visit May 1996 - Lost speech within 4 days, screaming from horrible gut pain and likely brain inflammation, bowel problems, self injurious behavior, echolalia, proprioceptive problems, muscle underdevelopment, gross and fine motor skills lagging. Subsequent dx Aspergers in 1998. Deceased from car accident 2003, otherwise years of speech and OT helped tremendously. Father would not allow nutritional intervention or biomed.

Christine Holloway On 23rd June 2005 i gave birth to my son Harry there were no problems with birth and the only ever issue he had was reflux. Between 2 and 3 weeks after the mmr he took very ill with what we were told was feverial convulsions but he had no tempreture.He now has severe uncontrolled multi epilepsy.Learning difficulties, microcephally and low muscle tone. Im so convinced it was the MMR but all medical people i talk to dismiss it and say there is not enough evidence. I have declined Harry having his second MMR and tell them what i think.Harry has just had one week in HDU as a result of in a non convulsive state. I live in Basingstoke Hampshire.

Audrey Capobianco Holmes My friend's 2 month old son (Xavier Pu'u) just reacted adversely to the Polio vaccine in Honolulu, Hawaii. He started with redness at the site of the shot which then progressed to him seizing, turning blue and stopped breathing. He was rushed to the hospital by paramedics and, thankfully, is fine now.

E. Holmes Jacob Holmes - Jacob was 12 months old when he recieved the MMR and varicella vaccines. Nine days later he had a seizure that forced the ER to put him into an induced coma. After a week he woke up and seemed able to recover. Six weeks later he had another seizure. He was transfered to UCLA where we were told that this was caused by the MMR, it was a classic case and that he would be fine. We were pushed to report this to the Vaers reporting center. He came home and we thought he recovered. Six weeks later he had another seizure and was reported brain dead at 18 months old. Las Vegas, Nevada

Jennifer Holmes I believe that vaccination (not immunization!) is the cause of 99% of autism. My daughter is unvaxed but was autistic due to Lyme Disease contracted in utero. Brain damage is brain damage. She is almost totally recovered from antibiotic treatment protocol for Lyme (years).

Kristen Holmes My daughter suffered several reactions to the vaccines, whether or not she was "pre-disposed" to reacting I will never know but I did talk over my family history of seizures with her Dr who, claimed it did not matter. At her 2 m/o shots she suffered a mild case of encephalopathy. I say mild b/c she didn't die and her actual head size did not change. She was in immense pain and screamed for 6 hours straight the night of the shot, nothing would calm her and she would not nurse. I went to the Dr and she claimed it was mere coincidence. Looking at her medical records now it literally states "Mother complains of fussy baby". I went in there hysterical demanding she tell me what was wrong. This was NOT a "fussy baby". After the vaccines she also suffered a temperature between 101 degrees and 104 degrees for a month straight with no other symptoms. The Dr brushed off as "nothing". The screaming never stopped, she continued to scream 4+ hours a day until she was 15 m/o. At her 4 m/o visit I said I did not want to vaccinate her b/c of her reaction the first time. She told me she didn't have a reaction and that I was young and uneducated and I needed to just trust her. After nearly an hour of bullying I caved. After her 4 m/o shots she began bleeding from the intestines and having small seizures. She started losing weight. I went to a GI Dr and went on a severe elimination diet. The final diagnosis from him was "Some kids just bleed from their intestines..." Again the Dr assured me it was a coincidence. I fired her. I went to the new Dr and explained everything he said he agreed it could not have been the vaccines. The bleeding and the seizures did not stop until she was a little over 9 m/o. She became constantly ill virus after virus, bronchitis, rotovirus 4x, the Dr convinced me BECAUSE she was so ill she needed her 6 m/o shots and that if I refused he would have to call social services on me. He told me she would DIE without the shots and I was playing Russian Roulette if I did not vaccinate her. He said all her issues were NOT from the vaccines even though I brought him documentation from the CDC clearly stating some of her reactions as COMMON vaccine reactions. I was bullied, belittled, threatened. Again she got the shots and became very ill. If she went 1 or 2 days without a fever it was a miracle. ALL she did was scream and cry relentlessly. I was going insane. I could barely thrive. All I could do was carry her and try to encourage her to nurse. Finally I put my foot down and absolutely refused her shots. I told them to go ahead and call social services that they were blind and I was not an idiot she was reacting. She got better. The seizures stopped, the bleeding stopped, the constant illness continued despite the fact she stayed home with me and was exclusively breastfed. She began very autistic like fits we could not explain. At her 15 m/o appointment I was harassed into just finishing the Hib series. The Dr claimed he was worried she could get meningitis from Hib and said it was just one little vaccine not a combo I should really finish the series. I stupidly agreed...the bleeding came back but soon went away the seizures did not come back. Suddenly she was very allergic to an array of foods. The constant illness continued and she began having ear infections back to back starting the day after the Hib shot. She never had one in her life before it. She suffered 7 ear infections in 5 months. I fired her Dr. Antibiotics were not working. They were talking tubes. I, by the grace of God, found a holistic pediatrician. I was practically hysterical my first visit dumping her story on him. By this point my nerves were so shot from constant worry I didn't know what to expect. Through homeopathy, detoxing, and staying away from conventional medications we finally healed her, at 31 m/o. The constant illness stopped. She was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder (explaining the autistic like fits) but we seem to have healed that as well through diet and natural medicines and detoxification. My second child was born at home and never vaccinated and she is 8 m/o today and has been sick ONCE for 3 day in her whole life.

Rachel Holmes When my son was about 18 months old he was sick and couldn't get his vaccines. When he got better they gave him 8 vaccines because he was behind on them where he was sick. He lost his speech after that and couldn't understand anything I said to him. Vaccines do cause autism.

Karen Deanne Holt The same thing happened to my Daughter, the difference was she had her MMR vaccine at 18mths and 8 days later became a totally different child, i still have the most awesome Daughter, but it had very serious affects on her. She lost all com...munication skills began having multiply types of seizures and she became very withdrawn, almost as if she was in a world of her on. One leg and arm became very rigid and stiff.This was the most horrible thing to watch your child endure. Katlyn is now 17 and still suffers from severe delays, and is non-verbal, along with many other complications from this disorder, But within all the devastating effects of this disorder, she is truly the light of my life. Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Love Hope Healthy 9 month old boy at time of first vaccine. In Brantley GA, the vaccine was for meningitis. I didn't want any vaccines, but ever visit was told the dangers of not vaccinating and that vaccines are completely safe. My son was full term 9 pound healthy baby, and I nursed him until he was 2. I also ate organic, had a water filter and healthy happy lifestyle. He received one vaccine. He now has excema, no matter how much $ we spend. He also has had multiple episodes of going completely limp. And required an ambulance twice. I was told it wasn’t a typical seizure and sent home. He also had multiple episodes of passing out when upset, turning purple and dropping to the floor. After his vaccine he had a horrible fever for around 4 days. I was upset by this and called paediatricians and told them the Dr. had assured me no children from his practice got fevers from shots. My son has had no further immunizations. And I live in a state where I am not pressured. After a heavy metal detox and hemp oil (1 bottle) he has not had any more seizure type spells or strange passing out when excited. We are doing are best to manage excema, which he suffers thru bravely as possible. We support immunization exemption rights for all parents. Btw I have 3 older children who ALL had reactions as well. I’ll list: Sids like episode twice, bleeding on brain, her father faced 7 years in prison, I have mtfr. His family went broke saving him. Next child: immediate behavioral changes, lack of response, rage, unable to follow directions and headaches. Next child speech impediment following vaccines. All of those 3 children were force vaccinated and continue to be. I left the state NY. Over all the pressure I received. And the children's father gained custody.

Katherine Hopkins T. Hopkins, South Wales. Our son developed normally. He had the MMR booster at 4 & became very ill a few days later with fever, blood spouting from his gums & purple rash. GP said it was hand foot and mouth. Became worse that night & rash was non blanching. Admitted to hospital where he stayed for a week. Diagnosis at the time was HPV,later septicemia. Horrific to watch as blood everywhere, but more so as he changed behaviourally before our eyes. Even when we brought him home, friends & family all remarked that he was a different child. He has remained so & was finally diagnosed with ASD 2 years ago. Did the vaccine cause his ASD or lower his immune system to allow the exaggeration of traits already existing? Either way I know he changed entirely in the space of a week and something caused it.

Richard Hopkins My son was diagnosed with Autism when he was 18 months old. I can’t be sure that is was a specific shot that could of caused his diagnoses or a few different shots (he only received about a total of four shots) however, I would like to contribute something of my experience with our pediatrician and what transpired when we were refusing shots and they were insisting we were putting our son in danger. Our pediatrician conistsisted of about 5 different doctors like every other pediatrics office were you saw a different Dr each time. My wife and I found a Dr. who we really liked. We were always concern about separating the shots- I suggested one shot at a time- I would come back a month later and do another shot- my wife didn’t want to do any shots. There are two events I would love to share with you on this topic of shots. First, we spoke with the Dr. we really liked and always ask for- didn’t always get. We were asking about the MMR shot (AKA Autism shot) She told us there was no proven link to Autism with that shot, and we should get the shot. I asked her if she had children- she said yes, three. Two were over twelve month and received the shots- her last one was nine months old. I asked her how her two older kids were- she said there were some issues with them- but she mentioned that there was Down syndrome that was in her family. I ask her “are you going to get the little one the MMR when she is twelve months old-“? she said no. No, I said why not- you just told me there is No proof that that shot causes any type of issue like Autism. She said, “well I’m still a mother”. Are you kidding me! The other story from that practice was when I was in getting my sons ears checked because we were going on a plane the next day and I didn’t want him to have an ear infection starting the trip. After we refused the many shots we were behind- because after the last scenario we were convinced we were not vaccinating. The partner came in to the room, and proceed to tell me my son was 7 shots behind and I’m putting him in grave danger! He quoted several different stories of children deaths and said” and you are taking him up in a tube tomorrow with all of those germs”? I ask what shot out of the seven he felt was what my son needed- He said he should get all seven right now! I left the office- No shots and never went back. Can you believe there is a respected Doctor (Pediatrician) out there who would give seven shots to a 15 month old at one time? Scary huh. NY

Eric M Hopple My brother was born 4th of three boys when he was born his cry was louder and different from the others. I haven't got my mother's medical records but often I want to. I mean 1/68 children born with autism is an epidemic and of huge proportions didn’t start till about 10 years or more years ago when a bill that allowed higher mercury levels in shots was passed. Many teachers and doctors make full presentations of it on you tube. I love my little brother. With all my heart and I pray for him every Time I think of Him. Its 2014 and you'd think if something like this happened it would be the first issue in our country . You'd think.

Sandy Horner My son is 10 years old and on the spectrum And my big memory of him having his shots was he was always ill with ear infections pneumonia and had colds all the time. So he got far behind on his shots. So when we rarely had a visit when it wasnt a sick visit they would give him 4 to 5 shots at a time MMR was one of them, and I always asked isnt that to much for him They always told me he would be fine. He was non verbal till about 5 years ago and then is was minimal speech Maryland.

Harry Horne-Roberts As you know, since so many of us were involved in the MMR/autism and MMR 10 UK litigation, our most beloved boy Harry was badly injured by Pluserix MMR vaccine aged just under a year. The jab was given on the advice of his GP. The result was high pitched screaming and a dangerously high temperature. He later came out with big purple spots all over his body. The GP thought that an allergic reaction to the penicillin he was given to treat his high temperature. That was not the case. From being an alert, responsive baby ahead on all his milestones it became clear gradually that all was not well; and he lost the few words of speech he had had. Bringing up our gifted but autistic boy was extremely difficult. In supported accommodation from age 18 years two months (as by then we could not keep him safe) we nevertheless took him out to the museums, libraries, galleries, parks and pools of London which he so loved almost every day. We lived nearby. He was brilliant at art, music, computers, filmmaking and modelling. Unknown to us and illegally, his psychiatrist gave him CPZ, a dangerous anti-psychotic drug, which can cause heart failure. Harry was not psychotic, only anxious like other ASD youngsters. Our most beloved Harry, beloved by many, many family and friends, teachers and carers, was to die in his sleep aged 20, killed by the CPZ the psychiatrist criminally gave him. RIP our most beloved, darling boy. Harry's 22nd birthday falls on June 29. We are all utterly desolate. Jennie, Keith and Francesca Horne-Roberts. London, UK

Christine Horton My son received all recommended vaccines from birth to age 18mos. 20 total shots. At age 15 1/2 months in September 2002 he received his 1st MMR. At age 16 months a heart murmur was detected. The first week of December he was on antibiotics for his 3rd ear infection. At his 18month check up on Dec 27th 2002 he received his 2nd MMR, despite having a croupy cough and a recent ear infection. Soon after lost all facial expression, couldn’t lift his tongue out of his mouth. Lost all language, eye contact and stopped calling us Mama and Dada. He would cry, cling to me or lay on the floor all day. Diarrhea became a daily occurrence. September of 2003 diagnosed PDD-NOS. He is now 10yrs old with Autism and cannot carry on a conversation, tell how he feels or explain his desires, cannot tie his shoe and can barely write his name. The pediatrician denied any connection to the vaccines and did not report anything. The state denied my request to lodge a complaint against the pediatrician for giving the 2nd MMR before age 3 and vaccinating while immune system was compromised. Burlington, VT

Paula Houlette My son was diagnosed with Autism at 2.5 years old. We did not see an immediate regression after a vaccine so I do not know exactly which one is to blame. Our pediatrician said we were a few days late on one he was supposed to receive two years in a row, so he got an extra dose on his 2 year old 'well-baby visit." Biggest mistake we ever made. He is 6 now and has almost completely recovered through GFCF diet, and tons of biomedical intervention. We did no ABA therapy. The only issues we have remaining are sensory. Lots of flapping/bouncing/finger movements that are almost uncontrollable. He says he has an energy inside of him that he has to get out.

Robin Howe My son started having seizures and lost language right after the shots. It was terrifying. I had to put my baby through an MRI and EEG's. Then other symptoms started developing. It may not affect every child and you never know if your child will be one of the lucky ones. Mine wasnt. It still breaks my heart that I held him down for the shots and promised him everything would be okay. It wasnt.

Becky Howell-Adams My son was born full term in 2003 weighing 5 lb, less than three weeks after I had a Hg containing flu shot. He and his 6lb 2oz twin sister were subsequently fully vaccinated per the schedule including 2 more Hg laden flu shots at age 1. Other than poor latch that took 3 weeks of persistence to work through and suffering a skin infection and several ear infection rounds plus one weeks long GI issue, he matched his twin in development til the 2nd year when her language took off and his only mildly expanded. County and District evaluations at 2 3/4 showed he was eligible for preschool which he started the week he turned 3. 8 weeks later, he and his twin had their belated 3 year well child visit where they were given Hg flu shots (at Lake Forest Pediatrics in Illinois). My son's teacher called me for the first time since he started the next day, expressing her concern over my son's lack of awareness that day. Soon, he was shaking his hands and pulling them into his shirt as if they hurt and doing exaggerated yawning motions in his sleep (neurological symptoms). He then developed extremely poor sleep, stopped making eye contact, lost all his speech, and developed severe diarrhea. During this 12 week downhill slide from a child to an empty shell, we took him in once for a fever-like cold illness and then for the unrelenting diarrhea. Pediatric notes reflect a very different child between the 3 year belated well child visit and the spinning out of control diarrhea stricken kiddo 5 weeks later. That 4th Hg flu shot turned his mild delays into severe regressive autism. Through biomed, we teeter on keeping the gut in control, have regained some eye contact and some functional speech. We found that his immune system was likely impaired probably from mercury toxicity and immaturity when the Hep B vaccine given at birth, as despite full vaccination he had no immunity to any of the antigens for the Hep B, Pertussis, and Polio Virus vaccines given a total of 3-4 times each per the schedule. He hasn't had a vaccine since that well-child visit. Lindenhurst, IL

Cindy Howard Our son experienced vaccine-induced damage, beginning with his first Hepatitis B vaccination on the 2nd day of his life. He screamed for several days following this vaccination, although I did not make the connection at that time. He was a very colicky infant who slept very little compared to the average newborn. He developed relatively normally until his 12-month vaccinations where he received a Varicella, MMR, and Flu Vaccination combination. The vaccinations were administered in Mesa, Arizona. He consequently developed a high fever, vomiting, and severe diarrhea. The pediatrician dismissed this as being "a virus". At 18 months, I presented the pediatrician with a list of age-appropriate milestones that our son was not meeting and my husband and I demanded our son receive a formal evaluation. At 2 years of age he received a formal diagnosis of Autism from a Pediatric Developmental Psychologist. We were given little guidance about how to proceed and I began to research, determined to heal my son. We began DAN protocols with a well-known physician. I later showed the pediatrician my son's impaired OAT, Comprehensive Stool Analysis, metabolic, and hair metals test results which it appears she did not comprehend. Her response: [The test results] "were pretty". Six years later, after Biomedical DAN protocols, our son has largely recovered from Autism, although he requires numerous nutritional supports and a school IEP for educational modifications.

Donna Howard my son lost all speech after his mmr in 1995 he screamed non stop after the injection then his whole body swelled up after that all he did was scream, bang head on the floor didnt sleep much around 2 hrs a night he was diagnosed luckily at an early age with autism he's now almost 17 yrs he was diagnosed when he was around 2 years old, Llanrwst U.K

Marjie Remington Howes 20 years ago, when I gave birth to my first son, the hospital would not release me until I had an MMR. I conceived another son 1 year later. It is that child that has autism. He had reactions to every vaccine round that was administered. The family picked up chickenpox at his 6 month round - having his poor little body deal with the vaccine reactions and chickenpox. It was horrible! He was so sick with ear infections for one year afterwards. Then they made him get 12 & 18 month vaccines at one time. BIG MISTAKE!! Long story short = he has autism. As to your question, my last child hasn't had one vaccine and he is the healthiest of all of them. (He is now 11.)

Genny Huber My 3 yr old son received Vit. K and the first 2 doses of Hep. B. That is all but it was certainly enough. I decided to stop his shots after he had several seizures at 4 months old. He now has a diagnosis of Autism, along with gut/yeast issu...es, mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress. We have seen great improvement with the gf/cf diet, ABA therapy, vitamins, supplements and antifungals. Roanoke Virginia. My younger son has never been vaccinated and amazes me everyday with his development. We now realize how great the difference in development is between our two boys and that evidence doesn't lie.

Kathy Hudson Nicola, my daughter was treated with antibiotics at one month due to a fever. They did a spinal tap and IV antibiotics for 3 days. When we came home she developed yeast infections, then got the Hep. B vaccine shortly after and she was never the same either. She has severe autism.

Lori Huff My daughter was affected by the MMR. She was hospitalized with an upper respiratory infection. That was n Danville Illinois. Shes 18 now & has the mentality level of a 9yr old

Aimee Hughes My son had a vocabulary of 50+ words by 18months. He was sick alot tho and even when he didnt have an ear infection, he was given antibiotics. He was given the MMR, Dtap, Vericilla, Hib, and Influenza shot in one visit @ 19 mths. He got sic...k, lost all language and eye contact. He is 4 1/2 now and still completely non-verbal. Shots given in Nixa, MO. Manufactured between 97-00. He has high levels of mercury and aluminum in his system. Imagine that!

Lyndsey Hull Thank you. Kian 3 nearly 4. 10 months old talking happy lil soul. 18 months had mmr, not long until he became poorly and completly changed started lining up everything. Stopped talking and went totally within himself. Taught him self makaton to communicate and he is slowly talking. Still not toilet trained and has a obsession with the computer and dinosaurs. My angel and would not change him :-) diagnosed with asd at 3 so could change when he is older. Grimsby- north east lincs. X

Jennifer Hulsey-Blackdove Yah, MMR at 3 months and he had a fever and was never the same again. He is 5 years old now and struggle everyday. Houston, Texas

Louise Humphris My mother said that something was wrong with me when I was little. She never made the connection with being vaxxed. I have had all sorts of learning, behavioural and allergy problems my whole life. I have 5 children. Two were vaxxed and while I was preganant with number four, I found the truth, and all my fears and nasty experiences with the older two all became a reality that I was told, was only in my head. I stopped vaxxing immediately. A few years later all 4 boys and one girl would be diagnosed on the ASD. My 4th child, who is unvaxxed is classic autistic, and by far the worst of them all. I was really troubled with why he was so much worse and yet he wasn't vaxxed. I went thru years of apathy and blamed bad parenting and all sorts of things......I blamed myself and held myself accountable. I took him to a naturapath and I angrily asked him why is it that he is this way and he hasn't been vaxxed. His reply was one that keeps me going every day for the last 11 years " it takes 3 generations for the vaccine to detox from the body, and he was predisposed to autism before birth. Had he of been vaxxed, he would have more than likely ended up a worse case scenario, so be thankful that you had the courage to stop and not allow him to be injured anymore than he already is". I have now with much research and thanks to the internet, found out that we are all our allergies are from being wheat and casein intolerant. Since we have made a change in our diet things are looking much brighter. My son is now 15 and learning at his age level thanks to years of home schooling. We are about to embark on the SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) and look forward to our guts all healing and be whole in about 12 months time. I can't tell you what a hard journey it has been for me and my children who incidentally grew up with me being a solo mum and how bright our future looks, but vaccine I know from personal experience is bad medicine!

Julie Hunter My boy Jamie was developing normal, talking, crawling ect until he was 18 month when he received the massive dose of the MMR! After recieving his shot a few hours later he had a very high temp/fever an a all over body rash, he became distan...d, he would have no eye contact with anyone, wouldn't play with toys an stopped talking. At 2 year old he was diagnosed with autism. It was about 5 that he started to talk again bit very basic an mimicking what I would say, as he was diagnosed at 2 he was sent to a special needs nursery, then onto a special school, we have had our ups an downs, He is now 12 yrs old an still at the same special school he started in P1 he is now in S1 an doing ok. Me an my husband were both tested genetic incase we had other children with autism, tests came bk clear! When I ask to test my son for measles they refused!!! I now have a set of triplets who r healthy an have NOT received the MMR after what happened with their brother, I have read a few stories here that their children also got a fever after the MMR then went downhill from then . We live in Edinburgh an I truly believe the MMR caused my boys Austism x Dalkeith, Midlothian-Edinburgh,

Scott Hunter Son started having seizures within 72 hours of second DTaP, Hib, Polio(Pentacel) shot at 6 months old in 1999. Normal development, healthy at birth. Idiopathic multiple seizures have continued daily now for 16 years. Lost speech, motor skills and eye contact. No compensation, no admission, no government help. We were not made aware vaccine was on trial at the time in Canada. No effort made by health system to report injury to manufacturer to include in trial data used to license for US market.


Alf Iluvu I already knew 25 years ago that I did not want my son vaccinated but was systematically bullied and gave in to what they told me was a 'diphtheria jab'. (I later discovered it must have been the triple DTP jab). The next day he had a terrible screaming fit and his nappy was filled with very noxious stuff and his buttocks were red raw. He then became ill and could not breath. I suspected it was an asthma attack as my sister has had chronic asthma and I have witnessed many bad attacks but the doctor said it was tonsillitis and gave him antibiotics. He suffered bout after bout of the same symptoms with more antibiotics until 2 years later he was admitted to hospital by a temp doctor at the practise who straight away diagnosed it as an asthma attack. He still has asthma now at 25 yrs old and is severely allergic to cats. My daughter was another story. I did not let them vaccinate her at all and she had a very healthy life. She got chickenpox and both of them caught a 'croup like cough' when the rest of the school got their whooping cough vaccines (many children got it worse than my children). Apart from these two illnesses which were not serious she never had colds or flu's or any other sicknesses. At age 16 she had an accident and needed to go to hospital for stitches. She was given a 'tetanus' which I later looked into and was probably also the DTP as the single shot was no longer available. Soon after she discovered she had become allergic to animals (cats, guinea pigs and dogs). She suffers migraine headaches and asthma if she has contact with animals and being a vet nurse this is often. She did not understand that the tetanus was in fact a vaccine and my permission was not sought at the time as I was not with her at the hospital. None of this was reported to the doctors as I no longer am registered with any GP. I never registered my daughter as did not want the same bullying I'd had with my son.

Rachel Imris My one year old son had the MMR jabs 3 weeks ago and hasn’t slept properly since. He has had diarrhea every day since and waking up with stomach cramps every night.Prior to the jabs he has always slept very well. Nothing in his diet has been changed and nobody else in the family is or has been ill.

Gabriella Inglese My son Nicolas became autistic after the vaccine MMR. He had the vaccine here in Rome Italy when he was 18 months old. After 5 days at the hospital where they were not able to give a diagnosis, he woke up but he was another child. He had a normal development until the vaccine. Now he is 19 years old. He is almost no verbal, had a lot of mercury before cheletion, a bad immune system, measles virus in his spine, autistic enterocolitis. I hope this information will be useful.

Julian & Marilyn Irby Our son, David James Irby, who is now 18-years old, was developing normally. We have videos of him saying words and interacting normally up to 18 months. At 18 months, he received the normal spectrum of vaccines. Within a month, he totally regressed. He quit speaking and began exhibiting many of the common traits of autism. He never recovered and is today severely autistic.. Pensacola, Florida

Cathy Isaacs My daughter had an adverse reaction to a seasonal flu shot (with full mercury) while still in the womb. Before that, my pregnancy was perfect. Within a matter of hours she went into fetal distress and shut down metabolically. She never gre...w another ounce, and lost almost all body fat. She was born tiny, skinny, blue, brain damaged and is now 10 years old and severely autistic. Not a single doubt this was due to the flu shot. Then to add Insult to injury, she was given the Hep B at birth, while so tiny and weak. My poor baby never had a chance. This happened in California in 1999

Kerry Iwanta… Yates my son could count to 10 by 10 months old had MMR at 18 months and went downhill to babble, I love him so much. West Sussex


Kim Jablonski My son got autism after his 2 year old mmr shot. i now have a 2 year old daughter and cannot bring myself to vaccinate her. i feel stuck. i can write more from you but my babes need me right now. bless you for all of your hard work. Sitting in the nicu, they came around with the hep b shot and gave it to all of the TINY under 3 lb. babies! i was soooo sad for them all knowing about all of the toxins, and i said 'do not bring that near my tiny 3 lb. girl!' they tried so hard to talk me into it, but after my son got autism after his 2 year old mmr shot, i know all too much about the dangers of vaccines! test the mom for heb b while she is pregnant dont just assume all babies have it! grrrr! in salt lake city

JC and Eileen Jackson Our son , Cody, has "classic" autism and will turn 18 years old next week. Cody is the youngest of three boys and was developing normally, he had age appropriate speech and behavior , and was always a good and happy baby. He received his MMR , in Stevensville Montana at 18 months and the next morning after receiving his shot he woke up screaming. It was as tho someone had flipped a switch. We thought he had lost his hearing. After seeking out a great deal of professional help for 2 years following this shot, Cody, was diagnosed with autism. He didn't speak another word until he was 6 years old. I am over my three or four sentences and could certainly tell more of the story, but there is no question in our minds that receiving that shot has damaged our son and has taken his life away.

Sherry Jackson At 15 months of age. My third child in 1997 received the DPT and MMR vaccine from a clinic in Knoxville, TN. Soon after receiving the vaccines, my son ran a fever and started crying. The next day, he was walking across our living room and fell flat on his face. He went into shock and collapse without warning. I picked him up and his whole body was limp and would not respond. He quit breathing on me and his eyes were rolled back. After what seemed forever, he came too. I rushed him to the emergency room and told them what happened. They set him up for Neurological testing which did not help because he would have to be tested while having the seizures. The shock and collapse would be repeated time and time again for over a year without warning. I never knew when it would happen again. His speech was delayed and it affected his memory as well as having to have ear tubes put in his ears. My son had fits of anger and even banging his head against the wall at times. I was in nursing school at the time and understood how the vaccines were made. I read every book i could get my hands on to find out the truth about vaccines. I felt so guilty for allowing this to happen to my son. He went to a speech therapist which helped a little. By the time he entered kindergarten he could not remember anything his memory was not working. The school put him in special education classes, he wasn't learning anything. He would have fits of rage at school and i was told to not come and get him. One day I picked him up from school and he had scratches from the teachers trying to control him all over his arms. My daughter told me what happened at school to him. I pulled him out of public school and started home schooling him. I also started a detox program to remove all the heavy metals from the vaccine from his system. After much prayer and detox, my son began to improve. Thank God!! I home schooled him for 6 years. When he entered back into public school 4 years ago, he was 2 years behind his age group. Today he is 17 and will be 18yrs in June of 2013. He still suffered from low self -esteem and did not feel as smart as other children. I am proud to say, that my son will be taking his graduation exams next week. His highest scores are in Math and Science. It is a miracle what God has done with him. I am so blessed to know my son will have a future and be able to go to college. I know longer trust the medical establishment as I once did. I also changed my mind about a nursing career and never wanted to be a part of that field anymore. I could never forgive myself knowing I was giving vaccines or medication to a child, adult or anyone, that could do such damage or cause to lose their life.

Stephen Jackson Our son met all his developmental milestones until his two - dose flu shots / with Thimerosal, 30 days apart in late 2003. He was 19 months old as he started to regress. He lost all his speech and bowel habits and went backward for months until we figured out what was happening. Before that, he had the typical 26 vaccines by 18 months as most children in the USA. When you look at his photo at the age of one, there certainly is no signs of any "Autism problems" it all comes from the overloading of mercury which some children do not excrete as fast or as well as others. It took us nearly a year after the flu shots to start the chelation process for mercury poisoning, but we think it pulled him back from the edge. Over the past summer we did twenty HBOT treatements that has seemed to help. His teachers at school said he gained ground over the summer, and was much better in the classroom. He is a bit more social, but still has a long ways to go for a normal nine year old. May God bless all of you.

Julie Jacoby My son Daniel,born in 2001,Florida. After his DTP showed signs of seizures every time he got the shot. weak social skills, severe speech delay for many years. with hard work and much love he is doing just fine today. Dr. Wakefield's work must continue.

Angie James When my son Christian was given his MMR vaccine at age 1 he within 2 days, stopped babbling to us.Within 4 days he quit making eye contact He within a week, stopped making eye contact. On Day 9 after having the vaccine he had 4 seizures. He degressed in his development after that vaccine. When I took him to the Pediatrician I was told he was just a little slow in development and he would catch up. We ended up seeing a different Pediatrician at his 18 month check up and he told me that my son would never walk or talk and that I should put him in a home for people like that. It has been a long road but now he is an 13 year old boy who walks and talks, and is one of my biggest blessings. We have a long road ahead of us but we will get there. Every time he makes another accomplishment I am so proud of him. Today he learned to tie his shoes, We had brownies to celebrate.

Elle James My son was a bright, verbally communicative, 18 mos old when I took him in for his send round of MMR and Dtp. Although he had has a strong reaction to his 1st round and I was very hesitant, I allowed the doctor (Dr. Miller, Westlake Village, CA) to bully me into the full 2nd round. On the ride home he was fussy and vomited and within 2 hours his temp spiked to 106.2 - I called the Dr. who yelled at me and told me that "Vaccines Do NOT cause reactions or fever!". While I was on the phone, my son started seizing. I ran him in to the ER. Thankfully, after a terrible 16 hours, we brought him home. He had lost muscle coordination, all verbal communication and most non-verbal communication overnight. He is not the same child I took into the Dr.s office but now, 10 years later, he is well, thriving and wearing his "Aspergers" diax like a band of honor. Our story is so similar to others, I know I am blessed. When I found out about VAERS, I contacted the Dr. and ER and requested (much too politely) that they report my son's reaction. Both refused and informed me that his febrile seizures and regression were coincidental and could not possibly be related to the vaccinations from 2 hours prior. Westlake Village, CA

Joanne James Son Max regressed at age 3 years after MMR, diagnosed autistic at 4 years. Had Genova testing at 4.5 years, non verbal, incontinent, little eye contact or social awareness. Biomedical interventions and gluten free casein free diet, now verbal but not conversational, great eye contact, sociable but still incontinent (bowels). (Swansea).

Laurette Janak My daughter Emily responded so badly to her early vaccines that I stopped vaccinating her prior to getting her MMR. At the age of 3 years and 4 months I was told she must get her MMR. Thinking that it was all about thimerosal and knowing that the MMR did not contain thimerosal, I reluctantly agreed and she got her MMR. It was after that she simultaneously developed both autism AND leukemia (pre B acute lymphocytic leukemia [ALL]). After 8 years in remission she relapsed with her ALL. During her second treatment for leukemia they used several different drugs that had not been used during her first episode with cancer. One of these drugs is called cyclophosphamide (also called cytoxan). This drug caused my daughter to have complete bone marrow suppression with a neutrophil count of ZERO. She was hospitalized for more than 10 days for the bone marrow suppression. During this time frame I saw something truly amazing and this was witnessed by the nurses and docs at the hospital. All of Emily's autism symptoms abruptly disappeared. She spoke in full sentences of up to 10 words, she could write her name, play with toys imaginatively, learned to pedal a tricycle, had eye contact and NO stimming at all. It was a magical awakening!!!! As her bone marrow slowly recovered and her immune counts started recovering, she slowly slid back into the world of autism. She could no longer write her name, spoke only with one or two word utterances , no more playing and back came the awful stimming. The oncologist brought this "antidotal" story up and was told by another oncologist that they had a child with autism who had undergone a bone marrow transplant for their treatment of leukemia. When this child recovered from the bone marrow transplant the child's autism was gone. While my daughter did not have a bone marrow transplant, the complete bone marrow suppression induced by the cytoxan would have closely resembled the effects of a bone marrow transplant in that for a brief time her immune system was taken off line. The child with the bone marrow transplant went on to get another person's immune system installed in them while my daughter went back to having her own faulty system come back on line and with it the autism.

A Jansen We live in the Netherlands, where vaccination is not mandatory, but very strongly advised. My son received his first vaccination when he was 9. I didn’t bring him to be vaccinated earlier, because I’ve always had my doubts about the efficacy of immunization and its safety, especially since I suspect there´s a form of autism in my family. Nevertheless I took him to have his belated DTP (diphteria, tetanus, polio) jabs, because he played outside a lot and I was afraid he might come in contact with tetanus. Over a period of 9 months he had three shots. He seemed okay at first, but then he started to develop lactose intolerance. We started to eliminate dairy products, which seemed to help temporarily. Then he developed new intestinal problems, which were pinned on a parasite called Dientamoeba fragilis. He had severe diarrhea, was lethargic, pale, dizzy, was often home sick and was just not his usual, cheery self. He was treated and his health seemed to improve for a while. Until the same problems reoccurred. Fed up with it and wanting my son to get his health and life back, I took him to see a homeopath because I suspected the root of his problems might lie with the vaccinations. He was treated successfully treated and within a few months my boy no longer had to stay home from school, has a healthy complexion, and is full of energy and life again. Looking back, I wish I had listened to my instincts and not vaccinated him at all. Still, I´m glad I never gave him the HIB , pertussis, and MMR vaccine. He would also have qualified for the BCG vaccine, since his father is Indonesian. Which, incidentally, my youngest daughter did have. Her scar remained raised (and maybe slightly infected) instead of turning into the typical crater-like scar. Since she had a plethora of non-vaccination related health issues, I took her to the homeopaths as well. The first thing she was treated for was the BCG shot. The scar healed and subsequently her other problems were successfully treated.

Crystal Sweet Jardine It was a while after the MMR shot that my son started to change. Facial expressions, wanting to be held tighter, massive tantrums etc. His shots were given in Fort Wayne, Indiana by super shots. Today with meds and interventions he is about 50% able to calm himself, hoping that number keeps going, but need more intervention, that are affordable.

Bebe Jaurigue Niko now 14years non-verbal, when 18months old got MMR vac, stopped talking btw he was speaking english & spanish lang.be4 vac.

Ziba Jawanda My son is vaccine injured. He had 7 vaccines starting at two months, 7 more at four months, 7 more at six months, 5 at twelve months, and 9 at eighteen months -- totalling 35 vaccines by 18 months. My son's BMs were constipated and diarrhea 10+ times a day after his 2 months shots. He cried inconsolably all through as a baby. His body became and grew stiffer and stiffer after his 2 months then four months and onward. I couldn't console him no one could. He was showing autistic symptoms including pushing caregivers away. He'd nurse from me but would be pushing me away as he would drink. He was in constant GI pain and bloated. He fell behind in his milestones and was regarded as developmentally delayed. After one set of vaccines he broke out in red marks all over. The doctors couldn't say why. On another occasion after his 3rd immunization visit at 6 months old, his legs swelled up and he also couldn't move his legs normally. No one made a connection to vaccines and we didn't know about Autism nor the truth about vaccines or vaccine side effects. Though my son was diagnosed at 18 months, it wasn't until he was 4 years old that I started to hear about Biomed in the media. The first time was when I saw Jenny McCarthy's first interview on Oprah in 2007. Six months after the show I slowly became more aware through other parents. I had completely trusted the medical system until that point. Today my son is on the road to recovery. Thanks to Biomedical treatments, he has gained some speech, toilet training, gross motor abilities, emotional development and more. His body and immune system is in a very fragile state still to this date due to the severe damage of vaccines. This will take a long time to repair.

Michelle Jeanes Caleb & Seth Jeanes. 8yo twin boys. Both with ASD Diagnoses. Both regressed after MMR Vaccination at 12 months old. Administered in Melbourne - Australia (2003)

Angie Jefferies To be honest I'm not sure what is what anymore its been a long 18months trying to get Xander diagnosed, and we've still got a long wait until we are seen by the autism panel for a formal assessment even though the paediatrician has said he is ADHD and ASD. But I do remember he was really poorly after having the MMR. Uk

Laurie Jenkinson Just one hour after allowing my son to be vaccinated with the required M.M.R and D.T.P , he began to run a fever between 102 and 104, lasting two weeks followed by a rash. For the next four weeks he would struggle with the smell cooking food and couldn't consume food without gagging or vomiting. This went on for almost a month along with chronic diarrhea, until he dropped five pounds. Everything he attempted to eat would either come up or run out of him. What was happening to my once healthy, happy, bouncing boy that I nurtured and nursed for the first eighteen months of his life? Wasn't this vaccine suppose to build up the immune system? Winona Mn

Bonnie Jensen My son was definitely injured by vaccines when he regressed into autism. I saw it happen, I was there the whole time and there was nothing else in the window of time in which he regressed that could have possibly precipitated it. Thousands of parents have witnessed the same thing all around the world. Micah Jensen DOB 7-27-05 Injured when he received his first ever MMR/Varicella as well as booster Pneumococcal/Hib vaccines on October 8th (9th?), 2008, at his pediatricians office, Houston, TX Within a few days of his shots, Micah was hopping around the room and flapping his hands constantly. He was more disconnected from us. Within a couple of months, he developed explosive diarrhea and lost some of his toileting skills. This persisted until we put him on a strong probiotic and treated the gut with antibiotics. Today he has periods where he is making progress, but every couple of months he has bouts of regression. He is having a 23 hour EEG to check for seizures due to staring spells and his regressive episodes. Developmentally, he is at the 2 1/2 to 3 year-old level. His expressive language is at the 2-2 1/2 year-old level.

Sam Jessamine A month after having his mmr my son stopped sleeping, eating well, became aggressive and uninterested in people. He was diagnosed at 5 after yrs old. Telling people there was something wrong ! Redcar, Cleveland

Martha Vargas Jimenez I have read and seen many cases of vaccine injuries not only causing autism, convulsions, asthma, chronic cough, severe flu, skin rashes etc. etc. my older son developed fever and rash similar to measles just after MMR he was ill for 20 day after the shot, and my other son developed fever, intense cry and diarrea after 6 shots the same day and months later he lost eye contact, and developed more autism symptoms. They were vaccinated in Denver Colorado. I also believe that is not only vaccines to blame, but it contributes a lot. If I could choose now I would rather like my son to had measles and not autism. I believe vaccines alter our immune system. Child illnesses (measles, mumps, varicella) are natural ways to enhance our immune system.

Robin Joehnk Was given the 1st MMR shot. Right afterwards I was having trouble with everything. Have cerebellitis, inflammation of the cerebellum part of brain. Was in Cincinnati, Ohio but now in Alabama. Reported it and all. Have many health issue now on top of the cerebellitis. 33 years old now but should be dead. I am thankful but am tired of fighting at the same time.

Kathryn Johansen My child was "caught up" on his vaccines at 13 months: MMR, Flu, DPT, pneumonia, chicken pox...stopped developing. Diagnosed at 24 months, handed disability papers and "sorry." 8.5 and still nonverbal. He was so wonderfully "normal" at his 1st birthday party.

Amelia Johns My daughter seemed perfect at birth and everytime she got a vaccine afterwards she would regress and have set backs and seemed for distance. She had global developmental delays. I question the doctors but they just reassured me she was fine until she was one and wasn't even sitting up. She then went to a neuologist and was tested for all metabolic work up, spinal cerebral ataxia, Angelmens, retts, 20 different ataxia's which were all normal and then underwent a muscle biopsy for Mito disease which was done in-correct. I continue to question the set backs and high fevers after vaccines but they blow me off at the age of seven when nothing was found she was diagnoised with severe autism and is nonverbal and mentally is at a 12 to 24 month scattering age :( Savannah had problems from birth and she was never the same after her HIB shot at birth. My nephew was developmental normal and didn't show signs until he was almost two and after he got the MMR. He is very high functioning... I often wonder if our children don't have some type of Mito disease or underlying disease that when getting vaccinated they have side effects that causes Autism. So with my youngest daughter I did things MY WAY and she didn't get vaaccinated until she was 3. She has had 3 different shots and with in 24 - 48 hrs and has a very high fever and once had a rash. I took her to the doctor and they said no way was it the vaccine. I argued with him that I felt like it was something in my daughters maybe genetic causing this but nobody will listen to me. SO at this point I want my youngest to go to preschool but am afraid to give her anymore shots Jeffersonville Indiana and my daughter was born 2000

Robert Dirk Johnson MMR at 15 months he got a 105° fever 7 days later he was blue shallow breath; after that problems serious problems moving bowels, crying and thrashing sleeping taking 2-3 hours to lay to bed, he started running back and forth, also became clumsy no longer felt pain. Begain to withdrawn. Today he is in a mainstream based kindergarten class and recovering well. Huntington Beach

Staci Johnson The 2yr old shot along w flu shot completley did my son in...he lost all sesnory regulations after them and began gaggin on foods. Later titer test at 4 yrs shows he showed he still had LIVE MMR in his gut, so much, that they believed he had just had the virus itself 2yrs later!! And if i wouldnt of asked for a titer they would of had no prob givin him another round for kndgrten boosters!

Tina Lacy Johnson 18 Months my son had a series of vaccines. Until this time he was a very happy little boy, development was age advanced. Then by age two, diagnosed with epilepsy and PDD at 24 months and Autism at 5 yrs. Had barely any speech until age 6. Now at age 13 still Epilepsy and Autism. It was almost like a light shut off never to be turned back on for him. =( . Vaccines were done in Stanton, KY. Feel very strongly vaccination is the cause of Trevor's diagnosis.

Adele Johnston Tasha is allergic to the anti biotic that they put in all vaccines, her fever shot up to 106 and her arm doubled in size with the MMR. She hasn't had any since. Ontario Canada

Jonathan Johnston My stepson that I never got to meet had his TDaP booster at age 11. He was developmentally delayed already but when he received this shot he developed seizures. The seizures were not controlled very well despite trying numerous medications and seeing many specialists. The seizures took his life on June 1st 2005 at the age of 16. Birmingham, Alabama

Wendy Johnson MMR, CHX PX 18 Months. Walking, talking (Extremely) articulate- immediately after vaccination temp spiked, irritability that never seemed to go way. When he did start speaking again it was with a stammer. It took about 3 years to lose the stammer. Columbia, SC.

Zurama Johnston Michael A Martinez (Mickie) 13 years old. All his vaccines were administered in California, USA (in the city of Fontana and Ontario). At 8 months lost eye contact after Dtap he also became very lethargic. Developed uncontrolable diahrrea within days of the MMR which he received on his first birthday. Diagnosis Severe autism, malabosorption , self injurous behaviors, low thyroid, selective IgA deficiency, hi IgE, Can't digest food if not blended. Today he is still concidered to be severely autistic and continues to live with digestive distress, though since I'm aware of the problem, thanks to Dr. Wakefield making his findings public, through biomedical intervention and diet restrictions, he no longer hurts himself or others, but only God knows if he will ever be able to live free of pain

Amanda Jones My son Tristan, at age 3. Mild to moderate autism they diagnosed. Never gave him MMR, my family talked me out of it. He was affected specifcally by DPT shots ALUMINUM. I detoxed him after the results of hair focile testiing. Used AMD, high potency vitamins, heavy metal detox combo. He is 10 now and 90 % recovered. Thank you for the work you do. It is invaluable. Whitby, ON Canada.

Mischele Jones The day after having the shots Dakota spiked a 104 fever and started having yellowing stools, started spinning objects,walking on tip toes and would screech none stop.He's 10 now and hasn't had much progress he is non verbal and I hope to just find out what caused it so we can fix it for future parents

Annette Jonker My (adopted) son was vaccinated on the day of his birth and regularly afterwards until his 5th birthday, only then (when vaccinating was stopped) did he start to speak and did his severe autistic behaviour start to improve. I researched the vaccine he received, it was a TB shot. Apparently standard procedure here in Brazil when the mother is suspected to be HIV positive (she was a homeless person). It was registered on his vaccination card. I was not aware new borns are also vaccinated in other countries. If parents are not aware of it, it means they have not giving their consent which would make the procedure unethical or even illegal! We currently live in Sao Francisco de Itabapoana, Brazil.

Linda Jordan My son had an adr to the dip and hib/meningococcal c in April 2009. He was 5 months old. He developed meningococcal group B, 2 weeks after receiving the jab. He was diagnosed Autistic 31.03.2012. He is now in a specialist provision. 3 out of 4 of my children are vaccine damaged.

Sarah-Louise Jordan Hi I saw your vaccine damage site and had to add my experience although it isn’t autism related. I am 23 years old. When I was 12 I had a vaccination against meningitis C and have been ill ever since. For the first two years my health avalanched until I collapsed and became housebound, I was diagnosed with m.e which has been known to have been caused by a vaccine. Ive gone through everything from blindness to paralysis and a host of equally disabling symptoms (I was bedbound seven years). I have almost no energy and everything I do from cleaning my teeth to typing an email I pay for in pain and exhaustion for several days! It is a nightmare and I have no idea if it is something that can get better! I do hope so but if you can save one child from getting a vaccine that will damage them you will be heroic!

Lori Jorgensen My son developed normally, reaching all milestones on time or ahead of time and was one of the happiest babies ever. After is 12-15 months immunizations and added flu shot (which they talked me reluctantly into), he immediately began to regress. He developed chronic diarrhea, lost all speech, lost all eye contact, screamed with bowel pain and (I now know) encephalopathy, started stimming, and reverted into his own world. He is now 7, still mostly nonverbal, we still deal with intestinal/bowel damage issues, seizures, allergies, some 'autistic' behaviors, etc. He was diagnosed with autism at 3...which is actually 'vaccine induced brain injury with autism like behaviors'. We have made many great strides in his recovery with biomedical treatments and therapy techniques, and will continue to fight EVERY DAY for it!!!

Alisha Jorzig My son had a few "combo" shots & I do believe they played a huge part in his Autism!

Lorelei Joy Born in Canada 2007 met all his milestones was a beautiful healthy baby no issues until his last MMR shot at age 3. Hi fever rashes and loss of speech, eye contact and constant screaming about 2 weeks after the shot. Diagnosed with Autism Jan 2011. Never suspected vaccines and no Jenny McCarthy didn't educate me it was old videos of our thriving boy talking singing etc. We then started our research and hear we are today knowing what we know. My son is Vaccine damaged.

Lisa Joyce My baby Noah developed a high fever, stopped interacting, never properly crawled, still has not learned how to eat or hold a book after his 12 month vaccines...he just turned 4. Our family in New Lenox, IL is committed to ending the unethical practices of pharmaceutical science and sparing other families this same fate. LJ Goes, author of the Misuta Project, Filmmaker, Activist, and Managing Partner of Montgomery Goes, LLC.

Danielle Jupp My son had his MMR shot at 12 months (in Cairns, Australia) he was unwell with fever and high pitched screaming. He developed diarrhea and then regressed losing all affection, smiles and learnt words/sounds and suddenly fussy eater. Dr gave him medication for giardia which did not work. He also had numerous ear infections and antibiotics. Previous to this my son had reached all milestones, was not sick, ate well, smiled a lot and loved playing peek a boo. He was diagnosed at 3 ½ years with ASD in 1999 as the Doctor would not believe me. It was a speech therapist who diagnosed him. He had no speech at this time and was in nappies until almost 5 years. Now he has just turned 18 finishing high school but still has bowel problems and speech impediment however does cope with assistance out in the world. I have not allowed him any further vaccinations and consequently my daughter has not had any at all.

Shelly Just Katy became symptomatic of autism within a month of her MMR shot in spring of '04 - loss of language, not sleeping, stimming, night terrors (seizures?), sensory integration disorder, gut issues, developmental regressions. Wichita, Kansas. Early intervention with RAINBOWS UNITED and 6 years later she is improved but still obviously on the spectrum with dx of Autism/Adhd secondary to the autism. Shelly Just ps - I forgot to add that after the MMR shot Katy also lost all eye contact and her fine motor skills became really compromised. She still has fine motor issues but has regained her ability to make eye contact - if she wants to. I introduce her to friends and they are amazed at how well she does. At 3 yrs old I feared I had lost my daughter forever. She has come a long, long way