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Carola Pagan I remember my son was 4 trying to enter pre-k and the school required up to date vaccines among them MMR. After that set of vaccinations I saw a turning point in my son's behavior. I have always linked ASD to that set of vaccines in his life.

Alison Palmer My little boy Harry poorly for 3 weeks after MMR. Inconsolable, temp bit of measles rash etc. He also stopped eating. He has never eaten well since. A Dietician pointed out the connection when plotting his weight on graph. He was diagnosed with Autism Dec 09 I hope this information is useful. He never fitted or anything but just couldn't get over the vaccination. His eating coninues to be a major problem. He has suffered with constipation since birth and has been on Movicol since 13 months. He continues on it and Medics say he will grow out of it! Regards Runcorn, near Liverpool.

Jodi Palmer My son was about 2 when he received his MMR vaccination. Up until that time he was your average little boy. Starting to talk, always happy and just like every other little boy his age. After receiving his MMR vaccination, he became unwell. We were told he was just having a reaction to the vac but would be fine. However, within a couple of days he stopped vocalising except to cry. Stopped eating and stopped responding to us when we spoke to him. When he was 3 they diagnosed autism. He is now 17 years old and is still nonverbal, has an extremely limited diet and needs help in all his daily activities. At that time we lived in Warren NSW, Australia.

Leanne Palmer lost speech+ behavioural problems started; I live in Derby, UK

Leah Palmour My daughter is 4. She was trying to talk and was fine till she got her 1 year shots. Houston Texas

Mary Beth Palo MMR Cranberry Township PA – (suburb of Pittsburgh) Developed double ear infections, the croup within 24 hours – had NEVER been sick before – remained sick for years with infection after infection, then a chiari 1 malformation Followed by Severely compromised immune system for years – lost all language Child is 13 now – high functioning after 10 years of medical treatment therapy, brain surgery, etc.

Sharna Panuccio Annnabelle Baxter now aged 6 regressed speech toileting, bad behavoiur melt downs now diagnosed with aspergers 2008 lily grace born delayed her needle til she was 19 months n she’s now 2 and after vaccine regress with speech n bad meltdowns withdrawn , wants to be on own on the watch list now for autism by paediatrician Son is now also speech delayed and screams. Queanbeyan.

Cynthia Parker My daughter, Cecily Georgiana Parker, was born at Capital Region Hospital in Jefferson City, Missouri, on May 5, 2000. I had gone to her pediatrician, Douglas Boudreau, a month ahead of time to ask that she not be given the hep-B vaccine at birth, and he agreed. But he forgot to tell the staff at the hospital, and they gave it to her when she was one day old. From the time I took her home at three days old, she screamed constantly, day and night, all night every night, her first week. (only eight or nine hours a day after that, until she was nine weeks old.) I rocked her in a rocking chair all night every night waiting for her to stop crying, but she never did, until a few hours around dawn, when she'd fall into an exhausted sleep, then wake and start up again. We told the doctor, it was too early for colic, but he didn't know what to think. I'm sure it was vaccine-induced encephalitis, and she was diagnosed with autism before she was two years old. She's nearly eleven now, I've worked with her and home-schooled her every day for years, she's considered high-functioning, but she is significantly impaired in her language and social skills, is developmentally like a four-year old, and has learning disabilities. I don't know if she'll ever be independent. She goes to public school (Mill Creek, Columbia, Missouri) four days a week, where she has a para with her. She would like to have friends, but has none.

Elizabeth Parker K received her 4 month vaccines at 14 weeks of age; they included the DTaP, HBV, Hib, and IPV. She went home screaming, passed-out and slept way too long, woke up with legs that flopped to the table at diaper change, lost interest in eating, lost interest in smiling and looking us in the eye, began squealing like a dolphin, started staring at her hands in front of her eyes for extended periods of time, and by the ninth day started shrieking in a non-stop high-pitched wail and did not stop for six hours, the hospital disregarded our concern this was listed as a severe adverse event and sent us home with Amoxil and Tylenol. For the next three years, she was often violently unhappy for hours at a time, had non-stop putrid diarrhea, was a risk to herself and others, could not sleep, did not want to be touched or held unexpectedly, did not develop language, was diagnosed retarded, non-verbal and in-educable. From her second birthday, we stopped vaccinating and embarked on gluten-, casein-, soy-, corn-free, organic diet, eliminated all chemicals, purified her air and water, added myriad nutritional supplements, enzymes, and probiotics, and pursued intensive positive behavioral, language-based interventions; she is now toilet trained, fully verbal, academically age-level and working to catch-up her other domains. She recently turned 13, she is diagnosed with frontal and temporal lobe epilepsy, hippocampal sclerosis, hypotonia, mitochondrial dysfunction, antibodies to her myelin, gi dysfunction, global developmental delay, failure to thrive, severe autism, and other diagnosis’. To-date, we have invested $1.7M into her effort to overcome these diagnosis’ and she has spent over 17,000 hours participating in intensive therapies; we have sacrificed our future to assure she can have an independent one. Titusville, FL

Kim Parker Our son, his name is Taurin and he is now 2.5 years old. At 18 months of age we were late with his vaccines because we were uncertain if we wanted to vaccinate him or not. I wish I had listened to my instincts. We brought him in for a routine check up with the pediatrician. She said we were neglectful parents if we didn't vaccinate. So my husband and I doubted our decision and went to get his vaccine. Upon his appointment, he had missed many vaccines. They wanted to give all the missed vaccines plus the flu shot in one day! I completely refused. They were annoyed but I didn't care. I still respected the time period in between all vaccines and only agreed to the DTP that day. It was the worst decision of our lives. Our son who was striving like a normal baby, talking, playing and communicating with us quickly came to an end after that vaccine. He screamed uncontrollably for 24 hours. We could not comfort him and any medications like Advil or Tylenol didn't even take the pain from him. It's almost like the vaccine was killing him and there was absolutely nothing we could do. We felt helpless. To us it killed the child he was. He lost all communication and didn't respond to his name anymore. Taurin is now a different boy. We love him wholeheartedly but we will always wonder if we never gave him that vaccine how different he would be today. We know without a doubt that vaccine hurt him terribly. He now is severely autistic and has not spoken since. It is a nightmare to think that the people we are supposed to trust (doctors) are not even close to understanding how the vaccines work, what the ingredients are or even how it can possibly affect children. They simply don't care. To us, it is a human right to choose if people want to vaccinate and no one should be judged if they choose not to vaccinate. Furthermore, there shouldn't be ANY law to protect vaccines if their products are truly safe and harmless. Kim and Tom, Ontario, Canada

Kimberly Parker My son Quenton is 12 now and has been diagnosed with mild to moderate autism spectrum disorder. We are in Englewood Colorado USA he received his MMR in May of 2000 and quit speaking for about a little over a year, and of course this is when his autististic attributes kicked in.

Chris Parsley I am the parent of a vaccine damaged child. I know my children, I know every face they make. I know when they are mad, I know when they are happy, I know when they are sad. I know when something is wrong. I know my children. I watched my child change the very day he received nine vaccinations in one day (which I was told was perfectly safe). I watched this once playful, giggling, happy, child with a curiosity for life change the day he received his vaccinations, never to be the same again. I have raised five children and this boy was the happiest, easiest child I ever raised at least as a baby. He was always happy, always smiling, always played with his favorite toys with childish eagerness. The day he received nine vaccinations, including MMR, this all changed. Within hours of the injection, both legs at the injection sights swollen up like baseballs and turned bright red. He ran a fever, he cried for six days straight only stopping to sleep when too tired to cry any longer. He was inconsolable. We walked in circles in our living room at all hours of the day and night, rocking him. He grew distant, irritated, irrational, and aggressive. Toys he once played with for hours on end, sat untouched, forevermore. As time went on, this was our new “normal”? by the age of three he had been kicked out of every daycare he attended and was diagnosed as PDD-NOS with a verbal of possible bi-polar. I love this child more than anything in life and I will always be there for him. If I could go back to that day he had his vaccinations and not have them done, I would give anything. This is not the way his life was supposed to be. This is was vaccinations did to my child. I watched it happen right in front of my eyes. He is six now and through diet, supplements, enzymes, holistic meds, behavioral modifications, etc… we are beginning to get our child back. It is a long hard road and very costly in every way. I am 100 percent, without a question in my mind, that vaccinations did this to my child. This is the face of autism and the face of vaccinations for those who react to them. Something is seriously wrong with our society to allow this to happen, and if something does not change… twenty years from now all children will be in the autism spectrum and this will be society’s new “normal”. Wake up America! Midland Texas. My story actually continues… This child is my great nephew. We have had him since he was about ten days old. He was behind on his vaccinations because we did not believe in them in the first place. However, he was an award of the state for the first three years while we were fighting to adopt. CPS forced us to get him current on vaccinations at the last minute or we would have risked losing the adoption. Moving forward to present day, we now have his twin three year old brothers as foster children and will probably adopt as well, that is depending on how the court case goes with the bio-parents. We have had these two boys now for about nine months. Once again CPS mandated these guys get current on their TB shots. Reluctantly we did so, once again they are award of the state and we are just the caregivers at this point. Once again, we had reactions. These two guys were happy and completely well the day we took them in. Within hours of the TB injection one of them was acting as if he was sick. Within 24 hours he had a fever and was coughing. Within 36 hours he was admitted to the hospital with respiratory failure. By this time the other twin was following suit with the same symptoms. In speaking with no less than 15 medical professionals about this being a reaction to the TB shot, not one admitted it was possible. Actually quite the opposite, they looked at me like I was crazy. With hard work and some due diligence, I found a clinical report in the Annuals of Asthma 1995 edition volume 95 that linked respiratory failure in some, as a reaction to the Twain-80 (AKA - Polysorbate-80 found in almost all injections) as a contributing factor. I took this information to the children’s primary medical doctor and forced him to place it in their records that this was in fact a reaction to the Twain-80 used in the suspension agent. He was very reluctant to put this in writing, but I had to play the foster card. I told him if it was in fact a reaction and these guys in up in a different home where they might possibly receive this again and it kills them. I would hold him personally responsible and that I have documented my findings as such. He finally conceded and put a written note in their files that this was a reaction. Looking back at this, These little guys had issues right from birth with what was called “Asthma”. They were on breathing treatment for the first few years of life. They went for a couple of years, until this happened, then they ended up back on breathing treatments again after this. I makes total since that the vaccinations at birth and the months following cause the initial asthma issues and now again after this injection. Yet… the doctors in all their wisdom cannot see this. I have lost much respect for the medical profession over the years.

Alica Parsons Hi, my son Dane is the youngest of 4 kids all born within 37 months of each other. He was also the only child that I had group B strep with and had to be given 2 rounds of antibiotics directly before his birth by c section. He had a reaction to an MMR vaccine around 2 years old. His leg swelled and he developed a fever for a few days followed by a month of intense regression, screaming inboain at night, etc. In addition his bowel movements turned white. His pediatrician did nothing except tell me he had a virus and not to feed him milk. His injury occurred in Waco,Texas in 2005.

Michelle Pateman mother of Billy, now 5 yrs. -- MMR! Administered in Burnham, Buckinghamshire. Billy born 10 weeks prem, spent 6 weeks in intensive care, however met all milestones, at 8 month developmental check, consultant said he was as developed as a 10 month old!!! He regressed shortly after the shot, within a few weeks, withdrawn and isolated, did not notice other children, eye contact ceased, vacant and masked expression, cognitive impairment evident, refused most foods, continuous spinning of objects or spinning himself, began to line objects up, ran up and down consistently, became tactile defensive, stopped smiling and laughing, was unable to focus on anything, stopped pointing, began to flap arms, stopped answering to his name, continuous colds, glue ear, bowel problems, any language he had ceased, became easily agitated, there is probably more. Today, following consultation, investigation and treatment from The Autism Clinic my son is a different child, gone is the glue ear and bowel problems, he is affectionate, tactile, asks for a cuddle regularly, language is improving weekly although he has a lot of echolalia language and he still struggles with reciprocal language, but this is slowly emerging, he responds when other children say hello to him, he plays with other children, stimming is greatly reduced, no spinning or continuous running, but he flaps his arms when he is excited or happy, he manages to take a more varied diet, he is totally toilet trained during the day and at night, no more nappies, he eats with a spoon and a fork, he is active and boisterous, he manages to express his wants/needs adequately, however, he still experiences anxiety and can be a handful in a supermarket, on holiday or in an environment he doesn't want to be in. He will be attending a mainstream school with a full educational statement of needs, he loves books, Disney films and animals and recently had his first ride on a horse, he is a happy, loving, contented boy, we still have a long way to go and many challenges to face but the despair we felt this time two years ago is gone. He says "I LOVE YOU MUMMY!!!". That made my life! Sorry it's more than you asked but I got totally carried away. Windsor, UK.

Sheila Patnode After my son recieved 6 vaccines at once when he was a year old, my son completely changed. He used to talk and now he doesn't even say 1 word. He used to play appropriately with toys, now he doesn't play with them at all. He now prefers stimming and making unusual sounds. He used to make eye contact and now with do it only once and a while when he chooses. He used to be very calm and now he is extremely full of anxiety. His behaviors are very impulsive, obessesive and compulsive. He never sleeps anymore unless he is medicated. It's as if the "normal", healthy, happy son I had was walking along the road and without warning fell off of a cliff and fell into Autism never to be seen again. He is now 9 years old and his vaccines were given to him in Port St Lucie, Florida. Please feel free to email me if you need anymore info.

Bev Pattenden My first son was born in 1961 In Australia. I don’t think he had any vaccines, because they had just begun. He was well behaved and healthy. My second son was born in 1963 developed eczema after his first vaccination, and was difficult to control as a toddler. Many mothers were complaining about their children’s behaviour and said “one day they will give a name to this” and another said “they have given me a different baby” after a stay in hospital. She now thinks it was after vaccination, but it was such a long time ago. My third son was born in 1971 and developed a whistle in this throat after his 2 month vaccination , and then developed full blown asthma at 9 months, deteriorating with every vaccine. He had to have an adrenaline injection at 11 months to keep him alive. I had him to the doctors 27 times in 24 months and he was at death’s door every month with asthma. At times he lived on water and Glucodin for about 4-5 days because he could not drink milk or eat any food. It was only after discovering that babies were given a vitamin K injection since the 1970’s that I started to research vaccines in 1997 and realized what had happened to my beautiful healthy babies. This debate about vaccination has been going on ever since the time of Edward Jenner. It is only now through the internet that people can research for themselves to find the horrible truth about vaccines.

Amy Patterson My Son received 5 vaccinations in one Visit. MMR and Dtp were 2 of them. He lost all speech that he had at that time. No eye contact, became a Very picky eater. This was shortly before he turned 2yrs. He was diagnosed with autism about 8 months after I noticed all the regression. He started signing then, talking again finally at age 5 1/2.. he is now 7 1/2 reads writes plays socializes at school and enjoys school! For the most part! I strongly believe those 5 vaccines is what caused his autistic behavior

Jessica Patterson mmr vaccine, he went from speaking to only grinding his teeth w/in 2 weeks. Right now, he is still non-verbal, has SIBs, ADHD and possible mental retardation. He went from "typical" (I hate to use that word) to severe end of the spectrum.


Shannon Patterson Pensacola FL. Aidan was 5mos old. He had just started to mama and coo and form sounds. He recieved DTaP,IPV,HiB and Hep B in a Comvax Inj. And Prevnar. He screamed horribly on one them.. Like he'd been burned. He ran a fever throughout the afternoon into the nt. He lost all verbal and most social. He is now 7. Pretty hf and an angel. He now can speak in 5 to 10 word sentences.

Chris Pasley I too have a vaccine injured child. The first signs came about four hours after his four month old vaccination schedule. Our once happy, cheerful, giggling child changed that day. He became distant, inconsolable, ill-tempered, never to be the same again. I have had people tell me that the change I saw in my child did not happen. My answer to this is I know my child like more parents do, I know every facial expression he makes and what it means. I know when he is happy, I know when he is sad, I know when he does not feel good, and I know my child! I know without any shadow of a doubt vaccines caused the issues he lives with today. I too have a website devoted to this subject with a focus on these same testimonials of parents who have seen adverse reactions to the toxic chemicals. My website is www.kodawe.com and I would invite you to place your testimonial there as well. The more people gathering this information the more lives we touch.

David Pawelek My friends wife had a violent miscariage before christmas last year. The baby was due at the end of January and everything was going well until she went to the hospital to have an injection to stop mums blood from affecting the baby if any problems should arise. I did not know this at the time otherwise I would have said something but I think it was the injection. Bedfordshire, UK

Martha Codi Payne My oldest son was a little late receiving his vaccines at 18 months and the doctors decided to "catch up" and give them to him all at once. In all, there were 7-8 vaccines, combined into 5 shots. I was nervous, as I had a vague knowledge of the dangers of vaccinations, but figured the doctors knew what was best. We took my son home and he began running a very high fever that alarmed me. The very next day, we took him back to the doctor, the fever was still very high. I was told it was normal and to give it a few days. My son is now 2 1/2 and has almost halted intelligent development from that point. He is displaying symptoms of autism. Before then, he was a normal, if not slightly advanced, toddler. I can literally pinpoint the halted development to when he received his vaccines. From now on, I am choosing to discontinue vaccinations. I have my oldest son in speech therapy, which has helped very little. I am praying for a recovery. Wichita KS

Elizabeth Paz MMR at 6 months the next day he couldnt even sit up. The baby noises he made cesased. Shot was given in chula vista ca i never gave him another shot he also reacted to respidal went into a diabetic dormat state he thereafter they said he was mentally retarded adhd n autistic to put him in a group home. I refused he is twelve now fully verbal potty trained he plays bb and soccer no meds

Amanda Minor Peacock What makes me the maddest is that I am not alone on this earth when I say the Vaccines made my son autistic. What I don’t understand is why no one is being held accountable for what the Vaccines are doing. I had a beautiful happy normal baby boy until he got his around a year old. I can positively say he had almost immediate reactions. He was cranky and withdrawn and stopped trying to talk, he stopped even babbling and started to seem like he was looking over your head. He was physically there but mentally he was somewhere far far away. My son is awesome but some days I get so frustrated that there is nothing being done about vaccines.

Julianna Pearce My son Nathan was severely affected by vaccines.oct 2000 he was given before during and after vaccines.he broke out in a rash which he had for over 3 years fevers daily,autoimmune, pain, loss of skills, and yes acquired autism. These vaccines include mmr, varicella, dtap, polio, they were given in fresno ca. Dr Wakefields work must continue. I forgot to tell you he also almost died from his vaccines

Kelly Pearce I believe the triple MMR jab to my son at 12 months stopped him talking and now is diagnosed with non verbal asd. I am now looking into single jabs for his pre school booster now age 3 and a half as I do not want to take the risk of him regressing with all the help we have given him. He communicates with makaton. Birmingham UK.

Jamie Pease My son stopped rolling over, babbling, crawling at age 7mo after a vaccine, also within 24hrs he was covered from head to toe with extremely severe eczema, he is 2 1/2 now and still doesnt talk, and we are still battling the eczema. The shots he got were DTaP, HIB, HepB, PCV7, Rotavirus, and Influenza. Grand Rapids Michigan

Susie Pellum In the 1950s, my brother, at age 2 1/2, was given an extra dose of vaccines (DTP) when our doctor lost his vaccination records. He immediately began having violent outbursts, his speech regressed, though potty trained, he began wetting the bed, and it was eventually learned he was having silent seizures. I grew up knowing he was vaccine injured, but thought of it as an overdose, so I dutifully vaccinated my children in the 80s. Both had allergies, ear infections and frequent illnesses, but I didn't understand the connection between vaccines and immune impairment. Then at age 21, my son got a hepatitis A vaccination and had a drastic personality change within 24 hours. He had always been easy going, but suddenly became angry, belligerent and withdrawn. He also suffered memory impairment. His health began declining, and two years after the vaccination, he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in ICU. Medical personnel told us that a person can have Type 1 Diabetes for one to two years before it's actually diagnosed. After going on insulin, his easy going temperament and memory sharpness returned, but he requires several insulin injections a day to stay alive. (Arizona)

Wendy Pentelow I believe our son, now 20, was vaccine damaged. Had usual childhood vaccines in 1992 and at about 17 months this included Hib. Within 8 days of having these vaccines he had febrile convulsions and was never quite the same again. He has Aspergers , OCD and associated anxiety. Surrey, UK

Alex Percival Mother saw regression into autism following MMR, now age 18 years. (Suffolk).

Sam Pereira My son (born in 2005) received the standard new-born vaccines at 8 weeks, 12 weeks and 16 weeks; within 48 hours of receiving his 12 week immunisations (i.e. 2nd set) he developed severe, infected eczema, all over his body. It was worst on his scalp where he developed open, pus-filled sores, and he also had itchy patches inside his elbow and knee joints, which he scratched until they bled. A health visitor subsequently diagnosed eczema and prescribed steroid creams. After the 16 week ones, the eczema cleared slightly but he then developed a chest infection, swiftly followed by rotavirus, conjunctivitis, bronchiolitis, tonsillitis then hand, foot and mouth disease. Over the course of his first year he suffered 2 further bouts of gastroenteritis, as well as at least 3 significant chest infections, 2 ear infections and a constant cold. He also had severe reflux until the age of 2, frequently vomiting many times a day, more chest infections and more tonsillitis. At age 4 he was also diagnosed with hay fever but thankfully now at age 8, after a great deal of homeopathic, nutritional and cranial treatment, he is healthy most of the time, although he still sometimes suffers with hay fever, eczema-like patches of dry skin and a chesty cough. My unvaxed daughter (age 5) has, unsurprisingly, never had eczema, hay fever or a chronic cough, and was not ill as a baby or toddler. (UK)

Tania Pereira I live In Pakistan. My son was absolutely normal till the age of 18 months, but after his MMR shot, we saw changes in him, he was like altogether a different person :( He was a friendly child who always posed in front of the camera, loved playing with his siblings, after a month when he took the MMR vaccine, he never smiled, wanted to be left alone all the time, stopped responding to his name etc. He turns 5 today!!!

Marilyn Perez-Garcia MMR vaccine & within a month or two stopped saying mommy started staring off. Pennsylvania

Kim Perez-Diaz My daughter was a happy typical child. very very intelligent and progressed in her development faster than kids her age. She had the MMR shot when she was 12 months in Havelock NC. she ran a high fever that day and night which landed us in the Er. The following day my lil girl was gone. No expression on her face nor a smile. She lost all the words she spoke and just stood in a room and stared. She hated water being on her. She hated being touched by anyone but me. She flapped her hands and twindled her fingers together and started having seizures. At 18 months she had the Another shot and developed a sleeping disorder only sleeps 3 hrs a night. I moved back home to fl and docs found out she had an allergic reaction to shots. The preservatives in them.

Keighley Marie Perry Son had MMR at 13 months, and by 15 months had lost speech, eye contact and became distressed at being held. Was diagnosed at age 2 years with severe autism, non-verbal, with possible learning difficulties. He is now very “hyper”, is still incontinent, and needs constant supervision. (Sheffield)

Susan Lynn Perry My son regressed after his MMR shot in 2004 in San Antonio, TX

Olivia Perryman As an Australian mum, I would just like to say none of my kids have been vaccinated from birth and proud of that!!! By the way, I would like to say I was vaccinated when I was pregnant with my first child (now 11). He was diagnosed with Autism at 4 years old. Any further information you may wish for please just ask! (think its great your doing this, but, what about the mum's who got vaccinated when pregnant?)

Kelly A Peters Jack Q. Born April 2004 in Yonkers, NY. I had rhogam shot, was Strep B carrier so he got antibiotics in utero, induced with Pitocin, and received two doses of Stadol during labor and I had an epidural. Swimming in toxic soup before he took a breath. Heb B a few hours into the world. He started projectile vomiting and the Ped told me to switch to soy. He had thrush, numerous bronchial episodes, and these strange sores that would just appear. Numerous rounds of antibiotics. Expressed concern about EVERYTHING including autism to the Ped and he chaled it up to Nervous Mother, but still the language wasn’t coming. I had no idea until after Dx that shots COULD be cause. I vaccinated on schedule. Trust the doctors. Boy, was I wrong. Diagnosed officially PDD-NOS April 2008. Sweet, funny, intelligent boy. Struggles with expressive language. Echolalic, lots of movie scripting. No concept of danger. Suffers with GI and digestive issues, malabsorption, detox issues, and a bunch of food sensitivities including gluten, casein, and soy. He is also riddles with candida yeast. He is the love of my life and we work toward recovery every day. Owen Q. Born May 2006 in Yonkers, NY. Same cocktail during pregnancy/labor except no Stadol. Vaccinated up to his 1.5 year shots, when I heard of potential link. Got his official Dx April 2009. Suffers from same medical issues, but is much more verbal and expressive. He does however, have ADHD in addition to his PDD NOS. He is the other love of my life J I am a single mom and I have made my life about doing everything I can for their recovery. They deserve a better life that government and mainstream medicine think they do. Hope. Recovery is Possible

Terry Peters My son Braden was functioning normally...when he received his MMR shots, several months down the road he starting showing symptoms...arm flapping, noises, his eating habits and loss of all he had learned. Redlands, Calif

Terrie Petersen My oldest son was 10 pounds when he was born. Very healthy and happy and reached his milestones early. He even had a name for nursing at 6 months old. He weighed 21 pounds at 6 months old and could pull up to standing and weighed 28 pounds at 1 year. He was a big boy. We would read every night and he had favorite books that he would repeat with me. He also started saying his alphabet by 18 months old. I learned about all of the problems with vaccinations when I was studying how to help my daughter who was a recovering meth addict. She was put on pharmaceuticals for anxiety and depression. They were just as bad as the meth! I helped her recover using supplements and eating organic food and got away from the meds. While studying I learned more about vaccinations and then I remembered my oldest son’s reactions and then it all started making sense. He always got very sick after a vaccination and would have a fever for days. He was colicky for the first three months also. I looked back through his photo album and it was always after his vaccination. The most memorable one was the vaccination right before his 2nd birthday. Even though he was a talkative boy he had lost his speech. I asked him to say his alphabet and he just said Abada ba da. He couldn’t say his alphabet again until he was 4. We lived in New Jersey at the time and now I have learned that they have one of the highest rates of Autism. We moved when he was 2 1/2 to Colorado. He definitely got better but dealt with a learning disorder in school. He had another reaction as a young teen after his MMR and wound up going to the ER with a high fever and a headache. I still didn’t make the connection because I didn’t know enough about the numerous adverse reactions that other families were dealing with. The first eye opener I had was when I had a cat that I took in to get fixed and they vaccinated him the same day. He got so sick I had to take him to a Pet ER costing me $1,200.00 because it was a weekend. He couldn’t eat, he was throwing up and had diarrhea. I spoon fed him baby food and gave him syringes of drops of water. He almost died. At the vet they stuck him with IV fluids. Of course the vet said it probably had nothing to do with the vaccines! Then I knew he was lying. I didn’t know why he was lying. I had another cat that reacted adversely also. Since all of this, I have studied the effects of vaccines and other pharmaceuticals. Unfortunately I still didn’t know enough when my youngest son was born. I questioned the doctor, but I didn’t know enough to refuse the shots. My youngest son was vaccinated. He has learning disorders. He is 12 and writes at the level of a 7 year old. My oldest son is 30 years old and pretty much recovered. I opted out of my 12 year olds MMR because I started hearing about kids developing juvenile diabetes after that booster. I have since educated both of my daughters about the dangers of vaccines and they have not vaccinated my two grandchildren. We take a lot of abuse from the other side of the family because of it. — Colorado

Laura Pettipas We moved from toronto to the bruce peninsula when ken was 6 mo old,they lost our records so ken got double dosed for that mmr,if only we had known ah it breaks my heart. One day a very bright infant, the shot, and then no eye contact,ect.and a diagnosis of autism. Ont, Canada.

Daphne Phillips My son Matthew had his MMR at twelve month old ,that very same night we were in the E.R. with him, he broke out in a rash and his eye were swollen shut, after that night he stopped talking ,he is 10 now and is a high functioning Autistic with a very low immune system!Soon after I took him back to his Dr and told her he had a reaction to the vaccines.She looked at me like I was crazy and said that is impossible. He soon regressed into Autism. He is 13 now and is a high functioning Autistic. His shots were given at CMS in Gainesville Florida.

Pepita Picasso About 2 weeks after MMR my son had fever of 104 for 3 days. Lori Rothstein De Luca. Both my son, 6 and daughter, 4 exactly 1 week after 1 yr MMR's got very sick with 106 fever, lethargy, loss of appetite. After that they had GI issues, sleep problems and behavioural issues. My son after his 4 yr MMR and flu shot lost eye contact, had sensory issues and began to stim. My son has autism and my daughter has ADHD and some PDD type behaviours. We are also using biomedical therapies and diet and have made great progress. I also have a 3 y/o boy who has not received the MMR and is fine developmentally but had developed some gut issues following a rotavirus vaccine at 6 mos. He is also treated with diet. San Antonio, TX

Jesse Pierson In March 2012, my son was 14 months and had an MMR shot at his well child check up. Within hours of the shot, he spiked a high fever and had febrile seizures. We ended up in the emergency room. Shortly after, he experienced a regression in speech and stopped talking. We just completed the evaluation for Autism, we are waiting for the official diagnosis, but all signs point to him being on the spectrum. Prior to the MMR shot, he was developing well and met all of his milestones. He even began to say "mom" at six months. We have submitted a complaint to VAERS, but havent heard back yet. Philadelphia, PA

Joanna Rachael Pillin My son is 12 now and had the MMR when he was 18 months old! His arm really swelled but that was it! Up untill the MMR he was very forward and and easy going little boy! By the age of 2 and half he was a real handfull and I found myself comp...aring him to other children his age! That's when I knew something was wrong! He was diagonsed age 9 with ASD! I don't know if the MMR had anything to do with it but at the time he had it it was all in the news about autism and vaccine! I remember telling my mum my fears about givin it to him she said jo he has more chance or getting measles than he does autism! It just seems all a bit to close when I think about the change in my son! He had the MMR in peterborough england!

Sylvia Pimentel Both of my children are vaccine injured, and went on to be diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Joseph Pimentel, born 3-19-95 and Nicholas Pimentel, born 2-10-98 We were told the severe reactions after each set of shots were normal. And that the resulting developmental regressions were coincidental. Later we had doctors confirm that they were vaccine injured and that their pediatrcians at the time ignored the red flags that could have lessened the damage. Granite Bay, California

Gina Piotrowiak No question about it.. taylor regressed after MMR and other injections. She had awful bouts of constipation & diarrhea and was even hospitalized. She became a sickly child for many years , always at doctor and never really treated. The Drs would say "it is just part of autism" both my children were born and vaccinated in Norfolk Virgina at Pediatric Associates. Taylor never received any vaccinations after the MMR. My Son , Antoni, has Aspergers. He is High functioning, Honor Roll, intelligent but has social awkardness and Oppositional Defiant disorder. Antoni never received any vaccinations since age 6 My daughter is severly affected by autism. she is non verbal , behavioral issues, and has been seeing Dr. Julie Buckley for the last 3 years.. we were doing really well with DAN protocol until puberty hit at 10 1/2 year old and it has been a rollercoster since. Last year we rented a hyperbaric chamber for 2 months and saw great improvements.. even language such as mama, daddy, nana, papa and SPONGEBOB.. This year we purchased an oxyhealth chamber in hopes of obtaining long lasting positive results. Another thing i was wondering about is : I was in the Navy and My husband a Marine. We both had mutiple injections during bootcamp.. then I had another series of injections before going overseas to Desert Storm. My Husband had another Series of injections when he was stationed in Japan and then another series a few years later when he went on a float. Has there been any studies of military families( or those who served) with autism against the general public with children with autism...

Jessica Plautz I've always been on the fence about vaccines, I felt I was making the wrong decision no matter what I did, but when I became pregnant in 2009 and the whole H1N1 thing broke out, I was scared and took the vaccine while pregnant. It seemed odd to me how QUICKLY that vaccine came out after the disease, considering they say they test vaccines for 7 years etc etc. But I got it. My son was born and seemed normal until about 6 months old when he just wasnt progressing AT ALL. He has several issues now at 15 months and we still haven't been given ANY answers as to what is 'wrong' with him. He barely crawls, he doesn’t walk, barely plays with toys, barely looks at people, and can only eat stage 2 jar food without vomiting severely. It's very sad and I always beat myself up for going against what I believed in and getting that flu shot. He hasnt been vaccinated since. West Bend, WI USA

Julie Clymer Plettner Tucson Az two days old hep b horrible jaundice and born three weeks early I had gestation diabetes and hypo thyroid. St Pete FL 12 months MMR two ear infections two rounds of antibiotics strange red hives doctor said it was viral same doctor... gave every vaccine needed to start kindergarten. 12-18 months eight ear infections treated with antibiotics 16 months another red hive breakout told it was viral 17 months spiked fever 104-105 rushed to ACH told it was viral. Loss of speech chronic loose bowel movements toe walking sleeping a lot hard to fall asleep at night grinding teeth stimming loss of eye contact tantrums unable to play with toys aggressive. Four years of age: Neuro therapies gfcfsfcf diet supplements number one neuroprotek normal stools social starting to speak engaging in play happy no tantrums nurturing affectionate referencing she is on her way to recovery Oh forgot May 7 2009 diagnosed USF ADOS moderate autism one year to the day she was rushed in ambulance with high fever... And three days before Mothers Day. Last Sunday she said I Love You to me for the first time worth all the money we have spent kisses and hugs started in January it is surreal. It appears my daughter has PANDAS but she can't take penicillin because her medical records show she is allergic. Last week we went to an allergist he didn’t have all the medical record and asked me questions come to find out she didn't break out in hives from penicillin it was from the MMR dtap hepb flu shot and the list goes on al at twelve months! Strange that in a roundabout way I find out my daughter had vaccine injury not an allergic reaction to penicillin.

Lisa Pollit Received MMR as a toddler and MMR booster pre-school but then contracted mumps and died age 4 years (Manchester).

Angela Pondexter I have three vaccine injured children. My son Christopher (ASD) lost the ability to nurse after the hep B shot. We wrote this off as other issues and continued to vax with reassurance from our pediatrician. At 18 months, he began having behavior problems and aggression with tantrums which were dismissed as concerns about our newborns arrival. After the next set of vaccines, he became purely echoalic (he was verbally advanced prior) and started smearing poop. We began to investigate getting him a diagnosis as his behaviors worsened and we were scheduled for an eval. During this same year, my little guy was behind on ped visits and they tried to vax him with 6 shots in one day. We refused and agreed to just one DTAP shot thinking that the "problem" was the overloaded schedule. My baby then developed Pytosis (later ASD). At this same time of all of this chaos, my daughter who was 12 was given a second round of Gardasil and slept through her 7th and 8th grade years of school. She developed horrible IBS, sadly went from all A's to a C average, and participated in very little. She also suffered with migraine headaches, body aches, and rashes. We will never again vaccinate under ANY circumstances. All of our children are doing much better with supplements, calm and restful atmosphere (we are now home schoolers and place very little demand on our kids) ,clean food with special diet, and toxins removed from our home. My son Chris is no longer echoalic and no longer smears poop. It would be hard to give him a dx at this point. My little guy no longer bangs his head, can climb and jump, and continues to make improvements with communication. I have never seen his eyes so much as I have seen them in June 2011. They play at the YMCA 3 times per week without issue or aide. My daughter excels in home school, just became a lifeguard, learned to sew, has a job, and lost 25 pounds in a fitness program at our YMCA. Vaccines have altered my children's lives as well as mine and my husband. We have a long way to go for total recovery, but we will never stop trying. New Jersey

Lisa Poole My son was born normal, developed normal and had lots of life and language until he was about two years old, when he slowly regressed into severe, nonverbal autism. He had all the vaccines recommended the year he was born (1993) through 15 months of age. After he regressed, he was unable to speak, he was sickly, had constant diarrhea, had frequent tantrums, could no longer tolerate human touch or loud sounds or bright lights, did not sleep well, and could not learn easily. Later he developed a seizure disorder. He also became self-injurious due to the tremendous pain associated with reflux and irritable bowel. He is now almost 18, still nonverbal, but with much intervention and diet his gut has healed, he feels better and is able to learn. As bright as that sounds, he will always be disabled and dependent on others for his daily care and living. Silverdale, WA

Mariah Post I was hesitant to fully vaccinate my daughter so we did the most delayed schedule Dr. Sears's Vaccine book had to offer. After her first DTaP at 3.5 months, she completely changed. Her immediate reactions were swelling, redness, pain, high fever, nonstop blood curdling screams, no longer making eye contact, a nursing strike, episodes of stiffness (which I realize now is characteristic of seizures) and this very odd "tick" where she would hold her mouth open and flap her hands for 20-50 seconds. Now, at 16 months, we have her being evaluated and treated for sensory processing issues, she does not walk and she has trouble controlling her emotions. She cries for about 75% of the day, even while being on a vaccine detox plan for several months. Her Dr. who administered the vaccine told me these reactions were normal and to give her Tylenol. They were administered in Franklin, PA.

Carina W Potter My son was given 2 shots in his entire life, BOTH of which he had terrible reactions to. I regret it and kick myself every day over it. But, I am glad to be able to tell you that my son and I are one of the few lucky ones that avoided further complications and possible autism (which I just KNOW he would have developed had I continued with the CDC's vaccination schedule), the 2 shots that he got were the dtap and polio vaccines. they were given to him at 2months(dtap) and 4months(polio) in single doses. This is AFTER I had signed a waiver in the hospital, opting out of the hep b shot administered on the first day of life AND after knowing all that I know now, I still ended up loading his little body with heavy metals. That should show you how doctors have become one of the worlds best drug pushers and how well pediatricians are trained to push vaccines. I was made to feel like a bad mother, a public health threat, and basically looked at like a lunatic, ALL because I was cautious and skeptical about what is being injected into my baby boy!!! PARENTS SHOULD BE CAUTIOUS OF SUCH THINGS!!! what is wrong with these people!!?? Anyway, after the first shot at 2 months(dtap), he instantly got a nasty ear infection that brought fevers and a deep cough that he was then prescribed antibiotics for and still could not shake for a long time until right before his next dr. apt at 4 months where he received another shot (polio) which made his health tail spin. Almost overnight, he had ANOTHER ear infection, this time Double. a fever, a cough that sounded like a 55 yr old man who had been smoking 2 packs of cigs his whole life, and also had developed GERD out of no where, was spitting up constantly, miserable constantly and all my clinic could offer me was more antibiotics and wrote the constant fussyness off as colic. It was a horrible experience and I have not, nor will I ever bring any of my kids back to that doctor or clinic. Since I stopped vaccinating him, he has not been sick once. EVERY single symptom has vanished, no fevers since, no constant crying, the GERD disappeared, he stopped spitting up and was laughing more and more each day. He became a new baby. It was amazing to me what simply STOPPING vaccinating actually did for his health. I am so thankful for people like you and for doctors like Dr. Wakefield, please continue your good work and continue spreading the word about this because It is so damn hard to see other mothers that I know or other children that I know going through what I did but the parents are just to brainwashed by the drug pushing dr.s to notice the link between their children weak health and vaccines...it baffles my mind that millions of parents around the world just think that it is normal for babies and kids to be sick like this all the time, it ISN'T!! Thanks again, good luck on your quest for truth and justice.

Helen Potter My doctor says it wasn't but when my boy had his he keep going back wards had all the sings of asd or that he wasn't right not progessing he had genes test but nothing show up The mmr jabs the town is horsham west sussex England.

Brandi Poulton The vaccine was DTP at 2 months. Reacted with fever and severe seizures. Brain Damage. Today, Jordan Poulton (13 Years old), does not speak, has many problems with motor skills, will never be in a normal classroom and was diagnosed with atrophey of the brain. He will never live alone, but does use some sign language. City was Hutchinson, KS.

Judy Povey This is my experience after my daughter was given the MMR at the American base at RAF Bentwaters, Suffolk in about 1981/2. Although she is not autistic, her childhood was dogged by continual ear infections and colds and finally in her early 20s a horrible dose of mono (glandular fever). Her low immune system has always been a puzzle to me, seing as I'm 60 years old and haven't had an anti-biotic since I was a small child, rarely get colds and never have had an ear infection in my life. My child's father was equally robust and during the few years I was married to him never had a cold or any illness. This is nothing like as debilitating as autism but I suspect my experience is common to many/most vaccinated children today, and for this reason, I think it's worth mentioning.

Josie Powell My daughter was given the MMR vaccine at 15 months old; 10 days later she was admitted to the hospital due to extreme sickness and what was thought to be febrile seizures. After leaving the hospital the following day, she began to regress. Once, a happy, healthy, verbal and developmentally advanced baby, my daughter Emma was now non-verbal, lost all play skills, eye-contact and lost all the developmental milestones that she had once passed with ease. Emma is now 16 years old, she remains non-verbal and is diagnosed Autistic. The MMR vaccine is to blame for Emma's diagnosis; it was administered in Yarmouth, Massachusetts. I am more than happy to answer any other questions you may have.

Rian Power Received DtaP vaccine, left grey mark on skin, suffered severe neutropenia, regressed into severe autism Sunbury,UK

Rebecca Prete I have 3 kids! 9.4.and 2! my first born received the mmr shot and stopped talking, threw tantrums, bit himself, banged his head! but with intense therapy he has gotten better but non verbal! he uses an itouch to voice what he wants! and this happened at 16 months in california! my other 2 i stopped vaccines before the 18 months and theyre smart as can be!!

Denise Price My son was poisoned by vaccines in 1995 -1996, he was fine before the vaccines, the monster took my son away from me. After his first shots he got a rash on his arms and had a hard time breathing. Went to the hospital and they said he had asthma, and I said no it's the vaccines he just had. Doctors are trying to cover there ass.

Leah Price McKade was perfectly healthy until 14 months when he received an MMR, varicella, Hep B, Hib, and DTaP in the same office visit. He developed a fever that lasted for days. Within a week he became very withdrawn and would not interact with anyone. He appeared to be deaf and was evaluated several times for hearing lost. He also began to hoard items such as puzzle pieces and have to have them with him at all times in his sight. He also became irritable and would have periods of screaming as if in pain. McKade began having diarrhea and would have painful episodes of gas on a daily basis. He received these vaccinations in Brandon, Mississippi. Now 7 years old diagnosed as moderately autistic, he is beginning to be be verbal but has no social skills and can only answer direct questions. Very little eye contact, severe OCD and ADHD behaviors. Has celiac disease and another auto-immune disease called Dermatitis Herpetaformis also known as Duhring's disease. Extreme fixed interest that disrupt his home life and school. He also has elevated lactate to pyruvate levels and elevated lactate levels. MRI's also confirm a mitochondrial enchelopathy. Frozen skin biopsy was inconclusive on a specific mitochondrial disease. On another note our 4 year old Marley Kate has the same parents and same classic issues of pregnancy as her brother and sister. She has never received a vaccine and is perfectly healthy. No one single medical, emotional, or developmental problem at all.

Pamela Price My son was normal until 6 months, he got his shots and a few days later he was having seizures, lost his eye contact and everything else, Bowel problems. I know it was the immunizations!!! Following DPT had seizures a week after the shot. He is mentally disabled. 21 years old. Given in Kentucky in 1989

Leah A. Prinzi-Szuchon MMR fever,lethargic, dairhea, hospitalized, dehydration..administered in 6-2003,diagnosed severe autism and moderate MR 10-2003.Still same diagnosis today,completely non-verbal at 9 yrs old:( Erie,PA

Rosemarie Priola-Livigni My son had his 4month shots including DTAP and had screaming fits for hours accompanied with fever. He received his 6months shots at the age of 7 months and he had a febrile seizure as his temperature reached 105.5. He was hospitalized for ...a week and pumped with antibiotics.The hospital insisted that it was a UTI and refused to believe that it was related to his shots. He is two now but at 11 months had him seen by a great pediatrician and now is on biomedical protocoll. He has many gut issues and allergies. Early intervention has helped him and is verbal with no diagnosis currently. He has not received any more shots.

Chriso Prodromou It only took 2 vaccines 1 month apart of the DPT to close our 4th child, 9 months old, deep into an isolated world of Autism. Why oh why????, born 21/06/1998 only had DTP inj. the first jab administered at 9 months old, then we christened him at 10 months old, he was fine, bubbly child, then he regressed at 11 months after the booster, the red ears, walking on his tip toes, looking away, seemed deaf all started. How i wish i never did any vaccines. Ayia Napa Cyprus CYPRUS

Susan Youshock Pruyn Twin boys, MMR, bowels stopped working - whole food came thru n skin burning candida in stool. Born march 1998 - got MMR on schedule. Both diagnosed on autism spectrum on second birthday - though one has since lost diagnosis

Mary Ann Puckett My son Stephen was born on 9/11/81 in Oklahoma City, OK and was reported by the doctor to be a healthy boy. At two months of age he received the DPT vaccine and was never the same. Shortly after the shot he started a high-pitched scream, ran a temp of about 104, and began having seizures. I reported the seizures to his pediatrician and he said I was just an over reactive mother. Stephen stopped making eye contact, refused to sleep, and no longer liked to be held. As he got older he had numerous ear infections, developed extreme behaviors, and the seizures worsened. Today at 37 he is in a wheelchair full time and requires 24/7 care to help him with eating, dressing, and bathing. His diagnosis is Early Infantile Autism, Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, and is mentally about 6 years old. This is not a life I would wish on anyone.

Elizabeth Pugh Shots up to till 12 months lead to a temp of 104 for 3 weeks afterwards, leg and side pain. He could not even sleep on his back. Administered in Casa grande, az 18 months shots minus MMR administered early April after he turned three yrs. He reverted backwards Current condition: Autism, articulation disorder, receptive language disorder, expressive language disorder, Neurofibromatosis 1, Attention deficit Hyperactivity disorder, and he has a astighminatism Oh shots at 3 were administired in Indianapolis

Kate Punivai Just wanted to tell you about my son. I know this reaction is not severe compared to many others, but it was enough to make me investigate vaccines, and decide not to give my son any more of them. At 2 and 4 months, my son was given 5 shots (1. Diptheria, Tetanus & Whooping Cough 2. Hep B 3. Hib B 4.Polio and 5. Pneumococcal) After his 2 month vaccine, he developed severe eczema and became irritable, wouldn't sleep, colicky etc. After his 4 month vaccine, his eczema worsened. He was screaming for hours at night, and miserable during the day. After a number of months, I turned to a naturopath, who discovered he was intolerant to wheat, dairy and MSG (through my breastmilk) The naturopath believed these intolerances were triggered by the vaccines. He was also found to have a candida infection. He was treated with homeopathy, and his eczema and food intolerances are gone. He hasn't had any vaccines since then. I fully believe that if I'd continued with the vaccine schedule, that my son would also be one of the many children now suffering from autism disorders. Those vaccines were given in Canberra, Australia in 2008. His name: Judah Punivai

Jo Pyrah My sons have both had MMR, no sign of autism yet, both lost interest in eating their vegetables though, at around this time, I am now convinced of a relationship.


Laelah Quintor When my son was born, I was like any other mom, I took my son to every baby well visit and took any and all vaccines available. So when my son was in for one of his baby well visits and getting his regular vaccine shots, his pediatrician told us about the new vaccine called Prevnar which was for ear infections and recommended we get it. So of course we said yes, why not? It just so happened to be the same day that Chanel 2 news was in the office filming for the evening news to talk about the new vaccine available. They filmed my son and another child getting their shots. I was so proud that my son would be on the news and I felt like the greatest mom in the world. It's funny to me now looking back that the media sells and promotes vaccines, making it seem as if they are so safe and the general public believes what they see on the news, right? I really believed I was protecting my son. I continued to vaccinate my son, being a good mom, that's what I was supposed to do, right? It wasn't until my son was a year old, received 4 shots with a total of 8 vaccines, that he was hospitalized for a high fever, diarrhea and throwing up! When the pediatrician came to see my son in the hospital, I asked if the vaccines had anything to do with making my son sick since he had just been vaccinated a couple days prior. I was reassured that it was just "viral" and my son would be fine. The pediatrician seemed confident that it had nothing to do with the vaccines. And of course I believed the doctor, he knows everything, right? After a 4-day hospital stay my son was finally well enough to be released from the hospital. After all, he was holding down fluids and some jello. We took our son home, at least what was left of our son, to nurse him back to normal. We would soon learn that nothing would be "normal" again. Immediately, we noticed our son was kind of lethargic, gagging a lot when eating, and just different. In addition, we noticed over the next several months that our son was not only not progressing with developmental milestones but he seemed to have lost the words he once used. We also noticed that he was doing unusual things like hand flapping when excited, twirling his fingers and wrists, not responding to us when we would call out to him (even though he could hear a candy wrapper opening in the next room over) and not running to his daddy with his arms up to be picked up when he arrived home from work. We told our pediatrician about our concerns at each and every appointment, and after the usual response of "everything will be fine" finally insisted that we be referred to have our son assessed for speech delay and whatever else may be going on. Eventually our pediatrician told us to get on the list at Children's Hospital but said it could take up to a year to be called and most likely, by the time we would be called, our son would have caught up and we wouldn't need to go in for the assessment. Months passed with no word from Children's Hospital and a friend told us about the Regional Center so we contacted them. Within a month, they set up the appointment with the doctors at Children's Hospital who would be doing the assessment. I asked what I needed to bring to the appointment and the response I got, I'll never forget it, was that the only thing I needed to bring was 1.) My Son and 2.) My Son's vaccine records! I was in shock, it felt like someone punched me in the stomach! I asked why they needed the vaccine records and they simply stated that they were taking data. Of course I was in a state of shock because I had already been suspicious after my son was hospitalized but now hearing this, I knew in my gut that something wasn't right! After our appointment with Regional Center the doctors at Children's Hospital diagnosed our son, barely 2 years old, with autism, I started my journey to not only research the best and latest treatment options but to find out if the vaccines could have played a role in my son’s condition. After years of reading the research, reading studies on vaccines, reading transcripts of testimony to congress about vaccine safety fraud, learning about the known dangers of just a single vaccine, not to mention 8 vaccines in a 1 year olds little body with an immune system that hasn't developed, I was floored! I felt like such a bad mom! When my son was getting all of these shots, I had no idea that there was ANY question about vaccine safety and I assumed most of the vaccines my son was getting were the same vaccines I got when I was a kid! Not even close! The amount of vaccines pumped into their little bodies, along with dangerous toxins and chemicals they put in the vaccines is enough to kill them! What are they doing to our children? Vaccines are not about saving lives and preventing disease! In fact, more kids are injured, causing lifelong disabilities, and many die each year from vaccine injuries! Many cases are not even reported, like my son’s case, because it's downplayed and swept under the carpet by the doctors. And parents are so overwhelmed in getting services and treatments for their kids in hopes of a cure or signs of improvement that we don't have time to fight the vaccine company, the doctors, the big money involved in pushing these deadly drugs! Don't be fooled, it is all about the money for the pharmaceutical companies! They want to SELL, SELL, SELL! They are really good about spreading hype and manipulating the public through the media (who they have in their pockets) into believing what they want you to believe. Laws are written today by politicians who receive political contributions from pharmaceutical companies! Laws are bought! Follow the money! After having my second son, we chose not to vaccinate. My second son is healthier than any child I know. It's crazy how people are being manipulated into believing that my unvaccinated kid is going to get your vaccinated kid sick! That is such nonsense and the media continuously reports stories like this to prevent other parents from second guessing vaccines. Hey, if more parents continued to question and either refuse or spread out vaccines, that cuts into the vaccine makers profits....and they won't have that! They've even lobbied to get more laws passed that will boost profits more and while doing so, turns us against each other by making the public believe that unvaccinated people are going to spread disease when in fact, vaccinated people are not immune to the same diseases they received vaccines for. There is no proof that vaccines even work! I've always said that I didn't feel that only mercury in vaccines caused autism (even though it had no business in vaccines), I never thought that only the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine caused autism. I've always believed that it's the QUANTITY of how many vaccines our children/babies are getting now are way too much for these little guys and there are NO studies done on ALL vaccines given at the same time as listed on the vaccine schedule! So in the case where my son got 4 shots with 8 vaccines, there are NO studies of the safety of all 8 combined vaccines. There is only one study of one combined vaccine, the MMR which is 1 shot with 3 vaccines. The MMR was thought by many parents to be the cause of their child's autism and after court battles, negative publicity cutting into their sales, the drug company conducted a study and of course, they claim they are safe! Remember, the studies are done by the same scientists that work for the drug companies. That is not a study I would hold any relevance to! Which reminds me of a friend who used to live in my neighborhood. She was a scientist for the major pharmaceutical company that makes vaccines and she has a son the same age as my younger son. I'll never forget when she told me she would NEVER vaccinate her son because the studies are tainted and pretty much a joke! When will this madness stop? Mom to a 17-year old son with severe autism.


Jacki Raabe My son Davis received the MMR vaccine and changed overnight. He lost words, withdrew from his siblings and stopped sharing his joy with us (ie: showing us his toy, clapping when the dog walked into the room, etc.) He currently has a diagnosis of Aspergers-he was originally diagnosed with PDD-NOS. Other issues-sensory processing, celiac disease and dyslexia-I am not putting those on the vaccine; however, I do believe that he would be "quirky" as opposed to autistic had it not been for the first administration of the MMR shot. I also believe that he would have "classic" autism were it not for all of our early intervention and dietary changes and supplementation. We did not booster MMR or Varicella, though the titers drawn says that he's gained immunity. He is 7 years old.

Brittany Rae My 4 year old started going downhill at his 12 month check up and he was very advanced for his age since day one. Sitting up, crawling and everything. I believe it was the combination of shots and the mmr. He’s 4 now just beginning to form sentences and your actually able to understand him. He used to be a calm, relaxed and a very mellow infant now he is aggressive, hyper and out of control. I had another little boy in June and finally found a doctor who will postpone his mmr until he’s 2. Apparently it is now mandated to vaccinate your child, if doctors have too many parents denying vaccines they lose their funding. That’s what they told me when I transferred my boys providence RI

Tisa McCanless Radcliff Mountain Home, Arkansas USA - MMR @ 1 year in 1995- delayed motor skills, speech, didn't walk until almost 3 years old, was in her own little world. Bailey is now 16 1/2 she is dx'd with Asperger's, Mental Retardation, gross & fine motor sk...ills delayed. She functions on age of 3-10 as well depending upon the tasks and skills. She has Schuerman's Disease, Scoliosis, Trichtomanilla, among other physical and psychological impairments. Since beginning Kindergarden she has been in a self-contained classroom setting/instruction 1 on 1 w/aides.

Lisa Radtke Grace: 4 years old. Hep B : Aug 20, 2007 (12 hours old) unable to maintain body temp for 7 hours. 9/4/07: well visit: dr. notes: Patient is female. Alert, well nourished, developmentally normal, symmetrical eyes, symmetrical ear placement, symmetrical smile, hips, legs, feet, shoulders, arms, hands. infant is calm and easy to console. 11/2/07: sick visit: crying, fever, diarrhea. DTAP, HepB, HIB, Polio: Nov 7, 2007 (even though he knew she was sick) notes state doing well, no developmental concerns. coos, follows past midline, chest off table, head in midline, attn to sounds, social smile. 1/23/08: DTAP, Hep B, HIB, Pneumococcal, Polio: at visit dr notes babbles, reaches, suports on hands, heads up, steady, laughs, rolls front to back. 3/25/08: DTAP, Hep B, HIB, Pneumococcal, Polio: at visit dr notes: babbles respon, sits unsupported, no longer rolls, raking grasp, transfer object, no stranger anxiety. 4/16/08: sick visit: Rash on back of neck, chin, and head, 100.2 fever, cough, crying. (gained 10 lbs between 1/23 and 4/16) 06/19/08: Dr notes: throws objects, says Dada, sits well, pincer grasp, finger foods, stranger anxiety, scoots. 7/24/08: I contacted Dr to discuss Developmental delay, not crawling, no longer scooting, large weight gain, sleeping 14 hours. 8/6/08: spontaneous hypothyroid dx (thyroid at birth was normal) 8/21/08: MMR, Prenar, varicella, (Dr visits and calls missing from records (Dr deleted) Gracie appeared to have "gone deaf" stopped looking at us, stopped answering to her name, stopped babbles. Hearing test was normal. First steps contacted. 9/9/08: lethargic, fever, no improvements with developmental delays. 10/10/08: Influenza vaccine: 10/28/08: sick visit: 101 fever for 1 week prior, cough and chest congestion. 11/7/08: influenza vaccine: More records are missing . All further vaccines have been declined: Grace never regained the ability to babble (talk), she struggles with her walking and balance. She has a very hard time using her hands and struggles with grasp. We have had several genetic tests done (including 2 tests for retts syndrom). All results were normal with no mutations found. She had an MRI showing a normal functioning brain. She had an EEG showing no seizure activity. She now suffers from sever IgE food allergies to Corn, Wheat, Milk, Eggs, Soybeans, Peanuts, Treenuts, and Sesame Seeds. She has never had a formed bowl movements. She wakes at night screaming in pain that I can not stop because she can not tell me where or what hurts. She is only able to eat 3 foods currently. She suffers from severe eczema. She is nonverbal so these are the major ailments that we can tell she suffers from. I have had to leave my career in order to stay home to care for Grace 24/7. It is unknown if she will ever lead a productive functional life on her own. She has 3 siblings that are constantly affected by her vaccine injury. There lives are put on hold as every event revolves around who will care for Grace, what food can we bring, and can we afford it as our finances have been severely effected. Therapy (ABA) now runs $120,000 a year and her diet is roughly $300 a week. I can no longer work, and my husband is a firefighter. This is bankrupting us. We will most likely loose our home. I did seek compensation through the vaccine injury compensation fund but was told by 3 attorneys that they are not taking any autism cases and do not know of anyone who is. The others that I contacted never returned my calls. Her statute has expired. We are left on our own to find the money and resources to try to make her life livable.

Tara Ramos After my son got the hep B, he stopped breathing, went limp and we called 911, he is now 6 and diagnosed pdd-nos. We are from Arbuckle ca

Roxane Ramsey Eric got his first vaccine at 2 weeks old (God I was stupid to allow this)and descended into autism from then on. This happened at Rex Hospital in Raleigh North Carolina ( Kaiser Permanente HMO). he is now 18 years old. cognitive age 5-6 years. very little speech.

Sarah Rank My son had 7 vaccines (DTAP, HIB, Hep B, Pneumococcal, and Polio) administered via 3 injections on 10/19/2007. He was not quite 2 months old. He slept for 3 hours and when he woke up, he screamed a high-pitched scream for 7 hours. It was NOT normal. He would not make eye contact and he didn't even want to nurse. It was the worst day of our lives! He is now 3.5 years old and seemilngly normal. We haven't done ANY vaccines since that day and will not, either. Our daughter (1) is completely unvaxxed. La Crosse, WI. I never even reported it to VAERS.

Paula Rankin, I waited until our son was 2 before I vaccinated. He was a normally developed toddler and we were seeing a paediatrician. I asked for polio tetanus and diphtheria shot, NO pertussis. That is how I vac. our other children. The arrogant Dr. came in with one syringe and I commented because with our other children the vaccine without pertussis had to be given in 2 shots. He said not to worry. He gave the shot. and passed me the vaccine card. On getting home I look at the card and see he gave MMR, Hib and DT and P. All in one shot to my son! Within a month my son developed seizures. He is now 7 and still has seizures and we have to deal with anti epileptic drugs and cognitive delays. I have not given him another vaccine and I NEVER will.

Amy Rayward My Son is 18 years old and currently spent his 18th birthday in prison. He shall be in jail for the next couple of years. I am not so wrapped up in why he is there. It seemed inevitable that he would end up in jail....eventually. On a good note, at least I know where he is and that he is reasonably safe. I learned the hard way about vaccine damage. I had 2 children with my first husband who comes from a vaccinating family. Floppy doll like behaviour, diarrhoea and temperatures after vaccines are normal to them. Sadly; I do not have a good relationship with my own mother who had stopped vaccinating her second family after her 2nd son died of vaccines the day after his vaccines. She too had been married into a vaccinating family. Doctors put it down to ‘cot death’. Here I learned to late from another’s vaccine lesson. All of my sons behaviour began after his vaccines when he was a baby and I remember asking doctors when I took him for his vaccines if the vaccines were the cause. How ignorant of me then. Doctors do not answer this question unless vaccine damage is irrefutable. On the first day after Alex’s vaccines I had to call the doctors as my concern was so great to his condition (and we didn’t own a car to take him such a long way in his condition) and the Nurse explained that this was normal and that I should keep him hydrated and if anything changes for the worse to come down. Having to slap your baby’s mouth to make him cry so that you could feed him is cruel but my instinct was to keep him feeding or otherwise he would sleep through his normal feed times. It shatters your nerves to know you’re doing everything you can to make it right: when it is obviously not: and to be told: that what you feel: is wrong: is normal. Doctors turned into: hearing specialist, paediatricians, counsellors, psychologists and special classes and they turned all his behaviour into pills, descriptions, spectrums, behavioural techniques and certificates (certificates = (equal) funding in Australia but only for schools not the parents who need to pay for all the ‘appointments’ to get the certificates. What an awful mental treadmill vaccines play on our health and parenting) It does make me mad while writing this, to think that my baby was slowly been damaged by the vaccines, he wasn’t sick with a flu or ill. I could have stopped them. Not me: I just staggered the schedule as I was an bewildered mother who thought this would help the situation and I believed them when doctors, nurses, schools and vaccine parrots would say that my baby would be worse with the disease. Not once did I hear about conscience objection until many years later. So my story is that ever since my beautiful son was vaccine damaged his life and all those around him has been difficult and fraught with danger, at times. Putting names to his issues has not changed his life nor given me hope, names do not describe what he goes through, what he puts us all through. When the heart of the issue is vaccines damage has made him super sensitive to respond to those around him, he is insidious and has issues with authority. He is generally a nice boy but somehow he identifies and seeks respect from those who do not deserve respect. Imagine a junk yard dog that picks up the scent of an intruder: he must seek out the threat, he must wiz on all the land marks, he must dominate and protect himself at all costs. I say ‘scents’ as in pheromones (including testosterone), perfumes, deodorants and alcohols all trigger different responses, even responses that give him a false internal reading. We could be sitting chatting one moment when someone arrives that is wearing the latest deodorant, next moment his internal (junk yard dog) messaging computes and he becomes rude, vulgar and offensive. If he is actually wearing a certain scent: he internalises all day and he can become obsessed by one authority figure to the point that knives come out or he smashes the house up. If his boredom is not alleviated by a fight of some kind he can become manically depressive (He is finding this with jail: he likes the other in-mates but he is not allowed to fight, without been moved. When isolated he is manically depressive). My son knows that I can help him now as I have researched and follow the practice of good gut flora and it’s connection to the mind/memory and I look forward to him coming out. We still have a long way to go and God is with us. I do not find it hard to find other mothers who have one or more of these Autistic & Difficult children. I am glad to be able to connect with other mothers who have felt lost or bewildered at the actions of their child/ren and this gives me hope to give them hope. For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7. 1. For I would that ye knew what great conflict I have for you, and for them at Laodicea, and for as many as have not seen my face in the flesh; 2. That their hearts might be comforted, being knit together in love, and unto all riches of the full assurance of understanding, to the acknowledgement of the mystery of God, and of the Father, and of Christ; 3. In whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. Colossians 2: 1-3

Dana Corrente Read We lost him, his words, his eye contact, his smile and his health following MMR.

Rachel Lynn Reames MMR completely regressed my son's verbal back to nothing. He spotted babbling and saying the dozen words that he was saying, eye contact went away and his obsession with textures increased 100%. I could see it in His eyes a month after the shot something changed him. He was diagnosed on the spectrum at age 2 fully diagnosed at age 3. He is now 5, he is very smart but only says 5 words and communication only comes from his Communication device. I haven't given him anymore vaccinations since for fear he will regress again when, he is finally starting to talk and his eye contact is finally there again. Gilbert, AZ

Carolyn Reed Both of my children, now 26 and 28 got really sick after their vaccinations. Every. Single. Time. I was a "good" mommy and dutifully took the little redheads in for their shots. Our son was later diagnosed with aspergers and our daughter developed severe, non-verbal autism. He is now a great artist and college grad who plays brilliant piano. She is still non-verbal but uses FC to communicate, write incredible poetry, and does presentations on autism. They both still live at home with us. I believe that the mercury and live viruses injected into them, coupled with perhaps a genetic inability to process heavy metals and toxins caused brain damage. The mercury is still in the hep b and flu shots here in America, and I seriously believe they should be avoided, along with the MMR. I would rather have had a baby with pertussis or measles. Those are curable. Of course, then my kids might not have had the wonderful abilities they also have. I couldn't love them any more if they were neurotypical. But I also couldn't despise the FDA and the AMA and Big Pharma any more than I do even to this day. Denver

Sara Reider After the HepB vaccine shortly after birth, my son went from a happily nursing, content baby - to becoming stiff, rigid (hypertonia - a sign of brain damage) and screamed constantly (extreme colic). He also developed that "lost" look in his eyes (like no one is home). He didn't speak until 3.5. He's 7 now and has progressed wonderfully. Life and sparkle has returned to his eyes. Autism is still present, but he is fully conversational (with just pragmatic difficulties) and extremely bright. Sensitive, sweet, compassionate, creative, funny - a joy. Still stims a lot to "process" and "think" and can tune out from time to time. He also remains somewhat "stiff" to this day, but not as severely so as he was in infancy. His EEG readings are wonky (abnormal) - but he does not have seizures (knock on wood). He is doing great - and we are very optimistic about his future. Wilmington, NC

Shannon Nicole Renis MMR shot took away my sons eye contact and social interaction the 18 months shot gave him a seizure and lost all speech quit eating... Has severe constipation lost all speech (I never heard of autism till after this) become extremely O.C.D. I have 3 boys my oldest is diagnosed with autism hes 5 nonverbal. He had 50 words my 18 months had a series of shots and the dr said she was gonna give him his 2 yr shots to so we didnt have to come back in in a month and that it was comple...tely safe he ended up getting a fever having a seizure and loosing everything within 2 weeks.. He did loose intersest in other children after his one yr shot to....but other than that he was fine we thought he was just jealious of his baby brother we also have a 4 yr old who was behind but when we stopped the shots he caught right up.. And my 3 yr old has no shots and is fine...

Anita Reusch I only found out about 70 years later that my aunts condition was caused by a vaccine, which one it was I´d like to find out, since other people in Germany were affected by the same disorder my aunt suffered. She was paralyzed hemiplegic on her right side. Her older sister was six at the time and remembers how her mother voiced concerns about the vaccination because her sister had a cold at the time. The doctors bullied my grandmother into the procedure, after which my aunt started favouring her right arm, holding it close to her chest - a lifelong condition. Of course they disclaimed the vaccine as the causative agent - conveniently. This was in 1932 Nazi Germany where handicapped people were murdered by the state. My grandmother tried everything, consulted all the doctors she could find, but to no avail. My aunt would remain handicapped the rest of her life, my mother bearing the brunt of the burden of caring for her. Growing up with a handicapped aunt in our house stopped my sister and I from having children, the horror of what we witnessed as children was overwhelming and we didn´t know that it wasn´t our genes but faulty science. My aunt never could learn to read and write nor tell time. She had to have special shoes to accommodate her shortened right side. My family cared for her 75 years, why they allowed any of us to be vaccinated again I cannot fathom. I became encephalitic after a vaccine at the age of four. I have been terrified of needles ever since and will never allow anybody to violate the sanctity of my body ever again, nor those under my care. My last vaccine was a tetanus shot - totally useless - in 2001. Vaccines don´t work - they harm - avoid them - always. Seriously!

Kurt Rhoney Our son consistently had ear infections, health problems (colds, etc.) after each and every vaccine and stopped talking after the MMR and flu vaccine at 15 months of age. Typical signs of Autism followed. Seemed deaf or hard of hearing, had... no eye contact, and could play with rocks for hours. No one would tell us what our son had or what was going on for 3 months after until we took our son out of the USA to see a doctor in a South American country. A good majority of Doctors in the USA are not paying attention to the Children they are vaccinating enough to know when to vaccinate and when not too and parents are paying the price for trusting them. I would like to thank all the DAN doctors who work hard and learn new cutting edge treatments. We need treatment good centers around the country! Honolulu, Hawaii

Amanda Irene Richards My son was a normal, healthy little boy, spoke, played, laughed, he had his mmr and two days later he never spoke again...I watched him get tested after for genetics, chromosomes, everything was normal, the only thing different was that vaccine. Lakeland, Florida

Sydney Richburg It truly hurts me to go back to those memories now that I know what was happening. I received a letter in the mail informing me that it would be reported that my son Evan Richburg didn't receive his shots. My son was talking , calling his brother Brandon's name "Andon! baba da ga... " and laugh he was mimicking me when I would give his brother instructions, well that was the first and last time that ever happened. Once getting his vaccines, he never came back of course I though well.. the doctor said he would be fussy and sleep a lot... but he never came back from that day on he started drooling again like an infant. This is all I can bear to recall at this time

Destiny Ridling My son had some words,learning to walk...at 14months they administered the dtap and mmr...that night he got fever,turned to pneumonia,began to lose words,stopped walking,no longer turned when name called,lost eye contact,started spacing out and asthma began.he didnt walk again til 22 months old,just now have about 5 words but he is 8 now. NorthBend Oregon

Deena Velez Rivera My son was 20 months when he rcvd DTaP. Hib Influenza B and Oral Polio vaccines in one visit. Suffered fever the seizure lost all speech & appetite began head banging all in 24hrs. Dx- PDD-nos and ADHD. Tampa, Fl He is almost 12 now, ver...bal but not age appropriately, in a main-stream class and on GF diet. As a side note my 5 year old daughter also suffered gran mal seizures for 2 days after she rcv'd a DTaP at 18 months old suffered bowel issues and sweating, abdominal pain. She's now fully recovered. Also Tampa, Fl

Daniel Robb Had MMR, DT and polio injections at age 15 years, arrested development, neuropsychiatric symptoms, is now 31 in full time care. (Scotland).

Joe Robetson My son went for his vaccines MMR plus other ones at 18 months old. Straight after when he got home from them he was banging his head & eyes were rolling like he was taking severe reaction his stomach was retching. We phoned the doctors straight away & told them what was happening they said it was just a mild reaction he’ll be fine in a little while. The next morning he was still banging his head & making retching noises. We phoned doctors again, they said it sounds like autism but its, not the vaccines, we waited for months to see a pedeatriction to tell his our story he said the head banging is because he’s grumpy it is not the vaccines it sounds like ASD. It then took the ped a year to come into a room to look at my son & say yeah its autism I said well he was fine till he got these shots he has chronic pain he can’t poo & he won’t look at me anymore, we need his bowls checked. He said that won’t help his autism, I said these vaccines have done this to my child, he says vaccines are just proteins your kid was born like this, its rewiring of the brain my kid is still regressing every day with no doctor believing me or my family I have all the pics & videos in my ph to prove he was normal but no doctor wants to see or believe that vaccines can & do cause autism I have lost all faith in doctors & I still have a very sick kid on my hands whos getting sicker & more brain sick every day & its because his bowel is so damaged & doctors wont help & our family have to watch our son in so much pain every day. If I could have 1 wish it would be to never have taking my son to the people who are meant to protect him cause once the damage is done they don’t believe u its so sad a beautiful little normal boy been sick doctors are causing an autism epidemic. My wee chazz normal then severe gut & brain damage what the doctors say he was born like These doctors should be jailed for child abuse it’s so sad cause there millions of parents all saying the same thing hopefully one day our voices will be heard.

Elizabeth Lucye Robillard Mine. Had flu straight away -Jamie Jones - fever- was given ephidrine by a locum GP (?!!) was just THREE WEEKS OLD vaccines administered by Dr.Periyasami of the OM SAI Medical Centre, London, UK, SW5 =from a warm cupboard - 3 shots, then 3 more three weeks later despite still having a cold - did not develop any speech but a gut problem, weird stuff and gut-clutching still aged 18 in diapers - no doctor will help him - me not allowed to see him (ask Andy why) Jamie had some speech when his dad stopped seeing him for a year but then he lost it when sent to live with him again, now suffering silently in Treehouse thanks to nasty people

Brian Robinson My son had three weeks of fevers right after his one year mmr and slowly lost his ability to walk, talk, socialize, eat, had constant diarrhoea, cried nonstop, didn't sleep, lost eye contact, tensed uncontrollably. Snohomish county, Washington state.

Kaci Robotka My son went in for his 1 year shots and got all 7 in one day. Within 6 weeks he lost all his speech, began having OCD tendencies and his daycare noticed "something wrong". They were administered in Rice Lake, WI. He is now 3... Technically nonverbal but can say the simple words he could when he was 1.

Melinda Herwehe Robson After receiving his MMR shot at 12 months my son stopped talking, cried all of the time, was unable to be calmed and did not want to be held, he totally regressed. We are from Iowa.

Mercedes Rocco My son was a perfectly normal kid they held off on his shots cause he had to have surgery for his belly. After he healed we went for a series of shots and he got very ill, 105 fevers, leg swollen, his eyes started rolling in the back of his head took him to the hospital they didn’t know what was wrong it lasted for 3 days. They released him with no evidence, no seizures activity. We went home and my boy was never the same, he didn’t look at me, didn’t know his name anymore, cried around his favorite swing he loved so much. He wasn’t the same they told me he has autism. Ok doesn’t make sense, then I looked up vac. reactions and they were the same symptoms. I have two other boys they are perfectly fine. I will not believe that there is no link. Saginaw, Michigan

Cara Rodriguez By addressing what caused my daughter's DX I have helped to reverse many of her symptoms and progress in her treatment. My daughter was nonverbal prior to diet and detox, w/in two days of dieting and detox she started talking as if someone turn off the mute button. She tested with high levels of aluminum after her HIB reaction. Check out my "The day our lives changed" album, it should be viewable to the public. I have info in there about aluminum and what high levels do to kids. You shouldn't assume that those who speak out about what happened to their kids are only focussing on that, what happened. I have my daughter doing 2 hrs of ABA a week, 90 mins of speech and 2 hours of OT in addition to her diet changes and supplement use and school 5 days a week (which offers more speech and OT). I too am doing everything in my power to help her progress as well. You should do the research, you may find more ways to help your kid. We don't speak out about our experiences solely to place blame and wallow in our self pity. It's because we KNOW and watched what happened to our kids and we want to help prevent it from happening to other children. I WATCHED my daughter stop talking and walking the very same day she got the MMR. I listened t hear screaming for hours following the shot. I should have done my research then because I would have avoided her next shot, the HIB which left her brain damaged. I am not trying to come off as abrasive, but I absolutely HATE when people suggest that in speaking out that we aren't doing everything we can to help our kids, or that we are sentencing them to death by no longer vaxing. I watched my daughter react to the MMR and the HIB. In retrospect i think she also may have had a reaction to the Hep B in the hospital because immediately following the vaccine she was screaming bloody murder for three hours which then started her "colic". The vaccine was administered in Chicago, Il.

Shelly Rogers My daughters seizures started after the shots, then a year of tests, then the label autistic.

Kersten Rojas After every vaccine, my child became sick (RSV, bronchiolitis, measles (3 times), fevers, 'toddlers' diarrhoea. dx'd autism at 2, PANDAS at 4, and Autoimmune encephalopathy at 5. Recovered at 6 with biomed, homeopathy, and IVIG. Batavia, IL

Mark Rojek My daughter was not vaccinated until she was 6 years old. She was attending a Catholic School in Chicago. I originally had signed a "Religious Waiver" but was told the Catholic Church was not opposed to vaccinations and in fact, it was their policy to have students vaccinated. I was told should I use the religious waiver, it meant I was not Catholic and would have the tuition increased by over $1,000.00. In this way I was coerced into getting her vaccinated. Fortunately, I was the medical technician at our family doctor. I was the one who gave shots and all the other things done. The day she came in I did not give her the DPT shot but injected her with a homeopathic remedy which had no effect. I gave her concentrated proteolytic enzymes just prior to the attenuated, oral polio vaccine. The enzymes destroyed all of the virus. (I am an enzyme therapist and know this to be a fact). Unfortunately, her mother (we were divorced) visited her own mother in another town and took her to a doctor who gave her the MMR shot. Within 2 weeks her teacher and myself noticed very brief periods that she looked dazed. Turns out she began having petite mall seizures as a result of the MMR vaccine. Of course I could not "prove" it scientifically but she never had seizures prior to being vaccinated. She was given an EEG and tested positive for seizure activity. She was put on Depakote which dumbs-down a person. She struggled throughout all of school as a result of the medication. She finally stopped her medicine after high school and has been seizure free since then. While the damage was "minimal" compared to other children, she nonetheless, suffered many years socially and mentally as a result of being vaccinated. I have over 700 clinical studies from peer-reviewed medical journals clearly showing vaccines do not work as we are told; they do not protect people from the virus they purport to; they have serious neurological affects; cause severe damage and contribute to long-term diseases later in life.

Amanda Roland My sons vaccs as an infant after his MMR, ran high fevers off and on for months then @ 18 months 2004 he hit a brick wall stopped smiling didn’t hardly talk. Now he has speech problems that are getting better. He’s in 3rd grade, reads at 1st grade level but is mains stream with help thanx to my determination n hard work!

Marsha Romanowki My son was about 18 months old when he started to regress. He had been developing normally up until then. After that he was an angry, violent child who didn’t speak until he was four and wasn’t fully potty trained until 12 years old. Then my son received a booster at 13 years old. Within a week he was committed to a psychiatric hospital for a month. Where he was finally diagnosed with PPD NOS. This was after years of misdiagnosis, test, therapies, countless doctors, etc. My 11 year old has also been diagnosed with PPD NOS in last few months as well. Seth 20 - no asd. Spencer 15 - PPD NOS, Bipolar, Mentally handicapped, etc. Sidney 11 - PPD NOS

Jennifer Romans My teenage daughter had severe. Reactions,she had seizures and would pass out. west plains,mo

Damiano Rongioletti I am the father of a 13-year-old boy who has suffered damage from a vaccine. I write from Italy. my son went through some very delicate moments in the first 6 months. At 4 months he had open-heart surgery. At 6 months he had Pneumonia, at 7 months to 11 months 1 dose vaccination (POLIORAL) with Thimerosal then, another 6 interventions. I made call after call following the vaccines but my son got more and more worse. In three years he was a child with cerebral palsy, seizures, big problems with intestinal impairment and central visual cortical blindness. Only thanks to Dr Montinari, I figured out the cause of the damage. The State does not want to recognize the damage from the vaccine. Indeed, the expert said that Dr Wakefield was biased, this is unacceptable.

Becky Rose Our son Johnathan Rose he is age 7 but 2 yrs ago we found out he now has IBS and we see Dr. Krigsman. He was age 2 when we found out he has mild autism but we new something was up at the age 18 months which was 6 months after he received his MMR shot. Johnathan is a vaccine injured child from the MMR. Jacksonville, Florida

Holli M. Rose Pharm.D. Clinical Psychiatric Pharmacist Specialist My son was born in 2001, so the last cohort of kids that may still have contained mercury. I’m a pharmacist so he was fully vaccinated. Before his extra flu shot received at 2 (becuz his brother was born and too young to get the vaccine I gave another to Connor..the 2yr old), he had language (200words), a flirt, great eye contact, laughed. He started losing some of it slowly until the last flu vaccine seemed to send him over the top and the stims began, language all gone, permanent frown, tantrums became horrible,, sleep bad. Poop became bad at 18mo after MMR (2 weeks of diarrhea which continued for 4 years as soft stools until finally got better from GFCF diet and many many biomed/med trials. Also had fever, screaming and poor sleep for a week aftrer MMR). Early on, at 12mo, he could even identify letters. Took several years for the laugh to come back, occasionally. Took chelation for even one word to come back. Frown is still permanently there for the most part though. It was like he was kidnapped. Connor is now 9. Vaccines were in Long beach

Amy Rosenquist My son had an adverse reaction to his HepB vaccine at 24 hours old, in 1998 in Chicago. He had been a very calm newborn up until then & had already nursed successfully several times, but after that he was stiff, rigid, cried inconsolably, only nursed for a few seconds at a time then pulled away screaming, only slept for 45 minutes at a time. That lasted for about six weeks. He had similar reactions to his 6 vax at 2 months, 4 months, & 6 months but each time I was told it was my fault or if I did this or that differently he would be fine. At 12 mos he had a few syllables (partial words) and hand pulled us where he wanted us. After his MMR he lost even that communication and appeared to be in a conscious but vegetative state for the next year or so until I discovered biomedical treatments online. Within a few days of taking gluten & dairy out of his diet he began making eye contact and small gestures again. My daughter, also in Chicago, had an adverse reaction to Dtap, Hib, HepB at 2 mos in 2001 - stopped making eye contact, dramatically averting her eyes, for 2 weeks, which I was told was because I "was busy and didn't realize I'd stopped making eye contact with her." At 4 mos she had a dramatically adverse reaction to that same combo, this time screaming nonstop for 36 days. Previously she had been a very verbal, smiley, engaged baby. Following the vax she was rigid, stiff, screamed constantly, projectile vomited for 6-8 months after nursing, had diarrhea daily for a year, and stopped vocalizing entirely. At 16 mos she accidentally ingested a cup of her brother's rice milk, in which Houston enzymes were dissolved (powder). A few hours later she began babbling and later that evening had her first formed stool in her life. I should have added that after my daughter's 4 mos vax adverse reaction, she never had further vaccines, & never the MMR - which is probably why she fully recovered Thanks for your work on Dr. Wakefield's behalf. If it hadn't been for his research I would not have been able to investigate and treat my children, which has resulted in my daughter's full recovery and my son becoming a high functioning, verbal, and profoundly artistically gifted young man. On a very small scale I have experienced a tiny bit of what he is enduring, being one of the moms reported to child protective services for using biomedical interventions. Please do not hesitate to let me know if there is any other way that I can help.

Jennifer Fleig Rossi Our 9 year son was born and was developing very typically. He reached all his milestones on time if not early. After receiving his MMR at his check up he became very ill. He spiked a fever of over 104 and could not stop vomiting and developed eczema o the back of his upper arms. He was admitted to the hospital where they had to re-hydrate him and give him meds to stop the vomiting. After that, I noticed his babbling plateaued, his eye contact got bad, his fine motor skills were terrible, he would stare at fans for hours on end and would spin anything he could. After years of therapy and doctors he has been diagnosed with Aspergers. He remains in a normal classroom and is a very bright child with no discipline problems but still has that detachment that aspies have. We were lucky to get the intervention early but that was all us advocating for him and doing and paying for it on our own. His pediatrician could never seem to see anything wrong. We are with a DAN! doctor now out of Charlotte, NC.- Fort Mill, SC

Eleanor Grace Rowe - age 18. Our story is like all the others....doing great...bright and alert...get vaccines and falls into all the symptoms we read so much about. Many years later I did a hair anaylsis test on her and according to the Mineral Displacement counting rules as outlined by Andy Cutler, her results indicated mercury poisoning. She never eats fish, we do not live near a power plant and she has never had a filling in her teeth. So where else would it come from? Also, only now, after all these years have we put together a family history that shows our family DOES NOT do well with the MMR. SERIOUS side effects for relatives. Wish I had known. Guntersville, Alabama

Kelly Ruebling We believe my son Seth was affected by the MMR vaccination administered in Ofallon Missouri. He had been saying words until he was 15 months old and then he just stopped. He was diagnosed with ASD when he was 2 and has been in speech therapy and special instruction since. He can now mock us but doesn't really know what he's saying.

Tara Vanlandingham Rucker Evan/born 2/25/97 Had MMR at 18 mths and had 3 seizures. Was told it was night terrors. He received them in Greenwood, IN. He has Aspergers, OCD, ODD, Trichotillomania and Tics.

Shannon N Ruhe My son had a fever when I took him in for MMR, chicken pox, and tetanus at 15 months. He still 6 yrs later has a rash at the injection site. We were blessed though to have information, though he started as severe, he has recovered. We live in Kingwood Texas.

Angela Ruiz My son was 18 months old and after his vaccines he started having about 100 myoclonic seizures daily, he stopped talking and developmentally went downhill, he is now going to be 11 and still has daily seizures and autism. I live in Bexar County, SA, TX. He also has Tardive Dyskinesia from medications and Celiac Disease.

Jennifer Farris Russell My son was developing normally (walking, talking, meeting milestones, etc.), until he received a MMR at 12 months. From there, it was all down hill. The vaccine was administered in Corbin, KY.

Theresa Russell My grandson Tristin is 6. He started acting different as soon as he got his first baby shots in Detroit, Michigan. I knew he was autistic real early but he wasnt officially diagnosed untill he was 4. He didnt talk untill he was 4 and he has hirshprungs disese.

Val Ruston in 1953 my brother died a couple of days after his whooping cough vaccine and I had a massive asthma attack but survived, we lived in Tilbury Essex England

Ashley Ryburn (Colorado) I want to introduce you to Ashley. She was 15 at the time of her first shot and she is now 16. Here is what her mother has to say about her daughter. "I am a single mother and have dedicated my life to providing a safe, fun loving environment for my daughter. She has been a gift in my life. I describe her as having an old soul. People of all ages, race, disabled, even animals connect with her. She has always attracted attention from everyone even complete strangers. Ashley will immediately help anyone in need. From holding open a door, to standing up for a child being picked on. People in our community always tell me what a great job I have done raising her." "Ashley has always been involved in extra curricular school activities and has always received top grades. My healthy teenage daughter became a chronically ill young woman. In the last year I have called 911 more times than I can count. She has been hospitalized three times within a year. We have seen many doctors and specialists who have done many tests multiple times all to be within normal limits. Ashley experiences life threatening episodes of seizure like activity, difficulty breathing, major back spasms, paralysis, dehydration, memory loss and tremors and she becomes unresponsive. She has daily illnesses of nausea, exhaustion, vomiting, pain and hair loss. I have provided CPR and life saving skills on a regular basis". "Ashley and I have had conversations in the event she may die. I can only promise her that I will do everything in my power for this not to happen and that we need to focus on healing. I never thought in a million years a vaccine would do this much damage to my beautiful girl. I stay strong for my daughter. I also cry with her too. I keep faith in knowing God doesn't put more on our shoulders than we can handle. As a mother, I also feel the responsibility to get Ashley's story out there so we can help other families." "Now she is ill - her life is dealing with daily symptoms and hoping for a day without a life threatening episode."

Joanna Rydzewski Son born healthy may 84, Jun 84 had well visit perfect baby size schedule, vaccinated with DPT/MMR. That evening rash, call Dr and said it a diaper rash...then a fever, lethargic, swollen. Call Dr service said going to ER. Paramedic transported and admitted. Reaction to vaccine. Total care for 31 years, diapers, Wheelchair, developmentally and neurologically, brain function of 12 months to 2 years. Waited 31yrs to hear my son say mama a few days ago. NJ, Middlesex county.

Julie Rylance Our son had his first vaccination at 4 1/2 months (but scheduled in Australia at 2 months) (which in 2 needles included DTPa, IPV, HIB, HepB, PPV & PCV (pneumococcal) - everything scheduled but the rotavirus). The weekend prior to the vaccine he had begun rolling both directions and was quite happy on his tummy reaching out and grabbing toys. For 6 weeks following he did not reach out a hand to grab at any toys but looked at them whimpering and did not roll again for months. By the time he started to reach out (just a little bit) to his toys he was due for his next vaccine and we have opted to not continue them. We are filled with regret that we buckled to the bullying by the GP to get him vaccinated when we had only brought him in initially for a check-up - our intention being to start vaccinations at 12 months. He is now 15 months old and we have had him to a specialist paediatric physiotherapist who has diagnosed him with low muscle tone / delayed crawling and development of gross and fine motor skills. She is amazing and he has improved at an incredible rate in just the last 3 months. His paedatrician at 6 week checkup said "he has good muscle tone and a nice double chin". I am not sure whether we received a mis-diagnosis from the paediatrician at 6 weeks and he has always had low muscle tone or whether it has been a result of the vaccination. We have been made to feel ridiculous and stupid by a number of GP's who said that the vaccine had nothing to do with his sudden loss of interest in grabbing at toys etc. - we have since found a GP who believed us and has recommended that we not continue vaccinations until he has caught up on his development. This GP does not advise that a child with development delays be vaccinated which is an amazing find. We have never had any intention of getting the MMR - we have heard far too much anecdotal evidence of the possible dangers. Queensland, Australia


Angela Sadler This makes for truly disturbing viewing but none of it surprises me. I have held the belief that my daughters severe Autism and bowel disease were a direct result of the MMR vaccine for over 20 years now, nothing will make me change my mind on this and yes I have felt the guilt that I let her down by giving her the vaccine for over 20 years too.

Sarah Saich My son is 4 years old. After first MMR shot at 14 months he started head banging, screaming for hours, wouldnt sleep or eat. Diagnosed with autism at 2 years old. Had his 2nd shot MMR 3 months ago and became so violent and difficult he is now on daily medication. I am totallly convinced the vaccinations are to blame. We live in the UK and he had both shots in London.

Alisande Salmon I don't know how to draw the line from my children’s disorders and their vaccinations. So what I can do is tell you what i know. Any help i can give to further gather info and/or assist, just let me know. My daughter Samsara, born in 1991, was given her vaccinations 2 twice ! Once as a child normally, again when she was in foster care and her records were supposedly "lost". She was in foster care for a year when she was 12-13 and is going to be 20 soon. I hit the roof when her foster mother called me telling me that they couldn't find her records which i couldn’t find after moving When they looked it up in dept of health it was nowhere to be found yet I had provided them every time she went to school_ so where did they go ? I asked her to put the doctor on the phone but the doctor refused to speak with me. The doctor told the foster mother that my daughter had to have them then and it was mandatory. I remember crying on the phone and begging them to please not give them to her. They were giving her all of her shots from infancy to the present ALL OVER AGAIN WITHOUT MY CONSENT. I was able to get record of my son from dept of health but they couldn’t do this for my daughter? how was I able to et her into school all these years? they wouldn’t even look that up to avoid giving her the shots and i was drained from having a daughter in foster care that was just acting out originally. I remember her getting fever and calling me to tell me she felt tired and had fever several time in the following two weeks. The year after is when she was diagnosed with elevated ANA levels. Her legs would swell and she'd sleep all day, be awake at night and have either no appetite or she'd over eat. My daughter would get worse gradually and I thought it was depression or just teen years but she never wanted to do anything unless she was going out at night with friends whose company i did not favour. She always seemed lethargic, lazy and distracted easily yet in a fog. I feel she has come out of it somewhat but i just don't know. My son had problems talking at first, he was almost 2 when he 'started" saying words. He seemed ok but all of a sudden new vaccination cocktails started coming out a few years back. We lived in the Bronx, not a bad neighbourhood, but it had it share of the ghetto close by. I thought the doctor just around the corner was fine but felt they were pushing vaccinations all the time. My son was already 11 and every time we went to the doctor even for sick visits, they were telling me he had to get another vaccination. wth? 3 years ago i tried to get exempt fighting the board of ed using a guideline from a lawyer who advocated for safer vaccines or none at all. I even sent in articles which documented how the first cases of Autism began surfacing after the first small pox vaccinations... and that it was against my religious beliefs...etc. I was denied of course because..we have no rights. Over a year ago my son developed an ongoing bout of stomach disorders. It would start with vomiting off and on for 24 hours and cease. This would continue for a year and just recently started again. The doctors, 3 all together have not been able to diagnose him. There it is.

Jean Saltzman First grandson we believe was injured by the Hepatitis B Vaccine. Hasn't been diagnosed with anything except Emotionally Impaired. He has many Apspergers's Characteristics. The second grandson got pnemonia a few days after the DTAP vaccine and was sick for weeks. Lapeer, MI

Katy Shrimpy Samuels Storm (now 9) perfectly normal devel until mmr.Started screaming the night she had it...and never really stopped!Stopped crusing,vocalising/trying to feed herself.Back to crawling and screaming!Diagnosed with autism at 2yrs.in special school now.hope this helps. Aberystwyth,wales"

Heather White Sanders Tampa oct 2006. She got a high fever from vaccines and was gone in 7 days, lost language, eye contact. Everything!

Stephanie Freeman Sanford Bennett had 5-7 words and usual milestones up until food allergies started getting him sick. Add the MMR at 12 months on top of that and he regressed slowly to no speech and loss of eye contact, diarrhea by 18 months.

He is now 5 1/2 . ...With help from DAN and ABA he is now potty trained, has no GI issues and is limited verabally but can get what he needs using few words. We lived in Fort Worth Texas during regression.

Katy Santana My son was given the MMR vaccine at 14 months. Within 24 hours he spiked a fever of 108 degrees and maintained that temperature for 3 days. When the fever went away so did all of his speech, emotion and eye contact. I reported the problem to his doctor who promptly told me the vaccine could not have been the cause. We had him evaluated by speech, occupational & physical therapists and then a behavioural doctor. He was diagnosed with Moderate to Severe Autism at 22 months old. When he was 4, I had him re-evaluated, the diagnosis was changed to Mild High Functioning Autism & ADHD. He is now 8 years old. Manitowoc, Wisconsin. USA.

Pablo El Bey Santanna Our son received MMR, PCV and Hib/MenC in London October 2011.Our son was spot on developmentally and slightly ahead in a few domains. He was walking from 11months, speaking mama dada, nan, cat, bus and car, waving, pointing and interacting socially. There was never an issue with my sons development or health.After he received these vaccines he had a high temp 39 rang GP told give calpol every few hours,had upset stomach very bad diarrhoea which has been ingoing i was told thisnis toddler diarrhoea....in the weeks that followed my son having his vaccinations he lost balance would fall over constantly, stopped pointing, stopped waving, lost eye contact, stopped interacting as he had before with friends and family, begun spinnung wheels on toy cars as he had never done before, banging head on floor, going upside down the list is endless and lastly lost all speech. I know my partner knows and everyone watching a child regress knows whats to blame...My son was not born with Autism at all people may say what they want but we witnessed our son losing everything he knew and the changes after vaccination were obvious my son went from a happy, healthy little boy who woild stare deep into our eyes to a little boy frustrated not being able to communicate or enjoy things he had loved before.Listen to parents... I know there is no doctor or anyone else who knows my child like myself and partner.

Amanda Carpenter Saraco Hep B Amory, MS June 2004- when my daughter was a newborn in the hospital, they gave her the vaccine without even telling me... She was brought to me sleeping and I could not make her wake up for 6 hours to feed- and had to fight to keep h...er awake for feeding constantly for months, explosive, weird, slimy smelly bms. Rashes were our life. We when I told my doc, he explained to me how I finally have a 'good' baby that will give me a break by sleeping all the time? He did not even look at her! Then just became less verbal after 18 mos vaccines. Both my girls had high fevers and lots of crying (for at least an hour) after vaccines, and swelling at shot sites I never knew which ones did it as they gave so many at once!. My other daughter has dylexia, ADHD, possible asperger's.

Julia Overstreet Sathler Our son had what is called a “staring incident” after one of his Prevnar vaccines. He sat there expressionless with no smiling, talking, or following things with his eyes for a few hours. It was not immediately after the vaccine, but a few hours later. It wasn’t until I tried to find out what happening online that I realized this sometimes occurs after vaccination. At that point his pediatrician wrote in his chart that he should have no more Prevnar, and he has not. Around this time he was having other very scary issues like the unexplained “Sandifer’s Syndrome”, which are spasms; plus reflux, asthma, and some severe intestinal issues. They began to talk about colon surgery, but fortunately he began to heal and it was not necessary. I began to feel that his eye contact was not what it should be for a baby and that perhaps he was at risk for an autism spectrum problem. Fortunately he was still an infant when this happened, so we could intervene at an early stage. We have decided to space out his vaccinations and only administer them monovalently (single dose). As he got older and active we noticed that he sweats profusely compared to people in our family or other children his age, which can be a sign of aluminum toxicity. Because of this, combined with his intestinal issues, he was thought to have cystic fibrosis, but fortunately he did not. To me, his mother, he smells like my grandmother’s aluminum pots when he sweats. Fortunately he is older now, and through a careful vaccination protocol, combined with nutritional approaches, he seems to be quite healthy. Fatal neurological problems do run in one side of the family, and we believe this heredity has made him susceptible to some of the ingredients in vaccines. I think it is a travesty that children are not screened for risk factors in vaccination.

Bette Sartore High temperature, one high pitched scream and then silence. My son Galen, born 1993, was diagnosed profoundly autistic in Melbourne, Australia at 4 years of age. After his MMR shots were administered his body responded with a high temperature and frantic screaming. This continued for 4 hours and then he let out a piercing scream. After that nothing. The doctor told me the next day all children have some reaction to vaccination. We slowly lost him completely and were given his diagnosis. After ABA for many years and Biomed and Secrenase ( he is now in his 8th year) he is still autistic but slight anxiety is the only behaviour. He is learning to be a potter, plays piano, writes and films his own movies and yesterday he saw me with heavy bags and yelled out wait mum I'll take them in for you. I wrote a book which was published in 2000 "Diagnosis Autism - where to go from here." (http://www.angelfire.com/my/bookpage/) with help from Dr. Bernard Rimland (ARI) Autism unit University of San Diego and Dr. Paul Shattock "Autism unit " at the University of Sunderland UK. It details everything we tried with Galen, how it worked, the outcomes as well as where and how to try them for yourself. I was actually threatened by phone about adding information on Vaccination but did it any way including "What's in a shot" and A letter to photocopy for your doctor to sign stating he will be responsible for anything that happens to your child in relation to the vaccine. Victoria, Australia

Kelly Martineau Sastamoine Heb B- jandus, loss of oral motor control, constipation, milk allergy, 2 holes in his heart: all by 6 weeks of age.

Gloria Satterlee Following vaccinations in both arms simultaneously with MMR and Hep. B. She was so ill that she was bedridden for awhile and had insomnia so bad that she was threatening to take her own life after a 2 week period where she barely slept at all. Only after being given Ambien could she finally sleep, but sleep was always non-restorative. Every system in her body was affected, brain, immune, central nervous system, muscles, eye sensitivity to light, digestive, pain, you name it. She had NMH because her body did not produce enough blood volume and had to be on salt and Florinef for years. She was extremely ill from age 15 to about 20, then she gradually improved. She is mostly well now, with flare ups now and then but now she is facing a different battle. She is divorcing her very abusive husband and he is trying to use the fact that she did not vaccinate her children because of the reactions that she and also her sister had from them. He had always agreed with her about it but now is saying that he didn't! They are going to try to use this against her in the custody trial! The judge ordered the children to be vaccinated and she told them that she agreed to having it done, just not all at once cocktail fashion. The ex and his parents took the kids to be vaccinated against her wishes. She tried to reason with them and get them to give them one at a time to see if they would have any reactions, but they went around her secretly and had the health dept. do it. They are trying to say that she is crazy and irresponsible. We need someone to testify that she was in fact acting in a responsible way to proceed with caution in vaccinating them. Dansville, NY

Tamara Schauman My child was sick with viral bronchitis when he was administered an MMR vaccine. He reacted to the shot quickly, acting different the same night. Within three days he completely stopped talking and has been non-verbal and pretty severe ever since. He was administered his vaccines in Morganton, N.C.

Jackie Schlegel-Polvado On the Day of Birth my daughter was given a hep. B shot, she developed a 101.6 fever, vomiting, and seizures and screamed for 4 days straight, literally. She was then diagnosed with autism and GI dysfunction. I live in Fort Worth Texas.

Kerri Scheufler On June 23rd, we took our son into the pediatrician’s office to receive his one-year vaccines. We were getting ready to go on vacation and we wanted to get it over with since they were already late. Just like most other parents, I dreaded these appointments. I couldn’t stand taking my sweet, smiling, cheerful child into the doctor to have him poked and prodded, but I didn’t know I had a choice. I ran a home-based child care facility and I thought immunizations had to be current for that, as well as future schooling, camps, etc. Kash is the youngest of 5 siblings, all of whom have been vaccinated, and we never had issues, so unfortunately, I didn’t put much thought into doing any of my own research. Kash was immunized, I got him dressed, and we both left the doctors office in tears. The next morning I was cuddling with Kash when he first woke up, and he began to vomit. When he finished, I turned him over and tried to get him to communicate with me, or even respond, and I got nothing from him but a blank stare. His body was limp, he was staring off into space, and he wouldn’t even acknowledge his own name. Knowing something wasn’t right, we took him to the closest ER, which was about 5 minutes away. After evaluating him the attending physician told us that more than likely Kash had suffered a seizure due to “system overload” from his vaccines the day before. We were told to take him home, let him rest, keep an eye on him, but that everything SHOULD BE okay. Story continues at http://vaxtruth.org/2011/09/meet-kash/

James Schlipf Our son Parker was hitting all normal development milestones until his one year well-baby checkup in the fall of 1997. He received a DTaP vaccine (7 shots combined) while on a prescription for antibiotics; When we expressed concern, we were told that he had to keep on his vaccine schedule and that vaccines were good for him. His cough got worse and he had symptoms of pertussis. He then got the MMR vaccine (8 shots combined) in the spring of 1998, turned red all over, ran a fever of 105 for four days, screamed all night, and the doctor said it was not an unusual reaction and to wait it out. Within 60 days he had lost all eye contact, speech, and almost completely stopped sleeping. Diagnosed in 2000 with "moderately severe" autism by Dr. John Nickel at Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland, Oregon, who told us there were no cures or treatments and we should "let go of him." Dr. Nickel pretended to have never heard of the GFCF diet, but we soon discovered he publishes articles in medical journals training pediatricians how to steer parents away from "alternative treatments." (He lied to us.) Parker has been seeing a DAN doctor for ten years and a combination of special diets, supplements, and highly individualized therapy have kept him out of institutions. Insurance covers almost none of this. He still does not speak, but he is learning to read and write, understands conversations, and is a delightful young man with a great sense of humor

Cate Schmautz It has broken my heart each time I have had to get my daughter vaccinated as she went from the brightest, sweetest, most loving and patient 2, 4, 6 years old, to a sickly, irritable, helpless sad little girl!!! Every time!!! I delayed her shots as long as I possibly could each time (She didn't get her first shots 'til age 2, so she could go to preschool). Thank God she returned to her old self after a few weeks, but those weeks were some of the scariest of my life! Fevers. Lethargy. Loss of appetite. Loss of will. That's just to name a few. Poor little creature!!! And each time I sensed this impending demise. instinct?! I know that the diseases are horrible and I certainly don't want her to contract any one of them either, but this seems to be a very unintelligent way to take care of the epidemics (which are dwindling anyway).

Christina Schmidt Our darling Emily developed normally until the age of 14 months, at which time she received her first round of immunization booster shots. At this first visit, she received 3 separate immunizations. During the short drive home, it was evident that something was wrong. Instead of her normal happy demeanor, she appeared confused and even had an unusual “worried” look on her face. After arriving home, we put her in her walker so we could prepare her lunch. Again it was evident that something was wrong as she began to pace nervously through the house and would occasionally stop and cry out for no apparent reason. Looking into her eyes. I could see repeated dilations and contractions of her pupils. In an effort to console her, we tried to pick her up but she would quickly push herself away from me. She still had the confused and worried look on her face. My daughter was lost to 'autism' 20 minutes following 3 shots at 14 mths old. Here is our blog, www.emilyshopefund.blogspot.com. it is a story of what happened to her what we've been through and what treatments/biomedical interventions we are doing and seeking for her care. Tarrant Cnty. Texas

Samantha Schmitz My son was 2 months old in 2008 and had an adverse reaction to the dtap vaccine he cried 3 hrs straight called my doctor they assured me he would be fine also caught whooping cough continued on schedule with his shots he developed severe eczema at 4 months was always sick running nose at we realized he was lactose intolerantat at almost 3 he was diagnosed with high functioning Autism. Hibbing Minnesota

Steve Schmill Our daughter was affected almost immediately by the MMR vaccine. Went from speaking at six months to almost completely nonverbal about six months after the shot, with stimming and wild tantrums and sweaty nightmares. Sunken eyes, eczema, looked like a haunted, zombie girl. I think she had exposure to mercury through other environmental factors in utero, but the vaccine was the straw that broke the camel's back. She had the bowel issues and allergies to dairy and milk within months of the vaccines, but it took us a few months to find the cause. First we did the cf diet and skin condition, bowel issues and the dark circle around her eyes went away. Then with the gfcf she began speaking again, echolalia lessened, stimming became less often, the tantrums and the strange nightmares slowly began to fade. Took years though. We did the SCD diet recently and she can tolerate small amounts of wheat now. She has Asperger's, and I am on the cusp - much higher functioning. I also had gfcf issues but less severe, also did the gfcf diet and I can now have a little bit of wheat a week with no impact on intellectual or emotional functioning, and if you would like, I could describe to you the symptoms I used to have while on wheat and dairy when I was a kid, and they were pretty rough. I also have candida/yeast issues - I have to limit the amount of sugar I eat or I will get a mouth full of canker sores that can last for months. Anyhow, if you have have any other questions, let me know. We have two other children, the second received a few vaccines before we realized the connection, and discontinued, as we started to see an impact. She is fine and is quite sharp, and our son, who has a pretty large head, which concerned our doctor enough to monitor him for symptoms, has received zero vaccines and on a cognitive and social level performing like a champ at almost five years of age. I have no doubt he would be extremely autistic had we vaccinated him. I am quite sure if we were genetically tested we would find mitochondrial issues and oxidative stress and all that, so we have worked hard to limit exposure to all toxins, especially heavy metals and synthetics like dioxin. Can't avoid coal smoke from the power plants, the writing may be on the wall for people like us, and political powers make it impossible to discuss the mercury they are putting in the environment or those stupid mercury-loaded bulbs that many Americans throw in a landfill rather than recycle, not realizing the potential harm that could inflict when that stuff leeches into the water table/aquifier. The way I see it is this - my children and I have been blessed with machinery that has an easy time with abstract reasoning, numbers and language. But in exchange for that, we have to avoid toxins, or the machine will break. No one gave us the manual for the equipment we own, and only now are we seeing it being written, with a the help of people like you. So thank you - your help promoting the people with the information that will help families like mine survive is much appreciated.

Erika Schron My oldest, Zek, now 18 was on the late end of normal with the general milestones, he only had 7 words at 15mos, BUT after having his MMR he lost all speech for a few wks & then only gained 5 of the 7 back! He graduated in 7/10, we're still ...working on math & writing but he'll start online college fall & go on campus when he's ready!! Luke had site reactions w/all vaccines but we did them up to the MMR. Zek's last vax were at age 4, Luke at age 15mos and Daniel has never had any vax. But we also feel Daniel has Asperger's & Luke has ADHD - all 3 had c-section births Zek's & Luke's vaccines were done in Anaheim, CA - 1992-1996

Karin Hahn Schuetze My oldest son. Austin, TX - MMR at 12 months - followed by high fever and rash. DtAP - 18 months - high fever and rash. Fussy after every set of vaccines though. My son was typically developing in the first year of life. After the MMR shot and illness, my son started getting very repetitive in his play and language slowed down. By 18 months, no gains were made in language and by age 2 all verbal language was gone. He is 19 now, nonverbal still with severe autism and has an upper gastrointestinal disease. He communicates by spelling and is quite brilliant, yet can't hold a pencil or type and needs constant supervision. He tries super hard though. Love that kid!

Renee Schwartz-Martinez My son was around 18 months as well the night before he was singing and dancing with my daughter. Several hours after receiving the MMR he would only sit in a chair almost comatose like swinging his ARM in circles and rocking. He is 9 now and everyday is a struggle for this innocent child. He was diagnosed at age 3 with Autism. Keaton received his vaccination in Batavia Illinois

Robin V Schwoyer My youngest received MMR and chicken pox at a visit to the doctor to check on him after being sick. He was due for shots in the next couple of weeks, so I was told, "Let's just do it now, so it is done." Done it was for sure! The doc and nurse did not bother to read the labels of the vax or the CDC precautions, which clearly state if a child has been ill within 7-14 days, including fever, they should not receive the vax. I didn't realize this, and our of efficiency and maybe ignorance, they proceeded. I brought home a 2 year old who sat in the crib and didn't move and stared straight ahead for 3 days. I was told maybe it was a mild reaction. 3 days of a blank stare. Then I started connecting dots because my oldest had just been diagnosed with autism. Oh No! what had just happened? I worked for 4 months using different strategies and he seemed to be better by summer. However, it appears we were left with residual effects immune, digestive, focus and primitive reflex wise. Today, he is much better at 13, but clearly there was a connection, although denied. 2 years ago I had a doctor admit that there was research showing some kids have a seizure after a shot and some even have a mini stroke. Hmnnnn. We'll never know. But we do know they keep insisting kids should get these shots and I do NOT believe those administering truly know or care what is happening as long as it produces revenue streams for them.

Janice Scott My son reacted to his 2 month old shots or the 5-in-1 (also known as DPTP-Hib), DPT-polio, and Hib vaccine. This protects against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, and Hib (Haemophilus influenzae type B). After his shot, I noticed that my son slept all day and never really cried; he was unusually quiet. About 5 days later, around 2 AM I saw that his breathing was very rapid and shallow and he was in distress. I immediately called my pediatrician who advocated that I wait until the next morning and then bring him into emergency. I did this and he was placed on oxygen for 2 days and then released. I didn’t realize that this might be a life altering event. In hindsight, I feel I should have brought him during his attack rather than waiting Today, I feel that my son was having a stroke. At 2.5 years he was diagnosed with apraxia and dysarthria of speech. At 4 years of age he was on the 15% for fine motor and had gross motor delays as well as being diagnosed with low muscle tone. At 6 years of age he was diagnosed with Developmental Coordination Disorder (Developmental Dyspraxia) and his IQ testing registered him as borderline MR. We did many years of therapy that did little. When he was 12, he was considered a special education ‘lifer’ and destined for the group home. At that time I discovered both biomed and Dr. Wakefield’s videos on the internet and I discovered The National Association for Child Development (http://www.nacd.org) who design home therapy programs. My son tested out high in lead. Using diets, supplements, chelation of the lead and arsenic brought forth a much healthier kid. If only we had done this when he was 2 instead of 12! I got many of my son’s abilities back but his hands are still not fully functional. His speech used to be incomprehensible and now it is pretty good. He is in first year University and is struggling but is pretty NT given how late we found our puzzle pieces. My son refuses special accommodations which is why he is having a tough time this year; if he did his exams on computer, I am sure he would do okay. He has many friends, did comedy improv in high school, went on the school trips to France and to Thailand and is an okay kid today and given how debilitated he once was.... I would consider him a miracle. My boy is indeed one of the lucky ones! Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Jenny Hunter Scott DTaP and MMR were both given at the same time when my son was one year old. He immediately has seizures, fever and high pitched screaming. He is seven years old and was diagnosed with autism at 15 months Vaccines were administered in Columbus, Ga.

Sandra Sea After Hep B shot soon after birth went from high apgars and good colour to high heart rate, high respiration rate, decreased body temp, then fever, had to have supplemental oxygen.....Went from well nursery to NICU then to another hospital. Started on IV's. Screamed until hoarse and cried continuously. NICU nurses amazed that he did not sleep and appeared so dysregulated and stayed that way took 3 weeks before his 6th birthday to get an Asperger's diagnosis. He regresses and gains abilities. My child has severe sensory modulation disorder, Asperger’s , dyspraxia, speech dysfluency, delayed echolalia, Bipolar 1 with psychosis, developmental coordination disorder, dyslexia, dysgraphia, incredible math abilities, hyperacusis, sings on pitch, loves music, composes music, is a perfectionist, very phobic of germs and strangers.

Jannelle Sealey My son Jaden was reaching all his milestones, and was developing above average. By one yrs old he was speaking about 15 -20 words in English a few in spanish and a few in Hawaiian. He was walking and on his way to be toilet trained. When he... was brought in for his one yr old shots we noticed things starting to change, he was more lethargic, very cranky and irritable. He was always constipated. It wasn't until we brought him in for himk MMR ar 18 mos. that things went out of control. An hour after the shots he had a seizure, he was then screaming an unbearable scream, he was obviously in severe pain. The DR. told us to meet him at the ER, when we got there they did a colonoscopy on him. He had a bowel obstruction. They gave us medicine and told us he would be fine in the morning. Well, morning came after a whole night of peircing screamind. NO BOWEL MOVEMENT! They gave us more medicine, he finally went, but he was very constipated. This is when I said to his dad, "Hey, I know he's been sick but have you noticed Jaden hasn't said a word to us"? We both thought this very odd. We started talking to him, asking questions abd he would just stare at the light above. He stopped speaking. Also, we didn't really notice at the time because we were holding him at the ER, but when we got home he could no longer walk, he started crawling again. At feeding times (I was breast feeding) He would scream and push me away. He could no longer play with his toys the way he use to. He couldn't even pick them up. His gross and fine motor skills were useless. My baby was gone! Now, Fast forward about 2 yrs later. After biomedical and dietary changes, he is speaking again! Thank you God! His speech is slow and laboured, but he can communicate. Things are coming back. Autism is treatable! So that's my son's story in the short version. lol. We are all behind you Dr. Wakefeild! Please keep up your amazing work! Kula, Hawaii

Gina Lee Searle The day after Kenzies 2 mth shots he had breathing difficulties.We took him to the hospital,where he had an oxygen monotor,and a 5 day hospital stay. I was not asked if he recieved vaccines recently,nor did I think to tell them. They could ne...ver offer an explanation for what happened,after lots of tests. At 6 months old I knew he had autism. He had tons of ear infexctions, and several "bronciolitis"issues. It took me until he was 4 to get up the nerve to confirm what I already knew those initial two dates. The vaccine,and the hospital stay. Halifax Nova Scotia

Becky Davenport Sebek My son was developing age appropriately until his 18 month old immunizations; sensory, flapping, tip toe walking, language delays, ADHD, ODD, and bowel issues are some of the changes to my son. Lake Cormorant, MS, USA

Sophia Seed Hi, i have a nearly two year old little boy, who at the age of two months had a bad reaction to his vaccines, he literally screamed nonstop for weeks and within 24 hrs broke out with a strange blister type rash on his face that spread at an alarming rate. I obviously visited my doctor many times, and even took myself to our local hospital and also Alder Hey, we kept being told it had nothing to do with the vaccines and were prescribed antibiotics. My doctor and Health Visitor at the time pushed me to give the next vaccine, to which i stupidly got pushed into doing, and again within 48 hrs my sons face had blistered, after many more visits to doctors and the hospitals he was prescribed more antibiotics, at this point my poor son had been on antibiotics nonstop for 6 weeks, he carried on screaming nonstop, he was soley breastfed every 15mins to which he couldn’t even drink more than a mouthful at a time, i then demanded a different Health Visitor who took one look at my son and rushed him straight to the hospital with suspected meningitis, he was extremely swollen, which looking back at photo's i can see now, he truly looked awful, It took my son a further week in hospital and several mis diagnosis along with intravenous antibiotics (flucloxacillin) to finally be diagnosed with Liver failure, we were then rushed to Birmingham Children’s hospital, for the next two months whilst he was treated. After his Liver had regenerated we then discovered his Pancreas had stopped working My Sons Pancreas now does not work at all and he has to have Micro Creon to digest his food. I would just like to point out my son was 100% healthy before vaccines and antibiotics! UK

Kevin Selby My oldest reactions to the BCG and Hep B at birth went unnoticed despite the fact that he was the loudest baby in the nursery. At 1 month old, he was given the 2nd dose of Hep B and immediately stopped breathing. The nurse patted him really hard & only then did we hear him whimper. Thereafter our lives were turned upside down, he would cry like clockwork from 10pm-2am. At 6 months old, these episodes turned into night terror. He was continually vaccinated until 9 months old due to US immigration requirement. Now at nearly 6 years old, his diagnosis is encephalopathy, labeled autistic, has seizures, still in diapers etc. For the first 2 years of his life, he was diagnosed as having "severe colic" and the Dr. who diagnosed his vaccine injury told us we are "lucky" he was/is even alive. Immigration vaccines don't qualify for compensation either.

Rosalynn Sembrano I am a mother of 22 month old twin girls. The girls at 5 mos were given 6-in-1 vaccine shot that includes Dpt,HepB,Hib,polio. I remembered my girls had high grade fever 2 days after the shot and constant diarrhea. On the 3rd day, the older twin lost her appetite. She was severely affected. She stopped taking her milk. We got no choice but to force feed her thru infant cereals loaded with milk just to give her nutrition, but it wasn’t enough. She lost weight. The other twin after 2 mos also stopped gaining and lost 1kg. We had them evaluated and later found out they had primary complex (childhood tuberculosis). All of the adults in the household were tested for TB and all of us were negative. My main suspect for the disease was the vaccine shot. It was contaminated with TB bacteria. We treated the girls with antibiotics for 6mos and they got well after that. Before the shot, I am aware already about the mercury and aluminum content of the vaccines that cause autism and also aware of the contamination of vaccines with other diseases. I just got persuaded by the doctor to give the girls the 6-in-1 shot due to the benefits outweighing the risks. With that shot, we almost lost one of the girls. That was their last vaccine jab. But I still got worried on the metals injected in their body and on the hepatotoxicity of the antibiotics for their 6 mos treatment, to help get rid of the metals and protect their liver, I put supplements on their milks. Supplements that help increase the body's gluthathione levels (body's master antioxidant) to help detoxify the twins. It was really very helpful. Now the girls are perfectly normal, meeting their milestones, with good cognitive development, very jolly and lovely. Manila, Philippines

Rachel Semmens-Beech Have video evidence of my son at 2 and then at 3 after having MMR Vaccine - extremely obvious difference from an active, talkative child to non verbal, no eye contact and under active! Diagnosed Aspergers

Melissa Isaac Sexton My son was four when he got his four yr old booster. A perfect four yr old in every way . Two days after his shots he had a seizure, woke up from that stuttering and a big loss in his motor skills. We were sent to specialist in Augusta GA and we were told he was had PPD NOS and Aspergers Syn. He is 11 now is highly functional but he still has Autism when he was perfect before the shot!!!!

Tawana Seymore My son 15months developed high fever convulsion hospitalized 3days. Became nonverbal and bowl problems. Not vaccinated in last 5yrs he is now verbal and doing well in school. I live in Bx NY

Ginny Shackelford My daughter has always been super healthy. In oct 2013 she was given a flu vaccine ( nasal mist). Less than a week later she started having trouble sleeping. It went in every night and got worse. Then her "episodes" started during the day. Turns out they were frontal lobe seizures. I am currently with her now having more tests done to help her. She has between 6 to 10 a day. I believe the vaccine may be the reason. Ginny shackelford. Bristol, tn.

Melissa Barclay Shaffer It is so very sad that our children are suffering. I try not have hatred in my heart , but these drug companies and the CDC really have me feeling it. The scarything for me was, this past summer I detoxed Mikayla with HMD (heavy metal detox).She made remarkable improvements!!! Then wen her preschool started back up, she got a couple more shots, one being DTP. On the third day after the shots,all progress had made with her was GONE!!!!! That is when it finaly hit me that it is the shots thatare screwing her up. I informed the doctor. I was advised that if I was not going to vaccinate her aymore that we could no longer be a patient there!!!!!!!! OMG, how furious I still am about that. How dare you try to force me to harm my child! I mean seriously, if I told the doctor I gave Mikayla a cocktail of formaldehyde, mercury, aluminum and other junk, they would call child protective services on me yet, that is exactly what they are shooting into our kids with the vaccines. I just had a new baby boy who will not be vaccinated at all. I am horrified since mikayla has autism. I pray to God Kennedy doesnt suffer with this too. I figure I lessen the chances if he is not vaccinated.

Katrina Sharif My daughter appeared to be developing normally as an infant. She was on a delayed vaccine schedule, which started with a Hepatitis B vaccine at birth and ending with the last of her 6-month shots (DTaP and Rotavirus) at 9 1/2 months old. She did not appear to have any adverse reactions to vaccines and did not have fevers or extreme lethargy. However, within 3 weeks of that DTaP, she developed debilitating food intolerance-related eczema, Sensory Processing Disorder and regressed into Autism Spectrum Disorder. She lost half her language and did not learn any new skills or words for months following that vaccine. The pediatrician told us developmental regression was normal. At age 2 we began an organic diet; she received probiotics, omega 3's and Chlorella supplements daily. At 3 years and 3 months old, with no interventions or services, she began to show improvements and within the next two months she made a full recovery from eczema, food intolerances, and autism spectrum disorder as well as near-full recovery from sensory processing disorder. - Phoenix, Arizona

Ahmed Shaur I am the mother of 5, 3 biological and 2 step children. My oldest children were fully vaccinated. Our youngest daughter started having limping spells after her birth shots. At 3 months she turned blue and was foaming around her mouth. We had to preform CPR. At her 6 month shots she had a large mass in her leg and a very low body temp. She started fevering and began to shake all over. We took her to the ER when she was intubated and put into a medical induced coma. She had a status seizure. Each immunization she had more high fevers and the seizure's doubled. Her brain scan and genetic tests are all normal this far. The only tie to her condition is immunizations, which we were told is the cause by hospital staff members during a status episode. Her neurologist has documented that all of her seizure's early on were triggered by immunizations. We are currently still open in the VAERs that was filed in 2013. As well as a pending NVICP claim. Waterville Maine. United States

Elizabeth Shaw My first child born 1999 6 weeks premature. Second 2001 as my eldest had signs of autism ( he's not) I looked into MMR and decided it may push him over so chose not to give MMR. Third child born 2004 I was informed by a nurse that my children wouldn't be able to go to uni with out it. This was when they were 10,13 and 14 and a measles outbreak in U.K. I stupidly gave my kids the choice. My mother took them as I didn't want them to have it. Within days of first jab my 13 yr old started losing his hair. They had second jab 6 weeks later within days my 13 yr old developed a bad skin rash. Docs referred straight to hospital. Creams given. He's had on off bowl problems since. And now been tested for celiac disease. He had no problems untill MMR. My fourth child born 2013 and 5th 2015. When I get asked about MMR for them nurses and docs used to explain importance with older three. As soon as I explain my 13 yr olds problems, they respond with ok best not give these MMR

Diana Paige Sheeks I switched pediatrician's after my daughter was placed on antibiotics for the majority of her first 18 months of her life for eye infections! After my first biomedical conference on autism, I called the original ped's office and requested ...my child's records, saying I was concerned about vaccine induced autism. They did not send me all the records, or even close to a complete file, only a vaccine schedule. I wanted to see the correlation of vaccines being given during times of lowered immune functioning. Thanks for rmeinding me of this. I forgot all about it and I am going to request the full file one more time. Granted she is now 17, but still...I am just far more informed, and sadly, forgot about it once we hit the world of autism with not one child, but two. Now I think they were afraid of lawsuit. not much was out there at that time.

Drew Lambert Sheldon My daughter was already having issues with not liking, being around people besides my mom and I, issues with getting overstimulated easily, but at 18months was given an extra DTap by mistake and got really sick and over the next yr her issues with sensory and anxiety got worse. Fort Carson Colorado

Brande Shelton My son received his 2yo shots about a month late he was given dtap, hep b, flu , mmr i believe was 4th shot. in cape coral, florida. its so true it takes a team to raise my son. weve only known for about 2 months. neurologist says its genetics we r supposd to do mri, eeg and for what? Sorry forgot to say for one week after vaccine he had gastrointestinal problems loose diarrhea. lost words screams that will pierce ur ears and tantrums.

Angela Shields Son had MMR at 15 months, within hours had extreme temperature, screamed all night, became non-verbal, suffers bowel problems, severe sensory dysfunction, continues today (Bromley).

Christine Shirley My grandson was a very hyperactive little baby, and extremely intelligent. He had his first grand mal seizure within 24 hours of having his triple antrogen vaccination at around the age of 21 months and was hospitalised. Brain scan did not show up epilepsy, so he was set for MRI which revealed a physical abnormality on frontal lobe. As the years went on he has been diagnosed with Adhd, Epilepsy, Autism, Tourrettes and a language disorder both expressive and receptive. He was fit and well prior to the first grand mal seizure, and we are convinced this was brought on by his triple antrogen. Australia

Theresa Shockley My grandson was progressing normally, he started walking at 9 months and was doing everything normally. After his last vaccines he started losing his words, his eye contact and started drifting into his own world. He did get a fever and seemed sick after the last vaccines. He never came back. A beautiful little boy who could of had a great life. Now he is 7, he’s non-verbal has major sensory issues and still in diapers. Low functioning severe autistic. He will never be on his own and requires 24- hour care-giving. I am his grandmother and have moved in with my daughter to help. so allot of lives have been affected due to this tragedy that could have been avoided.

Beatrice Shook My son started to show problems from the vaccines after his 2 month shots, but it was when he got the MMR,Chicken Pox vaccine and the flu shot that he regressed the most and started to show more and more signs of autism. He has a diagnosis of PDD-NOS. How he reacted- he got eczema right after his two month vaccinations. Gross motor activities were delayed and he demonstrated slow but progressing speech. After the chicken pox vaccine, MMR and flu shot his language stopped, he wouldn't respond to his name, he stopped being happy and he was withdrawn from the world. He didn't learn to crawl until he was 13 months old and didn't walk until he was 21 months old. The vaccines were administered in McMurray, PA.

Angela Short We discovered in 2001 when my son was in early intervention preschool that he and another boy in his class (both exhibiting the same autistic symptoms) were actually born on the SAME day May 3, 1998,and visited the SAME pediatrician's office for well baby check ups and vaccines. This means that they were likely recieving vaccines within days of each other and likely the combination of manufacturers/vials/lots. Both boys symptoms presented identically and both ended up being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The boys were like carbon copies of each other in those early years. However, our son's symptoms have since disappeared after ceasing vaccinations and following biomedical treatments. Our son attends a public school with minimal support. Unfortunately the other boy's parents continued to vaccinate and were not open to biomedical intervention and his symptoms progressed and he is presently non-verbal. Another interesting tidbit! Prior to the start of our son's autistic-like symptoms in 2000 I recieved a phone call from a representive at the CDC who was in our town investigating children who had recieved vaccines from a particular lot which caused many children to become sick. Whe she called she said that my son recieved a vaccine from lot in question and was inquiring about any stomach illnesses or gastric distress he may have experienced around that time. Since I could not immediatley recall him being ill around that time, she asked me to check his medical records for any sick visits with the doctor or prescriptions from that time and that she would call me back at the end of the week to see what I'd discovered. When she called back I told her that I'd found nothing and she closed the investigation on him. I inquired about this investigation then at my son's next pediatician visit, however none of the nurses or doctors knew anything about it and didn't seem concerned. It was within a few months after that phone call that his autistic-like symptoms began to occur. Beaver County Pennsylvania

Helen Shupe Noel My son became a different person and I lost all hope. I’m from Columbus, Ohio

Shygirl75158 My son had an immediate reaction to four vaccines on 03/07/01. He immediately lost ALL speech and affect. His immune system was damaged and it caused a metabolic disorder NOS. He was also later diagnosed with mercury poisoning and toxic encephalopathy. He was chronically sick for the first nine years after the event. It also caused "autism." He received Hib, IPV, Hep B, and DTaP. The vaccines were administered in Texas.

Mohammad Siddiqui I am a father of a beautiful girl, who was developing and beating her monthly developmental marks. I consulted doctors and highly educated friends in regards to vaccines and they all said it was ok and that the claims are false. after giving my daughter HIb and polio vaccine, she has stopped talking, she is now 5 months old. her vaccine was given to her at 4 months as I wanted to delay it. the doctors recommended to start her at 2 months. I miss her talking to me and laughing with me ...she has started doing that back again but it seemed to me that she took a step back after vaccination. I am putting off vaccines till she is 2 years old.

Cathy Siemens My son reaction were from 4 vaccines at 15 months including the MMR. He screamed non stop, would arch up his back when you tried to hold him, stopped all eye contact, fever. Quit eating solid food and basically slipped away from us😥 reported his reaction to doctor, CDC, VAERS, AND NVPO. Video of my sons reaction attached😥 https://youtu.be/xYeV2eFbnU0

Amber Sikovsek 1993 dtap (known back then as the DAP)- 5 years old- 5 hours after being injected temp skyrocketed and and went into seizures. Administered in Butler PA, seen at butler hospital. Neurologist I saw shortly after felt it was caused by the vaccine, though doctor I saw at butler hospital said it of course couldn't have been responsible. I suffer from severe constant Migraines that cause vision loss and thyroid.

Lucy Silva I am interested in cooperate with my information. I have three children and my youngest is a boy who just turned 16. His first year was pretty normal development regarding time of start walking, talking, pointing, waving, etc. After his second doses of MMR, when he was around a 1nd half we started noticing he kind of stop talking and stop doing the things he used to do, like pointing or waving even talking. He got stuck in 5 words when he was around 2 years old. My concern regarding all that made consult my son's Pediatrician, which she referred to Neurologist, and Neurologist recommended early intervention program, speech therapy, OT and start school early. So, he started school he only 3 years old. He is was first diagnosed with Speech delay and later when turned 5 diagnosed with Autism. The vaccine was taken in Miami, Florida, USA.

Brandee Simmang My daughter had minor reactions to all vax's, but final blow was 15 months. She was pricked with 5 needles (including one for ear infections!). Broke out in full body rash, screamed nonstop for hours, body as stiff as a board. From that day forward she lost speech, motor skills, the twinkle in her eyes! Went from completely typical to full blown autistic! Years of dietary and biomedical intervention and she is doing great. In mainstream school, but gets help for major reading comprehension issues. It has been a LONG HARD road, but sooo worth it! GET that body healthy and working again! GOD BLESS YOU AND ALL YOUR WONDERFUL CHILDREN!!!

Kathryn Simmons 1999, on site in San Francisco. Late with vaccines but my brother was fine, talking, eating with spoons until we had to get it all when we returned to Maryland 7 months later. He is severe autistic, can't but say his name, has bowel problems, and has destroyed the fabric of daily life. Thanks to modern medicine, the liars or delayers at CDC and HHS. It is a scam. It is not a "genetic" epidemic, it doesn't occur in these numbers in one generation. We have been scammed like those who were asked in the military to swallow "plutonium" who were in the military. The schools, the pharms, the doctors all have no solutions and thanks to the Patriot Act you can't sue anyone. God bless America.

Tara Simon my daughter also was very friendly always laughing big smile always. then at 15mths the Doctor insisted she have the MMR. My daughter has never been the same. Autism began within a week of MMR. She was lucky it’s not as bad as some, but she has a fear of others. heart breaking. Beaumont, Texas

Dawn Simone My son's autism. He had a seizure 2 weeks after receiving his 6 mo vaccines, DTP/DTaP, HIB & pneumococcal, because of the time delay and lack of a fever, this was not attributed to the vaccines? There was crankiness a couple days but no developmental delays or regression after the seizure. At 12 months he had his MMR, pneumococcal & polio, he had no noticeable seizure but did regress some. At 15 months he had DTP/DTaP, HIB & varicella after this vaccine he VERY noticeably & rapidly regressed. Oh and he is almost fully recovered with biomed treatment. These vaccinations took place in Harrisburg, North Carolina

Cynthia Singleton We delayed vaccines in my until he was 13 months. He got sick at the first round. The second round (at 19 months) he severely reacted to DPTa with high fever, vomiting and diarrhea within 8 hours of the shot. The doc did not report our call to him at 2 am in the morning nor the reaction to VAERS. Now my son is slowly emerging from autism. . . doing regular curriculum in 6th mainstream with an aide. Houston, TX

Dawn Havas Sinisi Both of my children HEP B, MMR and continued regression after most vaccines, including the Flu. I regressed as an adult after MMR in 92 as well as Tetanus in 97, and annual flu vaccines. Just a few of the serious adverse reactions my children had suffered; and despite my children having an adverse reaction to their first vaccines the Pediatrician continued to vaccinate my children since I was continuously told by the Pediatricians "No, I don't think so, an adverse reaction is extremely rare" BS....not so rare. My children have suffered encephalopathy, seizures, prolonged and never ending extremely high fevers, rashes, unexplained illnesses, disseminated disease and bowel disease/leaky gut from the MMR, Gianotti-Crosti from the HEP B, as well as jaundice and Candida, anaphylaxis from the Vit K, given at birth which I now suspect also is reason for my daughters bleeding disorder (Van Willebrand) chronic nervous system dysfunction, food allergies; eggs, gluten, casien, seafood. Both of my children had spent the first 10 plus years of their life on their backs, unable to consistently attend school since it became a pattern esp. after each vaccine they continued to become much more sick and debilitated. I can't even count the amount of specialists who had evaluated my children and these specialists all continuously scratched their heads with no clue to why my children were such a mess/sick. I now have learned that there are millions of other children suffering as mine. Both of my children had also regressed into a diagnosis of autism. Carmel, NY

Jamie Sinnott In 1978 Jamie was 4 months old. He was a bright but colicky baby moving swiftly through all his development stages. His last achievement before his first vaccinationwas to use his foot to propel himself in a circle when on his blanket on the floor. As he was my third baby, I recognized that he was just about to learn to role over. At this point, Jamie received his DTP vaccine. Soon after he began to scream in extreme pain pushing at his head with his tiny fists. He lost all his development even the ability to hold up his head. Seven months later, Jamie was diagnosed with autism. At that time he was the youngest child the centre of excellence to which we brought him in Chicago had ever been able definitely diagnosed. Some years later, Jamie was classed as profoundly disabled. In 1994, Jamie received a flu vaccine. Within hours he was struck down with a vicious flu that recurred frequently over the next year even requiring hospitalization. Jamie entered a physical decline for three years. Eventually he was using a wheelchair and weighed 65 lbs, he is 5'5" tall, though he could not stop eating but was slowly starving to death. At this point, a gastroenterologist agreed to see him. He had major ulceration, reflux, and lymphoid hyperplasia of the terminal ileum. With this knowledge and that gained from AiA and DAN, we were able to reverse his physical decline and save his life. Today at 34, Jamie follows a strict diet and has an ABA program. He has gained skills and better health. Jamie cannot speak. He has epilepsy and continues to suffer from a bowel condition. He lives at home. He is still classed as profoundly autistic and intellectually impaired.

Tara Smith Sirianni My son had reactions to all of his vaccines, crying, fever, etc. But it was his 12 month shots that changed everything. He broke out in horrible hives for 4 days, then stopped talking and eating. He did not have an MMR yet. He is 3 now. The only new vaccine in the 12 month round of shots was the Hep A. Exton, PA

Cheryl Skinner Boston , Massachusetts, USA...MMR in 1984 @ age 15 months, all language skills ceased, appeared disoriented, confused, and gross motor skills impaired...dx'd 5 months later with Autism...Alan is now 27 yrs. old, limited verbal skills , seizures since age 17 yrs.old, functions between 3-10 years of age, depending on the task/skill. I am Alan's Mom, and I love him dearly.

Turiya Skull How can you tell which vaccines. I'm in africa. Jetted between Netherlands uk and south africa between my sons ages 1-2. We had various shots. Sometimes in 2 doses depending on the country. And different drug combinations. My son has no intrest in speech at all. He Is 6 moving from rospeedal ritlin and anti anxieties depending on the doctor.

Michelle Jackson Sledge Anthony was born typical, and a happy baby. When he was about 16 months old, I took him to get his shots, and he literally told me "no mommy, hurt..." I told him it was to keep him from getting sick. :( They gave him his vaccines, he cried, One of the vaccines were of coarse the MMR vaccine, and within 2 days he was sick. Ran a high fever, and seemed drunk. His voice left him then, he didnt speak after that. I hate myself for taking him to those monsters. Salem, Oregon

S M I breast fed my daughter for 22 months. I feel that saved, what was left over from the mercury/vaccine poisoning, my from child from full on autism. She was forced the hep shot at birth. Two days later, the screaming & colic started. I cried every day that she was in pain. I cried every time she had to get "her shots". For the first 3 months of her life was crying. After 3 months, things settled down a bit. Then we moved. My dr (yost) Literally verbally abused me because I didn't want to give her more shots. She got 3 shots August 2nd, 2007 and by August 10th, 2007, she had a febrile seizure in my car (foaming at the mouth). Prior to that, she was smashing her head on the floor repeatedly and not sleeping. My son had his shots with multiple ear infections, now his teeth are growing in without enamel. Vaccines has caused adhd and many other problems in my kids. My daughter, the oldest who is 10, acts like a three year old. .She was diagnosed with strange frontal lobe issues. I'm convinced she has been brain damaged. She has to take Vyvance in the AM, a booster in the PM, and gobs of melatonin and abilify in the pm (to sleep). My kids can't function without meds.

Amy Smith Newborn child turned red and broke out in a dripping sweat after Hep B shot and had to call nurses in.

Annelise Smith My son Finn, at age 5 years and 3 months, received two vaccines, Polio IPV inj. and DTap, on the same visit. That evening he had a high fever, which persisted for 2 days, pain at the injection sites (both shoulders), and irritability / difficulty sleeping. Over the next week, his behavior changed dramatically; he became irritable, easily angered / quick to display hot-tempered explosions of anger over nothing, disobedience—these are traits that he'd never, ever shown before. It took him more than two months to get back to normal—now I'm terrified to get him any more vaccines, but I live in California and am forced to vaccinate him or he can't go to school!

Emma L J Smith My eldest son has aspergers. He had the men c vaccine and at 18months old came down with meningicocol septeceamia ( doubt i spelt that right) it was the men c strain he came down with. Have no idea if that contributed in anyway to his having aspergers or not but my other 3 kids havent had the vaccine. I figured what was the point in vacinating them when they catch it anyways? thats my opinion on that vaccine.

Holly Smith My daughter was develping normally learning how to walk and saying a few words.. she got the MMR shot, and began degressing rapidly.. stopped trying to walk and talk.. began the head banging, hand flapping, temper tantrums..she is now 5 and... says a few words here and there but cannot communicate what she needs. she points to things and brings them to me when she wants something to drink , eat etc. She got her vaccination in garland texas..

Jody Smith My son Tristan was a normal baby, growing well on his Wic charts. I took my son in for a few vaccines and found out he was behind on them, so the dr. insisted that he needed to catch up, I told dr. to space them and she refused...I should have walked out with my son. The dr. said he will be fine, nothing wrong with the vaccines, she told me. Well my son received the MMR, Hep/b&c, Dtp and a few others at the sometime and he’s now non communicative, no critical survival skills, on Social Security and needs constant supervision. I believe, the vaccines had a hand in my sons disabilities. Tested my genes and it came up negative...he was not born with autism.

Kathy Fincher Smith I have six children (all vaccinated at every stage) and only 1 has Autism...I don't know that that tells you anything or how that helps...but that is the truth. I honestly don't feel that vacination has antyhing to do with it. Otherwise...I think my percentage would be a lot higher. That of course...is just my opinion

Lanie Smith First dose hexaxim administered in the 2nd month in Johannesburg, South Africa. My son was born with a head in the 22nd percentile. On the day of his vaccination his head was in the 27th percentile. Shortly after the shot he cried for a short while, did what looked like 5 or so Moro reflex spasms in a row and fell asleep. Thereafter until he received homeopathic treatment a couple of months later he slept far more and couldn't stay awake for as long as before the shot. The most disturbing is that his head slowed in growth until 6 months. Just 11 days after the shot he was in 15th percentile. By 6 months he was below the 3rd percentile. His growth rate had improved but now at almost 10 months he hovers between the 1st and 3rd percentile. He seems normal but I regret my decision very much. I had a bad feeling but didn't want to be extreme. I will not vaccinate again. We don't have Zika in South Africa for the curious.

Laura Smith MMR was given at 13 months to my son.(now 4yrs old) He was poorly and regressed - he stopped talking and it took him over 2 yrs to say 'mama' again. Leon then has the pre sch booster(not mmr - the other one) and we were shocked at how poorl...y he was afterwards. Fever, high pitch cry, he was so distressed and unhappy, we have decided (with medical advice) never to vaccinate both our sons again. We had tests prior to mmr pre sch booster and both are immune anyway, but it broke our hearts to see the regression and ill health again. our youngest (2 yrs old) was not poorly with vaccine at 13 mnths but his temperament changed over night, from happy and content to irritable and grouchy. he has imitation delay and severe language delay, would not hug/hold me as a baby but since about 16mnths he is very loving and happy and sociable, which i'm so pleased with because it was not looking good at the beginning. our specialist dr said some children seem to be super sensitive to vaccine, and for our boys not to have any more as they react so badly. Rugby, warwickshire, UK

Noah Smith Noah was developing normally up until 19 months. He was talkative, loved reading books and slept like a rock. He had his 1.5 yr check-up and was administered the MMR vaccine. I was instructed to give tylenol prior to the shot as well as after in order to ease any discomfort. Within a week Noah stopped napping and using certain words. At 25 months, Noah was put under for an upper GI and by the very next day he was almost completely mute. When handed a book Noah no longer knew what to do and simply glanced at the back cover and threw it to the ground. At 27 months, Noah was administered the flu shot via mist. That night he refused to sleep in his bed and has been sleeping on the floor ever since. Within a week of the shot, Noah began hand flapping and spinning in circles. Noah was diagnosed with ASD, Language Delay, and Sensory Integration Disorder at 30 months. All vaccines were administered in Culpeper, VA and GI was done in Charlottesville, VA.

Regina Griffin Smith My daughter was "typically" developing until she received her MMR vaccination at around 18 months old. She also immediately began to lose skills and was starting to develop developmental delays. My daughter is now 10, autistic, nonverbal and on the more severe end of the spectrum. She is still in diapers and has to have help being bathed and with safety awareness. She received the MMR vaccination at Martin Pediatrics in Williamston NC

Sharon Smith Two sons reacted to 2nd dose DTAP one was unresponsive, floppy and rash by day 4 was hospitalised, other son developed siezures up to 8 a day, personality changed to being aggressive and disinterested but both now ok after no further vaccines.

Susan Smith There is no doubt in my mind that vaccines hurt my 17 year old son at the age of 18 months. He was progressing normally until his 18 months immunizations and then he was gone. He stopped speaking, started avoiding have any interactions with his siblings, and generally became unreachable. Vaccines were administered in St. Francisville, LA via the health department

W Smith My son received his vaccines which were delayed at around 15 months old. After that he stopped eating and screamed a lot. Frequent night waking’s, screaming and seemed to always be in pain. He is 3.5 now and still barely eats and is underweight. He just doesn’t eat., His speech slowed down to and still, is hard to understand. He hasn’t got autism he has vaccine damage. Before this he was feeding himself with a spoon from 8 months, ate anything and everything. My sister was much worse off and speech never came on with her and is in a special needs school, from being a normal toddler too. I wish I never done it. I ignored my gut feeling. My youngest will not be getting any of it. Vaccines are banned from our house, too much damage already.

Valerie Smith-Brosey My son is 4. He went non verbal at 18 months and wanted no contact with people and no eye contact and did alot of receptive spinning after he got his mmr shots. He received them in elizabethtown pa

Naomi Smith-Long My son Hayden was affected by the mmr he received it in 2007 in Redondo Beach CA He developed fine hitting his milestones he had stomach issues with formula and always had a cold prior to getting the vaccine but otherwise he was fine. He talked early and lost his words overnight he went into his own world all overnight I still remember the last thing he said to me and it was about 2 months after his mmr and he had stopped talking with only a word hear and there he looked at me we were in a small thrift store and he said Hi and that was the last time he said anything verbally to me. He is a happy boy who has autism and at 2 suffered from a stroke and was then diagnosed with mild right side CP all after the mmr.

Sadie Smith-West ‎2 month round of vaccines: 4 days later- fever, constipation, distended abdomen, full body rash. We live in Joliet, ill Sadie Smith-West Current health: weakened immune system, chronic sinus infections, and gastrointestinal issues.

Alex Snelgrove Born in 1991, with Apgars of 6 and 10, my son reacted to all his shots with fever, irritability and swelling at the injection site. After his third series, he had a severe local reaction, slept for 17 1/2 hours, and had a twenty-minute seizure. He became miserable, and couldn't sleep or relax without jack-knifing backwards. He was no longer our happy, smiling, babbling baby. By 12 months, he appeared to have recovered. According to his Developmental Record, he had always had a 'very good' to 'excellent' profile, but was miserable after his shots. However, six weeks after his vaccine boosters at 24 months, the nurse documented that he had lost significant language, and had a gastrointestinal infection (diarrhea, which lasted until he was 7 when it was properly treated by an alternative medical practitioner). His eating and sleeping behaviors changed, just as they had before - he was awake all day and most of the night - and three months later, his normal eye contact and speech were gone, and although he appeared deaf to voices, he had become hypersensitive to music and normal environmental sounds, covering his ears and screaming. He refused to be comforted or cuddled, and he became violent and aggressive, lashing out at anyone who invaded his space. He has collected a number of labels over the years, among them: Kanner's Syndrome, Asperger's Syndrome, Developmental Aphasia, Dyspraxia, Central Auditory Processing Disorder, Semantic-Pragmatic Disorder. He also has mild hearing loss. None of his adverse reactions was documented or reported to the proper authorities because they were deemed normal or insignificant by the medical profession. Their response to my concerns at the time was to give him Paracetamol. His claim for vaccine injury compensation in 1997 was declined because they said, "Autism is not caused by vaccines". (New Zealand)

Terra Boulton Soileau Baton Rouge, La. My daughter born on Aug. 10 1995. She developed normally actually above average. She started showing signs of regression when she was two and half. She had the chickenpox vaccine the first year it came out. And all of the other infant cocktail shots they started making around the same time. I am friends with a mother that went has a child the same age went to the same doctor and had the same lot of shots and is autistic too.

Jean Somers-Barton My grandson Austin was effected by vaccines in the following way...1st insult to injury was the day we brought him home from the hospital (@ days old) and with in 45 minute we were calling an ambulance because he was throwing up and it was also coming out his nostrils and we could not get a clear air wave this again would happen numerous times throughout his 1st yr of life. Fast forward to his last set of vaccines.including the mmr on top of the 4 addtional vaccines Austin received that day. By midnight same scenario, calling 911 about midnight for same reaction as listed above. Within that month Austin was to the er 3 more times, now on nebulizer tubes in ears, lost all speech, no eye contact stimming started etc. This is a boy who had never been sick, was on track developmentally. He now has an immune system that attacks itself (mmr living inside his small intestine) extreme GI tract issues etc. I am not against all vaccines but when will our gov understand that we are giving too many at one time. When we are introducing foods to our infants we do it one at a time. Why? to make sure there are no allergic reactions but yet we are willing to let our infant receive 5,6 7, 8 , or even 9 vaccines at 1 time You don't think our gov has ever done any type of research to see the possible side effects of the interaction with these vaccine ...do you? I am so tired of it being said that with autism regression can set in anytime after 14 months, it follows the vaccine schedule!!!! For those on the outside do you really believe that you can bear a normal healthy and on track developmentally infant and without just CAUSE...THEY JUST REGRESS AND BECOME AUTISTIC!!! I KNOW AUSTIN WAS EFFECTED BY TO MANY VACCINES GIVEN AT ONE TIME! Thank YOU SO MUCH Joan FOR ALL THE TIME AND EFFORT YOU ARE PUTTING INTO THIS. YOU ARE MY GRANDSONS ANGEL!!! I really.really appreciate it!

Bei Song'e Autism-10Years ago MMR. I am from Nairobi Kenya and I have a nine year old Autistic Daughter who I strongly believe was as a result of the vaccine MMR given to her at 18months. In Kenya there is no way a child can be given in single doses, it is administered in a complete three in one. She is much better now is currently potty training, she walked at 2years and is non-verbal. She attends sch in a class that is special needs in a main stream school. I am greatful for this facebook page of Autism Mothers it has really helped me alot. Cheers and regards Stella

Rose Soriano I have a 10 old year autistic son. Although I noticed that he was developing a little slower and differently than one might expect, I also know that after having his MMR shot along with 3 other ones things aggravated further. At the age of 18 months he received these mentioned vaccines and remember expressing my concern to his pediatrician who brushed it off and tried to convince me not to worry so much, and that my son was just fine. Well, this is where I say "follow your motherly instinct" because I knew this wasn't right, at least for my child. Exactly 1 month later he had a bad febrile seizure and was hospitalized. Coincidence ? I don't think so, I noticed after that he stopped the babbling, his focus was gone, he was just different and seemed so lost. Two months later he was diagnosed with moderate autism. I know that the vaccines made things worse, but I can't prove it I just know it. Here in Texas there is a law that grants and acknowledges the right of parents to exempt their children from vaccination, I think that vaccines are the most money making pharmaceuticals out there having governments backing them and filling their pockets, and this is here in the US and other countries. So mother and fathers follow your instinct and do your research when it comes to vaccines.

Vicki Prillaman Sotack My son was vaccine injured in Powder Springs, GA in 2004. I know over 300 families with boys born that year who all have autism. It's horrible. The day I thought my son was getting the MMR, he ended up with 3 cocktails in each of the 3 syr...inges that I thought were M-M and R! He regressed from the 90% in weight and development to "failure to thrive" within 12 months. No refuting of the link can undo what happened to my child, regardless of whether or not our gov't comes clean on this. My child has REGRESSIVE AUTISM. He was normal at birth and met every developmental milestone on time, or early, up to that fateful day.

Jill Southgate Charlie, MMR, high temperature, rash, developed outward squint in one eye. Hysterical call from my daughter 'He is banging his head on the floor - I don't know what to do' Followed by many high fevers treated with antibiotics. Gradually lost speech, eye contact and regressed into autism. MRI scan normal, chromosome test normal. Romford, Essex. After Son-Rise, AIT, Diet, Biomedical interventions and various other he is doing OK. Now nearly 16 years old

Christi Taylor Sowell My son had lots of words till after his first set of shots at 12 months old. He stopped babbling and using those words and retreated into his own world.

Jessica Spangler My son was born at home in May of 05 in Big Rapids, MI in a planned home birth. He was small but I thought it was genetic until he failed to eat and thrive and lost even more weight. He was hospitalized a week later severely jaundiced and with low tone, unable to eat. He was later diagnosed with cerebral palsy and I was diagnosed with pelvic/pubic symphysis dysfunction, both I believe to be caused by a car accident I suffered while pregnant. I went to a Big Rapids hospital while my son was taken to a Grand Rapids hospital. While there my husband was fear-mongered into allowing them to give him a hep-b shot, the only shot given between both my kids. Why give a 5 lb child with severe jaundice a vaccine for an std I did not have that also affects the already compromised liver? To this day I will never understand the logic. From that point he developed severe reflux and threw up every meal for a year (all were breastmilk I pumped). To this day he is allergic to foods in every category and cannot eat more than a handful of plain veggies, fruits, a couple gluten free grains, and chicken for a protein. If he eats anything else, latex foods, gluten, most other animal proteins, citrus, dairy, fish, legumes, nuts, etc etc he vomits for days, develops severe congestion, breaks out in bloody eczema rashes all over, etc. We have done a perfect chemical-free diet, herbs, chiropractic, allergy clearing techniques, hyperbaric oxygen, craniosacral therapy by a specializing do, etc and the allergies have never gone away. In my mind there is no reason for a brand new infant to develop such severe damage that quickly as to keep them from proccessing any foods unless they were exposed to a strong toxin. He is now the size of a toddler at 6 years old and though he is learning to walk he is cognitively years behind his age level, which may or may not be related to cp. I'll never know for sure. I am sure, however, that vaccines will never touch my kids again with a 10 foot pole.

Carole Sparks My wonderfully developing daughter regressed after her MMR shot--lost words, eye contact, and happiness. After her 18 month shots, she began intense stomach pain and dove deeply into autism. Terre Haute, In for the MMR, varicella, hep B, and Lexington, KY for the 18 month shots.

Heather Speight My son was speaking and nearly walking unto 18 months when he received mmr injections they give all 3 at once over here West Yorkshire united kingdom. He can't talk at all now hes six

Danielle Speiser My son was diagnosed with mild to moderate autism when he was 18 months and has moderate delays in speech, fine and gross motor skills. I received one flu shot at 6 months of pregnancy and also a rhogaim shot - both of which contain mercury. After these shots, I did not feel my son move in my stomach - I reported this to my GYN - but he said on the ultrasound he seemed to be fine. Against my better judgement - my son received all of his shots up to 16 months - the MMR. I feel that he was affected by the flu/rhogaim shot when I was pregnant and then each subsequent vaccine he received had one affect after another. My son did start rolling over at 5 months - then stopped not too long after he received a flu shot at 6 months. After he received his flu shot and his shots at 6 months, he started shaking his head back and forth, for hours at a time. When I took him to the pediatrician, he said this is normal - a lot of kids do this after a shot. At this point, we just saw some gross motor delays, got him early intervention, but I continued, again against my better judgement to vaccinate him. By the time he was 16 months old I knew he had autism. I am 100% certain the vaccines caused his autism - slowly,. Each time he received a vaccine, he acquired more autistic traits and more delays. I currently treat my son naturally and biomedically through a DAN/MAPPS doctor (see Talk About Curing Autism Now - TACA) www.tacanow.org My son is doing awesome with this treatment and is slowly moving from the moderate part of the spectrum to the mild. We recently tested him for heavy metal toxicity and his mercury levels came back extremely high - which more than likely resulted in mercury poisoning from the vaccines.

Brandi Spencer My son was progressing normally, could speak, walking by himself at 13months and everything. His regression started between 18-24 month. He went from talking, to kind of talking, to screaming. Started walking into walks, wouldn't respond to... his name, began stimming. I didn't know what was going on...thought maybe it was his hearing...his hearing was fine. Took him to the doctor and just asked her to watch him walk...that's when she said he thought he was autistic and I took him to early intervention. He was 2 at the time...he'll be 6 in april and is now diagnosed as being severly autistic with a seizure disorder. I do feel the vaccines played a huge role in this, the MMR, and it was given to him in Raleigh, NC. The hardest part about it for me was watching him backside and being able to do nothing about. The only thing that helped his aggression was therapy and chiropractor care. Oh he is completely non verbal...just recently started using pecs

Lori Ewert Sprecher MMR vaccine at 15 months in Milwaukee, WI. High fever that night and that's when his speech stopped; playing with toys; interacting with us, etc. Today my son is 27 years old and is living in a group home nearby with 3 other men with autism.

Colette Kelly Stack I think it was all of his vaccines but the breaking points was the MMR and the chicken pox vaccine, given on the same day. He started side glancing that night and stopped saying words. He has a hard time communicating and socializing. Vaccines administered Great Neck, Long Island NY.

Debbie Ludwig Stallings my son will be 14 on 1/20. after his mmr vaccine, in Maryland, he had projectile vomiting and diarrhea, he had a fever and an ear infection. the dr said it was a reaction to the vaccine. at that point alot of things he did were lost. while he never said phrases or sentences, he said words and he said them with reason, ex: daddy, mommy, pizza, apple, etc. he had a playmate that he adored, a little girl i babysit. he lost all interest in her. everything just stopped.

Annette Stam HappyHippy my nephew had a horrific reaction to the 12month needle .. Terribly scarey we nearly lost him.. My daughter couldn't walk for days after the 9month one and was ill fevered etc after all of them and now appears none of them took - she's even had whooping cough tho she is fully vaccinated.. my son was ill after all of them and has still had many of the illnesses he's vaccinated against.. :( west wyalong nsw Australia and my nephews was boorowa nsw - he had to be treated in Canberra

Kevin Stanfa Jr. - had DTP booster and the meningitis shot, after asking the Dr to just do one and we would come back for the other later, he railroaded me into saying vaccines have NOTHING to do with autism, autism wasn't my concern since my son has had profound autism since about 2-3 years old and at this time he was 10. Within one hour of the shots he became very aggressive and exhibited signs of distress. He would over react to everything, it got gradually worse until about 2 months later he had a massive seizure, turned blue in my arms from not breathing. He is now treated for epilepsy and thankfully after about 18 months of major behavior issues that we think possible was him exhibiting pain, he is now back to his old happy self just now he takes medication twice a day to control his seizures. Neurologist recommends he not have any more vaccines but will not put it in writing for me so I have to claim whatever exemptions I need to claim to prevent him from having more. We did report to VAARS but basically just got a letter acknowledging that the reaction was registered. The Dr who gave the shots is located in Bridgeton, NJ.

Lisa Starita I don't think it's the MMR vaccine ALONE. I think it's more than one vaccine and it's some sort of allergy to the vaccines. I can't explain it here cause it's too long, but, if not an allergy, then it's some type of mental poisoning from the vaccines. My son showed signs before he was a year old. 3 of my children got vaccinated 3 different places: Hackettstown, NJ; Jersey City NJ; and Reading, PA

Cynthia Stark We are in Vancouver, Canada. Kieran is now 17. He reacted to every scheduled vaccine (they said this was "normal"). After the 12-month MMR in 1999 he nearly died, appeared deaf, lost all of his language, social, and play skills, had severe tantrums, became epileptic, uncoordinated, had constant ear infections until we took him off milk 10 months later, didn't sleep more than 2 hours at a time until I discovered melatonin when he was 5. He developed burning reflux, projectile vomiting, severe (grapefruit-sized) constipation, explosive diarrhea, and refused all food except dairy and wheat. I tried to report the vaccine reaction but they refused to take it, insisting it was a "coincidence". He was diagnosed with autism at 20 months after 8 months of testing & specialists visits. They refused to treat him medically saying it was "normal" for a kid with autism to be so ill. After the 12-month MMR he was completely mute for 10 months until he went on the GF/CF diet at 22 months. He started ABA and supplements at 24 months. At 30 months he started biomed (chelation/secretin/nystatin), and started talking again. At age 16 he won gold at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Para-Taekwondo, he snowboards, and is a hockey goalie. His career goal is to be a video game designer. Read our full story at http://vaccinechoicecanada.com/personal-stories/mmr-vaccine-and-autism-a-mothers-journey-to-heal-her-child/ or view it athttps://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=6&v=F4BpJ9koaFo I am a certified nutritionist and certified teacher with a diploma in autism, trained in ABA and RDI. I also volunteer with generation rescue, see https://www.generationrescue.org/profile/view/230

Jennifer Rupley Stark Im from indiana.we left indiana and drove to the otherside of the US.to visit family.when we returned home are son was do for his 2 year check up and recieved some vaccines. within 2 months he started spinning objects,stimming,flapping his arms!! he then turned 3 and was diagnosed with developmental delay.put in are school system for special ed preschool program then before the school year was up he had the title"AUTISM"!

Clara Statham My son everything normal all way till mmr in 2011. He fell asleep straight away after. Gave calpol as had bit of temp but they said that was normal, after each day noticed changes in him, he was rolling over and crawling saying mom and dada very sweet smile and loads of want to get up and go, that stopped he just lay there starring, he would cry a lot, on 1.9.11 midwife said all good. On the 16.7.12 delays in all areas. he had intolerance to almost everything, he was sick and had blood in it, and would pass blood in stools, the hospital was so crap even seeing it for themselves they still said he could of been heaving causing blood in sick and could of been constipated for the fresh blood in stools. So I kept a diary of what eaten and what it contains and what it does to get rid of what the problem is as the docs didn't believe me. Found out he was intolerant to wheat, gluten, soya, milk, dairy. So u can imagine it was a mission to get right food for him. His pain and blood stopped when eliminated all of that. He was a very high tiptoe water and had to have operation on both feet to correct it. He his medium to high autism. He got diagnosed at age 2half. He is now 5 nearly 6 he goes to mainstream school has one to one, his speech and interaction is getting there, he has great friends at the school, he has a mental age of 3 year old. Swadlincote burton, England.

Beverly 'Seale' Staton The MMR shot, after that our son lost eye contact pretty much and stopped babbling and trying to talk. The GF/CF diet and fish oil helped improve everything but of course not all! It all happened at the hospital on Travis AFB in Cali.

Phaedra Steele I feel that my son's Autism is a result of the vaccines he's suffered. When he was born he was a healthy bouncing baby boy. By the time he had his shots up to 6 months of age I began to notice a lack of eye contact and his babbling had stopped. He had developed some words but after another round of shots his use of words disappeared and he began to stare off into space. I cannot claim that it was one shot over another as he often received more than one vaccine at a time. By 18 months of age my son had all the classic signs of autism, but I was still uneducated and did not look further into his development until he was about 2 years old and was not making his milestones as I was told that some children take a little longer to meet those milestones. Our doctor sent us to a specialist when he was 3 yrs old and we got our diagnosis, Autism. I did not report these as side effects as at the time I did not know about the possible link until a few years ago. I believe that there are many contributing factors to Autism, however I also believe that his shots are what pushed him into Autism and I have stopped vaccinating my children as a result. 49 vaccine shots in 60 months is too much. My son is now almost 10 years old and I've worked hard on his dietary needs and detoxifying his body with success and no prescriptions. He is high functioning and making progress everyday, but not all children are as lucky as my son. So for my son and all the other children like him out there I add my voice to this stand. St. Marys, PA

Danielle Steffe I was vaccinated for the flu in 2003 while pregnant with my daughter. Two days later, I developed Chronic Urticaria and Angioedema. Eight months later, after being administered the Hep B. Vaccine, my daughter developed chronic immune system dysfunction and an MRI revealing evidence of encephalitis. We were vaccine injured. The flu shot was at my GP at the advisement of my OB/GYN...The Hep B. was at the hospital whe she was 24 hours old and had slight jaundice. Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Jane Stephens My daughter had her mmr around 15 months her leg went rather red ,temp and rather grump !!! she seemed fine until she had that she was standing babbling all the usual stuff then at 18 months or earlier mother intuition , i started to notice the things she was doing were no longer didn't walk till she 2 1/2 she is 5 yrs 7 months and doesn't have any speech all her skills are behind !! she is still under going test and i feel im been fobbed of now after 3 1/2 years. She also has abnormal eeg on medication for it. Didn't allow her to have the booster the doctor agreed and also said once you have it the first time you have the immunities , so why are they advising people to have the booster, money for the companies that make these injections Ousa O'Mara Connor 7/2/02, 7/11/02 Hep B (Indianapolis, IN) became lethargic and displayed low muscle tone. 8/5/03 MMR, Varicella (Pasadena, TX) developed fever and start of developmental plateau. 11/5/03 DPT, H.inflTypeB, Pneumococcal Conj, Flu (Pasadena, TX) developed fever and became more irritable. began to notice behaviors associated with foods. Rosemary 7/2/02, 9/13/02 Hep B, DPT, H.inflTypeB, Polio, Pneumococcal Conj (Indianapolis, IN) developed fever and became 'colicky' projectile vomitting, reflux, inconsolable, 8/5/03 MMR, Varicella (Pasadena, TX) developed fever, withdrew, lost language, 11/5/03 DPT, H.infl.TypeB, Pneumococcal Conj., Flu (Pasadena, TX) developed fever and began to notice posturing, increased tantruming, and lack of response to pain. Please let me know if you need any additional information. There is also another child (triplets) that did not receive all the same immunizations at the same time as his brother and sister, and he is not affected.

Janel Plunkard Stephey My son was born in 2004, and before I was "allowed" to be discharged after his birth, I was given a Rubella vaccination. I was breastfeeding. I've just recently learned that this should not be done. This occured in Frederick, MD. After he went for his 12-18 month vaccinations, his speech regressed and he stopped speaking for several months. Since then he has struggled greatly with articulation delays and various other communication issues. He also began displaying repetative behaviors during this time. These shots were given in Johnstown, PA. This past Summer, he was given his vaccinations required for school (we had delayed until this time, and I wasn't aware of exemptions avaible to us.) Within weeks, his behavior was out of control, he had increased hyperactivity and aggressiveness. These shots were given in Fairfield, PA. I can not pin-point specificly which shots were the culprits, as they were given simultaniously and as combinations.

Jessica Stevens First child: Prevnar at 9 mo old developed first ear infection within 2 days that led to 7 surgeries since, she has Pdd-Nos. Second child: Shut down at MMRs at 15 mo old, diagnosed at 18 mo with Autism. Also has Epilepsy. My third child reacted all three times he was vaccinated and we stopped doing them (birth, 2 mo and 4 mo) he's now almost 4 and developing on track and is not Autistic. We lived in GA at the time. And fyi--my son that reacted at birth, that's why I say most parents can't say it wasn't vaccines cause MANY kids are injected immediately after birth with HepB, or was..I think that's changed, but I've hears a lot of parents say it wasn't vaccines with their child but they got vaccinated at birth. You don't KNOW your child at birth to know if they are behind. I also firmly believe what prevented my youngest from developing Autism was because we stopped shots. At 4 mo his dr said he was "showing behaviors similar to his brothers at same age which we know now was Autism" and within 4-5 mo of being unvaccinated he came out of it.

Star Stevens At age 16, my super healthy baseball player, received the Mcv4, TDaP, & Varicella. 2 days after his shots, his upper arm had swollen up as if a tennis ball had been placed underneath the skin. About 7-10 days later, he had these symptoms: troubles breathing, talking & walking, muscle numbness, delayed motor skills, extreme slurred speak, intense migraines. The doctor assured us there was no connection; however, we believe he had symptoms of Guillain-Barré (GBS). Our doctor sent us to a neurological pediatric "specialist" in Lubbock, Texas. He told us there was nothing wrong with him & wanted to put him on anti-depressant meds. Afterwards, through blood work & a proper diagnosis with a holistic doctor, my son now has a lengthy list of auto immune diseases including leaky gut & adrenal failure.

Heidi Stevenson Son had DPT, arched back, high-pitched screaming, encephalitis, now 30 and schizophrenic. (Stirling)

Becky Carrier Stewart My daughter lost all eye to eye contact and started begin in her own little world at 12 months. My DUMB dr told me she will walk and talk and be normal by 24 months. Yea right!!!!! Did not walk till she was 36 1/2 months. And I;m ...still waiting to hear the pitter patter of her feet coming down the steps screaming mommie mommie. Yea still non-verbal. Oh but the Dr. said this to me. She is your last child she just lazy. That was at 4 years old. I wanted to slap the holy crap out of him. I new at 1 something was wrong. Cause my oldest daughter was talking at 10 to 11 mths. Waling at 1 year. Potty trained by 2. My youngest that is ASD. Still in diapers,eats with her hand,non-verbal. And refuses to let me feed her fights me to bath her . And I feel its all my fault. Statesville North Carolina

Deborah Stewart My son is turning 27 this week. He had a reaction to his 2nd DPT vaccine at 4 mos of age. He screamed with a high pitched cry all night after he got the vaccine. My pediatrician was a friend and I informed him. He said this was surely a reaction to the vaccine. My son does well, has graduated from college with a degree in film studies. He is very smart and well-read in a lot of topics. He does require a lot of urging to do things, he can't seem to get his life together at times. Not sure if it is his age or something else is going on.

Nadèl Steyn My son is now 4,5 years old. The day after his birth he got his BCG shot and oral polio drops in hospital without my consent. After each of his vaccines afterwards he got high fever - over 39º C. In fact we gave him Panado syrup beforehand so he won't get fever but he still did. Then I think it was Prevenar (pneumococcal) that made his leg swell at the injection site. Warm to the touch. Painful I would imagine because if I recall correctly he would cry if I accidently would touch his leg when changing his nappy. I also recall the nurse who did the follow up vaccines looked at his leg with a very worried look on her face. I don't recall any other specifics except that he slept well until 3 months old and after that he just never slept well. Woke up to 15 times at night. I know it must have been bad because we went to the GP who told us it was '3 month colic'. At 9 months he received his last vaccines. At that time an aquintance's daughther got seizures after MMR and we decided in lieu of his fever after each shot we are stopping now. We did do a homeopathic MMR vaccine. My son still has cradle cap and very dry skin. Also allergies. He used to get sick all the time but since starting on Vit D3, omega 3 and probiotics he gets sick almost never. He has been in contact with chickenpox and rubella and got neither. Incidentally two kids I know that was vaxxed for rubella, got it. My son is also very small and slim for his age. My daughter is now 6 months old and has never had conventional vaccines. We will do homeopathic with her just to humour the schools even though in South Africa by law it is not compulsory to vaccinate a child. My daughter also has eczema and cradle cap but to a much lesser degree than my son. She sleeps well and is a healthy weight. Although we did not encounter severe reactions from vaccines, there is no doubt in my mind that they cause an array of life long illnesses or problems. South Africa

Benedetta Stilwell My two kids who are now in their late 20s.were vaccine injured. My daughter: Age 2 years old came down with Kawasaki's 6 weeks after her fourth DPT shot. Age 5 after her fifth DPT shot passed out, gasped for air, rapid breathing, 105 temp. All childhood shots were given in Bardstown, Kentucky. Her Childhood was full of stomach aches, throwing up, sinus infections, pneumonia, unexplained high fevers, depression, over the top moods, mad a lot. Age 25 after receiving her BS degree in biology she decides she wants to be a psych nurse. After the third Hep B she becomes stiff as she did with Kawasaki's disease. Medical test showed very high SED rates. This shot was given in Richmond, Kentucky. At age 27 her work place insisted on giving her a flu shot. This was Lexington, Kentucky. She begin to have extreme over the top mood, not sleeping, could not sleep, legs cramping. She finally had a psychotic episode and I found her cutting imaginary bot worms out of her arms. She is bipolar, probably always was since she Kawasaki's but not bad enough to be recognized until the flu shot sent her over the edge. My son: At age 2 months the DPT shot resulted in a very high temperature. A few days later the doctors found his left ventricle of his heart was swelled, becoming boot shaped, and an inflamed heart valve causing a heart murmur. At age 7 months the second DPT shot caused him to pass out with 105 temp, with rapid breathing. At age 10 months the third DPT shot caused a stroke six hours later, he was walking but stopped and had to relearn to walk. In the next several months he had to episodes of high fever with to grand mal seizures, and prolonged fever that was atypical Kawasaki's. Today: at age 25; he has PDD-NOS, tourettes, epilepsy. All of his shots were given in Bardstown, Kentucky. My husband is not a child, but he was also has a vaccine injury. After years of taking tetanus shots - at least 10 times by the age of 28 with no problems he suddenly reacted to one he received at his work place. A couple of hours after he got home he passed out and had seizures. At age 34, after he stepped on a nail, the doctors after operating on him, giving him a long course of antibiotics, after discussing vaccine reactions decided at the end of his treatment to give him a tetanus shot anyway. Three weeks later every muscle in his body hurt, heart palpitations, anxiety,. He was finally diagnosed with "Acquired Mitochondrial myopia. This vaccine was given at Bardstown, Kentucky.

John Stone Son received DPT at 2 months, went red down one side, developed high fever, high-pitched screaming. (London).

Tricia Stone My son had the MMR in Devon in 2002. My 3 other children had the MMR and were fine. He was the unlucky one. His story is too long to tell here. His reaction was reported to our GP and that's as far as it got. We were intimidated into going away. We thought we could cope that we would enable him, but our son went from cognitively intelligent to no cognitive intellect. We have no accurate diagnosis other than his cognitive function now places him on the 0.4th centile. We have a child with Alzheimer's. I only recently learnt that the Dr who dismissed us registered a child with a much milder reaction on the datalink. That left us to fight for our son's right to an education. The book only goes up to the point where we finally accessed some education. Entry to secondary school took us straight back to square one. Another two years of fighting followed to where we are today. A near fatal crash last year when his brain was shutting down randomly including physical functions led to the Ed Psych evaluation that finally helped some teachers understand. His brain injury has catastrophically affected all of us, the long fight has drained and damaged my health, contributed to depression in our eldest and deprived his twin of much of her early years education as she acted as his full time carer in school. I am delighted to see you collect names, I would love to see it compared against those who actually were reported to the datalink. I believe cherry picking by some doctors has seriously skewed data. I would like to see an independent authority in charge of reporting and a self referral as well as doctor restricted. We thought our only option to report 13 years ago was to sue the drug company. We were too exhausted trying not to drown in meeting our son's needs and providing for four kids on no sleep to face going up against a drug company. We had no money, no power and they sure as hell make it evident they don't believe in truth, honor or justice.


Elizabeth Stout My son Blake is 7, hyperlexic (ASD), and lost eye contact following his first vaccination at about 20 months (DTap, Arcata, Ca; thimerisol-free). He had begun to spell and could identify each letter and its sound. Then, he spent three years talking only about math and spelling. He could hardly communicate and had terrible tantrums. He has not had any more vaccines, and struggles daily with frustration ( crying and tantrums), but is a fantastic boy! People like Blake because he's different and knows so many interesting things. He's super smart! I am still too scared to vaccinate his siblings. Arcata, Ca

Tina Strickland My 11 yr old had 5 vaccines in one day, the catch up schedule at about 18 months old, and after that we watched our brilliant little boy regress. I know they say vaccines don't cause autism but I had a surprise baby 13 months ago and he won't get a single vaccine until much later in his life. I pray every day that my little baby is spared the pain we've watched our oldest son go through. We are in Oak Ridge, TN

Anne Strominger I've reported two cases reported to the CDC through VAERS. Our son's 4th dose of HIB was given at same time as Varicella in Fenton, Michigan. Note that these were the 14th & 15th vaccines he'd rec'd in his first year of life. Reaction wa...s high fever & rash lasting several days. Developmental regression immediate onset. Diagnosed "Infantile Autism" at 15 months old. No shots allowed by parents for next three yrs. At age 4-1/2, we allowed two more vaccinations, MMR & DTaP. Again he reacted with high temp & severe fatigue lasting 4-5 days. No further regression was noted, but we never allowed shots again! Today, our 6 yr old child is doing great with steady improvement. His developmental age is about 5 yrs!

Jill Strong My son was developing normally, eating anything, very strong in his legs ie he could even pull himself up to a standing position at age 3 months. He had his 12mth mmr needle late at 16mths. After that he was alive in body but not in soul an...d I watched him digress. He wouldnt eat, he wouldnt stand up, he wouldnt vocalise, he wouldnt make eye contact. My son had his needles at Werribee, a suburb of Melbourne Australia. Today he has the classic autistic tag. He is very fussy, super sensitive to noise, and mentally delayed in all learning aspects. Limited vocabulary and comprehension. But he has the wickedest sense of humour after tackling this with so much love laughter and happiness.

Kerri Stulce Helmick Kameron damaged Sarasota Florida. We did all the treatments finally 6 mercapto purine worked with Dr Kriegsman continue your work it healed his gut. After 7 years of intensive biomedical treatments as well as necessary meds he has been mainstreamed for almost 3 years

Dana Cooke Sturdivant My son was perfectly normal, until his last set of shots at 16 months, which included the HIB shot. My son developed a 105 fever, which lasted for days to come. He lost all fine motor skills, lost all of his communication, all his words were lost, gone. He began looking at the ground, shadow playing at his high chair, popping his jaw back and forth. He developed complex partial seizures, encephalopathy. After, spending several hundred thousands on alternative therapy at age seven we are finally hearing language, again and slowly getting him back after years of fighting for him non-stop

Laura Stutz My son was 16months old when he received the MMR, DTaP and HIB all in 1 day. He slowly drifted away into "autism", brain damage, ulcerative colitis and more. 9 years later... still barely verbal w/ raging meltdowns, + "autism". Indiana

Karen Suddaby My sons problems started after his DDP shot he developed 3 month colic over the next few days his system was never the same he produced green smelly poo’s and screamed all the time for hours on end then he had his first MMR which I did not want to give him but my doctor said I was putting him in danger so I did. Any language he had stopped and he went inwards. It appeared as if he was deaf, he then began to line up boxes and screamed when anyone stopped him. At 2 and a half, the doctor wanted him to have his booster of his MMR. A week later he developed meningitis. No more injections for him. Today he is a lot better because of many interventions but now has developed seizures. I wish he had never had any of these injections. UK

Diana Sue Lost ability to nurse after hep b at one day old... constantly sick as an infant who got shots on schedule. screamed all day after getting 12 mo shots, incl. MMR. DX'ed delayed at 18 mo. He did the 12 and 15 month shots together, I think, when my son was his patient. At least, I know for sure we got mmr and varicella at the 12m appt. who told us that we couldn't be in his practice unless we vaccinated, and who vaccinated earlier than the schedule recommended. And, I thought my son had a fever for the 12 mo shots and he looked at the records and saw the nurse wrote down that he didn't and he proceeded. Austin, Texas by Dr. Dawson

Nicole Sugrue I feel strongly my son, who is now 12, was in some way injured with his vaccine. He was 22 mos old and we live in long island ny (nassau county). I am a co founder of a behavior analytic program, which my son, happens to not attend , since he can function in a regular public school, special ed setting. But if you go to our website, I do tell a short story about him (as well as others talking about our organization)

Katherine Sheehan Sullivan My son had a very high fever, vomiting for two weeks, became non verbal with no eye contact, bowel problems, feeding issues, and did not want to be touched after MMR and Flu shots at age one. Methuen, MA

Lisa Perez Sullivan I have two boys on the autism spectrum. My third son who is 3 hasn't received any shots. He's the only typical child out of 3 boys. No shots no autism. My 2nd son had an obvious regression after receiving mmr and a few other combo shots given at the same visit. He lost speech lost eye contact. We lost him. Not making the same mistake again.

Wendy Sullivan My son Keegan: The vaccine was the MMR, give in Hurst, TX. Keegan regressed into Austism. Had been a very happy, healthy infant until 13 months. Started with sinus infections, chronic ear infections, eczema on the face. Projectile vomitting of milk. Loss of skills by the age of 3 years and seizure activity started at that age. Had no idea it was the vaccines, so he got his boosters at 4 and we then saw another huge loss of skills and increase in aggressive, dysfunctional behavior. Keegan has seen Dr. Krigsman and has been diagnosed with lymphoid nodular hyperplasia. Keegan has had a lot of difficulty in the last year. Meds to help treat the seizures caused increase in behaviors to the point he was violent and unsafe. He is currently at The Chileda Institute in LaCrosse Wi receiving intense therapy and schooling. Keller, TX

Shannon Sultan Joanie's Vaccines. I am not sure which vaccines she received, only that she got them when she had just started up with the flu and was given 5. She was 2 years old and 1 month. "Late" on some. If you ask anyone who knew us at the time to now, they will tell you she is not the same child. She could count to 10. She was saying her ABC's, including "Now I know my ABC's...." She was LISTENING. She was calm. She was happy. We had to take the bus that day, in March. It was cold. She had shown no sign of being ill. As soon as we got on the bus, though, she vomited all over herself. I took her off. Cleaned her up. Changed her into the extra set I always carried. Just before the doctor's office, she vomited again. She had an appointment that day anyway. She had a mild fever when we were there and the flu. Two elderly women who I'm guessing were church women (angels in disguise even though I'm not a Christian) offered to get her clothing. I told them no, that was fine, but they did this anyway. So sweet. I will never forget their kindness. We went into the back. They said she was due for her shots. Being sick didn't matter. This was in Milwaukee, WI. At ProCare Medical Group on 38th and Wisconsin. Within a month, my little girl was changed. We would do what we always did by giving her prompts. "Hey, Joanie!! One......" She would usually follow it with the rest of the numbers. But she didn't. She's almost 5 now. She has been classified as disabled by the government. She has a 5 gene deletion on the X Chromosomes. There is no name for this condition. There is no research. The professor of Genetics at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin has no idea what to expect or what the future holds. She started EC/K4 this year and is also seeing specialists. I don't want to put my children in public school, but in her case, her needs and how to teach her are beyond me so I have no choice but to trust them. She did not have this deletion at birth. And looking back, I feel stupid for never even guessing that she was having adverse reactions to vaccines. When she was born, she was normal and healthy. She was eating. Peeing. Pooping. No problems. At 12 hours old, they took her for the hearing test that I wasn't allowed to be present for where they gave her the Hep B shot. I remember signing the papers that didn't even have a place for a parent's signature. "Just sign anywhere". I didn't even question it. I was a sheep. I was given Droperidol for nausea and vomiting. I also had a severe reaction and couldn't bear to sit in bed or talk. I could only force myself to walk. While I was reacting and having problems, my daughter was vomiting green stuff. They were stuffing tubes into her stomach through her nose. She was having an IV placed into a vein in her skull. She was on breathing machines. Apparently her intestines were paralyzed and they claimed she was born that way. No, because she had been eating and having many soiled/wet diapers with no problems before the stupid shot. She was flown to Children's where they had a team of surgeons waiting "just in case" she had a bowel obstruction. They were scaring me by telling me she may need surgery because her gut might be killing her on the inside. Well no sh1t! She was given a vaccine and now I know that's what they do!!! But no, she had no obstruction. She just couldn't eat for the first week of her life and all nourishment was given via IV. Try as I might, pumping every hour on the hour didn't help and we never really got off on breastfeeding. They took that from me, too

Elizabeth Summ My son Elliott was always quiet and a bit withdrawn, but after his 6 month and 18 month MMR he spent about a week with terrible putrid diarrhea, all over his legs, crib at night, etc. I was ignorant of all this information on autism/vaccines then, and I really kick myself now. He is now 3.5 and was recently diagnosed with non verbal autism. He screams everyday when upset. I will never vaccinate a child again. These shots were administered in Rockford, Il

Spring Sunshine I had opted to delay vaccination to do more research as I had a seizure from dpt in 1979 and a friend got meningitis from his dpt in 81. I had an adverse reaction to dpt in 1994as well. With my oldest son I waited until he was older to give any shots and was only convinced to give any because we lived on the Ohio river which had flooded badly in February 1997. We were down river from several horse farms and he was now walking and would be outdoors in the dirt that was potentially contaminated with tetanus. I knew chances were low but caved to family pressure. In May 19, 1998 at age 19 months my son got a dT shot manufactured by kannaught. The next day he was admitted to the hospital due to severe allergic reaction to the shot. The left half of his body had a fever and hives (injected on left) the right side was fine. He spent 4 days in picu fighting for his life. He had to relearn several things like bouncing a ball. The child I brought home from the hospital was not the same child as before he no longer had the sparkle in his eyes. They looked cold and unfeeling. He was diagnosed with Aspergers at age 7. Today he doesn't drive a car and is rather hermit like. Cincinnati Ohio

Vanessa Surprise My amazing boy had slow regression from 12-15 months after receiving his mmr at 12 months. he is making great strides because of biomedical treatment and all his other therapies

Madeleine Susio Daughter Sofia had 12 vaccinations at age 3 months, and had severe eczema and constipation. Now age 2.5 years, eczema is controlled using hydroquatioze cream, and constipation controlled with Movicol, and now a strong probiotic. Have refused MMR. (Surrey)

Bethany Sutton Now age 10, no speech, screams in pain for up to an hour, incontinent (Staffordshire)

Tammy Swarek Matthew Ryan cook. El Dorado, Arkansas. 9-17-97. Matthew had reactions to all of his vaccines, increasing in severity each time. They included extreme swelling high fevers, rashes, crying, illnesses, infections. After the MMR he also lo...st all of his speech along with the other symptoms, ear infections, strep, his body was attacked. At 7, he developed bowel disease that took a year to diagnose leaving him in agony that drove him to tear the skin off of his fair face. It took that long to find a dr to even look at him. 5yrs later it has moved to his brain, same inflammatory process that caused his bowel issues, now causing psuedotumor cerebri. We spent 4 months in the hospital in Houston, 13 spinal taps, now monthly ivig to save his life ..forgot about the seizures....

Ellen Trevelise Sweeney ‎ 13 yr old Son-1st year vaccines loaded the gun, MMR pulled the trigger at 13 months...diagnosed with Autism n ADHD n using some biomedical interventions-Brick Township, NJ USA

Adam & Jennie Sweet Our son Bradley was born a normal alert baby, he scored perfect on every test at the hospital. He hit every developmental milestone right as he should have and was even saying mama dada baba and those things long before our friends daughter who was born a couple of months before him. He was loving and effectioniate, he would smile everytime you pointed a camera at him and would laugh when he was happy. At 12 months old Bradley could walk, and loved to talk and had a knowledgable vocabulary of about 6 words. He would talk to his daddy on the phone and say dada the whole time. About 2 weeks after Bradley's 1st birthday he had his one year old check up and got the shots a 1 year old normally gets I dont have an exact list on hand. Slowly you could see a severe change in Bradley, he became distant and was like he was in his own little world. He would just walk around the whole day almost as if in a daze. He no longer was effectioniate and loving. He no longer talked just babbled. He had no interest in people around him, he lost all eye contact, and all response to others and communication. At 18 months old he was diagnosed with Autism. Since his downfall he has come a long way but still is not the little boy he once was. He is more loving now and occasionally tries to help with things like washing or dressing, and at times will try to show you what he wants. He shows more interest in things and people around him then a few months ago. The end of July is Bradleys 2nd birthday and he will be due for his 2 year check up and vaccinations. I cant say for sure or prove that vaccinations caused my sons autism but after what I saw happen after his 1 year and 18 month check ups I wont be allowing them to vaccinate him until he is much older if ever!

Alicia Swiney-Bartley My son, was talking and saying words until after his 1st birthday! Then he just quit talking, I think it was due to vaccines! He was diagnosed at the age of 2, he is now 3 and in school. He is doing so much better! pike county, ky.

Rebecca Kaye Swinger-Barnes My son regressed soon after the mmr shot. It took years for the diagnosis of hypogammaglobulinemia (many Drs refused to draw blood from an autistic) and precocious puberty. After IVIG treatments, Lupron and supplements he is better, but he has been on the SCD for 5 years and suffers greatly. His whole body is full of inflammation. We have kept him out of an institution but he is severely disabled. We are lucky that he is very loving and affectionate. Heyworth, IL (Central IL)

James Swinnerton Given MMR even though he had Downs Syndrome, now has unmanageable behaviour, diagnosed with autism (Tibberton)

Sam Sykes Son Mickey given MMR at 17 months, lost speech within weeks, “everything went bad”, diagnosed with ASD, always drinking, poor temperature control (East Sussex)

Pamela Szal My daughters brain injury is diagnosed as Thimerosal exposure by her Pediatric Neurologist. I received the RHoGAM maternal injection for RH- blood types and vaccines containing Thimerosal between 1999-2002. Her co-morbid diagnosis are Autism and Cerebral Palsy in order to receive therapeutic services. Thimerosal neurotoxic exposure is mistakenly referred to as Early Onset or Genetic Autism.In 2001, I filed a complaint in Federal civil court which passed causation in Dade County, FL. Due to the "Eli Lilly Rider" signed in later in 2002 shielded any civil lawsuits against the manufacturer of Thimerosal under the Homeland Security Act. Our case was then referred to the NVICP and later dismissed again in 2013 because both Autism and Cerebral Palsy are not "tabled injuries." Our 7th Amendment rights to civil trial through the court system have been violated. Our fundamental human rights to common law liability for compensation from medically defective products.


Kelly T. - DPT at 2 months old My daughter, Kelly, had her DPT, Polio, Hep B and Haemophilus b Conjugate inoculations at 2 months old. The night of those shots she woke screaming, and we could not console her. The on-call doctor said to give her more Tylenol, which we did. She went back to sleep, ultimately. When it was time for her next DPT shot, the doctor gave her the shot without Pertussis, along with other inoculations. Kelly has Attention Deficit Disorder today. Vaccinations given in Portsmouth, NH, USA

Peggy T Hepatitis B at 24 hours old Matt nursed well at the hospital. Before leaving the hospital, Matt got the Hep B vaccine. After we got home, Matt had progressively more difficulty nursing. He spit up at almost every feeding. He slept so much. On his third day well-visit to the Pediatrician, the doctor was “visibly alarmed” because Matt had lost weight and was starting to become jaundiced. He recommended that I wake Matthew on a schedule to feed him. I did that, and started pumping breastmilk. By the end of that week we were feeding him with an eyedropper. He seemed to rally, luckily. We decided to feed him with a bottle at that point, to make it easier for all of us. I chalked the whole problem up to “nipple confusion”. Years later I would read about the study on primates after being given the same Hep B series my children received, and the failure to suck that occurred as a result. After his 3rd shot in the Hep B series, at 9 months of age, Matt started looking at things with his peripheral vision. Like an idiot, I never suspected the shots. Matthew went on to get all his vaccinations on schedule. Matthew was quite delayed by 2.5 years. He had Early Intervention, and was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder – Not Otherwise Specified at age 3, but it’s truly Autism. Matt started having seizures as a teenager and is on seizure medication. Vaccinations given in Portsmouth, NH, USA

Jennifer Tabor All my sons vaccinations were received at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City Utah. From day one he had issues with them including the first hepatitis B shot given on the third day of his life. I asked them not to give him this since I am not a carrier did they care no. Since it's absolutely unnecessary you cannot get it, it's not airborne you can't get it simply through saliva, which many get confused about. Hepatitis B, hepatitis A,C. Are all past exactly the same way through blood with an infected person direct contact. Using their toothbrush a razor having sexual intercourse with them or needles. Since my baby was in the hospital and I was not a carrier he did not need that vaccine in fact most of them were not necessary for my infant. My sons regression happened after the 13 doses that he received on his twelve-month well child check again I wasn't told it was 12/13 doses of drugs in a minute. He met every milestone he was clapping he was laughing he was a completely nuro typical child. After his 1 year birthday party. Five days after he was injected 13 doses of drugs. Personally I have never injected 13 drugs into my body. I do not understand their thinking on this one how it could possibly be safe to do such a thing. 5 to 8 weeks my son stop speaking he stopped looking at books and he also would not let me read to him anymore. He stopped eating the foods that he once loved. His bowl movements changed. So many things started to go wrong he started getting sick ear consecutive. At that time I was told everything was fine that it was to be expected. I was told this was same phrase every time he had problems with injections that it was to be expected. Just give him Tylenol which actually I found out later on made it worse. Acetaminophen blocks the chief detoxing agent called glutathione especially in an O blood type. When I asked the doctors what was inside of these vaccines the answer was I don't know. That's when I stop vaccinating my child but it was far too late. Then I started researching all of it and I can say without a doubt that my son's autism was definitely related to his vaccinations because he was fine totally healthy energetic beautifully perfect child. I have video of him from the beginning to when things started to change and it is very apparent and disturbing. Those individuals I have show these videos of him at his two and four month inoculations where his legs swelled to an ungodly size are shocked. I was told that was normal to be expected that's the answer. I always got it's to be expected it's not normal and it's not to be expected. I believe doctors make money off of these drugs. I believe that when they threaten to call child protective services and people give into that it's ridiculous it's taking away your freedom of choice. Now there's no way that a doctor would've ever said that to me I would've known better I know that there are waivers. I thought I was protecting my child. When fact I was causing him extreme harm. I can't go back in time or change it. However I do know that many parents out there. I've learned that with their first child experienced this and did not vaccinate again and their other children having the same genetics did not become autistic so where did it come from genetics or the air. Sorry I should write my full story. I've read others and they are just too similar, to close to home and after reading them I got upset so I'm writing not with my full calmness. I'm angered at this process and the schedule that they have for our children it is absolutely ridiculous unsafe. 4 polio shots why???? Multiple TDAP shots, multiple hepatitis shots that are unnecessary. You know why? Money all about the Benjamin's is nuts and they don't care whose lives they are playing with. And I'm sick of people blaming it on genetics purely because that's just insane. Common sense tells us that 1/88 people could never share the same genetic factor. Predispositions make sense. But it has to be triggered by something. And a whole bunch of nasty Chemicals makes perfect sense. They do alter a person's genetic makeup and it can alter DNA. When certain people unfortunately those who's body could not withstand the chemicals have died. It's insane to say that when a young woman receives an HPV vaccination and dies within minutes of receiving it that the vaccination is not to blame. Huh how far are they willing to go how many people have to die before the truth really comes out. It is even more ridiculous that you can't sue the vaccine industry because they were granted immunity from damages. And this suppose vaccine injury compensation fund is just a big joke. For a person who understands the laws. I find it treacherous at the very least. Sad congress The money that they will take not giving a damn about how it affects people. Drugs that they approve until billions are made and then recalled after people have died they've made their money and they don't care. And there's how many people split on this one that vaccines are 100% safe how can anyone say that when there's not even a safety test that ensures the child safety their safety test on the vaccine and they pay for those outcomes just like these to with cigarettes. Money talks.

Taptyper My oldest daughter is now 26 years old. I had her vaccinated according to schedule until she had the Hib titer. I can't remember if she was 8 months old or 18 months old at the time. She developed a febrile seizure where she turned her head to one side and did not move. My mom was taking care of her while I was at school and called the ambulance. On the way to the hospital my daughter threw up a little and seemed ok. They did a spinal tap on the baby. Just awful thing to do. This was in Houston, TX. I was told it was not vaccine related b/c it didn't meet their cutoff point to call it that. I forget what their official cutoff was, but I never had her get another vaccine after that. She has always had difficulty with learning many things and I never was able to pinpoint a cause. Her handwriting still looks like a 5 year old's. My gut instinct says it did cause some type of neurological damage, but it just was not severe enough for anyone to really notice it or define it.

Amanda Tavener Pymouth uk 13 months 2 weeks after having mmr went off all foods and lost speach again when he had booster mmr regressed further hes 5 in august has no speach little understanding and eats same thing every day now my youngest is due the mmr now im reluctant to let him have it my son attends a great school for serverly disabled children i dont believe mmr caused his autism i think it contributed to the way he is today

Jessica J. Tavera Wow! I will forever regret giving my son the MMR and the guilt at times is unbearable. i feel such a sense of betrayal from the medical community, just when I thought I was helping my little one, I was actually hurting him by vaccinating him. Allentown, PA

Fiona Taylor My son was developing normally, making eye contact, affectionate and engaged. By 6 months he was speaking 5 or 6 words, was super-cuddly and loved people. For both his 2 month and 4 month DTP shots, he developed hugely swollen and red thighs at the injection site, and was fretful with high temperatures for days afterwards – In stark contrast to his older sister who had no reactions. I called the Child and Youth Health hotline, who insisted that it was a perfectly normal reaction, and just to administer children’s Panadol. Around the time that he was due for his 6 month shots, he caught chicken pox, was sick for a few days, but recovered quickly. He eventually received his 6 month shots closer to 9 months...and within weeks was a different child. I have photographs of him covered in chicken pox, walking around the furniture, making eye-contact and grinning at me, however that stopped after the DTP. He no longer made eye contact, he became stiff and pushed us away when we held him, he became obsessed with the television and would stare at it, frantically wiggling his fingers (stimming). He stopped speaking altogether, and instead began “droning”. He became “deaf” to the sound of his name, or to people speaking to him, and we could shout his name without any reaction, however he reacted immediately to the sound of his bottle being shaken. There were changes to his bowel motions, more frequent and less formed, and he stopped being interested in people and toys. In all honesty, I had no idea what we were seeing...with no prior experience of autism and its peculiarities, and it was some time before I realised what these things meant. In the meantime, I continued to vaccinate on the advice of my doctor, and he continued to get worse. He was diagnosed with Severe Autism at 2 1/2 years of age, at which point he had no language at all, stimmed constantly, had no interest in other people except to attend to his needs, and was a fussy eater. He also had a poor immunity and was regularly ill with gastroenteritis, tonsilitis, ear infections, colds and pretty much anything that he came in contact with. I questioned the Paediatrician that diagnosed him about the vaccination issue, and before I even had a chance to explain my reasons for questioning it, he was laughing at me, and insinuated that only an idiot would believe that was a cause. I believed him, and STILL gave my son his 4 yo shots. I will live with the guilt of each and every decision to vaccinate him for the rest of my life. I am convinced that it was vaccination responsible for his Autism, and the more people I have spoken to, and the more I have read...the more I regret not following my own instincts and refusing to continue vaccinating him. He is now 10, is still largely non-verbal, he is only partially toilet-trained, and still stims and drones constantly. He learns incredibly slowly, and things seem to just drop out of his head. He will always require full-time care, he has been robbed of a functional future and his family has been robbed of a normal life. Adelaide, South Australia

Ginger Taylor Los Angeles 2002. My three week old son reacted to the Hepatitis B vaccine with three months of fevers and crying, and two years of constipation (until the GFCF diet). At 18 months he got Hep B, DTaP, Polio, Pnumo, and HIB, lost eye contact, stopped answering to his name, stopped talking (except for two phrases, uh oh, and all done, met the description of "vaccine encephalopathy" in the VICP table, but was diagnosed with "autism".

Through biomedical intervention including GFCF and SCD diet, supplements, chelation, HBOT and others, he has gone from "severe to moderate autism" to the top of the autism diagnosis "almost PDD" said his last psychologist, is functionally verbal (but behind) and mainstreamed in a 3rd grade class room with an aid. We have gotten him about halfway back. Most importantly he is happy, he is best friends with his brother and has wonderful (although limited) relationships with his classmates. ONWARD AND UPWARD!!

Jill Taylor Son Ali within 6 hours of MMR had high-pitched crying, fever, rash, very swollen neck glands, loss of eye contact, speech, communication and understanding, onset of epilepsy, all within 9 weeks of MMR. Was happy/healthy before (at 19 months), became glazed expression/unhappy. Now 13 years old, Semantic Pragmatic Disorder, ASD, high anxiety. (Preston)

Julie Taylor Hi my daughter is now 3 and is uner going assesment for autism, we feel that the vaccenations are the reason for her problems she was fine as a baby until thease, i feel that an issue with thease vaccenations is that they give them so many ...at once, one time she had 1 in one leg and 2 in the other surerly that cant be good for a young childs emune system to take in, and mixing chemicals, they seem to think my daughter has ADHD and shes showing symtoms of autism but its not comfirmed as yet, yet my lil boy whos one has had these injections and is fine hes showing no problems at all, i feel its like a lottery with with thease injections

Kenneth Taylor My girlfriends daughter received an MMR at 12 months in Concord, New Hampshire. Within days she withdrew from the world and stopped talking, babbling, laughing, failing to recognize or acknowledge even her mother. She was diagnosed a year later with classic Autism. Today she is high functioning but is socially awkward with other children, highly sensitve/emotional , and is still stimming but stunning. Concord New Hampshire

Simone Taylor Son Thiago, before MMR very happy clever child, after MMR vomiting and temperature of 42 every 2-3 weeks for 2 years, loss of cognition, eye contact and non-verbal skills. Now diagnosed with moderate to severe autism (Croydon)

Adrianna Teel My son was injured by the MMR vaccine. He was normal untill about a week after the vaccine. He had lost all of his words, interest of the world around him, eye contact and much more. We began dietary intervention, chelation and supplements and 4 yrs later we are doing much better, eye contact, speech and more. Still not like before but much better. Thank you for listening! Houston, Texas.

Gregory Telford Beautiful baby boy born 10/11/2006, 10 days overdue and a whopping 9lbs 6oz. Perfectly healthy in everyway. Got his 1st shot at 2 months old which was a 5 in plus 2 other separate shots on the same day. Nevertheless he developed normally and met all his milestones walking and talking on time. Bright as a button. By 13 months he had been given 25 different vaccines and the last ones he got were the MMR and Prevenar in one day. Ironically / prophetically it was recorded in his little red book on the day of the last vaccine "samuel was not himself today". He stopped developing and we made all the usual excuses. He has some serious episodes of diarhea but we never linked the 2 events. He stopped answering to his name. He started to line stuff up. He would flap his hands. He would flick his fingers in front of his eyes. He would echo and script his fave dvds. We suspected something was up but hoped and prayed it would pass. He got referred for speech therapy and the 2nd visit he got referred to a paediatrician. For me the fear and stress was unbearable. They would not diagnose him even though we were now sure. Thank god for the internet and the opportunity to research this condition and see that it was treatable. We found a DAN doctor and got started with supplements, probiotics and the gfcf diet. Big improvement. We did tested that confirmed he had high levels of lead and gut dysbiosis. His GP and paediatrician did not want to know. We did more tests and found he had Mercury, Nickel, Thallium, Bismuth and Palladium and yeast overgrowth. Guess were he got the Mercury??? This merciless genocide has to stop and the evil that has literally been thrust into our children exposed. This will be the biggest scandal of all time and the compensation will probably bankrupt our dirty governments

Letisia Telles My son when he got his mmr shots I notice that he got a reaction to it. He broke down into a rash thru all his body, he had a fever. Months later everything faded away, he didn't have eye contact, he didn’t smile, he would cry often.

Harry Tembenis On December 16, 2003, Petitioner Harry Tembenis filed this case on behalf of his son, Elias Tembenis, under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (“Vaccine Act” or “Act”). 2 Petitioner filed a “Short-Form Autism Petition for Vaccine Compensation,” and joined the Omnibus Autism Proceeding (“OAP”). On August 27, 2008, Petitioner filed a notice to proceed separately from the OAP, and he also filed an amended petition that alleged that a Diphtheria-Tetanus-acellular-Pertussis (“DTaP”) vaccination administered on December 26, 2000, caused Elias to develop a seizure disorder that eventually led to his death. On November 13, 2008, the caption was amended to name Harry and Gina Tembenis, as administrators of Elias’s estate,

The facts of this case can be summarized as follows. Elias received a DTaP vaccine. Within one day, he developed a fever, which led to a complex febrile seizure. Subsequently, Elias developed epilepsy. This fact pattern is commonly seen in the Vaccine Program

Susan TenEyck ‎ 1981 (around) DT vaccine. Cobb County health dept on Fairground St, Marietta, GA. SEVERE neurological reaction, rapid & fluctuating BP, psychosis (tried to jump out of a moving car), could only see *sun spots*, etc... I was in the 10th grade and this was the shot we were supposed to have for that grade. Also, for my son July or August 2003, Wellstar Kennestone Hospital, Marietta, GA, Hep B (given without consent and against express wishes not to give). This was documented in medical file to give without consent. Child has a dual diagnosis.... The MDS was not caused by the vaccine, but the ASD and the profound apraxia could have been. No other vaccines were ever given. He also has had a chronic immune dysfunction his entire life (will be 8 in July).

Laurie Thayne DPT booster shot given late so around 13, 14 months. As I had a horrible feeling about giving it to him. Brought him home where he sat and spun his arms under a revolving ceiling fan, would no longer respond to us and quit talking (he spoke in small sentences at 8 months) Oh..ya and is still severely autistic and cannot speak.

Francesca Thomas My son was born in 2002. I knew the vaccination schedule was a very long one, and I was not in any hurry to get him jabbed. I made a conscious effort to delay all injections and get them at the end of the time allowed. My son received the DTP, Polio and HiB vaccinations at age 2 months, 4 months and 6 months - as per his schedule. At age 12 months he got the first MMR injection. Then at age 18 months, my son was given another DTP and Polio injection along with a flu vaccination as well. Six weeks later he was given a second flu vaccination and he promptly developed breathing problems. He began wheezing as if he had asthma, something that had never happened to him before. It was a very cold winter that year, with lots of snow in the ground. My son was admitted to hospital with a diagnosis of Bronchiolitis. While he was in hospital, he was given oxygen, with the intention of re-oxygenating his blood. He and I remained there for 5 days until his blood oxygen levels finally reached 100% and stayed there for several hours. The next injections my son received were the DTP and Polio, as well as the second MMR injection, both just before his 6th birthday. He has not received any further vaccinations since. Nor has he received any flu vaccinations. Otherwise he is a very smart, reasonably happy and rather strongwilled child. I feel very strongly that my sons health was seriously compromised by all these vaccinations - most particularly the three vaccinations he received between the age of 18 and 20 months. I believe that those three vaccinations specifically, (DTP and 2 flu vaccinations) were the trigger for the auto-immune process that destroyed the insulin producing cells in his pancreas. Shortly after his 10th birthday, my son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. And yes there is a genetic susceptibility to such illness in my family. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Michael and Terry Thomas Following MMR became ill and in pain, bowel problems, learning difficulties. (Somerset).

Tracey Thomas We had a happy calm, smiling, ahead, walked at 11 months could talk, count do everything well ahead of the average. Forced by doctor who said they would remove us from their list unless we had the MMR. We did and we now have a child with the mental age of 6. He is nearly 13yrs. Also after MMR he had bowel problems, goes to a special school, has Autism and Asperger’s, no friends, no life. Don’t try and tell, MMR didn’t have a part in this. London, UK.

Karen Thomason Hi. I saw your posting. I was hesitant to answer at first because initially I was not aware that my child was vaccine injured and it is more difficult to explain in just 4 sentences. His regression into autism was more gradual rather than sudden. However, looking back and with the symptoms he showed following vaccinations (including Hep B at birth) I have no doubt he was affected. My son received his MMR and chicken pox vaccines in Lindenhurst, IL (USA) right after turning one. It was like a light switch as far as his diet and he suddenly became a very picky eater (he used to eat everything) and suddenly only wanted to eat milk and wheat-based products and started showing some repetitive behaviors and a fascination with wheels. Then, shortly after his DPT shot and a flu-shot (w/ a full dose of mercury) he began experiencing night terrors and staring episodes. Tantrums increased and language development, which was previously on schedule, plateaud and he then fell behind in both receptive and expressive language development. He became hyper-focused on letters and numbers. Today, he is 8 1/2 and has improved a great deal following treatments which included biomedical intervention and diet changes (GF/CF). He is a gifted child and has a great sense of humor. We are proud of his progress and continue to follow biomedical intervention. A couple additional notes: His biomedical doctor tested his vaccine titers several years after his MMR and his Rubella titers at that time were still 15X normal. The measles and mumps titers were on the low side. He's had gut issues but was never scoped. He had constant ear infections and doses of antibiotics from 3 months or so on.

Dianne Thompson We were more or less forced to submit to a tetanus shot for our daughter in 1986, after a superficial injury involving a pvc sprinkler pipe on Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio,Tx USA. She was 5, unvaxxed previously and we said no but got bullied into it anyway. The reaction began within an hour, before we even got home. She got a flesh-eating infection, Strep A + staph, from the shot. She exploded with necrotic sores so virulent her dad & I got infected from direct contact. Naturopath Dr. Harold Dick vs. Dr. Danney, M.D. "The Rare Unvaccinated Child In Texas". She healed quickly due to a naturopathic protocol and her strong immune system/good health but "Screaming syndrome" (brain inflammation?) lasted around 6 months.

Heather Mills Thompson My son didn't have any reaction that I could visibly see - but I think his problems started with the Hep B series. We've not even been told about gene testing. We live in Southern WV, so basically we're told that if you have an autistic child that there's nothing to do. We had to jump through hoops to find a program for him. Fortunately we found Birth to Three.

Jackie Thompson Georgina was born 15th July 1996, Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia (Postcode 2450) She was 4 weeks premature but very healthy At 8 weeks, 9th Sept, I went for her check-up, the Dr said it was fine to administer the DPT shot even though she was premature. After her shot she went to sleep. 5 hours later I tried to wake her as I was worried as she had not woken to feed. She began screaming in her sleep, and I mean screaming!! It was awful!!!! She had no colour and was limp. I rushed her to emergency and had to wait for 3 hours to be seen. Any time I moved the slightest bit with her in my arms she'd begin screaming again, all this time never opening her eyes. Her temp was 38.5c. I was seen by the Dr who told me this was a "normal" reaction to the DPT shot. I asked how something like this could be called "normal". He proceeded to inform me that for my daughters next shot I could bring her into the Emergency Dept to have it administered. I asked if that meant they had some sort of anti-serum stuff to give to stop the reaction. He answered "No, but we have the equipment her to resuscitate her if it's needed". I won't type what I answered to him but needless to say I left him standing there with a shocked look on his face. 10th Sept - High temp, extreme hypersensitive to touch and noise, very pale, limp and kept doing a weird rolling movement of her tongue. 11th Sept - High temp, Hypersentsitive Pale, limp, tongue rolling. 16th Sept was the first day she actually appeared to be normal again with the symptoms gradually disappearing.Needless to say she has never had another shot. The Australian Vacination Network had not long been set up and I managed to get a hold of Meryl Dorney who explained to me what had happened. As a baby Georgina was a handful. The only way I could get her to sleep was to rock her in my arms, this could take hours!!! She never seemed to need sleep. At about 3yrs old the pre-school said they thought she was ADD or ADHD (some label). Up until 3yrs she had chronic tonsilitis with really scarey high temp sometimes up to 40.5c. She ended up in hospital with septosemia from the tonsils and periorbital cellulitis. They also picked up that she had Epstein Barr virus by chance at the same time. Her tonsils were removed at 3.5 yrs. She also had asthma. I found some great Drs in Sydney and by using diet, homeopathy, chinese herbs, cranial oseopathy etc etc we managed to sort her out. At current age of 14 she is happy and intelligent. No sign of ADD etc. She still gets the cradle cap stuff. She had a weight problem which we try to sort with a sensible diet and exercise but to me her metabolism is very low. She is prone to constipation if I don't keep an eye on her fibre intact. She is very active though. She is allergic to penicillin, ibuprofen, dogs, cats, and has an allergy to cold (cold urticuria). She has the most extreme sensitivity of her scalp. The slightest hair pull, even at the hairdressers can reduce her to tears. My second child was born 21st Dec 1999 and he has never had a single shot. He was born with an eczema and a wide ranging food intolerance even through breast milk. The pediatrician who I was under at the time advised against giving him any shots as well. He also had asthma. He also has low muscle tone. Both no longer get asthma once we moved from Australia. Considering that my second child was born with allergy problems I think Georgina's shot reaction has a lot to do with genetics and mercury. Family history - 1 Aunt has Lupus, 1 Uncle has Crohns (He had measles at 3 months of age!). I also was a 'guinea pig' in my early teens for a new treatment for allergies to grass and pollen which entailed them injecting me with the allergens over a 6 month period. After each injection I felt terrible and my arm would swell up like a tennis ball at the site. (My mother and sister had the same treatment and it seemed to work then bizarrely we all began to get bad hayfever again simultaneously 3 yrs ago). The last shot I had was 10yrs ago, a tetanus booster plus a Hep A shot as moving to Asia. Both in the same arm. It was awful, I felt every drop of them go through my blood stream up to my brain and on down the other side of my body. Really scarey!! Never again!!! To top everything off I was a dental nurse for 12 years. I actually started at the time when we had to rub the wet amalgam in a piece of fabric to shape it without any gloves. There was no special ventilation of any kind. During the course of alternative treatments I had both children tested for mercury and both were high. Both were given treatment for this. I'm now listed by the Australian Government as a "Conscientious Objector" to vaccination. My daughters adverse reaction was never officially reported even though I requested it to be. I have two very healthy children who are hardly ever sick. I'm very glad I did not give my son a shot as I'm sure he would have had a reaction more drastic than my daughters. I feel sick every time I hear someone say they are taking their children to get their booster for this or that. I feel they are playing Russian Roulette. My brother and his wife are going ahead with vaccinating my nephew and it makes me feel sick with worry. I've pointed out to them that he seems to get a bad cough and cold within a week of each shot but it falls on deaf ears. I've even asked them to give him vitamin c etc and to space them out but no luck. Joan I wish you all the best on your quest and hope some of the information above is helpful to you.

Jo Thompson My son is 10, he got his mmr at 13 months and regressed within weeks. He had always laughed and had eye contact with us playing around. He had began walking with his push along walker at 11 months. After the Jab he never walk...ed again till 19 months and stopped chatting mum mum and dada etc.he began to look straight through us not at us. We watched our little man disappear before our eyes.. Which I still kick myself and cry over to this day. :( he has struggled ever since he never said mummy till he was 5. He barely speaks and struggles to cope with life. It's soul destroying. My girls have never and will never receive the jab! in Cardiff uk

Nicole Thompson My son's recovery from Autism, and my most recent article is specifically about the impact of vaccines on our beloved little ones. http://www.examiner.com/special-needs-kids-in-wilmington/nicole-thompson

Mel Thornburg Son-34yrs. old. --Reaction Screaming/Crying/HeadBanging--Reactions to all less than 2 yrs. old. I just didn'tknow then what it was-- Son-32 --No Reactions. Daughter-14yrs. old--Reactions to DPT-102 fever--MMR- Measles like rash--She has had no more vaccines/immunizations/TBskin tests, ect. since. All were given in Henderson,KY. She does have enough antibodies on WB to treat for Lyme Disease. I suffer from Neuroborreliosis. I believe we have a lot of our kids being thrown under the rug labeled as psych.or other when it is really illness that is hidden. Marion,KY.

Oliver Thrower Passed all milestones by 15 months, had single measles vaccine plus DPT at 15 months, high pitched screaming, development stalled then regressed, lost speech. Some slow recovery then MMR at age 4 years, became unmanageable, biting/scratching, constipation/loose stools, incontinent, no speech, multiple food allergies, night sweating, chronically poor sleep, flapping/spinning, traits of autism. Current severe learning disability. (Warrington)

Carol Tilston My 12 yr old son and his twin sister had their mmr on the same day when they were 13months, within a week he had regressed completely and diagnosed autistic when he was two. Lerwick

Margaret Tipton My son had Hep B vax 24 hours after birth(1995). Had difficulty feeding for 1st week of life (fed with eye dropper at one point). I had to wake him to feed him. Never suspected the shot. After 9 mos. shots he started looking at things w/... his peripheral vision. Special diet, biomed & speech have helped recover him. He has Autism, and now as a teenager, has developed seizures. My daughter had a reaction to her shots at 2 mos old(1993). She woke screaming after having received her shots earlier in the day. She could not be consoled. The on-call doctor told us to give her more Tylenol, which we did. Ultimately she did go back to sleep. For her next round of shots, the Pertussis part of the DPT was omitted. My daughter has ADD today. The vaccines were administered in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA.

Carol Tobgui-Ramirez We're from Melbourne Australia, one of twin daughters had the mmr at 18 months & got very ill, high temperatures ear aches & slowly lost her speech, focus, sleep, sensory & motor skills. We have video footage of what she used to be like before the vaccine & until now which she is 5 1/2 years old.

Alicia Toler I noticed around the time my son got the MMR shot he started rocking back and forth constantly. He also had watery loose stools, and eventually I couldn't pick him up to hold him. I have two other healthy kids that are not affected by vaccines like my third son is. I suspect my daughter may have a very mild form of being affected because I notice she has odd mood swings at things that are not things people would be upset about. After my third son went through those symptoms, I began to notice he would never put anything in his mouth, and would only drink milk. Now he is drinking pediasure, and will not eat anything. When I brought up the rocking back and forth with the pediatrician Dr Dekle I was told that he would grow out of that this is his way of soothing himself. My other son will also attach himself to toys to sooth himself so I thought at the time it was not that unusual. Then we noticed when we take him places or when people at the doctor’s office try to give him exams he will fight with you constantly. I never knew a three year old child could have the strength of a much older kid he was very hard to hold and three people had to hold him down to do an exam. I was told by his dentist and pediatricians because he sees many in this office that he was just strong willed. As time went by, it got worse from here. He only says about eighty words, and it is random you can't have a conversation with him. He rarely talks if at all sometimes it just happens. He will have melt downs without anything we know of that triggers it. Now when he rocks back and forth he bangs his head hard that we have to constantly stop him, and one day he broke a bedroom window with his head thank God he was not hurt. We have had to board up windows, and tape appliances down because he will break things, or put himself in danger or others. He plays with everything you don't want him to, and he will only play with cars no other toys. It has really been hard on all of us. We are starting aba therapy which is not covered by our private insurance we do not qualify for Medicaid with our income, but we can't afford long term therapy. Our insurance will only cover some therapy. He is on a waiting list for a school program but I don't know how that will work if he will get in there before he starts school he is now four years old. The behavior is like that of someone who has taken drugs. I find it very hard to believe this is genetic because nobody in my family has this. I believe that vaccines trigger this in certain children. I will not give up, and do everything I can for my son. I do not trust the doctors or pediatricians because I was told my husband was informed of this a year ago but he says that he was not told anything, and I never recieved any written material about autism from the pediatrician. I brought up vaccines with my pediatrician but she said that thimerosal was taken out, and we didn't receive it. I believe there is way too many vaccines for kids these days, and it doesn't have to be one in particular I just noticed his behavior around the MMR vaccine. I think maybe pediatricians, and doctors are told to say these things to keep their job, or they are not knowledgeable about autism. Everyone seems to think your kid is just acting like a brat in public. I used to think this way when I didn't had my third son, and I first heard about these behaviors I'm sorry about this. The real truth of how extreme this really is needs to be told to everyone truth does set us free. How many more kids will never be able to live a life of free will, and die from this before something is done? Thanks for allowing us to have a voice here there are still very caring people that do care about humanity. Brandon, FL

Aldy Diaz Tomasino Same situation with my son , Jacksonville fl. January 2005 . He got vaccine and 4 more . Then he stopped all activities and he quit talking.....

Billy Tommey Bright healthy boy until had MMR at 13 months, convulsed, admitted to hospital. Chronic diarrhoea, loss of speech, lost eye contact, lost social skills. Health improved (now age 14) following intensive biomedical interventions, but autism remains. (Middlesex)

Ana Torres I'm so sorry Brandi my son was talking, walking normal, acting like a child his age and after his vaccination he start going back crawling back, no eye contact and stop talking his behavior decrease and increase by time. I still believe this vaccine gave my son autism 6 months old, H1N1, flu. Philadelphia Pa

Olga Torres My son got lost in the Dark! His health now several mineral deficiencies and GI issues, Florida, USA. Lee County, City of Fort Myers

Caroline Traa Rebecca had quite an unusual vaccination schedule as we were moving to the Middle East. She was given BCG (morning) on the same day as her DPT + polio (afternoon) at 8 weeks. She stopped breathing but GPs did not even inform me if this until we went back at 12 weeks and the doctor was present 'in case she needed resuscitated!' The nurse had called the vaccine company and said it was probably having all those vaccines on the same day that had made her stop breathing previous month

Her bowel stopped working, no stools for 10 and then 11 days between 2-3 months. Then bloating, pain, diarrhoea, constipation, screaming etc until we eventually found our at age 4 that she was severely overloaded, later diagnosed with Eosinophilic colitis. She has been scoped 3 times first time by NHS shows this colitis but was overlooked and we were told nothing was wrong. Her problems continued until we took her to Krigsman age 9 and like so many children has autistic enterocolitis. Rebecca also has very swollen finger joints. She had lots of Hep B vaccine too and those titres were still very high when she was tested for biomedical treatment some years later. We have taken her 4 times to the USA for medical treatment which she should, and all kids should, have access to in the UK (in fact we are in the USA right now to do this for the 4th time). We suspect Rebecca has PANDAS and the treatment being offered in the UK is sorely inadequate. She probably needs long term antibiotics but this needs to be done with experts that know Autism and bowel disease. Last year low doses of antibiotics left her gut in such a state that her bowel was in danger of rupturing according to our gastro in London. (DOB 26/06/97)

Amanda Trainer-Elliott My son was recently diagnosed. At 9months he had his vaccines. A few hours after the shots....he had mmr, dtp, and many more (I'd have to get out the hot records to know for sure on all of them) he spiked a fever of 105.9 that would not com...e down. Two hours later, he started having convulsions and was taken by ambulance to the ER. After that day, he has not spoken a word. Before then, he could say at least 6 words, at NINE months, waved bye bye and made eye contact. Since then, he has not spoken but the occasional word here and there and has withdrawn from everyone he once "knew". Did the vaccines cause it?? In my opinion, yes. Or they brought it out. Whichever is the case, the vaccines did not help. My son's vaccinations were administered in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

Evan Tran and his twin brother were born at 32 weeks and had to stay in the NICU for a month. After receiving his three month vaccines Evan began having severe eczema. he developed welts all over his body and tried to scratch all the time. He was given five shot, two of which were not listed on my copy of his records that needed initial-ling next to them only on his blue health records. This means they were given without my consent. At his six month check up he was given five shots. Two of these I did not initial for again. The next day he got the flu. His temp reached 106 at one time. He spent two days in the hospital with low respiration. He was released with "Bronchitis". He went back to the E.R one month later with the same diagnosis. At Evan’s nine month visit he received two more vaccines one witch was not listed on his blue records. He was sick every month after that sometimes for weeks at a time. For Evan's twelve month shots he was given two shots only one was listed on his blue records. It showed that he was also given the MMR shots on my records, my initials look completely falsified. He developed chicken pox marks on his body that came and went for over two months. He was never the same. Evan started the head banging, smacking, focused on fans, wheels and lights. He never again played with is twin brother, could not stand for him to be near him. Evan received four more shots one that was not recorded because they had "no where" to list it. I made them write it in. The same day he was referred to a developmental paediatrician for signs of Autism they still gave him four shots. Evan is extremely violent; he hurts himself and his brother all the time. His crib is now completely covers with quilts so he won’t hurt himself. He has stopped talking and won’t let anyone except me or his dad pick him up. no eye contact even after calling his name over and over, Evan was recently diagnosed with Autism. He has therapy four times a week now and is on an extreme diet. He can't have Gluten, casein, nuts of any kind, egg whites, oats, buckwheat, garlic, soy. The list goes on and on from there. My son Evan was known as the "Angel Baby" because he was so good. His family cannot even believe the drastic changes in his personality and behavior. Some one really needs to be held accountable for this!! Not just for me but for all of the family's going through the same thing. Signed a very sad & mad mommy. St.Pete, Florida

Lyn Travis My son is 26 years old and has been dealing with issues his entire life but we believe they started after the MMR vaccine at 18 months. We were living in Hobbs, NM at that time. He was diagnosed with ADD and audio processing difficulty in early grade school. His issues worsened, we believe, after an MMR booster at the age of ten that was administered in Jackson, Mississippi. He has had neurological damage to his brain and central nervous system with the primary problems being severe anxiety and brain function. We are currently trying to recover him but his life has basically been on hold for years now. Valley View, Tx

Treatwater Our second daughter’s arrival was a normal, healthy and easy birth in Oct ‘95. She was given 13 routine vaccines: ( DTP, Hib and OPV at day 73, day 135, day 212, and day 584 with MMR at day 352). She got very ill, slept badly though otherwise developed normally after the initial vaccines. She had about 50 words, then after the 20 month vaccines, speech disappeared over about a 2 month period and she began displaying the widely documented effects of mercury neuro-toxic damage. I thought at first it might be lead poisoning – we lived in a new estate then where old leaded gas stations used to be located. My work is in public health engineering but my search of groundwater movement records yielded nothing conclusive. Then I learned of the mercury based preservative and so re-read infant details described in my old textbooks re Minamata Disease (mercury poisoning). We conservatively chelated mercury from her system successfully over a 6 year period under the care of her doctor and have kept all these results. We heard of the Simpsonwood Meeting of 2000 (see Kennedy Lr) then watched with horror the actions over 10 years by the West Australian Dept of Health as they phased out mercury in infant vaccines but then knowingly (we told the DOH) advertised free flu vaccines to pregnant women and children up to 5 yo while their literature clearly showed that 33% of the flu vaccines contained the same mercury preservative. They also broadened the autism criteria. We surmise that this was to attenuate any sudden drop in autism rates when mercury was removed from most of the infant vaccines. These people hide behind the media knowing that they can play on reporters professional duty regarding public health responsibility and will not comment on questionable MMR, but also, not on mercury in vaccines as though these 2 things were inseparable issues. Our daughter is now 20 years old, without speech and in need of fulltime care. Almost no lawyer will even discuss the question of Product Liability. Our Government fails fully in its first duty; care of its people. This action has horrific long-term implications: I recall 50 years ago that Latin weekday classes were relieved on Saturdays with Roman History (Decline and Fall). We learned how the populous almost welcomed the invading hoards from the north, they were so disillusioned with the corruption of their Roman leaders. I look at ISIL today and wonder; there is nothing new in this world.

Isabella Raen Tredinnick was born September 2, 2006. Skeptical of this finding I began to search relentlessly but not being able to give up the preconceived notion that vaccines worked. Her pediatrician and I agree on a delayed/separated schedule. OnMay 20, 2008 she received DTaP(3) and hep b(2), Within hours she became a rag doll. Her fever was 105.3* she vomited everything she had in her. Her entire tiny body turned red and she lost eye contact she could not talk or even cry. She just laid there whimpering. Our ER did not have a pediatrician and they tried to bring her temp down and keep her from vomiting more. The doctor, and blessings to him, knew what was happening and transported her to the Children's hospital. The pediatrician on rounds was the very one who vaxxed my son. He had the nerve to tell us we were over reacting. My husband told him he was not to be anywhere near our daughter and requested a new pediatrician. The new pediatrician agreed with the ER doc. My Isabella laid there for 4 days, not eating or talking. Finally she picked her little head up and asked for food. "fa foodies pees" . 24 hrs she was home with us tiny and frail still not walking. It took weeks for her to learn to walk again. Months to re-learn her words and nearly a year to make eye contact again. After all of this her pediatrician still wanted to complete the schedule. His reasoning is just because the event happens right after doesn't make it the cause. Told me she wouldn't be admitted to school, college, military or be able to have a medical career. I declined. Her baby brother was born 4 mo from her reaction and baby sister in January of 2011. They are vax-free and healthy. Chesapeake, Va

Giorgio Tremante There seems to be a growing problem (over the past 20 years especially), with many children having autistic issues following vaccination. My sister was vaccine injured as a child. She has Crohns and ADD, is on disability since she can't hold down a job due to her physical problems. She helped me take care of my daughter for over three years, but has had a physical setback to the point she can barely get around. We're hoping she will get some help soon from her slow poke doctors. None are in a hurry here in the states when you're on disability! To prove how much damage vaccinations can do, so indiscriminately used on families from all over the world, I think it is necessary for me to tell my story. Unfortunately my story is not considered a sole and sporadic case in itself, but it is just the tip of the iceberg. Vaccinations are still being forced onto people through fear based tactics. My family has been the victim of vaccine injury and three of my four children have been irreversibly damaged. I state that my three children affected by vaccine reaction, were born perfectly healthy and that the manifestations of the disease appeared only after the first Sabin polio vaccine. My eldest son's recorded clinical symptoms, which had appeared after the Sabin polio vaccination and correlated through the pediatrician to the anti polio vaccine, were as follows. ocular nystagmus, tremors and speech defects. It was interesting to see the diagnosis of the pediatrician being interpreted differently by other doctors, as they had assumed the sudden health problems were to be attributed to brain tumours or degenerative encephalopathy, never confirmed by any analysis performed on the child. My eldest son died in 1971 at age six. With the second child, born in 1970, there were no problems - despite vaccinations received, but the drama came up again with the birth of twins in 1976. Despite my fierce opposition to have my twins vaccinated, a law made it mandatory and without any prior investigation, that the shots be administered. Already the very next day side effects began to emerge and the first signs of change were perceivable and clearly visible. I submitted the medical records of my twins' first hospitalizations to various Universities in the United States, in England and even in Russia. In the latter country it was assumed that my children were plagued by a drastically impaired immune system that confirmed the direct cause and link to the vaccinations given to them. My children were diagnosed with "Metachromatic Leukodystrophy Type" by doctors of my city, Verona, Italy. The above mentioned condition is a degenerative disease of the nervous system, and has never been confirmed by genetic tests to which we subjected ourselves too. Later, Andrew, one of the twins, had a deterioration of his health and was hospitalized for dehydration. Despite my recommendation not to make use of immunosuppressive drugs, because the child was Immune Compromised, an infusion of cortisone was administered and five hours later Andrew died. Later I learned that the same drug was also administered to my first child before death. Despite the fact that we would have had useful information to save the life of the twins, it was not accepted because we were denied the presence of the coroner at the moment when our first son died, so that the examination performed by the pediatrician could not be validated and applied to our research. One month after the death of Andrew, also Albert, the other twin brother, had to be hospitalized. Foregoing the opinion of doctors to let him die, we were able to have our request granted to move him to a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and we had a virologist from Naples (Dr. Tarro) come to attend and who had previously examined the child. This doctor from Naples advised to apply immune stimulants. Subjected to treatment with "interferon", the boy began to slowly improve. After six months in the hospital the child was brought home with no letter of discharge from the hospital. Sometime later, medical records that we requested, I noticed that they were different from those we photo copied daily during the time of hospitalization. Due to this discrepancy we presented a judiciary complaint. As a result of our legal action the Attorney of the hospital counter sued and declared that this was a case of "Public falsification of records". Alberto, the twin brother, was admitted at the same hospital in Verona as Andrew was too and also in other ICUs: the Policlinico of Milan, in the province of Como, Merate, Melegnano, near Milan, and finally was transferred to the office from Melegnano to the Hospital of Verona. During all the various hospital stays my task was to ensure that immune therapies were practiced which had given positive results before. These therapies were always recommended to us by Professor Tarro of Naples, who had been a student of Professor Sabin. It was always difficult, if not nearly impossible, to apply this type of therapy to Alberto, since the medical faculty had already ruled that my son should die. This was supported because the cause of the injury had been directly correlated to the discovery that it was caused to the vaccines given, despite the child was already partially immune compromised. Although our case had gained the interest and direct involvement of the Italian President, Mr. Sandro Pertini, and despite pressure onto the Minister of Health, to bring to life a Ministerial Commission through Mr. Renato Altissimo, it all fell through due to the falsified data that did hide the truth of the damage my son suffered through the vaccine. During the last treatment my son underwent at the Albert Hospital of Verona, the doctors were the opinion that my son would die soon. I then tried desperately to bring home my baby, since that was their way of thinking and because the only solution to the problem for them was the culmination of our whole nefarious affair. At that point a children's judge of Venice did revoke my "parental authority", which I right away fought and refused to let happen. I tried to make him understand that he was committing a gross error. I managed to convince the judge to reinstate the parental authority, beginning early 1984. I was able to reverse the decision of the court by creating a "recovery room" in our home, right in our bedroom. During all hospital stays my wife Franca Albert was at our son's side each and every day and every night in order to protect our child from any possible medical abuse or more damage. Health care institutions did not want to admit that vaccines were the cause of his illness and death of his brothers and thus they tried every possible manoeuvre to erase leads on it. Finally, in 1995, by resorting to the law 210 of 1992, recognized by the State, the judge saw the "causation" of the damage suffered by subjecting our children to the vaccination requirement. During all these years I ADOP was established. An association in Italy that has been gathering information and data from people who have suffered damage from vaccination practices; I also tried to push for a law, to remove the mandatory practices of administering these vaccines, but this goal was not achieved in Italy, because, in my opinion, the health care industry has been dominated by the corrupt power of the Multinational Drug monopolies. All this is proving that even in this area, some pseudo-science of gross arrogance and devoid of all scruples, tramples on people and the vaccine victims. Illegal practices that did override all human and civil rights. It imposes its power based primarily on speculative interests without giving any accurate information on the potential dangers associated with vaccines, but rather of a deliberate misinformation and complete cover-up up to promoting that it is to the prophylactic prevention of illnesses. Dedicated to all the victims of vaccines http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQK_qhOdUcI

Sarah Treweeks Switched off after immunisation, stopped talking, interacting, smiling, overnight, Developed loose stools and chronic ear infections (Birmingham)

Lisa Trifan My son Joshua has Autism I believe as a result of the MMR, up until Joshua was 1 he was developing perfectly normal after the MMR his life changed drastically! He got extremely high temps for weeks after, he wouldn't eat anymore he cried every time we left the house, he screamed at loud noises or cars or trucks passing on the street he stopped developing language and communicating! he was a totally different child in every way you can imagine that being said.... i am so proud of his accomplishments each day he amazes me :)also want to point out each day i am learning to cope with this my son in my eyes is perfect I know the reason it was the MMR full stop. Dublin Ireland.

Lynda Trimble My grandson was perfect, could say a complete sentence at 18mos then not another word until 4yr old. After every shot less connection. Ignored most everything. Now 11yr.speaks, but difficult. Barth USA

Michele Korczak Trosclair My daughter regressed developmentally immediately after receiving the MMR, flu and varicella vaccines at her 12 mo visit. We lived in Huntsville, AL at that time.

Natalie Trusty At James' 15 month appointment he received DTaP, MMR, Hepatitis B, HIB and Polio. Within days he stopped making eye contact, responding to his name, lost all his words and was not aware of the world around him. He was diagnosed with autism a few months later. Labs showed he had low glutathione making it impossible for his body to detox all the toxins in the vaccines which overwhelmed his system causing the autism. Looking back at pictures and medical records we saw that he had obvious signs of encephalopathy which is a known side effect of vaccines. You can see his before and after video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=at7W6yuezlM

Lucy Daniilidis Truta At one years old started to see a change in my son then at 15 months after getting his H1N1 vaccine within that week we saw a huge change in him. He regressed. He stopped saying his four words, stopped waving and started to spin in circles, flapped his hands, started grinding his teeth, walking on his tipi-toes and was really into spinning wheels. Montreal, Canada.

Shawn Tucker Our son was a very healthy child, no ear-aches or very many sicknesses, only a cold now and then. Took him in for his 2 year well child check up where he received the regular course of vaccinations for his age. He became very lethargic and ran a fever of 105.5. Two weeks later, I notice him favoring me talking to one ear. Had him tested- he had lost all of his hearing in one ear and most of it in the other. His hearing before this was excellent and he was ahead of other children of the same age in his speech before this happened. He started wearing a hearing aid at the age of 2. He is now almost 22 years old. He does pretty well, but I only wish I had known then what I know now and he wouldn't have had to deal with this for the rest of his life. Kentucky

Claudia Tuckman ‎ 2 children, one regressed after 18 mo shots, ped said he had "depression". pfft. second son I had the flu shot while I was preg due to dr recommendation and he is more severely affected. Orange County, CA

Delia Tuohy There has been a number of children affected by the BCG vaccine in the last twelve months (at least). The reaction seems to be triggered by the next vaccine they receive. The HSE are currently investigating (covering up) the evidence in a very low key manner. My sisters child was one of the children affected.(I've copied her on this e-mail in case you are wondering who the other receipient is) She was six months old at the time and within a couple of days of receiving the 6 in one vaccine she spiked a fever and her lymph gland on the right side of her neck enlarged to the point that it was clearly visible. To cut a long story short she was admitted to hospital in Mullingar where they pumped 4 different IV antibiotics into her with no effect. She had to be sent to Crumlin Hospital to have the lymph gland surgically incised because they had been unable to bring her temperature under control and picked up ESBL while there. My sister has recently received a call from a doctor from the HSE who took her details and tried to put words in my sisters mouth regarding her daughters experience but did not give any explanation whatsoever about what happened or if there is likely to be any further implications to her health or whether further vaccines might cause a similar or worse adverse reaction or whether the ESBL will complicate the matter at all. If you could provide us with any information or guidance as to how to proceed from here we would be very grateful as we really don't know where to start and we really need some information and not the rubbish the HSE are spouting.

Stephanie Turillo Our son had very high fevers, prolonged inconsolable screaming, red and swollen injection sites at every vaccination. Our pediatrician recommended Tylenol before and after and we were told his "reactions "were normal. He lost attention, focus, play skills, eye contact and a 40 word vocabulary at 20 months following, seasonal flu, h1n1, chicken pox, mmr, hib, and dtap. Two years later we still have lost our perfectly neurotypical son to a regression into Autism due to vaccine injury.

Jaime Tuttle My son stopped talking, stopped waving bye bye, wouldn't look at us when we called his name about 3 weeks after the MMR shot. He’s 4 now almost 5 and only repeats what we say, can't follow a simple command. Not potty trained and head bangs when he gets mad. California.