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Daisy K. I live in Missouri. My son got a high fever and febrile convulsion lasting 5 minutes 10 days before his 1st B-day (1995) I know he got a shot at the doctor's office but there is nothing in his record or on the vaccine record that they write on. In 2007 my son's pediatrician retired and we had an appointment with a new doctor (I had went to High School with him) I questioned why the vaccine at the very first appointment, that I was told that he would not need any more vaccines until he was older and why 2 vs just one? The doctor assured me that my son would be fine. He received the TDAP booster and Hepatitis A vaccine. He had a reaction at the site of the vaccine and by Monday when he returned to school all the progress that he had been making with reading, writing was gone. It's as if everything was wiped or erased from his memory. I don't know if he had a seizure and have no way of knowing but I do know for certain that once again something happened to my child and it was devastating. To have to start all over. He still has not recouped all that he had lost. Both his teacher and tutor noted the regression. Needless to say I have refused to give him the 2nd Hepatitis A vaccine or any vaccine for that matter including the flu vaccine. Hope you can somehow use this information. I did report this to the CDC not sure what good it did. If I can be of further assistance please feel free to send me an e-mail.

Inna Kachler Our son developed normally, even better then normally. He said his first word at 10 months, was pointing, looking at people, singing, made a stack of 10 cubes, etc. At 13.5 months received MMR+Hepatitis B at the same day in France/Ris-Orangis. Several days later he started to have red buttons behind ears. I called the paediatrician and we scheduled an appointment later same day. In 2 hours he had buttons on the face, 2 hours later buttons covered the body and when we had an appointment with a doctor then arms and legs were covered as well. He started to vomit, had fever, diarrheal, did not drink and eat for several days. Paediatrician called the vaccine producer and said them that he suspects the vaccine, but the producer said that the vaccine could not be the cause of this (he "saw" it by the phone arguing with a doctor with 40-years experience who saw our son every month). Then our son started to walk in circles, stopped to looks at us, we had a feeling he does not hear us. His vocabulary did not grow very fast even that he knew 6 letters at 18 months; he was able to find them amongst others and was able to name things that start with these letters. But he was not able to do a 2-words phrase and at 4 y.o. speech completely disappeared. He is sick very often, doctors realise that he has immunity problems, but cannot find the problems and cannot help. His brothers both reacted negatively to BCG-vaccine (one had button on the skip for 9 months, we've a photo) and one reacted negatively to DTP-vaccine (3 days of inflammation). The doctor did not recommend MMR for them and we stopped vaccinating. They are both gifted.

Maria Kaczynska My daughter Alexandra, suffered encephalitis induced by the MMR vaccine in 1988. The long term effects, at that time poorly understood were difficulties with memory, learning, concentration, understanding, anxiety, worries.....and now she is left with autism .....Vaccine was administered in London

Karen Kain After lorrin's one and only DPT at six weeks old she started having seizures. She died at 15. She received a settlement from the NVCA. My daughter received the vaccination in Orange County. As I am sure you know the drug companies scatter the lots across the states so no two children have reactions in the same doctors office. This is perfectly legal for them to do as they are protected by the government. There were 30 reports of seizures or worse with the surrounding lots and 10 surrounding deaths. Lorrin's lot was considered to be a, "Hot", lot. Reports were made from Hawaii, Utah, and Ohio to name a few. Most people don't realize the magnitude of the support received by the government to the drug manufactures. I am happy to share and focus my time now helping parents of unique children to enjoy their child and keep their spirits high. Www.lorrinsworld.com.

KandSm Kammerer My son knew his color, numbers and letters at 18months.. Till he went to get shots then it went down hill from there. He is now 4 and still don't know then all. Corinth Ms

Jenn Kaplan Nicole started to regress very subtly (so that I didn't make the connection, stopped shaking head no) after 15 month Hep A vaccine. I was separating at this point. Then at 19 months she got the Rubella part of the MMR. She ended up with a fever of 104 a day later. Then had a melt down like I have never seen any child have in my life. It was so scary. She was never the same after that. =( If I knew then, what I know now, I would not have given any vaccines at all. Clearly, the risks out weigh any benefit, if there even is any to those weapons of mass destruction. Rubella was in boynton beach, FL. They convinced me I was wrong, and she was talking again, so gave measles vax in Boca Raton FL

Olivia Karan I feel for you and others like this, my son was vaccinated when I was pregs with him, 16 weeks in utero, had tetanus toxoid vaccine, none at birth (thank God above for that) still this vaccine was the 'catalyst', since that vaccine also I had 2 miscarriages, one at 5 weeks the next at 28 weeks, I had to give birth to this fetal boy, not the best but 'they' said it would help with the grieving process!! That embryo and fetus was poisioned as I had remnants of that vaccine floating around in my system. My autistic son is 12years old soon, he must be fairly robust to have survived that inoculation whilst I was pregs, but he is BEAUTIFUL in EVERY way and I have vaccine exempt forms filled out for both my kids and don't tell other mums for fear of them freaking out. Such a conditionalized crap world we live in wish people would OPEN their eyes and look beyond their noses. I certainly did after my family and I were affected. Logan City, Springwood (in Queensland, Australia)

Heather Keown Karraker My son Connor at birth received hep b. at 1 week old blood in his stool and continues to have at age 5 colonoscopy is scheduled.age 1 he got the 10 scheduled vaccines that included mmr and began waking at night with screaching screams slapp...ing his hands onto his head.age 4 6 vaccines and he developed a rash and swelling the size of a softball at the injection site.no asd dx currently conts to have gut issues and bloody stool.Son Chris age 10. Dx ASD recieved all scheduled shots on time.Had some head banging and gut issues.dev.delayed all shots were given in kankakee illinois.

Trisha Kasen Just after his 2 yr. shots, my son stopped talking and reverted back to crying and grunting for everything. He stopped wanting to be comforted when hurt or if he became embarrassed about something and would become angry if you tried to comfort or hug him. He's still like that, only he speaks very well and has been taught coping mechanisms through classes at school. He's come a long way and will graduate next year. He was administered the DTaP vaccine at Unity Hospital in Fridley, Minnesota, USA in 1995. "as published on SaneVax"

Katie Kaven At 4 months old, a physician’s assistant (Arvada, CO) prescribed my son antibiotics for congestion (that later I found was totally normal for an infant to have minor congestion). He also got all of his required shots at the time. About a day or two later he was having black diarrhea and then a fever. I stopped the antibiotics. For about 2 years he had constant ear infections and delayed speech and also became lactose intolerant. We assumed his delay was because he couldn’t hear. After tubes were put in place, he was very vocal, but mostly gibberish. He is and always has been rough and reckless. Has had stitches in his head twice from falls at daycare and would scream and struggle when he was held. He would never sit still and would try to climb up everything. My mom suspected Autism at 2yrs old, but I wasn’t educated enough about it to know the signs. He has since had 2 yrs of preschool with the early childhood development program and at the time was still not using sentences. I do not know which of the vaccines may have caused the problem and I, unfortunately, did not have enough information to (or knew that I could) file a report. I believe that NONE of the vaccines are safe and they, as a whole, with the antibiotics that compromised his digestive and immune system are 100% to blame for his disability. I had a completely normal pregnancy, no flu vaccine, no problems during birth. My son was a totally normal baby that hit all his milestones (crawling, walking, etc) early or on time. We have no family history of Autism or disabilities. I have videos of him cooing, smiling, laughing and having great eye contact before age 1. He slept through the night at 4 weeks old and has always slept without problem. My son’s doctors never made mention of concerns in his delays, it was the therapists at preschool who noted we should get an evaluation done. He was diagnosed with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder in November of 2011, his speech has improved 10 fold, but still struggles with communication, socializing with peer and repetitive behaviors and still has many sensory problems. Genetic testing has come back negative. I’ve completely submerged myself in research and information and struggle to get his father to understand the harm in vaccines. I also have a 10 mo old daughter who has not been vaccinated and has been completely healthy thus far.

Kristy Keaton MY daughter Samantha born 2-2-2002 dtap1 5-16-02 dtap2 8-15-02 dtap 3 10-10-02 hib 1 5-16-02 8-15-02 10-10-02 8-21-03 ipv 1 5-16-02 ipv 2 8-15-02 ipv 3 8-21-03 mmr 3-12-03 varicella 3-12-03 hepb 1 2-3-02 10-10-02 1-16-03 pneumococcal 5-16-02 8-15-02 10-10-02 8-21-03 At her 13 month visit she had a fever and whined and cried for days, then degressed into Autism, no eye contact, no more words, stimming behaviors and wouldn't look when her name was called. Please share more information with me I would love to see more data and what other parents say. She has came along way, with lots of interventions but still affected by Autism too much! Columbus Ohio"

Gayle Keene My justin is nine and still not talking Justin hewas about 18months mmr he is the youngest of 6. sydney at windsor

A Keith I was vaccinated as a teenager. My dad was anti-vaccine but he passed away and I was made to live with a pro-vaccine family. I went from being very bright and happy, gifted, always in the 98th percentile, to a depressed, sick, sullen, immuno-compromised suicidal individual with bipolar, recurrent UTIs, chronic fatigue, damaged intellect, no motivation, overweight with endocrine problems. My life became hell. I would bang my head on the walls. A veil of grey covered my once vibrant world. I also had mercury amalgams placed at 17, and by age 22 I was almost dead. I was cutting myself, couldn't hold a job, could barely read. I had dementia and creaky joints. I found the work of Andrew Hall Cutler, PhD, and I have recovered quite well through his mercury detox protocol, though I have a ways to go and I know I will never return to who I once was. We are not born this way, I was old enough to notice the decline and the onset, and it was vaccines. Amalgams compounded the problem.

Brittney Keller Daughter is River McBride.Baby girl R, age 6 months infarix & prevenar 6/3/11 Sydney. Immediate reaction at site, not resolved after 2 wks. Fever, vomitting, respiratory distress 2wks, acetylcholine markers up; hep B component in liver, gut & lungs. (Thank God not in CNS!) Of note, mother declined hep B, was not advised component of Infarix.

Marty Kelley Caroline-Grace Kelley, DOB 7-02-06 DTaP at age 4 months started a weird blank stare, started staring at the ceiling fan, started holding up her hands over her face and pulling them (like stemming?), weird vibrating noise with her lips (like a raspberry) that I remember my autistic son also doing as an infant, would not turn to respond to her name anymore, stopped progressing with motor skills, stopped growing/gaining weight, fell down on her growth chart, started with bowel issues, strictly breastfed and after vaccine had trouble latching on (like she couldn't breath, would suck and let go, had trouble swallowing) Started Caroline on mb12 shots at age 6 months under Dr. Neubrander. She could not even roll over at this point nor crawl. Within a week of the mb12, she was able to start to crawl and pull herself up. Caroline today has speech issues and was diagnosed by Dr. Krigsman at age 1 with Autistic Enterocolitis, the same as her somewhat severely autisitic brother.

Heather Kelley- Martin DTap & MMR @ 15 months-had recently recovered from a virus. Spiked high fever, cried, would not nurse or eat for a few days. Speech diminished quickly & auditory sensitivities were severe. He is now 9 and non-verbal after gaining some speech @ age 6 only to lose after seizures started @ age 7. Adminstered in Gallatin, TN, USA at the County Public Health Department.

Diane Kelly 13 month old daughter. July 2014. "Boston", MA.

She was given Dtap, hep-a, hep-B, rota-virus, HIB. Severe diarrhea within 22 hrs when she has normally had very hard stools, leg thrashing first night, jerking, cried and whined all night, rash from head to toe within 3 days, laryngitis, cough, now diagnosed with viral pneumonia, hospitalized, on a nebulizer and steroid now. At 6 month shots (gave flu shot too) got very sick 2 days after with 104 fever, sick for a week, didn't link it back then. Now I know waft is happening. Don't want anymore vaccines, afraid of what we have already allowed in her young system.

Susan Kelly My child was vaccinated with the hepatitis vaccine within hours of his birth. As an infant, he had nystagmus, atypical strabismus and developmental delays. At his 18 month vaccines, he developed fever, flu-like symptoms. Mark was diagnosed with autism at age 3, though he was never normal. He was born in 1995 and vaccinated in Baltimore, Maryland.

Tana Marie Kennedy My son was typically functioning until 18 months when he received the MMR shot. Within two weeks he did a 360 stopped talking, started flapping his arms and didn't like being around people anymore. Anchorage Alaska

Yvonne Kennedy Full term natural birth.Wasn`t breathing when he was born and was resussitated.Was walking at 11 months,good eye contact and babbling.Vaccines at 18 months,speech gone,eye contact gone developed major sensory problems and absence seizures.Diagnosed low functioning Autism and moderate intellectual disability at 2 yrs old

Sara Kernohan My daughter RK, was vaccinated in a British Army Base in Sennelager, Germany in 1995 with DTP, Hib, and Polio, at 2,3 & 4 months. She already had cradle cap and sensitive skin on her face at 1 week, which comprised a red rash all over her face and neck (but she also had the vit K jab at birth). Needless to say her skin condition worsened and became an on-going case of bleeding eczema which was exacerbated by the MMR vaccine when she was 13 months old. She received the MMR when we were in Paderborn, Germany in 1996 and within 10 days of the MMR jab she had a high temp causing us to admit her to the medical centre for observation and was poorly for a week. Her skin began a downward spiral from there. I had no knowledge of the dangers of vaccines at that time but instinctively chose homeopathy to treat her eczema which now appears very rarely at times of stress and I never, vaccinated again! She has been treated with the vaccines in homeopathic potency by a Practical Homeopathy and ALL her ailments have been treated homoeopathically. As a result, she has beautiful porcelain skin and is a very healthy 16 year old. My son PK, was vaccinated in Swindon, England in 1998 with DTP, Hib and Polio at 5,6 &7 months. (The Army would not fly us to accompany my husband on an overseas posting unless my child was vaccinated. He was a very strong, healthy baby who, following the first vaccination at 6 months, began to suffer PROFUSE and thick nasal discharge and was too restless to breastfeed so he had to be fed from a cup. By 9 months old he was constantly suffering - he teethed badly and could hardly breath, often vomiting phlegm - he was so full of thick mucus. At 13 months he had MMR vaccine at the Army base in Gibraltar and followed with high temp and ear infections. By 19 months he was diagnosed with asthma and was enduring repeated ear infections. At 3 1/2yrs he was hyperactive and behaviour was very difficult. At 7 yrs he was diagnosed with ADHD (no surprises there) At 12 he was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome having taken us to hell and back with his behaviour. Using Chinese medicine and homeopathy he avoided the prescribed steroids and anti-biotics for cough and ears which soon were cured. From then he has been consistently treated with homeopathy for everything. Using homeopathy, nutrition, firm but loving parenting and a LOT of work with his school he is doing very well. The hyperactivity is gone, he has no health issues and is an extremely bright (High Functioning Aspergers) although still challenging (!) boy. I am sure you will understand that the journey from vaccine to this healthy 13 yr old has been fraught with unbelievable stress. Had it not been my determination to succeed with alternative health care, and stop vaccinating, we may not have this healthy, happy boy.

William Kessick Reaction to MMR, developed food allergies and intolerances, bowel illness, autism. (Peterborough).

Bonnie Skala Kiladitis My six year old son, who has autism, was vaccinated "on schedule" up to age 18 months. It haunts me that we should've noticed the regression that occurred after his first birthday when he lost the few words he had. What also followed was FOUR YEARS of chronic diarrhea and diaper rash due to the turmoil in his gastro-intestinal tract. Slowly, with biomedical help, he's begun to heal but the damage has been done. My second child will not be vaccinated as big brother was. Mother warrior to Brayden , NYC

Sabrina Killian Too many shots at once houston,texas

Terri Sayble Killin I believe that vaccines caused my son's Aspergers. I tell parents to separate all vaccinations about a month apart and do it individually! That is also if your child could be allergic to one or all of vaccines and you don't which one caused it! Why take chances? Just separate vaccinations a month a part and one at a time!!!!!! No child needs 3 to 4 or more vaccines in one shot! In fact! No one should do that!!!!! I worked so hard with my son, he is in regular classes and graduates this year! He just got a 19 on his ACT!!!!! Nicholas' vaccine was the chicken pox shot @ age 3! He was walking, talking and etc. Richmond, KY

Cheryl Killman My child was perfectly fine and developed ahead of schedule until his 15 mom vaccines, then within 3 days he was autistic and unresponsive. and diagnosed autistic when he was two.

Elijah Kimbrell 5 yrs old. He was verbal and very social until vaccinations. Then shut down and became non verbal.

Christel King My son reacted to 2 of this shots, his MMR was his big one, he had seizers starting 6 hours after, and we still have them when ever he is exposed to gluten now. he developed autism that day, he was tested 2 weeks PRIOR to his vaccination and was scoring developmentally 6 months ahead (he was 12 months old and tested out at 18 months old) and 2 weeks later after I called them sobbing (parents as teachers) they came back and retested and he then had the development of a 2-4 month old. he lost that much that quickly from the shot, stopped eating, playing, talking, eye contact, started drooling (was having 80-100 seizers a day) ect. we have treated biomedically with diet, suppliments ect and have done alot to reverse some of the damage. he also reacted to his 6 month shots developing RSV (i believe from the strep one) he had this for 8 months long....he now has a PANDAS dx which I believe to be linked to this. his convax shot at 14 months old he had a knot as well the size of a quarter for months that was hot, they said it was an infection from the site of the shot. we have vaccination reactions recoreded in our ER visists, springfield MO, also side note my son gave my daughter transfered immunity from bathing together for mumps. she is unvaccinated but has titers and I do not, so it's not from me

Shannon King My daughter is now 12 years old, she had the MMR @ 15 months old, actually started getting very high fevers with vaccines before that.. Then developed RSV and was in hospital for 5 days. Every shot caused very high fevers and sickness. She is now diagnosed with seizures also. She had a grand-mal seizure in 2009. Vaccines given at the U of M in Brighton, MI and Chattanooga, TN.

Vanessa King My son was born 22nd December 1989. He was four weeks premature but was 8lb 8oz when born! He was a good baby and a precocious child reaching all his milestones early. The nurses swore blind he smiled and said "Mum" as soon as he was born! However, those perfect early days were soon marred. Following his DPT (diptheria polio Tetanus) jab at 8 weeks he developed colic problems, a swollen stomach and he slept all the time - 14 hours at a time. I was told this was "normal". I had to wake him for feeds. Friends said they envied my baby! When J was 11 months old he developed pneumonia and was hospitalised for three weeks. He recovered and when he came home he seemed on the road to recovery. I have photos of his first birthday where he was walking and starting to say his first words... then when J was 14 months old (just 2 months after coming out of hospital) J was vaccinated with Merck MR vaccine. Within 48 hours he developed a rash, was screaming all the time and had developed a very high temperature (104 F). I rang the doctor but I was told because we were in a very isolated rural village at the time that they wouldn't come out to see him (and we had no way of getting him to the hospital) and just to do all I could to keep him cool and get his temp down. When J recovered, some 2 weeks later, we knew things weren't right. He seemed to have lost all his skills. My little boy who just a few weeks earlier had been walking and talking (well saying mama and dada) now would not say a word, never smiled and could not walk. He would just make noises. All my efforts to find out what was wrong were not only ignored but I was highlighted as an "over anxious" mother. I had J's eyes tested and he had severe problems with his eyes and needs glasses to see or he is blind without them. When J started school, I was sent a vaccination authorisation form. I refused to allow J to have his MMR vaccination because I know he had had a lot of problems with the previous ones. However, the school forcibly vaccinated him. He was rounded up with the rest of the "herd" of children and held down while they vaccinated him. He was so distressed! Within a few days, just before J's 5th birthday, J had developed measles again. Again he had a very high temperature. He would "fit" (febrile convulsions) and complained of headaches and pain in his legs. Again, my attempts to seek medical treatment resulted in my being ignored and I was often again labelled an over anxious mother. When J recovered, he had "withdrawn" from the world completely. He would spend hours sitting and rocking back and forth, banging his hands against his head and he would hide at the slightest thing. He lost speech again, he developed echolalia, and weeks on end he would run around barking like the dog or hissing like swan instead of talking. My efforts to "diagnose" J were again rebuffed. I was told "it was not possible for it to be autism - he's too old". Then he got croup at the age of 6, developed chicken pox 5 times in 4 years, and was left incapable of reading or writing, nor could he learn to read and write either. To this day he has a reading age of just 6 years and cannot write even his own name. Initially at the age of 5 J was diagnosed "dyslexic". When J was 7 he caught a wild measles strain (bearing in mind he had been vaccinated twice). Actually the doctor said because he was vaccinated it was a "measles like virus". He lost more of his eyesight, and his legs were left twisted and in constant pain (these were dismissed as "growing pains") and J was left completely faecally incontinent. His stomach was swollen constantly and he seemed unable to tell when he needed to go to the toilet any more. I had to fight hard for support for J. It took me nearly 6 years of legal work and a judicial review to get the health authority to admit that my son HAD been vaccinated against my wishes. I joined a "class action suit" of some 150 families who had all endured the same thing with their children. In 2004 the case was thrown out by the then judge as although we were winning our case, he decided none of us were entitled to Legal aid. So we ended up without a penny in compensation. J was a patient under Dr Andrew Wakefield at the Royal Free Hospital - and Dr Simon Murch discovered that not only did J have dystonia (muscle problems) but he also had mega-colon bowel disease also. Around this time, J was diagnosed by Dr Lisa Blakemore-Brown an independent psychologist with a very rare ASD(autistic spectrum disorder) DAMP (Disorder of Attention and Motor Perception) which is a perfect storm of specific learning difficulties (dyslexia), ADD, High functioning autism and dyspraxia. Each element impacts on the other. J was also tested as having an IQ of over 130. He KNEW what was happening to him. Then J began falling over. Always on his left side. He snapped all the ligaments in his left thumb, then the knee, and then he started having problems with his hips. By the time J was 12 he had to use a wheelchair to get about long distance walking as he was so vulnerable to falls. Yet still, schools and doctors refused to help J. Sadly with the DAMP diagnosis came false allegations of "Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy" or "Factitious illness". And, yet, curiously despite all the falls, all the injuries, all the illnesses, instead of investigating my son for potential abuse, the doctors just refused to treat him, but the labels stuck. It was finally admitted in 2010 that the MSBP was "erroneous. Then I was finally able to attend a pain clinic in another county. The consultant has diagnosed J with fibromyalgia and arthritis. He is in constant chronic pain. He has no pain killers and no medical care. I have been trying for 4 years to obtain that care to no avail. We have just heard that social services now have refused to provide J with support again. He is now house-bound, as his electric wheelchair is now broken and I cannot get any financial help to get a new one. I don't know what the future holds for my son, but one thing I am sure of, is that this all began because of vaccines, and sadly, there is nothing I can do about it. Norfolk, England

Exie Lee Kirby My son lost speech, communication at 18 months, is making great strides in recovery; Pisgah, Alabama

Dianne Kirkpatrick Our child's pediatrician is in Millington,TN. (Where he received the shots) We have two older children that were never effected. Our son, Jacob, received his MMR, DPT, PIB, and HEP. After two weeks Jacob lost all speech skills, communication skills, social skills, and some motor skills. This is heart breaking to us as parents. In my heart and my gut, I feel the shots are what caused this. He ran high fevers, screamed, cried, and no appetite for 4 days afterwards. We are now looking into getting legal paper work together to exempt him from shots. The state has stepped in and is offering help for him to regain these abilities he lost. We have an OT, ST, and PT now. Ripley,TN

Rose Leo Kish Our son received vaccine while he was quite put out by severe eczema, in NY, in addition to due to error, received twice the amount of antibiotics before his 2nd year. He began to withdraw and lose interest in people. The ped told us our son was just "anti-social" !

Rhea Kitowski My son Oliver was born a healthy 8 1/2 lbs on May 4th 2004. He was a natural birth...no epidural, only a small amount of pain relief during labor. He was meeting milestones before 1. He laughed at my faces, looked to the sound of my voice, played with his brother. Things seemed mostly normal up until around 15 months. I have video 3 days after he received his MMR vaccine and the other vaccines on the schedule for that time. You can see a difference!! Oliver started withdrawing into his own world. No longer responded by looking to the sound of his name. No longer engaged in play with his brother. We all noticed it but didn't know something was wrong. Didn't know what autism was and figured he just "got busy". By 3 he was tip toe walking and flapping. Was diagnosed autistic around his 3rd birthday. With a lot of intervention he eventually said "ball" at age four using "pecs" pictures. Its been slow gains but now Oliver can speak well but still has very little social skills and needs lots of prompting. I hope and pray truth can come out regarding vaccination...not only for the sake of the kids about to get them but also for the direction for research regarding cures for autism. Because if vaccines are one of the root causes then directing research that way may help us find the cure.

Kitty Kat My daughter has always been loving and affectionate. Kissing and cuddling and wanting to play with everyone. She wasnt a bit talker but had a handful of single words and making the sounds of 2-3 words together. She was notifying me of needing to go potty and sitting on the potty and would respond to her name and come to me if i called her. She had her 18 month needles 2 weeks ago. She seemed ok that day. The next day she jumped out of her cot for the first time and refused to day nap for 3 days. On the 3rd day she was vomitting had a temp and a red rash on her arms. She barely ate for 5 days and has stopped kissing and cuddling. Is constantly whinging and crying. Doesn't want to play just wants to throw things around and put clothes on non stop. She is only saying a couple of words like ouch and uh oh. Wont sit in her pram or car seat screams the whole time and climbs out of pram. I know some of this sounds like normal 18 month behavioir but she is in constant distress. She won't let anyone touch her unless she comes to me directly and even then she doesnt like it. She doesnt look at me like she knows or loves me anymore and i am seriously worried. Its only early days so I’m hoping for improvement. but after reading these comments I am not hopeful.

Marie Klarich My daughter was born in 1977. She had a couple of vaccines (they didn’t give so many back in those days). At approx 12 months of age when she had the measles vaccine she developed eczema. The doctor told me it was a reaction to the vaccine and not to give her any more vaccines (clever and honest doctor!) I started researching natural health and medicine and did not allow her to be given any more of the childhood vaccines. She was completely healthy and had perfect skin. However, when she was approximately 14 years of age, the school had a rubella vaccine promotion and I was bullied into giving my daughter the vaccine. She immediately came out in a skin condition all over her legs. I took her to the doctor but he said it had nothing to do with the vaccine and it was just a coincidence. I treated her condition with homeopathic medicine and she recovered completely. She never had another vaccine and has never had ANY problems with her skin since. 2 vaccines – 13 years apart – 2 skin reactions. That is NOT a coincidence.

Kelly Klein I have 4 children, all of them got their shots, but 2 of my kiddos have Autism. My 6 year old son and my 3 year old daughter. My son was verbal up to 18 months old then he got the MMR shot and pretty much stopped talking. I believe the shot played a part in him developing Autism.

Sarah Kleiner My daughter Alexis - who will be 3-1/2 in June- recieved her 12 month shots - along with the flu vaccine - and quickly lost all of her words (mama, dada, doggie, hi, bye bye, uh oh) - lost all eye contact - and didn't notice we were in the room. The night of the flu vaccine she was hospitalized for throwing up - fever - and a double ear infection. She was vaccinated in Atlanta, GA. She was diagnosed with Autism at 15 months of age. At 3-1/2 she is still diagnosed as "severely autistic".

Angela Klingler SLC, UT My son Dylan born 2005. Normal development talking, walking, running & playing. After1st Birthday 2007 MMR: toe walking & severe GI issues followed..6 diapers a day of yellow liquid. At 18 months DTAP: he lost speech & muscle tone ...in less than a week. He couldn't move his mouth to speak. Severe food allergies & red cheeks all summer long. We nearly lost him summer of 2007. Then by Fall 2007, he was diagnosed with Autism. He is doing somewhat better due to a special diet & $200/m in amino acids plus other supplements.

Anne Kneebone Unsure if the vaccine had anything to do with my sons autism but i wouldnt be surpised truro cornwall

Joanne Knight My beautiful special son Elliot had the MMR vaccine at nearly 14 months old and with a couple of hours of having it had a small fit then another one 6 hours later. A few weeks later after only sleeping 1 hour per day and appearing vacant, upset, not wanting to interact, smile, eat etc he had another seizure lasting almost 25 minutes. He proceeded to have lots of seizures and we spent lots of time in hospitals undergoing various tests. Eventually he was diagnosed as having epilepsy and we was also referred to another specialist who suspected that Elliot could also be autistic. Elliot was eventually diagnosed as being severely autistic. He is non verbal and can be extremely challenging so therefore has a risk assessment of 2 to 1 when at school or on respite. For several years he would bang his head on floors, walls or just hit himself with whatever was close to hand on his head. At first when I addressed this at the many meetings I have for him I was told it was just due to the autism but I knew that there was more to this extreme behaviour. I pushed for an MRI scan and the result showed a swelling in the centre of the brain, cavum septum pellicidum vergae which was then operated on. Studies now are showing a connection between this condition and autism which I actually pointed out to professionals 4 years ago when his operation took place. It causes severe headaches and those autistic children that are non verbal must be so distressed on this sudden onset of pain. He suffers lots still from head pain and will get my hand and hold it against his head to let me know so I can administer him with pain relief medication. Elliot still only sleeps on average about 4 to 5 hours per day and hardly ever sits down. I love him with all my heart and my days are dedicated to making my special son happy, safe, content and healthy. My back garden is our haven and has everything in it to ensure Elliot is happy as we cannot go shopping, to the cinema, crowded places etc as he cannot cope and will become extremely challenging so therefore our lives are isolated from the outside world...there is a children’s park directly behind our house but can only go on there when it is empty which is very rare just in case he has a moment due to either the onset of pain or just cannot cope with the many children playing around. This is just a snippet of our story. On several occasions I have expressed my opinion that his autism was a direct result of the vaccination but it fell on deaf ears and the subject was quickly changed. Many years ago at hospital a medical professional did say to me that it was vaccine damage, he was a trainee registrar I believe, who was undergoing studies into vaccine damage. He had visited Elliot on several occasions in an observer capacity at the hospital but never mentioned his opinion in front of other professionals, only when he visited on his own on one occasion. Cheshire, UK

Nicole Knight My son, Brandon, is now 5. His diagnosis is PDD-NOS. He was diagnosed at 33 months. He had bad eczema from right after he was born. I breastfed him. We were told that all babies get eczema & to put Eucerin on it. He was vaccinated on schedule. He had a reaction after his first dose of the flu shot. That was probably around under a year old. He had fever and irritability. Then at 15 months, he had his MMR. From that day on, he regressed. He became very irritable, unable to focus, had increasingly more behavior problems. He could no longer tolerate playing with other kids. He would get very irritable and would calm down immediately once he was in a calm environment. It became increasingly apparent he was no long developing like other kids his age. The other big problem was that he lost all of the words he had been saying, "mama" being one of them. Once this happened, he tried so hard to talk but couldn't. Anything he said came out as a forced 'aahhh'. He could eventually speak the correct number of syllables but couldn't form the letters themselves. He also had varying bowel problems. It is our belief he had undiagnosed food allergies from birth and the vaccines were too much for his system. Once we learned of all of the biomedical treatments and food allergies, we had him tested and discovered he had alot of food allergies, gut problems, high yeast & bacteria levels in his gut. Once we discovered this and began treatment at 27 months, he was talking again within 6 months of starting treatment. His gut problems cleared up, his ability to focus and behave just kept getting better. Now he is doing so well, talking very well, behavior and social skills improving everyday. His vaccines were all done in Memphis TN.

Rachele Knights In 1997 I gave birth 8 weeks early to fraternal triplet boys. All had apgar scores of 9. Before they left the NICU at 4-1/2lbs. after a 5 week stay (technically still not supposed to be born yet) they all received a Hep. B vaccine. I didn't even know. Knowing nothing about Autism and having never really even heard of it I still asked my dr if we had to adjust their vaccination schedule bc of their prematurity. He said "no". They received their shots as if they were born full term. I didn't know, I listened to the dr. After MMR at their 1st bday check up, my son Matthew had fever and screamed for days. We saw no Autism signs until @ 6 months later. my other son has learning disability and the other has no disability. This happened in White Plains, NY.

Clara Knott 12 month vaccination on CDC schedule. Most likely the MMR Was talking, eating all foods, no sensory problems, looked at people, responsed to her name. The night of her vaccinations she stopped talking for 1.5 years. Stopped eating most foods. Stopped looking at people. Stopped responding to her name. Sensory issues emerged. It was like a sheet was put over her and she disappeared. At 15 months she was tested and qualified for 15 hours of therapy a week. Thankfully therapy brought her out of her state of being in another planet. She is now a smart little 8 year old with some quirks of autism left behind. Sensory issues still present. Food sensory still present. I had a bad feeling about vaccinations and my worst nightmare began after the doctor said, don't worry, she'll be fine. She's doing well after lots of therapy till 3 years old and detox programs and holistic treatments. Regional center of OC still claims Clara went from high on the spectrum (autistic) to their best ever outcome. My heart bleeds for those kids who didn't improve as much as Clara. Not a day goes by I don't feel guilty.

Sheryl Kobel When my son was born (My ninth child.) he was a peaceful baby. Then I was told by a nurse they had given him his Hep B vaccine without my permission. Rather than making a fuss, I nodded, thinking I HAD to get him out of there ASAP. Come to find out, she tricked me. Because I didn’t object, she gave him the shot. He began screaming and his body temp dropped. I had to go to the nursery to see him since they were too concerned to allow him in my room. He eventually calmed down, but every time he was moved he would scream to the point of causing me alarm. His doctor simply commented on my baby’s “bad temper” and wanted to know where he got it. As he grew, my son played by himself for hours at a time, avoiding interaction with the family even as an infant, didn’t walk until he was 20 months old and didn’t talk until he was 4. He had some issues with paranoia. He had chronic, uncontrollable diarrhea until I experimentally put him on a gluten free, all organic diet for 6 months at the age of 13 and his bowel problem cleared up. (A miracle?) His diagnosis is PDD. He will never be completely normal without a miracle. This happened at the University Hospital in Odessa, TX.

Trevor de Koekkoek I do not have vaccine damaged children. Rather my children were not vaccinated which is why I am supportive of this group. Let me know if there is anything else I can help with. –Trevor

Susie Koppel Son Alex = The vaccines were administered in Stratford NJ. My son reacted by high fever and screaming with a huge lump at the injections site with speech stopping after this point. Doc told us it was normal and to treat by tylenol and phone calls were never recoded in his records. Today, after many therapies (gfcf, vits, horse, music, etc.) regular private school but ocd and anxiety still are issues.

Nancy Fanuka Korn My son Lucas received all his vaccines o schedule. It was at his 8 month visit that he received the DTaP, HIB, and Hep B. He stopped developing. He lost his babble and 3 words he had. His eyes began to roll backwards and he started to have feeding issues and get sick constantly. I believe it was ALL the vaccines, not one that damaged my child. The one that breaks the child is not the only one to blame. It's just the straw that breaks the camels back so to speak. All vaccines cause immune dysfunction and subsequent ones add to that and finally when the toxic burden is too great, autism and other chronic illnesses result NY

Dave Korpi My son Jared who is now 19 years old, was a happy, talkative, and outgoing child. When Jared started tugging at his ear, we took him to his doctor who prescribed him amoxicillan. Jared kept tugging at his ear, so we took him back to the doctor, who continued to prescribe more amoxicillan. Despite being on amoxicillan for a month, his doctor noted that his MMR shot was due, and administered the vaccine. That night, Jared came down with a high fever, became restless, and screamed all night. The following day, Jared had changed. He stopped talking, he looked distant, no longer responded to us, and screamed and pushed away when we tried to hold him. We took Jared to a clinic, and they noticed that he had a wax plug in his ear; once it was pulled out, he stopped tugging on it. Unfortunately for Jared, the damage was already done. Richmond / El Cerrito California

Andrea Kotarski My daughter hannah had a convulsion after a set of vacinations around age 2. After that we didnt vacinate any more. but she had to go into speech help, she needed glasses, she needed OT in special preschool. things have never been the same. she is delayed with no specific rx. going into kindergarten they required more shots and since she was behind, she had to have many. right after, she started stimming, screaming, speaking less. screaming until she was hoarse. reflux tht rotted her two bottom molars that needed to be surgical repaired. and our lives will never be the same.

Justina Kowalski I'll never be sure what caused my sons autism. What I can say is all scheduled shots were given at his 2 month well child check-up. He reacted Horribly to his shot, screamed bloody murder for 5 hours straight, jerking his body around and unable to console him. It was almost as if he was in shock. I think many things can cause autism. As everyone is unique. We started seeing abnormal happenings at 6 months. We thought he was having infantile seizures. EEG showed nothing but the right side of his body would lock up as if his muscles were contracted. Things just didn't add up and the more I see now, the more I truly believe this contributed. I spaced out his vaccines after that but now really feel like I was guilted into continuing the "regimen". I was exposed to heavy metal (lead) and have issues with my thyroid. All these things contributed. Now, all I can do is try to help others and educate myself the best way I know how.

Lisa Kramer My son had a low grade fever upon receiving his immunizations. Then, afterwards the fever went high. He slowly declined from that point. His asthma flared up and he kept getting one ear infection after another, until he got his PE tubes placed. San Diego, Ca.

Helen Krill MMR jab caused severe changes in my son at 14 months old, he was walking, talking etc, had the jab, went to bed that night and woke up the next morning as a completely different child, non-verbal, back to crawling, repetitive behaviours, hand flapping and humming (all learnt overnight if people refuse to believe MMRis not to blame). My son, now 11 has severe autism and ADHD. We were advised by our consultant paediatrician to have blood tests to check for MMR immunity to prevent having second booster at 4-5yrs as he said it can increase autistic symptoms. Bristol, UK

Mary Kugley My son has high functioning autism. His pediatrician talked me into getting him a flu shot with a "tiny" bit of thimerasol. I asked him if this were his son + had Autism would you give it to him. He said yes. My son lost his ability to add subtraction multiplication and division skills for 3 months. I WOULD NEVER have vaccines given to either of my children. I have seen first hand it does either cause of affect autistic children. Mary Kugley, HHA, MBA/HCM

Holly Kugu My daughter was developing age appropriately until her MMR immunization sensory flapping, tip toe walking, language delays, very hyper and bowel issues are some of the changes some have improved some have not. USA/NJ

Nina Kumar To shorten a long painful story - My son is now 4 1/2 years of age. My husband and I tried for a baby and took two years, to my absolute shock I felt like the luckiest woman alive when I found out I was expecting. I gave birth to and healthy baby boy. He grew beautifully and met all his milestones. He was happy, lively and very playful. As a first time mother I put my trust in my doctor and had my son Immunized with the MMR vaccine at 15 months, within that one week that I will never forget and it will stay with me for life he changed, he began to scream holding his tummy and head he stopped eating, drinking, locked in a world of his own stopped playing, and could not sleep at night anymore. I contacted my doctor to explain the situation who advised there was nothing they could do I had to speak with my health visitor who then sent a nursery nurse to my home. I was advised that he was going through a phase and that I should take him to mums and tots group which I did but there was no change and I contacted them again and the same person came to my home to implemented sleeping strategies etc. When finally I had enough and a health visitor came and gave a referral to see a local pedestrian. In January 2009 he was diagnosed with autism. My husband and I were devastated with the news and up till today it is very hard to accept that we had such a healthy little boy who then was damaged by this awful vaccine. We are trying our very best to heal his symptoms through lots of different treatments, but the damage has already been done. I have been doing a lot of research and I totally agree with you that here in the UK there is a massive cover up and our children have been brushed under the carpet, but I do know that in America things are starting to evolve and parents are being listened to. UK

Melinda Kurtz My son had gut issues from birth, but within hours after the mmr regression, lost eye contact, sleep issues, high fever, sensory issues, loss of speech, and decline in gross and fine motor skills. Allentown, PA

Helene Kutz Dtap, fever, night sweats, coughing gagging, diarrhea, headache, neck hurt, sore at site of injection, then came the changes in mood and behavior all right after shot, sore throat. Dtap was the last. prior was meningitis shot in 2008 you said a few lines so i didn't write everything meningitis vaccine he had eyes roll back stopped talking became burning hot we took his temp and it was 105 rushed him to hospital and they said that the shot didn't do that to him but he was fine before the vaccinations. then after was not ...and we still are seeing affects .i thank God not death or that he is verbal and doing well now but he reacted adversely after each time within hours of being given a vaccination. and we are still dealing with mild effects. I had told the doctor that we did not want him to have any more vaccinations because of what happened in 2008 with the meningitis vaccination and ,my husband asked that we give him ONLY tetanus,we were unaware that, that too was not a good thing,the Dr told us that none of his vaccinations have ever had mercury in them when i brought up that concern as well and he told me that the vaccination my son had been given in 2008 was not the reason he had gotten sick.that he must of had a virus or something. We were told that if we wanted to enroll my son into pre school or kindergarten that there were mandated vaccinations that he had to have. So we gave permission to give him Tetanus only and as i went to put my initials in a box next to the spot where i give permission for the tetanus he came in and jabbed him with Dtap. i found out when i was checking out at reception desk they gave me his paper work to enroll him into pre school with his shot records. that night my son woke up choking and gagging, clammy with fever, crying his neck hurt, that his head hurt and he couldn't move his arm.the next day he had fever couldn't move his arm complained he had sore throat head ache, neck hurting still and it felt like something was stuck in his throat gagging him and he had diarrhea ..belly hurt i knew it was from the vaccinations ...i just have never known what to do from there.i have learned now and have a waiver signed that he will never have another vaccination again,we then have not seen him without runny nose cough, he even had behavior changes, he just kept getting sick sore throats tonsils swelled sleep apniea. he ended up having to have his tonsils and adenoids removed and tubes in his ears. oh that was the other thing ear infections that would never go away. i work on making sure he takes his vitamins drinks plenty of water with no fluoride, and work on building up his immune system as i always have. he was breast fed for the 1st yr of his life. the school tried to tell me he Had to have MMR to be enrolled into school, we ended up enrolling him into kindergarten at 4 yrs old with a religious waiver signed and given to his school. I am truly blessed that he did not die and that he was not affected the way others children have been but he is not the same child ..not the same child at all. thanks for listening and i hope that somehow a change can happen that no one is put in the position to inject toxic vaccinations into our babies. Norwich Ct

Holly Kysar (New Mexico) Holly received her first shot in May of 2007 and her second in July of 2007. She started to experience side effects immediately but the doctor did not think it was an issue when it came time for her second shot. Here is a list of the side effects Holly experienced right after the second shot. Fainting, dizziness, nausea, weakness, body aches. Her first known seizure was in November of 2007 with what Holly states is brain fog. As of today she still has seizures that are being controlled with medication and she still complains of brain fog and finds it difficult to concentrate and retain information. Holly's symptoms at time of writing continue and include seizures, fatigue, irritability, depression, muscle and joint pain, headaches, painful menstrual cramps, hair loss and rash.


Donna Laken On January 14, 1999, my son John was born a beautiful, healthy, peaceful baby. The next day, he received the Hep B vaccine, and he was immediately transformed into a different baby - screaming and inconsolable and unable to sleep for more than 20 minutes at a time. He remained like this until his two month round of vaccines (DTaP, IPV, Hib, Hep B); for several weeks after this round of vaccines, he had nearly constant high-pitched screaming, very high fevers, extreme irritability, and was again unable to sleep for longer than half an hour at a time. The only medical advice we received was to administer Tylenol to reduce the fevers. At his four-month checkup (at University of Illinois Women and Childrens Health Center, Rockford, Illinois), he received DTaP, IPV, Hib, and Rotashield - the rotavirus vaccine which was later taken off the market due to serious safety issues. After this checkup, John again had high-pitched screaming, very high fevers, insomnia, extreme irritability, and blood in his stool. He suddenly developed severe constipation, which lasted for nearly a year afterward. Our pediatrician stated that the blood in the stool was simply due to constipation, and was unrelated to the vaccines. He offered no medical advice other than to give Tylenol to reduce the fevers. At his six-month checkup, John received DTaP, IPV, Hib, Hep B, and again reacted with several weeks of high-pitched screaming, extreme irritability, and high fevers. By this point, he was still meeting most developmental milestones, although he (and I) were clearly exhausted from lack of sleep. He also was becoming extremely sensitive to sound, and was easily startled to tears by most noises. At his 15-month checkup, John received MMR and Hib. In the days following this round of vaccines, he had 105 degree fevers and extreme irritability. He appeared to be in constant pain, and began to sit on the floor and bang his head against the wall several times a day. He lost interest in food, and even though he was hardly eating at all, his abdomen appeared very swollen and distended. He began having diarrhea 10 to 12 times per day, and this continued for three full years, until we discovered and began using digestive enzymes. By the time John was three years old, he had lost all speech he had previously acquired, and his only remaining word was 'juice'. He was no longer interested in interacting with other people, and he lost any play skills he'd previously acquired. He preferred to spend his time alone, opening and closing doors and turning light switches on and off. He had frequent and severe tantrums and only slept two to three hours per night. He was diagnosed with severe autism and our pediatrician told us, "Good luck." Today at twelve years of age, after years of therapy and special diets and biomedical treatment, John still is mostly nonverbal, has cognitive impairments and attention problems, has episodes of severe aggression and self-injury; he has never had a friend or been invited to a birthday party or been able to ride a bike. He requires constant supervision in order to maintain his basic safety, and he attends a private school for children with severe autism. Nobody can tell me vaccines do not cause autism: I watched it happen right before my eyes.

Marie-Josée Lamarre Don't give up the fight. You are in my thoughts. A mother from Canada who believes vaccines killed my chilld.

Sandy Lane Timothy - was our foster baby, now adopted. We got him at 8 days old. He was a meth exposed newborn, kept in hospital for a week. He was a precious lil boy, although he seemed sickly. I was concerned about vaccinating, due to illnesses , but my opinions were disregarded. He got his 2 mo, and 4 mo and his 6 mo. Vaccines. He was always sick. At his 6 mo. Vaccines, he had hi fever, screaming inconsolably, was stiff and in pain, broke out rash, had swelling at vaccine sites. I knew in my heart as I held him that evening I was watching a vaccine injury. After this his allergies became severe, having anaphylactic reactions to food and non-poisonous spider bite. In his first year of life, he had 27 doc appointments, specialist appointments and 5 E.R. Visits. We found, he is allergic to many foods, and non-foods, including preservatives. We cleaned up our diet, eat whole foods and grow our own. After finding several sites, investigating, he will no longer be vaccinated. We see a natural path, and herbalist. He has much improved and we also found his bio-family doesn't vaccinate, due to a reaction in a uncle. My son’s immune system was trampled during utero, and further assaulted with vaccines. We will do everything to improve his overall health, and immune system. He is doing so much better, happy and healthier and continues to meet milestones.

Christine Lang Daniel is 19 yeras old and severely autistic. He was born 3/3/92 and received the MMR shot in 9/93. Within a month he had completely stopped talking or responding to his name. We thought he had gone deaf. He lives at home with us and attends a BOCES school. We are in Rochester NY. He is non-verbal and has a lot of behavior problems, also seizures and migraines.

Dee Lang 2 of my children severly affected. Both normal pregnancies and deliveries with no pain drugs given to me during labor. (Doctors gave me 2 shots in my arms during first prenatal office visit.) First child affected by pertissus vac. Several hours of screaming after vac. given. leg very red and swollen. This occurred with first dose. Approx. 4 months. My daughter is diagnosed with epilepsy, severe muscle delay and cerebral palsy. She is 22 and non-verbal and non-ambulatory. With second affected child, it was the MMR shot that caused all the damage. At first birthday my son started having what seemed like severe sinus allergy symptoms. Head foggy, lethargic acting. He had a full vocab. at his 2 year check-up. Nurse practitioner said he had speech of a 3 yr. old. After this appointment he developed a high fever. This lasted about a month. At this time his head seemed to swell, and he stopped talking. Began having irrational fears. (ex. rain). We had to cover windows with blankets to calm him. He was diagnosed with PDDNOS soon after. Again, both children were fine at birth. The vaccines were given in LeRoy New York.

Tammy Langley-Carlisle I have two children. One is Kulani Carlisle and he will be 7 in March. He is autistic and had a fever after getting the vaccine.....a combination shot to get him caught up. He is now nonverbal as well.

Pebbles Larock Only now am i nearly 110% sure vaccines r what gave my eldest autism n youngest adhd tourettes dyspraxia speech n lang delay n learning difficulties as both started life with fantastic devolopment lookin back i cud kick myself but i cant let that get to me we have this mountain to climb and i for one have my hiking boots on and a shed load of water the odd glass of wine and the will to survive. i will make it to the top with a few glitches along the way no doubt. Its what we do right. louie had jabs in slough in 1998/99 and henry in maidenhead 2000/2001

Erika Larson My child had vaccination injury after her 18 month shots. HepA and Dtap. Hers was immediate. She has a rash on her arm and her temp spiked to 105 took her to the emergency room. Her reg pediatrician the next am. She lost all words, started having tantrums, loss of eye contact. Pediatrician noticed it and sent in a VAERS report. I watched it happen. I KNOW it was from the vaccines!!!!!!! I am seeing a DAN Dr. And give her fermented cod liver oil, gluten and casein free diet. Probiotics, digestive enzymes. A droper full of cilantro 2 times a day. And its beginning to work. My little girl is slowly coming back to me. I’m devastated but I am not giving up until I detox it out of her and she returns to normal.

Lorraine Lazaro My youngest daughter servely regressed with Autism after having the MMR at 18 months, in my eyes she was progressing at the normal rate. Then it seemed like a curtain had come down on her life 3 days later. It took another year for her to be diagnosed with severe Autism and global profound learning difficulties. No speech, incontinent day and night. She is now almost 17 and very little has changed over the years and still no speech and is still incontinent frown emoticon. The vaccination was given at our own Dr's surgery in a little town called "Burnham on Crouch in Essex"

Jennifer Laura Darren Laura. 4- 1/2 yrs. He handled his vaccs w/o reaction. He was delayed in his milestones. Within a month of MMR and flu shot-he started eating wood. At 18 mos, he completely disappeared and was within himself. After another flu shot an...d DTAP at 2 yrs, he layed on the floor banging his head and drooling 12 hours a day. He was dxed Classic ASD mod-severe level. That dx was dropped to PDD-NOS after biomed therapy. What shot do I think started this whole ordeal? HEP B at birth. He has horrible gastrointestinal problems from the start. My son started on his spiral into autism before the MMR.

Stacey Levine Lavely My son was talking in 3-word sentences on March 30, 2004 received his shots got sick and did not speak again until undergoing intense ABA

Susan Lawson My daughter Julia. She received Merck's Proquad (MMR-V) in Boynton Beach, FL over four years ago at her one year well check, which caused severe enchephalitis, demyelination, temporal sclerosis. Hospitalized for close to a month - much of that in PICU. Hospitalized again in Sept 08 due to severe seizures. Never expected to live independantly or work. Globally delayed. Nonverbal. Not potty trained. Left sided hemiplegic. Government conceded - just waiting for settlement to hit so, can't disclose too much more. Julia suffered from MMR induced encephalitis 9 days post MMR vaccine. Forever brain damaged. We got compensation from the federal government. Enough said about "vaccine safety". The pediatrician that gave her the vaccine did not want to report it to VAERS. So, I did. Whether he did or not after that I do not know. Thank God Julia's needs will be taken care of, but I would give the whole settlement back and double it back to have my typical daughter again. Educate before you vaccinate.

Tisha Thornton LeCouve My son Jarod was given his MMR in 1998 in Sac. CA after he was given the vaccine he began to rock, and would only crawl or scoot around the room when we were present. He wouldnt walk in front of us, we would catch him in his room walking on... his toes, like he was trying to perfect it first. He then began to live in his own world throwing huge tantrums and having a lot of solo play speaking in weird syllables repeating over and over again to himself. He was diagnosed with Aspergiers in 2nd grade and is currently a high functioning asperger teen in main stream jr. high. Academically he is getting great grades but his social skills are very poor.

Lisa A. Ledington I have twin boys (born 2002), 8 years old vaccinations in Corbin, Kentucky & Fort Lewis, Washington. Around the age of 16-24 months they started to be withdrawn. They would sit in their room like zombie's. They didn't interact w/each other, either parent or friends. They had very abnormal play w/toys. Would put inappropriate things in their mouths to chew on. Cried a lot never seemed happy about anything. Where sick a lot with ear infections, eczema and asthma.

David Lee I KNOW it is concerned with autism rather than vaccine damaged children in general, BUT each autistic/aspergers child will grow up and eventually be required/requested to get the HPV vaccine. So I am sending this for your consideration. With what the HPV/Gardasil vaccine does to a child who doesn't have autism/aspergers, I cannot imagine the difficulty it could cause with further complications in communications etc. In Feb 2010, two of my daughters, twins 15 at the time, went in for the 2nd of the 3 shot series of HPV vaccine. It is to 'prevent' cervical cancer, but independent studies have shown it has no effect in preventing cervical cancer and it killed 400 girls on the initial rollout and left 10,000+ with autoimmune disorders. Although the HPV vaccine is known to kill 50% more people than cervical cancer does, there is a very large financial incentive to push it through schools, churches, pediatricians and governments. The wheels of 'official' acceptance are very well greased. One month later, one of the twins became very ill. Exhausted, irritable, in pain and confused. She began to decline in health. Her pediatrician had every test done, sent her out to specialists, had 2 MRI's, a CAT scan, EKG, etc. Days of appointments and emergency room visits with each diagnosis starting with, "We think it is....". Never a definite diagnosis. My daughter and I were doing a lot of research on the symptoms, which seemed to change and migrate through her body. Finally, we found something that seemed to fit, Fibromyalgia, one of about 50 autoimmune conditions known to be caused by the HPV vaccine. They include lupus, MS, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. Once diagnosed we took her to a specialist who said, "It's Fibromyaglia, there is no cure, here is a prescription for Lyrica". As it turned out Lyrica has about 150 side effects and the medicine caused her to be even worse off than the already debilitating fibromyalgia on it's own. We spent months looking for alternative solutions and therapies and finally found a support group that uses Dr St Amand's guafenesin therapy. After a year of adjusting diet, integrating massages, accupuncture and water therapy and a strick schedule, she seems to be improving in her condition. I saw that Jenny McCarthy has 'cured' her son of autism through detox, concentrating on removing the heavy metals fro his body. No surprise with the amount of mercury in the vaccines - no less a miracle though. I am now encouraging my daughter to detox and stay away from foods that may contain any of the metals. Please encourage ALL of you contacts to NOT take their autistic and aspergers affected children in for the HPV vaccine. It is useless as a vaccine and it could cause further damage to children who are already suffering from cruel vaccines. Colorado Springs, CO

Kelly Lee Son could speak 4 words and was a healthy normal 14 month old. A month after MMR he lost his speech and became a completely different child. (London)

Lisa Roark Lee Here! My son had typical development until the age of 2 1/2 when he received his MMR shot 11 years ago now. Very soon after the shot we noticed his development was regressing. Especially in the areas of food preferences, odd play (stacking and lining up books and toys instead of playing with them), developing odd attachments to random objects like carrying around socks, blocks, and kitchen spoons like they were his life source. His speech was regressing as well, where before he had a vocabulary of about 100 words...it suddenly dropped off. He became aggressive and his joy disappeared. It was like somebody snatched our child from us overnight.♥ Meridian, Idaho

Nancy Lee My son, prior to the MMR vaccine, could speak more words and play with his older brother. After the shot he changed, stopped playing with his brother, and would line up toys, solitary play, no eye contact and became picky with his choice of food

Natasha Lees My son had his first set of vaccinations on schedule (UK). These were the DTaP and the Hib. He slept deeply afterwards and the next day our nightmare started. He vomited, screamed and refused to feed for 2 weeks. The most in a 24hr period he would take was 8oz. Needless to say he was dehydrated, unresponsive and as white as a sheet. He was admitted to hospital and discharged the next day, with an apparent virus. He had seizures and absences resulting in brain scans and ultrasounds. He regressed, was uncommunicative, uninterested and unresponsive for the majority of the time. I bought him breast milk from a donor and worked with him every day trying to stimulate him. At just under 6 months his head lag went, he began to sit alone, and did his first mini press up. He was discharged from the hospital and now I am being pushed to take him for his shots, singularly with the Immunisation Specialist. No one will say it was the vaccines but no one has an answer as to what happened. Reflux was named as a possibility.... My baby was a perfectly healthy baby at birth, 38 weeks gestation scoring 10's on both his apgars. He was alert, happy and held his head occasionally right from the day he was born. Of course people say that an adverse reaction to vaccines is rare....because they are not reported. The statistics look great! Because no health professional will commit career suicide and document the link. No one is injecting my child again. I was lucky to get him back. If I had listened to doctors, rather than researching myself, I may be grieving the loss of my healthy little boy.

Marilina Lenarduzzi Mother of Lisa , 18, my daug hter (18) became a girl with autism 6 hours after DTP. she had 10 months. she remained motionless with her face to the ceiling for three days, diarrhea, fever. a true gastro-encephalitis because of the vaccine.she has recovered all the abilities, but she can't speak, the only words she spoke were those when she was 10 months: ma-ma, pa-pa. She can write and now she is studing LIS: italian signed language. Unfortunately last year she has hurt her foot and in First Aid they made her the tetanus-shot: after 19 days she had a neurological reaction similar to TIA. lost 6 kg in a month. Immunologist ruled us that she must never receive a vaccine anymore. ITALY

Julie Duggins Lende For my son, it was the MMR vaccination, administered in Yuba City, CA, which he showed no signs before this. He instantly had a severe bump with redness and became really sick and was sick for about six months. He then started showing signs and quit talking. He had many tests done and nobody could find anything wrong with him. He was diagnosed with Autism at 3years, 4months. He is 7 now, talks very well and is very smart with an excellent memory. I refused the second MMR vaccination.

Sally LeNoir My daughter had a weakened immune system from being on steroid medication for a hemangioma. The doctor told me it was safe to administer live vaccines when she was off the medication for a few weeks. Her lab tests showed her immune system wasn’t fully functioning, but the doctor told me not to worry. At 1 year of age, my daughter said many words and was very social. Within 2 months after the MMR vaccine, she started staring off into space and stopped talking. She also stopped making eye contact. The doctor told me it was just coincidental. After years of ABA therapy and several detox procedures, my daughter is living a normal life 4 years later. She is very verbal and bright. However, she still has some trouble reading social cues. After what happened to my daughter, I decided when my son was born not to give him any live vaccines at 1 year of age. He progressed normally, and only had a slight speech delay. He said words, but no sentences at 2 years of age. The doctors convinced my husband that I was putting his life in danger by not giving him the live vaccines and there was no connection. I gave him the MMR vaccine at 2 years of age and he started screaming and throwing more tantrums. Within a month, he stopped speaking altogether. We have now undergone 1 year of ABA and speech therapy. My son still struggles to say basic words, but receptively comprehends a lot more. Despite everything that has happened, the doctors at Kaiser still deny that there is any connection. If you have 1 child that has this kind of reaction to a live vaccine, don’t trust the doctors. Ultimately, your child will pay the price in the end. They will not listen to a word you say.

Karen Lennox My daughter (13 years ago) was given MMR in hospital as she had reacted to eggs. The next morning her knees/legs had swelled up. I was told many years later by GP that this was quite a usual reaction. I was unsure of vaccine in first place and had requested single shots. Not available. I chose not to have my son given MMR. I now question all vaccinations and regret the ones my children did have. Magherafelt, N Ireland.

Adina León At 15 mos. my son was "catching up" on the 12 mos. series. This was given all at once without knowledge of any potential danger. Within a week he was screaming as if in pain...he had been speaking in short sentences, very alert, affectionate, engaged. He didn't speak another word for 6 months in which time he slowly withdrew to where we couldn't even tough him. Diagnosed with ASD at age 4...told it was only a speech delay up till then...we knew differently. Never again! The Neurologist told us 4 years ago that it had been an autoimmune reaction to the shots...this type is likely hereditary, so we stopped all vax with our other kiddos as well. Today he is nearly 12yrs and non-communicative most of the time, toilet-trained just this year, hospital/homebound due to extreme anxiety at school...the list goes on.

Leora Leon In Los Angeles County, in the year 1995, my son had his first DTP shot at 2 1/2 months with in 24 hours he had what appeared to be a seizure. I call the doctor and was told not to worry. Three months later another DTP, another seizure. Little by little I started to see my son's behavior diminish from typical to characteristics of Autism. Along with this came the upper respiratory disorders one after another, gastrointestinal problems and my son disappeared into his own world. Luckily through many therapies, including infusions of Immunoglobulin, my son is a happy most of the time, with limited verbalization on. He is on a litany of meds to counteract the brain damage caused from the vaccines and suffers from many side affects initiated by meds to maintain his behaviors. Today he is a “little big boy” and lives a happy life with his family. It has been a struggle and I fear for his future as he will never live with out some one with him 24/7.

Linda M Leonard My son received the Hib, MMR and Prevnar vaccines at the same appointment. He developed a rash at the injection site, and a fever. From that point on his behavior, and his demeanor changed significantly. His development was normal to this point, and from the date of the shots onward was severely delayed. My son has been diagnosed with ADHD, Asperger’s, Sensory Integration Dysfunction and Ehlers Danlos Sydrome. I believe the Ehlers Danlos is inherited, but the others I feel are a result of the immunization. I have a photo of his facial expressions before the immunization, he was a pleasant happy child. Immediately after, and for years after, his expression was often blank, he was often distressed, he rarely smiled and his sleep habits were affected drastically. He was first diagnosed with global developmental delays at age 3. He was tested and diagnosed the remainder of the disorders at age 4 during preschool. He is now 12 years old and has been living through many interventions to help him cope with his challenges. We are fortunate to have the benefit of early detection, although I do feel strongly that I saw a marked difference after that round of immunizations. "I believe in the sun, even when it is not shining."

Shari Leonard In 2000 I delivered a beautiful baby boy, I had a terrible delivery and my son developed Dyspraxia from it, he was born @ 36wks and was only 1 month behind in his milestones. But in the end of Feb. 2001 he developed a bacterial and viral infection was put on antibiotics and on March 25th 2001 he went in for his 1 yr well visit, the doctor was concerned he lost so much weight but still wanted to give him his vaccinations I remember specifically stating I DID NOT want him the get the MMR because his immune system was still weak, the doctor looked at me and laughed saying that if he had no fever there was no reason not to get this shot, and my mother who was w/me said that he had to get it. ( I don’t listen to anyone anymore). After that he had a fever, crying, and from that day on my son who would giggle in his sleep only moaned and screamed at night would wake up sobbing for a few hours before going back to sleep with me holding him. From all the research I have done, the MMR vaccine made his immunne system attack his own brain. He is now 11yrs old w/Dyspraxia, OCD, sensory integration, PDD, Nos, hyperlexia, hypotonia, expressive and receptive language delays, very short attention span.

Elliot and Christian Letief Both sons developed regressive autism following MMR (Surrey).

Lena Leusch Difficult to say but my son developed normally, started to say words and so on (except from screaming day and night because of stomach aches) the first year and then he got sick for months in several ear infections, got antibiotics (reacted on those extremely once) and a lot more. When he got well again he was autistic, when diagnosted the year after they said - autistic syndrome on all criterias. Half a year after that we started with the GF/CF/SF diet and he went from night to day (the stomach got well immideately), better and better. Now he is five and has gotten better and better (also with behaviour therapy) and half a year ago he started with new supplements and really fast he got amazingly much more better again!" As for the vaccines... he got three shots the first year (according to google translate: kikhosta, stelkramp, polio, difteri, hemofilus), the third one at nine months and he got sick at 13 months. I am totally convinced that the vaccines ar...e a highly relevant factor even though I cannot prove it. He didnt get more vaccine after that and today I know a lot more about Big Pharma methods and vaccines and will never again inject me, my children or animals with that poison. born 6 november 2005 and got his three shots at 31 january (Infanrix), 3 may (Infanrix) and 31 october (Pentavac). In Stockholm, Sweden

Alexandra Levin My daughter was given all vaccines as per the schedule. However at her 18 month appointment the doctor made a MEDICAL ERROR and accidentally gave my daughter her 12-month shots, again! She therefore received twice the “recommended” doses of MMR, Var, HB, Pneu-C –7, and Men-C, in error, within 6 months. The doctor realized this major mistake by fluke; me mentioning my daughter was 18 months when she thought she was still 12 months! However nothing could be done, obviously once the dose is administered it is too late! Also the doctor did not want to acknowledge her mistake and record it on my daughter’s immunization chart. I insisted she record the extra doses and specifically what was given and sign paperwork saying it was a medical error on her part. Have not vaccinated since, and never will again! My daughter, now two, has some bowel and sensory issues. Ontario, Canada P.S.I was told not to report this doctor and the incident as we would be blacklisted as patients and other doctors may not want to take us as patients.

Jillian Levingston My son was born one month premature and was only approximately 2.5 kgs - when I took him to the doctor at 4 weeks of age - actually his due birth date - the doctor gave him the triple antigen vaccination without my permission. He had a bad reaction and suffered high temperatures and was crying and distressed for hours. This was in 1982. My son is now in his 32nd year. Lying on his back was obviously out of his comfort zone as when placed on his back he cried and cried. My son never crawled and when he began to speak seemingly developing normally, his speech then deteriorated. He would open the refrigerator door and scream instead of pointing or saying what he wanted. He had ear infections which seemed to constantly set his development backwards. When I told the doctor my concerns regarding his development - at this stage he was six months old - I was told not to compare him to my older son and if I was concerned to go and see the Physiotherapist, at the local hospital. I did this and after many tests she told me he was lazy - how can a six months old baby be lazy ? His normal 2 year old tantrums continue to l this day. I then took him to a paediatrician who couldn't give me a diagnosis except that I wasn't tough enough with him and to try discipline. On the next visit I was told " we have drugs now" When I asked about the drugs I was told he could try various types of drugs - then get my son to run up the street and come back to the doctor and he would see the effects. I refused to do this as I thought it was an shocking experience to put a young child through. Years later after trying diet and various so called alternative practitioners - I visited an older Psychiatrist for some advice, who asked me if my son was on medication - When I told him no, he said thank goodness we used to give Ritalin and similar drugs to women in the fifties to lose weight and they started having Psychotic episodes so we stopped doing this. WE ARE NOW GIVING THESE DRUGS TO YOUNG CHILDREN. After much guilt on my part, as the message I received from the Medical Profession was I was a bad mother - not strict enough etc. etc., I managed to get a diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome when my son was 15 years old. He also has leaky gut syndrome which goes hand and hand with Autism. I would like to advise parents, specially Mothers to trust your love and intuition - you know your child better than anyone else.

Stacie Lewin My son’s problem started at 4 months 2 weeks after the vaccinations he had developed seizures. 2 weeks after another set at 10 months he was flagged for autism and his speech was regressing. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Kate Lewins My daughter is now 17 and I've been through a massive journey with her. Love her to bits. Anabelle most definitely changed after the MMR vacancies. The very next day she stopped looking at me, became very withdrawn and her speech and pointing stopped. She used to just lie on the floor and couldn't stand to wear clothes. I was beside myself. I was eventually told she was showing signs of having autism, which allegedly starts to come out the same time as when they are given the jabs. I have been told the MMR has nothing to do with autism. But I don't believe this. A massive cover up. My heart goes out to all parent’s who have seen their beautiful children change after this vaccine. Not enough information was given to parents then about it containing mercury and what effects it may have on children. I’ts all about money, doctors and drug companies. Its heartbreaking and horrendous. But saying this I love and enjoy my daughter everyday but at the same time terrified for her future especially when I’m not around. I am a firm believer she changed after the MMR. X

Emma Lewis My daughter had cervarix the last dose being given in April 2012. Prior to this she was a happy healthy and energetic girl. Approx 3 -6 months after receiving the third dose She started feeling extremely tired and seemed to catch every virus going, she had every blood test going , all came back normal. She was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia in January of this year and has symptoms such as nausea, dizziness and heart racing which aren't linked to the fibromyalgia. I am convinced it was the cervarix which has caused all this. She has missed so much school and is under a specialist rheumatologist all of whom deny knowledge of any link with her symptoms and the vaccine. I have filled out the yellow card for cervarix to report my concerns and have spoken to gp who also denies any link. I have asked for copies of school attendance and medical records to try and prove one way or the other. Towcester Northamptonshire . UK

Jennifer Lewis Chronic ear infections, food allergies, eczema, severe phenol intolerance, and severe gut issues so bad that I was hoping for a stomach transplant-not kidding I even called a Boston hospital. The only food he could tolerate was Neocate, no breastmilk, no milk or soy formula. Vaccines stopped @ 8 months. Never again an ear infection, the screaming, moaning, and whining, that begin the moment he was born; got better after shots were discontinued. Up until that time he received almost all scheduled vaccines, except flu. I cannot say which vaccines in particular caused those issues, maybe it was a combo-that's what I'm thinking. I've never seen a baby like him. For a few yrs we did gf/cf/ef/cf/sf/rf/nf. He got better, and got even better when probiotics were added. I did take antibiotics while pregnant because the docs said I had group b strep & my baby would die if I didn't. Otherwise, very healthy pregnancy-vaginal birth. There was also a lot of regressing with speech, he knew his numbers, colors, reciting songs & 1 tv commercial very well, and abc's at a very early age-I thought he was brilliant, and was obsessed with wheels. He was very social, an extrovert always. He saw an OT & Speech. Speech said there's nothing wrong with his speech, that he wouldn't eat because his stomach hurt. The OT said he had sensory issues (which went away after probiotics were introduced and he had major die-off). Had an Endoscopy at Children's Memorial in Chicago. I told doc he was sensitive to eggs. He had a reaction to the med, he developed a weird welt-looking bruise on his chest. The report: Normal, "mom must be mistaking bad behavior for food allergies

Shawn Lewis Son now 10. Got 1st round of MMR. I guess around 11,months old He had 2 words waved bye bye and great eye contact. After he had high fever and loose bowels, I was told that could happen. But since then no words, years of therapy’s for a little eye contact. That shot took him from me. Wilson nc

Christy Thein Yee Lin My Marcus 9 had mmr also non verbal skills he had it in Malaysia is a requirement

Jan Lilley My son had his MMR in a small village called Holywood just outside Belfast in Northern Ireland at two and a half years of age. The next day he was banging his head on the pavement and screamed for weeks. I had no awareness of vaccine damage at the time. By the time he was three he had lost his speech and was eventually diagnosed as autistic.

Cheryl Avant Little DPT Vaccine, non-febrile seizure immediately after, then 2 more seizures separated by 2 weeks. 2006 Longview, TX Healthy and fine except for mild asthma, peanut and fish allergy.

Deborah Lockwood In June 1991 my daughter Jade had the MMR vaccination 10 days later she was extremely ill and rushed to hospital, she had meningococcal meningitis type B. She was in intensive care and in hospital for 2 weeks. Thankfully she recovered fully. I always blamed the vaccination but my doctor said it was coincidence, but I know it was the MMR.

Tammy Lomas Took my grandson for a follow up due to ear infection that wouldn't clear. On that day after being on 3 diff anti biotics the dr said we have a break the redness is gone, this is our window to catch him up on his vaccinations so he recieved. MMR,. Pneumococcal conj,. Varicella (chicken pox),. Hepatitis A,. The following week he got DTaP,. Hib,. Later that evening a trip to er with 105 temp and seizures. He no longer speakes, plays with his siblings, no more sparkle in his eyes. arizona.

Keeley Longden My 8 year old son zach had single measles & ruebella he spent 10 days in hospital after the measles constantly fitting he was covered in spots all the specialist would say was it was a serious viral infection then 4 days with the ruebella fitting also, he has since been diagnosed with autism & dyspraxia we have decided against vaccinating our 3 mth old baby for any of them. Nottingham in the uk

Jill Loose For the born this way, therefore not vax related mama's correct me if I'm wrong, but your babies were immediately vax'd after birth and then every few months following. You've never known your baby not vax'd. They were born and immediately vax...'d and in some cases women are vaccinated while they are pregnant so the babies are actually vax'd before they ate ever born! I just don't get that belief whatsoever. I believe genetically some people are more susceptible to injury by environmental toxins. Therefor the genes made them more susceptible but do not cause it. Vaccinations and environmental toxins as a whole cause it IMO. I had a perfectly healthy functioning 14 month old until the day he got his mmr and chicken pox vax. Within 11 hours he had the chicken pox. Within 36 hours he had his first seizure and then slept for three days. He woke up void of babbling or eye contact. Refusing to be touched and continuously rocking. He never came back.

Allie Lopez MMR. Daughter was about about 13 mos when she got the shot. Same evening she rec'd the vaccine she developed roseola (form of herpes) had very high fever (104+) and rash mainly in lower trunk of body, was told it was an adverse reaction to shot. She previously had about 10 words or so of language and great eye contact. We lost all language and attention span immediately after this and never gained it back until we started doing biomed intervention. She's still severely delayed and is diagnosed as autistic and has seizures. After the shot we dealt with numerous health issues, she also a form of mumps, a few months after. Stiff neck, swollen glands.. we still have bouts of diarrhea and constipation.. lots of allergies and digestive issues.. She is now 17 years old.. Rec'd vaccine in Hayward, California. Sorry tried to keep it short. :=)

Missy Lorda It may not be proven but our 2 yr old son completely stop talking after his mmr shot. That was the last shot and it completely changed him we feel like. In the palm springs area

Susan Loree My son stopped talking after MMR vaccine and developed autism. Started stimming behavior and he began experiencing major sensory issues. Got vaccine in Burton, Michigan in 2008. Currently, he is considered nonverbal moderately autistic. He has had ABA, PLAY Project or Floortime play therapy, OT and Speech. His rubella antibodies are 40 times the norm and requires GFCF diet.

Laura Lou My son is 4yrs old and has autism. He developed in every milestone as he should, sitting at 5 months crawling by 7 months, saying a few words by 10 months and at 13 months he recieved the mmr injection. Since that he developed strange behavoural problems, couldn’t say any words and would just scream constantly. He now has a speech and language therapist and is saying a lot more words but, at nearly 5 years he still has problems interacting with other children and can be very aggressive at times. I blame the mmr 100% even though my health visitor told me there’s no proof but I know myself and feel as if it has robbed my son of a normal childhood. I also have a 1 yr old daughter who believe me, will not be getting the mmr injection.

Dawn Loughborough My son reacted to DTaP at age 4. It was logged into VAERS. Regressed in speech, eye tracking, balance and coordination, constipated, and did therapies for past 6 years, and has progressed into NLVD, and many food allergies with biomed and other interventions. He is now 11. He has "recovered" biomedically and has High Functioning Autism. Crown Point, Indiana.

Tammy Louisa I agree with Karen which is why I've not vaccinated my second child, if it had come out that mmr was to blame for autism could you imagine how many thousands if not millions of pounds would have to be paid out in compensation.. Not rocket science as to why his research was discredited.

Lovemygirl My 1 yr old girl had talked early and was ready to walk at 12 months. When she got her 1 yr mmr shots she screamed for weeks. She has never been the same. It is worth noting that she was also given daily antibiotics prophylacticly for ureter reflux from abt 7 or 8 months old. She lost words and she disappeared into herself. She stopped eating much of anything after being such a happy try anything kind of kid. She did not walk until 16.5 months. She lost most of her language and regressed. She was dx with asd at 3. She toe-walked...has serious sensory issues...and became very difficult to handle. She has suffered so much through the years. She is much better with a special diet, supplements, and medications. But still...i wonder what could have been. Why did my child have to endure this? Many times i was disrespected by docs and nurses over not following the vaccine schedule. If only i never allowed the mmr.... ironic...we are in the medical profession and read everything we could find on vaccines. We even had them give vaccines that were additional ones because we were so pro vaccine. Sadly, we know now that was a mistake. Eugene, Oregon

Ramona Herchenhahn Loutos My son was healthy and typical until he had his 15 months vaccines and then he lost language, eye contact and interest in everything.He had a strong odor every day and his stool changed. He is currently 12 basically non verbal, severe stimming. The vaccines were given in Ft. Pierce, Florida.

Andrew Love Just wondering what will be done with the information provided? We have a 9 year old who had 3x the acceptable amount of Mercury for an adult in her system at the age of 2. She is non-verbal and is still in diapers.

Kimberly Ann Lowe My son was 18 mos old & got his MMR. Later that evening, he ran a high fever. The next few days we watched him slip away, but had no idea what was happening. He was given this in Cairo, GA about 6 years ago. He is verbal now & doing good.. but still has issues. I support Dr. Wakefield's studies & findings. I HAVE LIVED IT!

Peter Lowry My son Jonathan was a year old when his problems began. Around 10 months he started to walk and around this time he was making great progress saying 'Mamma' and countless other sounds that were on their way to becoming words. That is when Jon got his MMR and all development stopped. He stopped talking, stopped being socially interactive, and just before he turned three, he was diagnosed as autistic. He was developing faster than his older brother and after he took the MMR it was like someone turned off a light switch and everything came to a screeching halt. Jonathan also had considerable bowel issues, with his stomach swelling to extremes. He waddled around looking like he had beer gut. After his diagnosis, his mother and I decided to remove wheat and casein from his diet. The results were shocking. That belly I was referring to disappeared in less than a month. He went from having a huge belly to seeing his ribs in less than 30 days. We've kept up the wheat diet to the best of our ability and he has slowly made progress with speaking, interacting and what not. It's a struggle, but it all started with the MMR vaccine. Hamilton, Onarion, Canada

Christine Lowson MMR speech defects, Type 1 diabetes possible long term result of hep B vaccine. Malaysia 1994/6

Rachel Lu My son Noah was perfectly normal little boy. He received the stinking MMR shot at 15 months. Within 24 HOURS he lost ALL speech, eye contact slipped, high fever, MASSIVE diarrhea, head banging, incessant screaming, and of course he has autistic entercolitis (per Dr. Krigsman). He did not sleep through the night till he was 7! His younger brother got violently ill after Hep B vaccination. Vaccines stopped at 4 months. Noah has high functioning autism, Chase is more mild PDD-NOS.

M Lucas My son was 16 months old when they gave him MMR and Varicella vaccines on the same day. Within a short time his eye contact, smiles, and words were gone. At age 5 we started him on a GFCF diet and he showed a return of smiles and some eye contact. DAN doctors did not find metal or yeast to be issues for my son, but methylation/B12/amino acid cycle issues are huge for him. We have had some success with MB12 but he hasn't tolerated folate or a lot of the other treatments well. They believe the huge viral dose he received with MMR & Varicella destroyed methylation and related processes in his body. At 9 he is still on the spectrum with severe speech and behavioral delays.

Amy Louise Ludlow My son was developing normally, he was starting to talk, cruising along the settee and played "normally". I gave him the mmr as I didn't realise I had a choice, 9 days later he had stopped talking and walking, he couldn't crawl and seemed to have become more interested in how the wheels on his toy cars worked than playing with them, he would just run them back and forth in front of him. He is 7 now and very clever but is well aware in himself that he is different, the kids at school are very quick to pick up on his finger flapping and lack of interaction with the boys, he is only interested in being friends with 2 girls. It makes me sad he'll never have a normal life but I have every confidence he will be successful as when he finds a subject that interests him he won't settle untill he knows everything about it, his most recent fascination being space. Derby Uk

Lumi I am 40 years old and I am from Israel. My sweet 12 years old daugher, Dana , has epilepsy, was paralized, she has ESES and LKS , she is deaf and mute . At age 6 months, after she received vaccination I saw that all her right side is paralized. At 9 months she received her first seizure. She could not turn around or walk until she was more than 3 years old, and when she finally succeeded was after 2 years of intensive fizioterapy . At 3 years old she understood that she is not a regular girl and she was depressed for more than one year. She didn't even look at ANYTHING around her. At this time she also stopped speaking and hearing and became totally deaf and mute. At 5 years she has a cochlear implant and she can hear noises but she cannot understand anything if I speak to her. We learned sign language. At 6 years she was diagnosed with ESES , ELECTRICAL STATE during EPILEPTICUS SLEEP. Since she was born she couldn't sleep at night. Dana can sleep 1 hour- 1 hour and half at night. She tried many treatments: DEPALEPT , TOPAMAXS , FRISIUM ,OSPOLOTE , OMRIGAM , KEPPRA , PREDNISONE , and nothing helped. Dana is on ketogenic diet with MCT oil ( Medium - Chain Triacyglycerol ) for 2 years and a half and this is working for her. I hope that I will find more people that are suffering from ESES and that we will be able to share and help each other. I wish you all good health, Lumi.

Jenna Lynn My daughter Rebekah regressed after having the 6 shots recommended at 18-24 moths. She became completely non-verbal, had sensory issues and was then diagnosed with PDD-NOS, ADHD, ODD, Relational Disorder and Expressive Language Delay. Throu...gh much non-medical intervention (she is not on any meds)her dx was changed to Aspergers. She is involved in Girl Scouts, just took a test for a new belt in Tae Kwon Do and is also a cheerleader. She received these vaccinations in Natrona Heights, PA.


M M My daughter received benzylpenicillin and gentamicin antibiotic for 5 days at West Middlesex University Hospital in Isleworth, UK. Soon after that she no longer tolerated cow's milk protein and her sleeping patterns changed. At the age of 3 she was diagnosed with autism. Nobody else in the family has this condition apart from her. Gentamicin antibiotic is a known antibiotic that can damage DNA. This antibiotic is used routinely in neonatal care worldwide. This antibiotic or another aminoglycoside variant is also found in most vaccines for babies. Humans, especially vulnerable babies can have their genetic structured damaged by medications or vaccines. Genetic does not always mean inherited. England.

MacGoddess For his 4-month old shots, my son received the DaPT and Polio on the third of the month. Then, on the 28th of the same month, he received the HIB. Not long after we got home from this appointment, my son began inconsolable crying and high-pitched screaming and arching his back that went on for over 4 straight hours. My son was diagnosed with autism when he was 3-1/2 and remains so now that he is 18.

Lynsea MacKay I took my son for his 4 month needles, that evening he started seizuring uncontrollably, was hospitalized for 2 weeks, and diagnosed with West Syndrome. Seizure are now under control, but he was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism in December 2010, although it was suspected he had Austism for some time before the diagnosis. He is 3 1/2 yrs, now. Vaccines were adminstered in Montague, PEI Canada

Prudence Mackay Hi, both my sons had severe reactions to their MMR vaccinations. Unfortunately due to my ignorance re heavy metals my oldest boy (now 15) had all vaccinations up to age 5. Both had obvious adverse reactions. My youngest (now 13) thankfully has not & will not have any vaccinations since his 2 year MMR & had immediate, very obvious regression. My eldest is still classified with high level ASD & severe auditory processing issues, his little brother has had full recovery. Ipswich in Queensland, Australia

Crystal Mackey Graison Ryan Mackey - vaccines given in Sherman, Texas. 2 months old - Hepatitis B-2, DtaP, Hib-1, Polio-1, Prevnar-1 – High fever, vomiting, and first signs of dermatology issues. I was told to rotate Tylenol & Motrin for the fever (if I knew then, what I know now…) 4 months olds - Hepatitis B-2, DtaP, Hib-1, Polio-1, Prevnar-1 – Moderate fever & diarrhea. Over the next two months, bowel issues become apparent, as well as the surfacing of sinus & bronchial issues. 6 months old – Graison was taken in for a sick visit, fever, sinus & bronchial issues. An x-ray was ordered of his lungs, which came back clear, however, the pediatrician commented on a gas bubble that was “as big as his head.” At that time, he was given DtaP, Hib-3, Polio-3, Prevnar-3. In the three months that followed, Graison’s digestion & bowel issues worsened & developmental delays were becoming evident.I began to research on my own, and tested him for gluten intolerance. When the tests came back it was discovered that Graison was gluten & casein intolerant. In my search of how to provide him a GFCF diet, I kept seeing links to autism. I began to watch him intently, and noticed some of the autism characteristics. 12 months - I expressed my concerns with his pediatrician, who assured me that we had nothing to worry about. She then gave Graison his next round - Prevnar-4 & Hepatitis-A-1 - we refused the MMR at that time, as I had been seeing a connection between autism & the MMR. Developmental delays continued to slow, he lost eye contact, walked in patterns, his previous baby babble stopped, and did not play with toys. He developed sensory issues, severe bowel issues, and sleep disturbances. He didn’t notice others in the room, didn’t care to interact, and stopped eating finger foods (only accepting pureed foods.)Among everything we already listed, at 28 months old, Graison is still non-verbal, has expressive/receptive language issue, cognitive delays, and has low muscle tone. He has been diagnosed with IgG1 deficiency and will begin IVIG infusions soon. Graison is seeing Dr. Arthur Krigsman (gastro), Dr. Kurt Woeller (DAN), and Dr. Sudhir Gupta (immunologist).Thank you, Joan, for all that you are doing to raise awareness & help our babies!

Douglas Mackinlay I have 2 kids with ASD aged 3 and 15. I have done a lot of research and there is definitely a link, in my opinion, with Omega 3 and Vitamin D deficiency. I also believe autism is auto-immune which would explain vaccines having an adverse affect because the child has a problem with their immune system, but that can be fixed.

Wendy Mackley My son received MMR he was developing normally then after got a rash them went down hill fast. Was told it was a virus. Next morning he was banging his head of the wall and floors.. lost all words.. screamed all the time. He was developing normally. today he his 13 attends a school for Autism. No social skills at all. Now verbal but alot of repeated sentences. The virus as they say was the MMR. Scotland.

Phonia Madourie I am from Kingston, Jamaica My baby is now 6 months old and every time he receives a vaccine he starts behaving differently and with aggressiveness. At his 1 weeks he started started behaving aggressively and rashes come on his skin. He even developed eczema. At his 6 weeks shot he start behaving aggressively again. At his 3 months shot he started behaving aggressive again, rashes came on his skin and he did not pass any stool for over 1 week. When it came back he only passes stool once per week and it is very different than before. The doctor said it is normal for a breastfed baby not to pass stool for that time period, but he passed stool every day before got the 3 months shot and it stopped the very day he got the shots. He used to jitter a lot as if he was trying to talk. After the shots he stopped. Now he barely jitters. I am so worried because in Jamaica I can be imprisoned if I refuse the shots. I don't know what to do. I am currently visiting in the Unites States and my flight is scheduled to leave Friday. I am so scared to return to Jamaica because his 6 months vaccine is due and I don't know where to turn and what to do. The doctors are denying that the vaccines can affect the child. They say it is very safe but I believe otherwise.

Luminita Magda I am 40 years old and I am from Israel. My sweet 12 years old daugher, Dana, has epilepsy, was paralized, she has ESES and LKS, she is deaf and mute. At age 6 months, after she received vaccination I saw that all her right side is paralized. At 9 months she received her first seizure. She could not turn around or walk untill she was more than 3 years old, and when she finnally succeded was after 2 years of intensive physiotherapy. At 3 years old she understood that she is not a regular girl and she was depresed more than one year. She didn't even looked at ANYTHING around her. At this time she also stopped speaking and hearing and became totally deaf and mute. At 5 years she has a cochlear implant and she can hear noises but she cannot understand nothing if I speak to her. We learned sign language. At 6 years she was diagnosed with ESES, ELECTRICAL STATE during EPILEPTICUS SLEEP. Since she was borne she couldn't sleep at night. Dana can sleep 1 hour- 1 hour and half at night. She tryed many treatments: DEPALEPT, TOPAMAXS, FRISIUM, OSPOLOTE, OMRIGAM, KEPPRA, PREDNISONE, and nothing helped. Dana is on ketogenic diet with MCT oil ( Medium - Chain Triacyglycerol ) for 2 years and a half and this is working for her. I hope that I will find more people that are suffering from ESES and that we will be able to share and help each other.

Kkyslir Klassy K Magee Ive never been told what form of autism my baby has but he is too on a 12 to 2 year old level. i always questioned the vaccines and were brushed off and let it go, til i saw a recent show on Dr's. We are in Georgia and he is now 11. and it was the MMR

Tina Maggiore-Cuccia My daughter changed completely after her 10 month DTaP vaccine. She lost the ability to follow the few simple commands she mastered like wave bye bye and follow along with finger songs. She lost her smile and basically her personality. I no...ticed things like toe flaring and other strange neurological signs that were dismissed by the neurologist and developmental MD. Later she developed severe constipation when she was 4 years old but she tested negative for O&P on cultures. Not really sure if that has anything to do with her autism or vaccines because her last vaccine she ever had was the MMR at age 18 months. She battled the constipation for years and the GI doctors basically told me to give her Miralax and that she would be fine without looking into the cause or treatment, just the bandaid of Miralax. She remains non-verbal at age 11 with social anxieties and sensory problems. Hampton Bays, NY (eastern Long Island)

Tracy Magee The day after my 5 year old son's 1st MMR vaccination at 13 months, he was admitted to hospital as an emergency as his breathing became laboured, he had a rash over his body & he was floppy & lifeless, he recovered. He was diagnosed with autism at 4 !! coincidence or not !?!?! Southport, Merseyside

Melissa Butterfield Maher Child 1: Reaction to 9mo Tet-Dip vax. Had 9 months of CHRONIC ear infections, lost what few words she had begun to say, lost major motor skill ability (due to lack of equilibrium). At 18mo, her ears cleared, but spent three years in speech therapy to regain and catch up due to a severe speech delay. Has some residual attention issues but otherwise healthy. Child 2: Had reaction to second MMR. Developed celulitus at injection site, encephalic scream with fever of 104 for three days (was told this was a "normal" reaction). Now has Celiac disease and MANY (more than 10) different food allergies. She is small for height and weight and has some minor social issues, otherwise healthy. (Stopped vaxing child 1 at 12mo and child 2 at 6m, child 3 never vaxed, NEVER had any of the previously mentioned problems. Child 3 is now 18 months old and has had ONE ear infection in her entire life). Child 1: Clarksville TN and Washington DC Child 2: Washington DC

Barbara Schwartz Majeski Hep B Vaccine at 24 hours old. Lost ability to suck, screamed, fussed, discontent throughout waking hours. Insufficient feeds , lead to failure to thrive, chronic diarrhea, chronic infections, GI distress, liver failure, UTI and developmental delays for 24 months. Repeated hospital stays after subsequent vaccinations. Discontinued shots at prior to MMR. His story can be viewed at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SL2mRJMnqKI

Raven Major My oldest was fully vaxed but had major "issues" since birth - she is ASD. My youngest was vaxed ONCE at age 4 and typically developed to that point (a combo vax); now at 5.5yrs she is also dx'd ASD and has regressed.

Abigayle Malchow-lee My son, 8 years old Andrew Jauregui and daughter 7 Cheyanne. Andrew: Regressive Autism, Sensory Integration, Violent Behavior and Cheyanne has Asperger's. Andrew's we know was first noticed after DTaP where he had a seven day life threat...ening fever, viral infection after the MMR a few months later same reaction. After the Dtap he stopped talking, no eye contact, after the MMR violent self injurious behavior, tantrusm...stomach problems, made up his own language. Refused potty training. Only past two years free of behavior issues, almost grade level, some slmall health issues etc They also were exposed to many environmental factors that I believe contributed are only 22 months apart and the only two out of my four children concieved and given their vaccines and born there. The statistics are very very high for Autism and related disorder; increasing more after september 11th. Truthfully, I believe its due to geoengineering I witnessed, pesticides sprayed directly on our houses and fields on post...on our local grown food, contaiminated water supply, and statistically military children are higher rates of diagnosed then national average. Naval Air Station, Lemoore CA

Ann Maldo My daughter was 13 months she got the MMR shortly after that she began to have seizures which, at the hospital at the time said they were ferbile siezures and due to high fever. She never had a fever over 104, I believe her highest fever was 102, well I never thought it could have been due to the vaccines because all I was worried about was her health getting her better I feel like I have failed my daughter in not doing all the research or putting 2 and 2 together. She is now ten with diagnoses of of PDD and she hasn't had a seizure for 5 yrs now.

Ana Maldonado My daughter had it at 1 1/2 yrs and she develop what the doctor called febrile seizures, she is mildly autistic. 2002 new york city Laura Lewis Chollick My son had 7 shots on a Friday afternoon. By that evening he was screaming with a fever of 102.7, huge red lump at injection site, blood in his stools, could not console him the whole weekend, stopped eating his typical GOOD diet. The next week I thought he went deaf. Lost all his language. Hello autism. DALLAS, TEXAS

Sarah Bodine Mallane My son and daughter were both injured. Madelyn was diagnosed with Autism last year (5) and Harry has Sensory Processing Disorder, PDD-NOS, and Anxiety. He is 7. It was MMR--they were given all of their 12-18 mos shots on their first birthda...y. I want to say that they were both given 9 separate vaccines on those days. Our pediatrician (now a great one not like before,) has gone over head circumfrence records, completed all genetic studies, etc., and had concluded that it was probably a vaccine injury although it has not been formally noted as such. She explained it as the perfect storm: undiagnosed ear infections at the time of vaccine, too many shots at once and too soon, and a genetic sensitivity to meds. In the states: Boise, Idaho

N Mamaril I am working in a hospital when I accidentally had a needle stick injury. As a protocol, I went to the emergency department so we can document what had happened and do whatever that has to be done. The ER doctor gave me a tetanus shot. I expressed to him that I think (I was not sure yet at that time) I am pregnant but he said it is safe. Few weeks later I lost my baby. After 6 months I had another miscarriage. I was broken. I truly believe the tetanus shot was the culprit. After a year, the Lord blessed me with a wonderful child. I declined to give her Hep B vaccine despite the doctors trying to convince me to give her the shot. I am from the Philippines.

Sarah Burke Man My daughter, Zoe, received the MMR, Varicella and flu shot in one visit in November 2005. She soon started to regress and become very ill. She had diarrhea, lost eye contact and language. She was diagnosed at 28 months with PPDNOS and at 4 with autism. She has been getting ABA since 29 months. We've chelated, done lots of supps, sauna, B12, GFCG, all of which has helped her body bounce back. She has come a long way and has a long way to go. We were told she'd be nonverbal yet have fought to get her the best services and she is slowly starting to talk. We will continue to fight and work with our DAN doc who is awesome. Thank you Joan, for getting this list together. I can only imagine how many kids have been affected. Godspeed to you :)

Kristen Mancha Hmmm...the day after our son's 2-year well-baby shots our son had regression of baby sign language, verbal communication, eye contact, resorting to non-pretend play, lining up cars, spinning all day, sensory issues; he received the diagnosis... of moderate to severe autism 5 months later after 3 seen by 3 doctors here in Germany; and he is now in speech therapy, occupational therapy, ABA therapy, special preschool and is now finally displaying pretend play 2 days ago, is now speaking in long, his own idea-formed sentences and is making us more proud every day to be his parents and to be on his journey with him.

Darcy Mancusi Our son, Stephen Mancusi, who is now 10, has suffered vaccine injuries. The first significant effect was noted after the MMR which he received 5 days after his 1st birthday. Because he was born at 36 weeks gestation (a twin), our homeopath told me that this means he received the MMR at a gestational age of 11 months. Immediately after the MMR he was irritable and had a low-grade fever, days later new and odd behaviors appeared and the light in his eyes seemed to go out and was replaced by a blank stare. He began to rock and jump constantly and his condition worsened over the years to a final plunge into severe autism at age 4 immediately following the MMR booster and flu shot that he received on the same day. He also suffered GI problems and is under the care of Dr. Tim Buie for fat malabsorption, esophagitus and "leaky gut syndrome." Sadly we pieced together the puzzle of his autism and the vaccines' role after it was too late. Please let me know if you would like any further information. We agree that Dr. Wakefield's work must continue! Thanks for your work with this effort, we admire your steadfast commitment. Stevie received all of his vaccines in Bridgewater, MA with the exception of the very first one, the hep B just days after his birth which was in Boston. I am certain that all the vaccines played a role in his medical issues and autism, but the MMR seemed to be the catalyst. I have a slideshow of him from birth thru about age 7, pre-MMR and post-MMR, and you can see that one eye in many of the photos is tinier and his expression is blank. His autism was mild from about a year to age 4 and then after MMR booster and flu shot he became severely impaired. If only we weren't so trusting. I wish I knew then what I know now.

Marina Manjarrez My son was given the flu shot 2008 in Santa Monica CA shortly after noticed speech regressed and crazy tantrums. Something was wrong took him back to Dr. no help at all they were looking at me as if I were crazy. Switched Dr. to a DAN Doc strict diet and brain mapping for a year. My son is cured he is a bit delayed but I can see the light at the end of this tunnel.

Jodine Mansfield After my daughter had the vaccine she stoped talking (mama baba), screamed all day and night stopped sleeping and just ran up and down.self harmed.shes doing a lot better now but its been a long hard road.she will be 11 soon. London, England.

Tanya Mappin-Lowe My 7 year old hit every milestone until the MMR at 15 months. He lost all words and totally stopped eating a normal diet. Eye contact has always been amazing, even today. He is diagnosed moderate to severe on ASD. Can't explain, normal child who changes almost overnight after vaccine. Toronto, Canada.

Telise Vaughn Maquaire MMR vaccine. My daughter's heart stopped cold. She was revived and implanted with a pacemaker which she still has, although it has malfunctioned due to manufacturer defect so it's now turned off and she's at risk. West Palm Beach, Florida

Audrey Marandino My daughter was born a week early as she was said to be "too big". I was induced. She was perfect when she was born. She had an adverse reaction to the Hep B vaccine they give at birth. She was extremely lethargic, wouldn't wake to eat, wouldn't suck, etc (somewhat common Hep B vax injury). I mindlessly continued to vaccinate, I didn't even know she was vax injured (despite bringing her in to her pediatrician. No one cared or was worried. I was on my own there). By 6 months I had more than a few suspicions and stopped vaccinated until I did more research. She was diagnosed with developmental delays at 15 months as she hadn't started walking yet and was a little behind with speech. She didn't start sleeping until about a year after I stopped vaxing. She didn't walk a step until her 2nd birthday. That's not normal!! She was diagnosed with the "perfect storm" of low muscle tone, hypermobility, and Sensory Processing Disorder (mainly vestibular). She only moves her bowels every 3rd day or so. Definitely not normal. We do a lot of heavy metal detox and OT but I will never vaccinate her or any other child of mine ever again. Connecticut, USA

Jodie Marchant Received all her immunisations (incorrectly) in one vial, now has no speech, doubly incontinent, vomits 20 times a day, continually in pain, now 18 years.

Sandi Marcus Grandma Warrior for Aidan & Gabriel Twins now 7. Received 9 immunizations at 18 month well baby check up in Alpharetta, GA. (near Atlanta) They were extremely premature & still very small. They had a few words, ate well, & good eye contact. In a matter of days GI issues started, words & eye contact gone. Hand flapping & toe walking began. DX with autism at 24 months.

Charleen Marie Kaitlyn's stomach problems started with the DTap- diarrhea and acid reflux but the Doctor insisted that is was because of teething and I was over reacting because I was a first time Mom. She still met all her mile stones and had speech until her 16 month vaccinations when the Dr decided to play catch up and give her 7 vaccines in one day(without telling me). That night she had 104 fever, cried and shook for 6 hours straight (called Dr 3 times and was told it's normal) in the week to follow I watched my daughter slip away-she became very weak, lost all speech, eye contact, started having petit mal seizures and did not want to socialize. She had severe diarrhea and rashes, her urine smelled toxic and actually caused a acid rash on her bottom. For the next 6 month my daughter cried every day all day in severe pain, we were prisoners in our home because she could not stand to be in public, became extremely sensitive to noise and light, her immune system was destroyed she was constantly sick(never sick the first year of her life). She tested positive for heavy metals like aluminum and mercury, immediately after the vaccines at 16 months she also became allergic to all dairy, soy, eggs and pork and cannot handle gluten or any food coloring. She is a extremely picky eater now and only wants crunchy food(use to eat everything) Our DAN Dr has helped with her immune system and the pain(after spending our entire saving and then some) and we are now doing homeopathy. WPB Florida.

Diane Marie My daughter was fine, got six shots in one day when she was five (MMR was one of them) and instantly turned into a child that I had not met before, we still struggle with daily life -she will not brush her hair, it is painful for her. Shelby, North Carolina

Isabel Pedroza Maria My son had DTaP, IPV, ROTAVIRUS, PNEUMOCOCCAL CONJUGATE, AT 8 months old. A month after he was given, HepB, DTaP, Hib, IPV, Rotavirus, HepA, and Influenza. He had three days with fever, and started a weird cough, that lasted all year long. About a week after the shots he had a "pneumonia attack". Now thinking about it it was a convulsion. He also had a swollen leg where the shots were given, and white liquid evolved. Took him to the ER, and when there I asked the Doc. if it was a allergic reaction to vaccines, which the Doc. said no, He said my son had a reaction to the needle. When I asked why his leg was swollen if it was a needle reaction, they had no answer. Now thinking back, to me every vaccine harmed my son in a different way. This time at 8 months is when I saw the worst. We live in Texas.

Rita Marie My son, T.L. was injured in 1994. He had 2 contaminated, recalled vaccines. Both vaccines injured about 10 other kids.(DPT OPV) My son is 19 years old and only functions at a 6 yo level, cognitively. He is very impaired. He lives at a Residential School, as his unsafe behaviors at home are dangerous to his sibblings. So to sum it up He is low cognitive functioning, and living in an alternate setting....one of the worst case senerios of kid's lives ruined by a vaccine I have heard of, aside from death. He was vaccinated in Califon, NJ. USA

Jean Market My daughter received her vaccines in St. louis. She got 6 at once while sick. I also received a rogham shot with mercury while pregnant. We used IV push DMPS (one boy died this way we found out later) for the test. We used oral DMPS and had to stop. It made her too weak. We haven't got out all of her metals including lead. Diagnosed with Autism at the age of 4. We tested her for mercury though a challenge test and she excreted 260mcg and 3mcg was the reference range. That is NOT a typo. We did not have mercury in our water, nor did I have mercury poisoning and the only source we knew was her vaccines. After removing a lot of it she started talking in sentences (with in 2 weeks!!)

Maureen Markovitch-Aluotto My daughter Jennifer had the MMR shot and chicken pox shot at 12 months and that is when things went downhill for us. She had no issues before then, she was speaking and hitting all of her mile stones. Once she had that shot it was all do...wnhill for us. She was diagnosed with pdd-nos and adhd at 2. She got them in Levittown, NY. She still has adhd and her diagnosis has changed as Asburgers. She is high funtioning and is a high honer student. We see an Autism Doctor and he helped her to start healing.

Jen Marks My oldest daughter had an adverse reaction to the DTP (whole cell) vaccine in 1998 in Michigan. Her brain swelled and she never recovered. She was never able to speak, walk, feed herself; she had seizures throughout her life, sometimes hundreds in a day. She died at 8 1/2 years old in 2006.

Patricia Marino Boy, age 9 months. (4/13/92) Brooklyn, NY. 1/2 dose of DPT (had old fashioned doctor who only gave half dose at a time due to fear of reaction). Fever of 106.F - unable to get temperature below 102 despite alternating tylenol and motrin for four days. Fever was the only reaction - Doctor wrote medical exemption for this child - never to receive pertussis afterwards. Developed allergies to milk and sulfur drugs.Today is fairly healthy 19 year old. Mild social anxiety, occasional OCD symptoms. Girl, 7 months, (9/9/97) Pearl River, NY received DPT and Hep B vaccinations in one visit. Took home a screaming baby, despite tylenol given at office. That night, posturing (limbs stiff, back arched off bed). Screaming crying, vomiting, passed stool that looked like insulation foam (frothy yellow). Crying continued for weeks, generally unwell, low energy, three weeks following vaccination developed nystagmus. Repeated visits to pediatrician was told she was teething. After eye symptoms (nystagmus - quivering eyeballs) started to see ophthalmologists and neurologists - at 20 months diagnosed as failure to thrive, CAT scan showed brain tumor - diagnosis craniopharyngioma - surgery. Now (age 13) is blind, panhypopituitarism, diabetes insipidus. - Both of these children are blood type B+. I had read a few years back in a book called "Eat right for your blood type" (Dr. Peter D'Adamo) that children with this blood type generally do not tolerate vaccination well.

Karen Marler-Hayes Festus Missouri, My son Hunter was given his 18 moth shots along with missed shots due to illness. He was developing perfectly until then and he had a screaming fit that night of the shots and fever and never said momma or dadda again he was diagnosed Asd at the age of 1 and a half he is now almost 4. I have since had another child and we are anti vaccine!

Ruth Marney I have spoken to people for years about these issues having two children affected with ASD, the youngest had a huge reaction to his MMR vaccine and I was fobbed off by my GPs at the time. A close friend listened and stopped her child from having the vaccine as she then dscovered her son had a massive allergy to eggs which the vaccine was cultured on at this time and would not have know without these publications! My youngest daughter has not had a single injection as a result of her brothers reations and has only had mild measles and been fine and we have treated her homoeopathically with any ailments since she was born!! She does not have ASD ! Cinderford in The Forest Of Dean Gloucestershire UK

Ashlee Maroney My son was injured by vaccines and is now on the autism spectrum. I believe it was the DTaP but he had flu vaccine, rotavirus, HIB and booster for Hep B that day at 4.5 months old. He was jaundiced and found out he had sub clinical hypothyroidism later. No one seemed concerned but me. We lost my son the next day... He stopped eating, stopped sucking thumbs, did not sleep. He no longer nursed. He had no eye contact and was the shell of a child I had prior to this.

Jan Marshall My daughter she is now 28 recieved her Dpt , MMR. became ill the same day. ran high fever went into a seizure (grandma) . Hospitalized. at 27, 3-5 years old functionally now. She was a normal happy baby before then growing normally she became allergic to everything ,stopped talking, withdrew, couldnt walk anymore and severally regressed.had to have a feeding tube put in.she is now severally autistic.adhd. this was in Tacoma, Washington.

Jennifer Marshall First of all it's hard to summarize something as complex as autism in 4 to 6 sentences. I can start to say that I noticed a change in Connors behavior after his twelve-month inoculations which consisted of the TDAP shot the MMR shot these two vaccines seem to be the worst for him. I have come to the realization that all of his vaccines played a factor once there's an assault that happens especially with vaccines it is truly irresponsible to keep giving a child at risk the same vaccines over and over and over again because each one becomes more dangerous kind of like a peanut allergy. What was extremely noticeable after Connors 12 month shots was that he didn't eat the same he started to lose eye contact or reduced. He became very grumpy! He was extremely happy a very easy baby great sleeper very good eater and he spoke he said mommy he said daddy, juice, bowl and his favorite colors. That all changed, he wouldn't even come when his name was spoken. Physical symptoms; Connor did have an extreme fever the second day after his 12 month vaccines, 103 degrees. High-pitched screaming, and a bit of a rash on the injection site and swelling on both legs. I think what was the hardest and most notable things for me was the difference in his eating habits, his speech and just the overall not being happy anymore… just seemed to regress. I still didn't realize that it was the vaccinations causing these issues with him. I didn't realize Connor's extreme problems with ear infections and other chronic issues were due to his intolerance of vaccinations (the many dangerous chemicals in them). I wish somebody had told me. I trusted the doctors to be informed. I was always told that these things were to be expected that it was normal and that he would be okay in a few days. Looking back at everything there's nothing normal about his reactions. They shouldn't be expected and he didn't recover in just a couple of days. My child has a lifelong injury that could've been prevented with the right information. My son is eight now, he talk's again and he does look at me again. We do have a connection, but it's not over with. My sons amazing because that's who he is but, his autism makes things very difficult he just overcomes them and he has courage and perseverance, a lot of love. But if I could go back, knowing what I know now, I would choose not to vaccinate because there is no evidence that ever suggested that they are 100% safe. The CDC will say they are safe and that autism and vaccines are not related to each other. I find it to be a very biased study on their part since they're being paid by big pharmaceuticals who have everything to gain by saying that they are safe for everybody. I just don't think one-size-fits-all. Vaccines are a drug to me that's like saying penicillin is safe for everybody when we know that there are thousands of people that are allergic to it. I hope one day that somebody just says stop we can't do this anymore and chooses to act from the independent studies. After all we are talking about the health of our youth.

Tracie Marshall My lil girl was fine until she had the MMR,why should all our kids suffer bwcause of this xx

Karelyn Martin "Four children and three have been diagnosed with Autism. Normal development until they received 4 vaccines at once had a real high fever and lost speech right after, GI issues, no eye contact, etc. This was in Orlando Florida."

Nicole Martin My son Marlando Waller. DOB 07/02/2002. Definitely injured by vaccines.

William Dallas Martin. William was born Nov. 1982. He was normal in all aspects. Around 14 months old, following 3 shot series he developed a neurological tic. One eye began to draw inwards and by age 5 he needed prescription glasses. Took him to numerous MD's to include University of Cincinnati Neurology Dept. No doctor had ever seen any case like this. At age 29, his eyesight has worsened and his tic continues. William has ADHD along with neurological and eye problems. His younger brother developed autism following a 4 shot series around same age.

Isabel Martinelli At 17 month after his vaccine, started with red spot around his mouth, recurrent tonsillitis, ear infection high temperature, crying, losing his speech, isolation, later on we discover gastro problems exactly the same the ones mentioned by Dr. Wakefield (we did endoscopies and colposcopy, private of course) ileo linfonoides. He has a diagnosis of Regressive Autism. Today after many biomedical treatments, he progressed a lot, his speech is back, intestine better. Just to say that my son had a proper assessment by a paediatrician specialist in development few day before his vaccine, due to my oldest daughter have been born as a cleft palate and the doctor acknowledged that he has passed all the test well at the time, and felt the same after regressed into autism. London. UK

Cindy Martinez Yes my son had a really bad reaction to a shot it was done on his thigh the next day his leg was 3 time the size red and hot to the touch He could not crawl due to the swelling. It was given in Long Beach CA in 2006. I noted it on his shot records the date and which shot it was. He is going to be tested for Autism

Deserie Martinez My daughter got the MMR shot. She had a rash on her leg, had a high fever and started having seizures the next day. I took her to Loma Linda Hospital and her neurologist said the seizures was not from her epilepsy that day, but it was because she had a allergic reaction to the shots she was given all 4 at the same time. When she was born the only thing she had was epilepsy nothing else then at 4 she got diagnosed with autism. No other shot gave her a reaction like this. In my heart I know this shot did this to my baby girl and she has never been the same. It took years of speech and OT to get he where she is at now, High Function Autism. She did not potty train till she was 6yrs. Loma Linda Ca

Shelly Campbell Martinez Marrero, Louisiana, Prevnar shot, Aug 2002, my 5 month old daughter had a grand mal seizure exactly 12 hours after her vaccine, and has had them ever since and she is now almost 9 years old. Did speak for 2 years from the age of 3-5, then ...all language ceased Aug 2007,and hasn't said a word since. Has been tested for ever disorder known to man, and all were negative. Diagnosed with severe Autism in Aug 2008. Very bright little girl, but completely non-verbal and takes three seizure meds and has a Vagus Nerve Stimulator and is totally dependent on an adult. I love her to pieces!!

Brent Martino My daughter was 2 and my son was 6 months they both got MMR at the same time she spiked a 105 fever that lasted on and off for months and was finally diagnosed with Systemic JRA and my son had a series of tremors after the MMR and he ended up with autism and aspergers. Shirley Massachusetts, USA Of course we have been told for years the MMR had nothing to do with it.

Jason Martorana My grandson received a triple vaccination at about 12 months old. Before the vaccinations he was a very bright toddler, already talking in phrases, and starting to follow commands and eat a variety of solid foods. He was active but not crazy wild. Following the vaccination, he became very sick and feverish. He started to make high pitched screams and hasn't stopped since. He also began banging his head on the floor and frenzied repetitive behavior. Doctors dismissed my daughter's concerns completely. He was sick for three weeks and during that time began to regress. He lost all his words, began to refuse foods he previously enjoyed and exhibit strange behaviors. His head also started to suddenly grow abnormally and he continues to clutch and slap at it and continues to bang his head. At age 2 he was diagnosed with moderate to severe autism and has not gotten any help yet. His doctors on his medical plan have basically ignored him. He is severely underweight and his head size is in now in the 100% percentile. It is a struggle to get any help for him and our state has eliminated autism as a diagnosis covered under Medicaid. My daughter is on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Tom Masengale How about an autism father? My, now, five year old son was given the MMR on schedule. Two days later he spiked a fever of 105. He was a typically developing child to that point, laughing, making lots of noise, trying to roll over. After the shot we watched him melt before our eyes. He regressed badly and didn't start making gains again for almost two years. Tulsa, OK 4 years ago.

Holly Masclans My daughter Claudia was born 1/13/01. She had 8 seizures after her 4-month old shots and was autistic by 5-month of age. I believe she suffered encephilytis because of her high pitched screaming and crying. Today she has dyslexia, auditory processing disporder, and severe anxiety. She received her shots in Haddon Heights, NJ. The shots were stopped after 4-months of age; Claudia is 10. Vaccines - too many - too soon - too toxic Fourteenstudies.org

Melissa Mason My son received his second Hep B vaccine at 20 months old. About a week later he started having these fits that are hard to describe unless you were to see them. He looked and acted like he was possessed by the devil. He would slam his head repeatedly into the floor or anything he could. We would have to restrain him. These episodes would last for a very minimum of 90 minutes at a time and sometimes as long as 5 hours. His day care was so concerned that they thought his arm might be broken because of the way he carried on. We took him to the ER and several Dr’s observed him. They initially said this was autistic like behavior, but then ruled that out based on his interactions in between fits (good eye contact and responsive, etc...) They then decided that this must be some type of seizure disorder. Needless to say, the episodes lasted for a whole week and then were completely gone. My 5 year old daughter just got a booster shot and DDP (I think) three days ago and is now having behavioral problems that I’ve NEVER seen before. crying and screaming, kicking and swinging her arms. I am so done with vaccines. These issues are too much of a coincidence not to be related! Hardwick, VT

Keisha Masters My son and daughter were both developing wonderfully, saying many words, smiling, eye contact, slept through the night, ate well etc., until their first dose of the MMR vaccine at 1 year old. The sudden change was heart-breaking. My son will be turning 5 this year and is diagnosed ASD. My daughter just got the vaccine last week and the relationship is now too obvious to ignore. I am fully convinced that the MMR vaccine causes autism based upon our family's experience.

Leia Masters Hep B vaccine in Reno, Nevada 2004. My son had a crying spell for a week straight (without stopping to even sleep) and turned blue and purple and could not eat. He was also arched like a bow and very stiff. The doctors did not know what was wrong and said it must be severe colic or milk allergy. He was not the same baby after this and now that I am more educated about vaccine injuries, I have looked up hep b reactions that cause death, seizure, and bleeding in the brain which have the same symptoms my son had.

Jodi Matheny My son Zachary Honeycutt received the MMR vaccine in 1999 in Chapel Hill, NC. W/in 72 hours he was gone. Forgot how to do everything. He just rocked. No more words. No more walking. It took years to bring him back. Today he is in residential care for behaviors related to being Aspergers.

Rosemay Mathis My daughter Lauren Mathis, at age 12 was injected with the Gardasil HPV Vaccine. Life as she knew it quickly vanished. She became disabled and could not attend school, church, or participate in the normal activities of life. She has somewhat recovered 3 years later but is still only well about 60% of the time. She received the vaccine in North Wilkesboro, NC.

Janice Matthews I had the Hep b vaccine at the age of 18years and had bacterial meningitis two weeks later. Northern Ireland

Kathe Krcmar Mayhugh My daughter received the Hep vaccine at birth, in Erlanger, KY. Three days later her billirubin went very high (she turned orange) and had to lay under lights for days. I didn't know. After her third set of shots (in Covington, KY), she was so swollen and lethargic I cried, but thought it was how it was supposed to be. Then she started spewing formula. It wouldn't stay down. The research began; I found out what was in the shots; I made my decision and I've not looked back. At 12 months, she wasn't walking or talking--the Otolaryngologist, said, "Oh mother, children walk at their own pace". I said, oh, I don't think so. He put her on antibiotics and told me to follow up with her Ped. I responded--we'll be back. Three weeks later, no sign of infection (there never was) he scheduled her for tubes. Three years later, she has not been to a doctor, she doesn't get sick and she's absolutely brilliant. I'm a very lucky Mommy and I know it. I just keep my fingers crossed and pray that she doesn't have any other repercussions. I'm having a hard time getting her to walk on her feet--she likes to walk on her toes. I'm hoping there isn't more damage that I don't know about yet. Thank you for collecting our stories--its the only way we can honestly know the damage being done to our babies because we have no ulterior motives.

Beth Mazzarella My son, who lives in Ledgewood, NJ, changed after receiving the MMR, chicken pox and one other vaccine on the same day, by suddenly becoming overwhelmed by interaction with people, losing language and losing ability to imitate.

Tanya Mc ‎3 children vaccinated, all resulted in Autism. Eldest Down syndrome & Autism, first regression at 2 yo following vax, then RSV. Fraternal twins boy/girl both regressed after 12 mo shots (9 total, including MMR/flu/chicken pox). Boy- severely autistic, girl - aspergers. Girls had severe asthma/pneumonia & skin rashes & black under-eyes + fever. Son had extraordinary high fevers, fitful sleeping, daytime lethargy-- immediate loss of skills. Horriffic & tragic. Champaign, IL

Madison, WI Yorkville, IL

Julie McAllister My son was administered the flu vaccine in Omaha, NE. His health began to take a turn for the worse around 2 weeks after the vaccine. It has never been the same since and it has been several years since then. His immune system is very weak and he gets sick often. Before that vaccine, he had rarely, if ever, been sick.

Bonita Lambert McCabe In December, 1996, my 3 month old daught received the DPaT in Pa and for over 2.50 hours she screamed, arching her back with her eyes rolling to the back of her head until she finally fell asleep. The ped said she was fine and didn't need to be seen. She experienced multiple medical issues, ear infections, constipation, stopped sleeping through the night plus other issues. She was diagnosed with PDD-NOS prior to 3 years of age. Would have been earlier if ped wasn't in denial. Sellersville, PA

Colette McCadden My son developed typically until his 12 month vaccinations. At 9 months of age he received his 4th dose of polio and within 8 hours developed a rash all over his torso. Our pediatrician assured us that was normal and advised administering tylenol. At age 12 months, my son received the MMR and Varivax. Exactly 14 days after those vaccines, he ran a fever of 103-104 for several days, had a rash over his entire body, and developed horrific diarrhea. The diarrhea lasted for 2 YEARS. Within a month of the MMR/Varivax, my son started walking on his toes (had walked normally before), wouldn't respond to him name, lost his 5-6 word vocabulary, would spin in circles, would scream for hours, and experienced multiple petit mal seizures daily. He ran a cyclical fever every month (for approx 3 days) for an entire year. At age 2 he was diagnosed with "autism". He just turned 10 and still has extremely limited language and has cognitive impairments. I reported his adverse reaction to VAERS and received an annual phone call from them for years asking me if my son "had recovered". After years of telling them, "No, my son has not recovered, and continues to experience moderate to severe brain damage", they stopped calling. He received all his vaccines in Plano, TX.

Dana Pezzica McCaffrey MMR and varicella at 12 months..Already had chronic ear infections and too much antibiotic(yeast) body covered in rash.. needed tubes and adenoids removed by 14 mos. Lost speech and moter skills had G.I. issues (chronic constipation). After 2nd round of vaccines at 6yrs, chronic strep, severe OCD behaviors more G.I. issues, behavior issues. Tonsils had to be removed. DX of PDD-NOS. Long Island NY.

Amara McCarthy To chime in on the reactions- both my sisters had reactions to the DTP. high fevers and one with lasting asthma. My boyfriend's brother's daughter had a reaction the night of her MMR. She had a high fever, unconsolable, screaming and then g...iven tylenol.. within minutes she was having seizures, the next day she was autistic. She has a loving family around her it takes a team to raise her. There is absolutely no doubt the MMR induced this reaction and change.

Kassie Hayes McCarthy Brooklyn, NY, DTaP, HiB, Polio at 9 months on same day. Deep sleep with fever after shot. Then, high fever, staring, and "first cold" the following day. Dr's office said "give him Tylenol." He seemed "different" but didn't quite place it. Stopped nursing him at 13 months, then at 14 months began noticing strange behaviors, rocking, no talking, no answering to name, froggy hopping not crawling, spinning objects, needing 2 of everything, putting face on the TV screen to watch shows. Diagnosed in 2002 on second birthday with moderate to severe autism. After 9 years of biomedical, special diet, intense supplement regimen, therapies, chiropractic, and homeopathy, he is mainstreamed in 3rd grade with an aide and SE pullouts for math. He is getting very social. We are financially broke, but very lucky!!!!

Kay louise McCarthy I am writing in response to a message I see on twitter regarding children affected by vaccines. My daughter Nancy McCarthy (4) has autism & I fully believe this is due to the MMR. She was progressing as normal, had some speech & was reaching all her milestones until she had the vaccine. Within a few hrs of the vaccine she become ill with a very high temperature & lethargic. In the months that followed she was ill several times, lost the speech she had and the bowel problems started yet prior to the vaccine had always been a healthy child. Nancy had the vaccine in Grays, Essex. She is slowly returning to us & is happy most of the time. She still does not have much speech and we have a long road ahead but are doing all we can, including looking at biomedical treatments. Have you tried these? I believe Nancy has improved due to the GFCF diet & the fantastic school she attends which specialises in ABA. I hope I have provided the information you require and wish you all the best in achieving what you set out too. From one mother of a autistic child to another I admire you, to watch my child suffer breaks my heart & makes me so angry to think the MMR caused it. For the government to continue to ignore parents is disgusting and a total cover up.

Deacon McCarty Born 12/12/02 The cocktail given on 5/3/04 at 17 month of age in Danville, IL was: MMR, Chicken pox, and HiB. He ran a fever for 3 months - never under 100, was very angry, developed a rash on his body that the doctor told me was "pityriasis", had explosive diarrhea 10 or more times a day, could not digest food properly, always sick with a runny nose and cough with red eyes (received a failure to thrive and the docs thought he had celiac disease - which was negative. I know he had measles in his gut now). During this time the doc had him on non stop antibiotics. and he AS A BOY had yeast infections all over his male parts :( He never stopped speaking, but developed his "own" language. HAD to follow the same exact routine, and developed the autistic tendencies that are so prevalent today. Today he is now 8 years old, and besides routine, he gets along fairly well. We stopped vaccinating and don't use ANY medications and used diet and supplements to heal him.

Melinda McCauley MMR at 18 months- fever of 104 for a week post vax,seizures,thromobcytopenia,weight loss,followed by chronic diarrhea,appetite loss,regressive Autism.Improving with biomedical intervention. Another son received Hep B and has speech delay.A daughter received Prevnar and developed eczema,asthma and multiple food allergies after the vax.A fourth child has had no vaccines and is developing beautifully Given in Murfreesboro,TN-USA

Lana McClements My son now 2 1/2 years old received MMR, PCV and Hib/Men C on the same day of 11/10/2011 when he was 13 month old. Before receiving these vaccines he had developed at the normal rate reaching and hitting every milestone he should have at the time of his vaccines he was walking steadily, had vocab of 6 words muma, dad, nanan, cat, car and bus, was waving pointing and had been very healthy, happy and content from birth. Following his vaccinations he was irritable, off his food with a temperature and in the weeks to come had swollen lymph nodes on each side of his neck. Visiting the doctors when he then was vomiting and suffering with upset stomach, 6-8weeks after vaccination he then had begun to develop unusual behaviours spinning wheels on toy cars obsessively which he hadn’t ever done before and throwing his head back and upside down with head on the floor. The weeks following my son was ill and withdrawn he had stopped all words except muma and dada but were not as consistent as before, and had stopped waving, pointing, had become very off balance and would fall over and bump into everything as well as his eye contact becoming non-existent by the time he was 18months old. We had visits to the doctors back and forth every month or more with our concerns being dismissed saying he might be a late developer but my son had developed and now lost everything he had known! Eventually I managed to get an appointment with a different doctor at my gp and she helped with referrals for SALT and OT but by the time my son received SALT he had lost the two words he had left. But still no one will say what has happened here with my son and others children. My son now two and a half years old is still non-verbal which has led him to get very frustrated not being able to communicate his needs and wants, he is significantly behind developmentally which we are hoping ABA Therapy will help him with, he also has bowel problems, dairy intolerant, sensory issues with light, sound , textures and food. Has had private assessment done in January 2013 which the diagnosed him with "Childhood Autism" And his lymph nodes in his neck remain inflamed. London UK

Mary Lynn Hensley McClendon My youngest son developed nystagmus immediately following his first shots at 2 months. I'd have to look it up to be sure but it was the standard vaccines in 2000. DTaP, HepB, and i believe Hib. i imagine polio was also in his vaccines at that time.Nystagmus moved to an eye wandering and later to blindness. The story is too long for 4-6 sentences. He has developed some vision via homeopathy but he is blind, asd and nonverbal. (Improving loads in the last year in all areas though) After every vaccine my son would stall or loose something but the next key downfalls for him were his 12 and 18 month series. After 12 month vaccines he developed severe diarrhea that had me calling the doctor 6 days after. Gut problems became a huge issue and he stopped eating. He was fairly healthy again when he had his 18 month shots which produced an allergic reaction on his skin leaving a brown spot on his thigh for years once the spot cleared. After his 18 month series he developed a chronic cough, deep dark circles under his eyes, acne/rashes constantly,chronic illness and his mouth became dull and didn't move well even to chew his food. All language we'd managed to get back at that point was gone and he became silent. (lost language after every vaccine) Fort Worth, Texas

Tara McClintick My youngest son was born in 1995 and followed the recommended vaccine schedule right on time. In his first year of life he had eczema on his cheeks (red oozing skin which the Dr. said was ‘extremely dry skin’), chronic ear infections, and food allergies despite the fact that I breast fed. He spit up huge amounts after every feeding. I found out by taking milk & dairy out of my diet & the eczema finally cleared up that he was allergic to milk. The ear infections continued until I removed wheat from mine and his diet as he got older and began eating solid food. He played with his older brother, other kids, his parents, and other relatives and seem to be developing normally until his 15 mon. “well-baby” visit. After that I remember his last attempts at speaking were bizarre. He toddled to the fridge, open the door, looked at me and opened his mouth & jerked his arms out a few times. I kept asking “What Jakey?” but he got a very confused look on his face and toddled off. Then I remember he had a Christmas tree on his bib. He stood up in his high chair and kept trying to say “tree” but it came out very distorted “taaaarreeeeeeaaaa’’ He did that several times before getting a confused look on his face and giving up. After that we totally lost him – he retreated into such an encapsulated world that I thought he had gone deaf. He avoided eye contact and people most of the time, and spent most of his time pacing or running in circles. It took intensive therapy through the www.Son-Rise.org program to get Jake to start talking again. Jake is now 18 years old and speaks in 2-3 word memorized phrases. He is categorized as profoundly autistic, and still has many sensory issues to touch, lights, and other stimulus. He has OCD and was also diagnosed with Intermittent Explosive Disorder as he became a teenager. I’m happy to say that has improve by feeding him a snack every 2 hours and make sure all MSG is out of his diet, as well as getting his genetics tested to guide our nutritional program. We continue to see improvements as we work towards healing his body teeny steps at a time. It was very clear to me that the “autism” set in immediately after the 15 month baby visit which included his MMR. Cincinnati, Ohio

Jamie McClung JD got his in sd when 15 months old when he was 18 months they told me he had autism it was crazy he went from hugs and kisses to not wanted to be touched and from mama dad dad and babb to blank stares he is now 8 and still no words SIOUX FALLS SD 2004

Pauline McCoy My daughter had MMR injection, immediate reactions, high fever, sweating and the sweat smelled sweet, couldn't lift her head, lay most of that summer, stopped eating foods she once enjoyed, stopped singing twinkle twinkle, no more words, no more eye contact, didn't play, started walking on toes, hand flapping, until she didn't know if you were in the room. My daughter slowly disappeared after the MMR of that I have no question.

Julie McCulloch My son had Meningitis Group B Strep @ 18 days old (Jan 1995) left him blind, epileptic and with severe brain damage however a year later he was babbling along 'nicely' considering. It may not have been so noticeable because of his other difficulties but his eyes changed and less vocalising/babbling - had all vaccines on schedule except whooping cough whichthey delayed by 2-3 months! We are in Chehsunt HERTS UK. Had to see a Psych. last year for his depression (pile of crap) when he really suffers from reflux & bowel issues. Still at least the psych has finally agreed he has Autistic traits which nobody would admit to previously. Cam is now 16 years old.

Claire McCurdy My son was a very lively baby & advanced in all his milestones, but after his 12 month vaccination he regressed- lost speech, play skills, appetite, woke with night terrors and during the day just sat lining up toys or staring into space. (Melbourne, Australia)

Tracy McDermott My son Ty was administered the Prevnar and Varicella vaccine at his 1 yr. baby well visit in August 2002 in Round Rock, TX. (ironically..and thankfully, they were out of the MMR that day!) The shot site hardened and swelled on his thigh that evening, and developed several heated, red rings around it. He also spiked a fever upward of 104 degrees. The following several days he experienced on and off fevers, the shot site oozed puss and he had diarreah that left burn rashes on his skin. Although the fevers came and went for over two weeks, on day 10 he was diagnosed with Strep (no one else in our home, including his school aged siblings got it - Prevnar is streptoccocal strains), and then his first ever ear infection 6 days after that. He regressed and lost skills quickly that month and was diagnosed just five months later with the cognitive function of a 3 month old baby (after showing appropriate milestones at his 1 yr appt). His strep titers have been as high as 10 times the reference range, though 2 yrs. of zithromax treatment are slowly lowering them. He continues to test 4+ streptoccocal on stool tests now seven years later. He is presently 8.5 years old, nonverbal, and about a 2 yr. old in cognitive function. He has had ABA therapy since he was 20 mos. old and the majority of all cutting edge biomedical interventions under the supervision of top DAN Drs. He is a tough nut! I would also like to mention my now 17 yr old son Dylan. He was born in 1994 and fully vaccinated. He was a sickly "daycare" baby. He had an ear infection or bronichilitis for the majority of his toddler years. In hindsight, I pulled his entire pediatric file after Ty's vaccine reactions. Dylan is documented at a pediatrician visit within 7 days of every single vaccine from 9 months to 2.5 yrs of age where he was diagnosed with either an ear infection or bronchitis. Shortly after his MMR he was hospitalized for ITP (immune thrombocytopenic purpura, a complete immune collapse) where he was administered IVIG therapy. ITP is listed as an adverse reaction on the vaccine pamphlet, but the top hematologist at Miami Children's Hospital never mentioned this to us. Interestingly, he said they don't know what caused ITP and he was seeing about 1 case a month (this was in 1996!). Dylan developed normal cognitive function, and is extremely social, however suffers from attention and focus issues, as well as mild anxiety and impulsivity. We also have a 14 yr old daughter born in between Dylan and Ty. She is normal development and was fully vaccinated between 1997-2002. None of the children have been vaccinated with boosters since their brother's Autism diagnosis in 2004. Flower Mound, TX.

Deirdre McDonald When my son was eight years old, riding his bike, he put his barefoot down on a rusty screw that was attached to a board of wood that had been turned upside down that was covering a deep damp hole in the ground. When he told me, I froze for about five minutes, going through my mind on what to do. I knew from his birth that I would not be vaccinating him and up until this point he was vax free. Other holistic mothers that were pregnant along with me had discussed and told me about vaccines. My childbirth educator told the class that her daughter at 16 years old got a polio vaccine and subsequently became paralyzed for six months! Though this was now eight years later and I was at a loss on what to do. This was before Facebook groups on the concerns about vaccines so I wasn’t able to just post a question on this, unfortunately. In retrospect I lost my mother guard and just should have treated the wound myself. After the first five minutes frozen, I did a google search and read that getting a tetanus immunoglobulin shot would protect him from developing tetanus. So we went to the ER, this was in 2010. The woman doctor there said she understood about not vaccinating as she has had discussions on this with her own sister who did not vaccinate. So I falsely trusted her somewhat. We waited about five hours! before she came with what I believed was the tetanus immunoglobulin shot. It was given to my son in his right arm. Next was waiting to be discharged and this was taking quite a while. When she returned with what I thought was to discharge us, she said he could not be discharged as he was given the wrong shot! I was stunned, what do you mean the wrong shot? She said she had mistakenly given him the single TD vaccine! That he could not be discharged as he didn’t get the shot he actually needed. I should have left then and there, but after waiting close to seven hours I was not grounded and centered. So finally within the last hour of the first twelve hours a tetanus immunoglobulin shot is to be given, he was given that shot in his left arm. For the next few days both of his arms were sore, there was no unusual swelling or fever, thank God. In the first few weeks that followed, as his mother I noticed the twinkle in his eye was much less and he just didn’t seem as happy as he used to be. He was and still is an extremely healthy strong boy. Then about four months later he started to lose his hair in round pattern baldness. He was diagnosed with alopecia areata, which is on vaccine inserts as a reaction I came to find out seven years later. He basically lost all his head hair. Though luckily in about a year his hair grew all back. Now at sixteen years old the round pattern hair loss has returned as he went through a stressful sophomore year making great accomplishments getting on his high school varsity soccer team and moving into the top team for his age at the soccer club. The alopecia seems to be triggered by stress. Though with the return of the hair loss as his mother I can say that those two shots that day gave my son the autoimmune disorder of alopecia areata, a lifelong condition. Needless to say I am extremely unhappy and livid at that ER doctor. I researched that the TIG, the tetanus immunoglobulin is not as toxic as a vaccine of tetanus, thus he got an unnecessary shot that has inadvertently given him alopecia areata. If I could relive that day, I would have washed out the puncture wound with warm soapy water for twenty minutes, apply colloidal silver to it and given him the colloidal silver internally. Now I can confidently say that I’m sure he would have been fine from that puncture wound and most likely have been freed of developing alopecia. This all occurred at Marin General hospital in Marin county, California. It is on his medical charts having those two shots and developing alopecia though at the time I didn’t know about VAERS or that I should report it. Thank you for this opportunity to tell this story. I want to tell it, so that others can realize that just a single vaccine even at a later age than infancy, toddlerhood can inflict damage into a perfectly healthy body as my son’s was. Sincerely Thank you for this forum.

T L McDonald My son’s vaccine was given in 2001 when he was 3.5 years old. I only reported it in 2012 after my fears of vaccine damage lead to being refused medical care. My older son was fully vaccinated up until the DPTP vaccination. At the time I was not aware of (or did not remember) which vaccination he was getting. His negative reaction to his DPTP vaccination was so profound that I made a firm decision to discontinue vaccinating my children. Within the following 10 days of the vaccine, it was like someone pulled a veil down over his personality. His sense of humour and personality dulled. Within 10 days, he also began to have a perpetually stuffy nose, which persists to this day. Before the vaccine: He was able to easily follow five and six step instructions. He was aware of his physical surroundings. And, he was easily able to keep track of his belongings. After the vaccination, he continued to be recognized as intelligent, but these abilities diminished – worsening further as his digestive issues worsened: He developed a very strong tendency to bump into people when walking with them – or perform manoeuvres that risk or achieve accidental self-injury. He began to forget instructions – needing to repeat one instruction on the way to the destination where he would perform what he needed to do. Homework became a nightmare. Since doing GAPS, he has begun enjoying completing school assignments, but is still easily distracted. Although proud of his accomplishments, he often loses his work or does not know what he needs to do because he loses track of the assignment details. He also suffered from insomnia until we got help from an ND. In October 2011, he was diagnosed with ADHD Inattentive Type and he is 2 percentile in his processing speed. He was neither slow, distracted nor poorly rested before the vaccine. His growth spurt, which I was expecting in the months following the vaccine, never came. Since then, he has continued growing, but very slowly and without growth spurts. He is now substantially shorter (6-8 inches) than his average height peers, who were not substantially taller than him in kindergarten. He used to be average height within this group. His muscle tone seemed to diminish. He was a very sturdy baby and toddler, and was able to support (and partly balance) his own weight at 2 days old. That strength is no longer evident. His digestive issues steadily deteriorated from this point forward. His digestive and overall health were also likely negatively influenced by other factors prior to the vaccine – which I believe predisposed him to a notably negative reaction: the presence of excessive mold in his previous residence, stress, a history of low quality vegetarian food and perhaps questionable water quality at his residence at the time of the vaccination. Due to the severity of my older son’s reaction to his last vaccination, I resisted vaccinating my younger son. I felt defeated – damned if I do and damned if I don’t. I was very strongly encouraged to get him vaccinated by a doctor. Since I am most afraid of Polio and was not aware that it was the DPTP vaccination that had negatively altered my first son, I decided to give the DPTP vaccination to my younger son. He has since developed a stuffy nose, but does not seem to have suffered any cognitive dysfunction or loss of personality. At the time of the vaccine, he had better nourishment, and likely better water and living accommodations than my older son had at the time of his vaccination. My younger son was nursed 1.5 years longer than his brother (4 years). Also, his body had not been challenged by the full vaccination schedule. My experience leads me to believe that gut flora and related health issues can greatly predispose individuals to a negative response when faced with multiple diseases and other vaccine ingredients – but excessive exposure to the stressors in vaccines can also do the trick all by themselves. If I had known that I was allowing my younger son to have the same vaccine that had greatly altered his brother, I would have immediately retracted my permission. I found out after my younger son’s vaccination, that both boys had received the DPTP. In 2011, we moved. At a New Patient appointment, my potential doctor started the meeting by informing me that he intended to have 100% vaccination in his practice. I explained why I was no longer willing to vaccinate my children: their immune system could not handle it. According to him, my observations regarding my children’s responses to their DPTP vaccines (and my subsequent fears) were irrelevant: he stated that fevers are typical negative reactions to vaccines – the association between vaccines and ASD does not exist. He finished by telling me that, because of my unwillingness to vaccinate, we were not welcome to become patients in his clinic. He never once, during that conversation asked about the issues that had brought me into his office. Our health actually seemed irrelevant. Canada

Angela McDonough Cody got 12 vaccines in 1 day at 17 months and stopped talking and started beating himself in the head and screaming constantly he was vaccinated by the north vernon indana health dep To day he is doing better then doctors exspected . His o...riginal dx was Moderate to sever ASD To day his DX is PDDNOS W/ OCD /ANXIETY DISORDER /SENSORY INTERGRATION DISORDER / AND SEVER LIMB APRAXIA He is currently an Honor roll 7th grader in a regular school in Maryland At 5 yrs old he had a second reaction to a chicken pox vaccine he got from his Ped in littlestown PA he got Pnemonia and was sick for 3 weeks and the next yr he got chicken pox and was unable to wake up for 6 days now he is at a high risk for shingles. Our ped fired us because i wanted to wait on a vaccine for Cody till i had asked his father whom i share custody with about it We now use my doctor who is a family practitioner and he respects what ever descions i make. its been 3 yrs and i am still trying to get my kids medical records from them. Cody got the chicken pox vaccine and got pnemonia from it was out of school for 3 weeks then the very next yr he got CHICKEN POX and missed another 3 weeks from school and the doctor wouldnt tell me what he had till the school nurse called him because he knew i would be PISSED if he told me. My younger son was force vaccinated with a Dtap befor i could say no the doctor had injected him Seth had an alergic reaction at age 4 and could not walk for a week his little leg was so swollen he has adhd and auditory processing disorder and is being evaluated by my older sons Autism speicalist this summer He is 11 In Seths case his 4 yr old dtap that he reacted to was in a Littlestown Peds office in PA I was explaining why i didnt want the shot and as i did she injected him before NO could get out

Dayann McDonough My son was negatively affected by the MMR vaccine and is not "damaged" thank God. Anyway: My child was developing normally up to the time he received the MMR, after which time there was verbal regression, no more gesturing to communicate, faecal smearing, GI problems, hyperactivity, loss of eye contact, screaming and very violent tantrums. Jamaica, NY, USA

Paul and Rachael McGimpsey Both my children have been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome. Both are young adults now. My son was a happy outgoing baby until after his vaccination at 6 months, both my children got bad earaches and high fevers after their vacations, although I sensed a change in them, it did not fully come to light that there was something different about him until after starting school, and in my daughter case not until her peers outgrew her and she was not maturing at the same level. I am not sure which vacation can be blamed, but I do believe they cause these problems. They were immunized in Kent County, Michigan in 1992 and 1993

Joanna McGowan My son Christopher developed ahead of schedule, meeting all developmental milestones early. At 14 months, he was walking and said about 10 words consistently. He was extremely social and loved attention. He received the MMR, the Hep A, and varicella vaccinations on one day when he was 14 months old. The pediatrician told me not to worry if he got sick 1-2 weeks later, because that’s when children got sick from the MMR (and he usually got a fever after vaccination). 10 days later, he got very sick. I didn’t worry because the doctor said this would happen. But, he screamed all night. The next day he kept zoning out, like he wasn’t in there. I gave him a bath and he tried to sleep with his face in the water. He developed a small rash that slowly spread over his body, and lasted over a month. His doctor said not to worry, because it was just a viral reaction to the vaccine. He used to love to go out in public and craved all the attention he would get. Suddenly, we couldn’t go out to a restaurant unless he was asleep. He no longer responded to us. He stopped speaking, pointing, and clapping. He never stopped moving – spinning, flapping, and jumping all the time. He stopped sleeping. At 18 months, he failed his M-CHAT. At the recommendation of the pediatrician, we immediately scheduled appointments with an ENT and pediatric neurologist and got on the waiting list for the developmental pediatrician. The hearing exam came back normal, the neurologist told us it was “too soon to tell anything.” 7 months later, the developmental pediatrician diagnosed Christopher with severe autism. Our pediatrician filed a VAERS report. She told us this was a very rare thing, and we should shortly expect a phone call from the CDC to hear our story and look into this. No one ever called. Today, Christopher is 6 years old. He is still severely autistic. He is nonverbal and not toilet trained. He has no awareness of danger. When he regressed, he was afraid and knew what was happening to him. Philadelphia, PA

Lawrence McGowan Had MMR, was seriously ill following this, developed autism, bowel disease, weighed only 2.5 stone at age nine years, nearly died. Food reactions/intolerances. Interventions resulted in improved health but still has autism as teenager. (Warwickshire).

Laura McHard My 15 year old son developed sudden onset vomiting and weight loss 3 weeks following polio, diptheria and tetanus booster vaccinations. He has not recovered in 3 years. He has been diagnosed with ME. He is housebound with very poor quality of life due to fatigue, brain fog, disturbed sleeping pattern, poor memory, headaches, swallowing difficulties and other symptoms that arise. I am now starting a process to claim compensation for a destroyed life, and I'm so glad this website exists.

Nicola McIntyre My girl was treated with a meningitis antibotics at 18months - she had developed a rash but everything else was ok. She was hospitalised for 5days and pumped full of meds she didn't need. She was never the same. Suspected asd since 2 hrs but because of lack of health care she was t diagnosed until 02.2011. 2yrs. She's 4 now

Stephanie Anne Corrado McIntosh My daughter is 31/2 and she has autism. We live in mass. Kailey had the mmr and flu at the same time at 18 months and things went down hill. But she is my beauty queen : )

Channy McKenzie I have 4 children, the first 3 are all vacc and they all reacted to the 2, 4, 6 and 12 mth vaccines which include hep b and mmr (12 mth) and we all live in Australia. They got fevers, swollen and red at the site of injection, crying plus w...oud not eat - started regressing, just to name a few side effects. My fourth child is unvacc and he is thriving, healthy and shows zero signs of autism. My older 3, 2 have autism (aspergers and autistic) one is currently being assessed. I believe vaccines trigger or cause autism as I have the proof under my roof.

Sarah McKenzie-Jones When my son was 13 months he had his MMR jabs. Up to that point he was developing normally with no concerns. He was able to play hide and seek, and had emerging language. Within days he had vomiting, a rash, and diarrhoea. The GP verbally confirmed it was a reaction to the MMR jabs. The diarrhoea took 3 years to go away, and only after lots of dietary interventions and gluten free diet. He was diagnosed with autism aged 3, having mildly regressed from about 14 months onwards. I asked the GP if she thought there was a link between the autism and the MMR reaction. She had no such reaction on his medical records and could not remember it. The adverse reaction was never reported. Bromley, Kent, UK.

Abby Lawrence McKinney My son had 21 vaccines in 15 months. Can't say which one did it but he slowly slipped away from us and was diagnosed with PDD-NOS at 2. Now at age 7 he is recovered. Before we realized the connection with our son we had another child. After our daughter received the hep B at 6 weeks she stopped breathing twice.

Janice McLaren Two and a half years ago my nine month old son son was taken to hospital in Dundee, Scotland. I had purposely not taken him for any vaccinations previously and he was an extremely healthy and happy little boy. In hospital they twice gave him the swine flu vaccination without me or my husband realising in time what he was being given (without putting it in his medical notes - isn't that interesting!) and after that he changed. The worst thing was he started hitting his head off the floor in a terrifying manner. After fighting to see a paediatrician we finally got that miraculous appointment and the pearls of wisdom we received? This is quite normal for young children. Thumping your head off concrete steps or wooden door posts doesn't strike me as normal but hey, what would I know, I'm not a doctor. I decided after that I would avoid the health professionals but they catch up with you in the end and now we're waiting for that all important appointment with a second paediatrician.Woohoo! We are perfectly well aware that he has autism but; as I don't want any more interference from the people who caused it in the first place so they can prescribe a cocktail of medicine guaranteed to shorten his life and keep him in a state of docile inertia; my brilliant plan is to tell them he has autism thus ensuring that they insist he doesn't. Basic child psychology works best with these people. Anyway, as the forces of darkness are trying to destroy our children I have realised the best defence is prayer. I found a catholic prayer called the Divine Mercy and after a couple of weeks I can tell you my son is getting so much better! He is starting to talk, he is making eye contact, he is starting to use a potty, and he is much calmer. In this day and age being a Christian is considered being a freak but my son is getting better and I feel I should share this. Even if you consider me crazy, it is a much safer method of helping our children than by giving them medicine!

Georgia McLellan I have two sons that I believe were damaged by vaccines. My first son’s issues were apparent straight after his MMR booster vaccine. Firstly he caught Glandular fever 1 week after his MMR. It started with chronic knee pain at four years old, followed by sensory processing disorder, vocal tics, constant tummy aches, anxiety issues, is hypersensitive to touch, light, and is on the autistic spectrum . My second son developed a severe peanut allergy, asthma, eczema and with in 2 weeks of getting his Diphtheria, Tetanus and polio aged 2, and has since been diagnosed with behavioural difficulties. I went a head with my youngest vaccines as I was more or less bullied by the health professionals for implying that my first sons issues became app rant after his MMR. I have a life time of hospital appointments ahead of me regarding both my sons issues. When my youngest came back from receiving his vaccines, I vividly remember how much different his character was. I even said jokingly to my husband, "Did you bring our son back" instead he brought back a boy with so much rage and anger, his placid nature has been altered. Little did I know that the vaccines I had trusted to protect him had injured him and was already starting to ravage his little body. I am so very heartbroken that I did not research these vaccines pior to having my precious sons vaccinated. I thought I could trust the health authorities. I decided my children will not be subjected to any more deadly cocktails. We have no family history of Allergies, Autism, Eczema, but we as parents were not vaccinated. They received the vaccines in the UK in Cambridgeshire. (A neighbour completely believes her sons autism was due to MMR, he had convulsions for two weeks after his vaccination). Every time I go to the doctors I get *told off* for not giving the MMR to my second. Ever wish you could turn back time and not feel like a sheep what springs to mind is Galileo and Darwin their ideas were shunned by the establishment over time.

Christi McMillan Aden was typical but delayed on vaxes tested at age 4 on testing. On 3rd b-day she was given ALL the 2 yr old vaxes, got sick with ear and sinuses when I took her back to dr they said oh she needs the flu shot. This was all within 2 days. Night of flu vax she stopped speaking stopped everything laid on floor and screamed, nomore favorite toys or doll house.. lined toys up was all she would do. And Sleep stopped at age 3 yr 4 mos was retested she went from age 4 to 10 mos. Now at age 7 shes still delayed in speech but with meds will sleep some. Dx at age 4 1/2 after we found a new dr, her old one claimed it was a phase she wasn't autistic it only happens to boys. We are in KS do u need city or just state in the US btw. Hutchinson, Kansas

Isaac McMillan Was born healthy, had apgar scores of 8 and 9, hep b injured at 2 months, lost ability to nurse at 6 months no milestones. Over vaccination at 17 months caused brain to swell, but no admittance to the hospital. never recovered, not yet. but we are working on it. We can do ALL things thru CHRIST!Combined shots, Fort Bragg, but the first one was Fort Belvoir, Virginia

Annette McMullen I feel my g grson was perfectly OK before the vaccines. He spoke mama da da & show no signs, after the vac he stopped words & ignored us when we called his name , & didn't keep eye contact when u tried to play w/him then he started twirling a chain, rope any thing w/a string, i thought he was deaf,but did remind me of a movie "house of cards" i had seen but didnt understand, they he was dio at 2 with autisim! i understand it not the vaccines it having multible one at once that can trigger autisim, if u have the tendcy towards it anyway i believe this each vac should be given separetly & spaced between they do it together to save money, at the risk of ur child, cant prove it but watched it happen before my eyes w/ my g grandson they lived w/me at the time! Richmond, Virginia

William McNabb Jr My child was seen by our world recognized pediatric hospital for a check specifically for autism spectrum disorder due to my older child's diagnosis of PDD. At 17 months - my child was speaking small words (with a delay); great eye contact; playing appropriately! No signs! 1 month later received her MMR , was told to give her Tylenol - due to her crying and general discomfort. Three months later, seeing an autism specialist for my older child , when that Dr. diagnosed my younger child with SEVERE AUTISM as she screamed and paced from wall to wall during the appointment. She lost all words and did not speak again age 4! Thank the Good Lord Almighty for biomedical interventions - she is now high functioning and able to be mainstreamed 100% of her day! My Dr. still has no idea what the VIC Program is BUT gladly copied all records for my case. Surely all know that we did not receive any justice or compensation! Vaccines have been shown to be safe and effective (don't you know...?) and autism CANNOT be mentioned in the same sentence!!!!!

Alexandra McNeal Got mmr at 15 months, imeadate reversal. She has rett syndrome , alberta, Canada

Lindsay Greb McPhail My son sawyer had 105 faver and threw up for two days from the pediarix brand of Hib (no longer used I believe because of high levels of aluminum) then seemed to regress gradually dx pdd-nos. My middle son thatcher was typically developing until 18 months had dtap at 18 mo and regressed suddenly the very next day stopped talking and turned into a different child completely. dx pdd-nos. hope this helps. Medford 2006 and Portland in 2009

Denise Richman McPhillips Heb B at 5 weeks old, but my twin boys were only just 4lbs, Abington NICU Pa

Allyson McQuinn My 15 month old son stopped passing stool regularly except once every week or even two weeks and making eye contact after his MMR vaccine. He began rocking back and forth and was hospitalized 7 times for extreme impaction where he was once put under general anasthetic to have the stool removed manually by a surgeon. My son also suffered violent temper tantrums that could easily go for 15 - 30 minutes or more. At 4 he would only pass stool in a pull-up which he would refuse to have changed while lying on his back. I wrote a book about his, and my, sufferings and subsequent resolution due to homeopathic medicine called, The Path to Cure; The Whole Art of Healing. Thankfully at 16 he is out of the spectrum and does well at school, plays basketball, sings in the national choir, is getting his driver's license and has a part-time job! Saint John, Ottawa

Misty McRorey My son was 15 months old went from a normal baby to one who did not talk walk eating things that was not edible and even going in circles and would not stop and would play with his hands allot that’s when I found out in Arkansas he had autism pdd-nos and now he is fixing to be 8yrs old and he has adhd with autism. my son also gets really bad ear infections and makes him sicker than a normal kid he will throw up and everything we live in Wichita ks now

Michi Medley (Mom to Rob Medley, 5 years old) My son had an adverse reaction to a flu shot administered to him at 10 months of age, while he had pneumonia. The pneumonia was minor, but he developed hives and a high fever (105 degrees!) and vomiting after the shot. We were prescribed an antihistamine for a possible "egg allergy". He continued to worsen, and had to be hospitalized for three days to treat his severe dehydration. He began regressing and losing his words and acquired skills shortly thereafter. He had started saying words at six months, and we thought he would be an early talker. Thank you for compiling this list. It's so tragic that this is happening to so many children! It was administered in Oklahoma City, OK in January of 2007. I am originally from Toronto, Canada, but moved to Oklahoma from London, England in 2005. We have a second child who has not been vaccinated. She is neurotypical, and is very advanced developmentally.

Lisa Medlin Im not sure what caused my son to be autistic because we didnt see any change or reaction. At 3mths I started realizing that something just wasnt right. At 4mths he could not hold his head up or roll over or anything he was supposed to be doing, feeding issues, didnt like to be held, no eye contact He was diagnosed with developmental delay at 6mths, then pdd-nos at 18mths he had just learned how to pull up and he would only walk on his toes. At three we got diagnosed with autism. Still non verbal! South Carolina.

Judy Meirow 1988 2 1/2 months old Normal pregnancy, and his first shots and he cried for 2 days and had very red spot that was hot. Pediatrician said to give him Tylenol which I did the next day he woke up crying excessively again and sadly passed away. He was a 9.5 on his hospital test and he was a wonderful baby my third son of four. At the time they called it sids but I knew it was the immunizations. My last son I waited nine months to immunize him I stayed home with him and he's now 25. My friend who had a son a month before my last son was born chose to immunize at two months and the next day passed away. She did sue the pharmaceutical company and they told her that if some have to lose their lives to save others then that's the price you have to pay! Not if it's your son.

Berenice Lorena Melchiade-Gaertner Since the beginning of my son's vaccine-history, he was having like flu symptoms. He was 2 months, and all the time he had a runny nose. (I really thought this world was full of germs) When he was 4 months, he stopped napping. He used to go straight from 5am till 5pm. He had loose stools ALL THE TIME. At 9 months he got a round of vaccines, it was the DTP, Hib, Polio, HBV, PCV, hepatitis A and RV. A few days later he developed hand, foot and mouth disease. I was told it was an "environmental virus". Later I learn vaccines shed, so this was another obvious vaccine reaction. And of course I was not aware of either. At 12 months and after the MMR, he started: walking like a "drunk driver", started having like facial tics (later on I knew it was a seizure "petit mal seizure")

Then at 18 months he got the DTAP. THAT VERY SAME AFTERNOON he: never made eye contact with me again, he could not swallow solid food anymore, he started panicking from: his father's voice, his own shadow, the doorbell, vacuum, blender, light, balloons, whistles, rattling sounds, he stopped talking, became severely constipated, STOP SMILING and kept going. We started an alternative treatment and after 2 yrs we ran a porphyrin test and it says he has mercury toxicity. Now he has overcome lots of symptoms, he is verbal and in very "good condition" but diagnose of Aspergers remains along with lots of health issues that need to be addressed. “Over my dead body and his father, we'll let them get our son vaccinated again."

Kerri Melquist I am not sure if my daughter was vaccine injured. I know she received the MMR vaccine at 15 months but was showing signs of autism as early as 2 months old. She was stiff and had a kind of glassy look in her eyes. By 7 months old she had st...range hand gestures, almost like a flapping. By 9 months she had little eye contact and was disturbed by too much going aon around her. She didnt start walking till 15 months and at around 12 months had an attachment to certain objects...not toys. For instance, a set of oven mits that she held in both hands. She doesnt talk and only said the common words such as dada mama baba. She wasnt pointing or waving bye bye and there are many more examples. I wonder every day what could have happened and why. Any feedback would be helpful. Mya is nnow six and non verbal. She is very mobile, can climb and problem solve. Very good at puzzles and sorting and very affectionate. Puts her arms around my neck and hugs♥

Jason N Misty Mercer My son received shots at around 18 months and it probably was MMR. He hit every milestone before that and was trying to talk, but then he stopped talking until three. He is now 8 with high functioning ASD, but no specialist believed it was related to anything. I did my own research later to attribute it to this and not hereditry. Shots sd one thru military hospital.

Stephanie Messenger I can’t say I believed in vaccination. I knew nothing about it, but had it done anyway. It’s what you do, right? You do what doctors and baby health clinics tell you and what your parents and the media advise you to do. Well I did it, without so much as a question or thought into it. Within moments of my son receiving his immunisations he was screaming. This continued for most of the day and when he wasn’t screaming he was crying. This was unusual as he was a very happy, placid baby, who was already rolling over at 8 weeks and gooing and gahing at the first sight of his mother. The doctor told me his reactions were ’normal’ and he’d be OK in a couple of days. After the first day he had almost recovered with only some irritability and restlessness noticeable. As the weeks passed he continued to reach milestones and all appeared Ok. At 4 months of age I dutifully took him for his next round of vaccinations. This time he screamed louder and I could not console him at all. I would breastfeed him, only to have him projectile vomit it back up and still the screaming continued. He had never before vomited at all, ever. After he had vomited 2 feeds I called the doctor and told her what was happening and she said to stop breastfeeding and give him juice only. He kept some of it down but still vomited often. The next day I called the doctor and told her I think the vaccines have done this and she told me ’ no, it’s just a coincidence’ but to bring him back in, which I did. She referred me to a specialist. While waiting for the specialist appointment in a few days, my baby boy started doing strange things. He started arching his back and crying out in pain. He was as stiff as a board. His eyes would roll into the back of his head. He didn’t have a temperature. He had also started shuddering but he wasn’t cold. (I later learnt from the doctor these were convulsions and seizures). The vomiting continued and I was convinced to give up breastfeeding by the clinic sister. He vomited up the formula also. I was getting very scared. We went to the specialist appointment and he took some blood for tests and then we had to wait. His symptoms continued and after several days word came from the specialist that the tests showed he was allergic to wheat. I stopped giving him the cereal I had started him on weeks before, but none of the symptoms went away. (when I thought about it later, it was actually rice cereal anyway) I decided to move to a large city to get more help. Once I saw a doctor there he was immediately admitted to hospital for a battery of tests – many of which were conducted under anaesthetic, which of course required my signature to say I have been notified that my baby could die while under. I had not been advised of this, but I signed it not knowing all the medical jargon as I needed to get my baby well again and trusted they knew what they were doing. By this time my dear little son had lost a lot of weight and nothing I was doing (under advice from doctors and baby health clinics) was working. After months of tests in the hospital (he stayed there) we were summoned in to an office to be told that they ’didn’t know why my baby was deteriorating, but they estimate he will pass away within a couple of months’. I remember thinking at the time, that all this happened twice, straight after his vaccinations, but I said nothing as I still had trust in the doctors. My mother was with me and she said, “I can’t believe you have been using this baby as a guinea pig for months and you have come up with nothing.” The two older doctors left the room and the younger ones took over. They had a different ‘spin’ on it all. They said they thought it could be a condition called Alexander’s disease. They said it was genetic. They went on to explain why I should never have any more children as they could all be inflicted with this condition. My sister-in-law was working for a doctor so I asked her to look up Alexanders disease. She gave me 3 pages of information which listed the symptoms. My little one had two of the listed symptoms – projectile vomiting and seizures. (I came to learn many conditions have these two symptoms). nSoon after I took my baby home to die. It was an interesting time. You don’t notice things have changed that much when you are with someone everyday. I would go shopping and people would not look at my baby, but rather look the other way. I remember going into the butcher and ordering what I wanted. The butcher refused to take my money as his eyes were transfixed on my son. I didn’t understand any of this. Just people behaving strangely I thought. I didn’t realise how sick he looked – much like the starving babies on T.V. we are now used to seeing in African countries. My dear little boy was no longer rolling over, gooing or gahing, in fact he wasn’t doing anything anymore. He was now over one year of age and had not progressed past 4 months of age, when he had his last immunisations. He had in fact regressed to a newborn state, although now he was the length of a toddler. I carried him around in a sling close to my heart and waited for the day he would leave me forever. When blood started coming from his mouth and I was not getting much sleep at all so I could watch over him, he was admitted to hospital again. He passed away a few weeks later. Vaccination killed him, I have no doubt. If he crawled under the sink and drank the same poisonous concoction of heavy metals, formaldehyde, foreign proteins, multiple viruses and a host of other toxins, the emergency room would have called it poisoning. Because it was injected into his body, it’s called ’a coincidence’! Funny about that. I have since met many parents with similar stories. My dear aunt who worked in the paediatric ward at a major hospital told me outright that she has seen many babies in the wards who looked just like my baby and the thing they all had in common was they were just vaccinated. She went on to say it never goes on the charts as vaccine damage, but she discusses the timing with the parents to confirm this. A few years passed and I went on to have another child. This time I was not going to be complacent. I had over the years researched the vaccination issue at length. I read the product inserts and found the reactions all printed there so my suspicions were confirmed by the drug company (the makers of the product) even if not by the doctors. I had been lied to and my concerns about his immunisations were never followed up in any way. My concerns were met with denials and due to my blind faith in the medical profession I didn’t question

Rhonda Messner My now 40 year old daughter started seizing the day after her first DPT shot at age 3 months. The chief pediatrician at the time wrote on her shot records "Possible Reaction to Pertussis", which didn't really mean much to me at the time. They just always said "just make she she never gets the P again." Today, she functions like a 2-3 year old. Seizures have never been completely controlled and currently has a vagal nerve stimulator implanted. We were in the Air Force stationed in England at the time of her shot at Bentwaters RAFB in Ipswich, England. Lawton, Oklahoma

Jessica Meyer My name is Jessica Meyer. My son, Butchie, was diagnosed at the age of 2.5. I am not sure if it was the MMR or the Rotavirus vaccine. but around that time is when I "lost" my son. Immediately after his shots he had watery bowl movements. He also got a fever. He had met and exceeded all of his milestones prior, and within just a few days he was an entirely different person meeting virtually none of his milestones. I demand as a paying American Citizen that REAL heavily monitored research be re-conducted by a group with absolutely NO financial investments or business, or any other interests in the Pharmaceutical companies, developers, distributors, you name it. I want the truth, and I want a real scientific inquiry not this crap they have been trying to pull off for decades now. GIVE ME THE PROOF!

Robert Meyer Joshua has recovered to a certain extent. He initiates speech only when it is something he really wants. He will say something like. "computer" or he will state his desired schedule "go to school, then church (respite), then marion public library, then go home and play computer." So Joshua is much better than he was. His original injury was in March 1997, he was then on anti-biotics for a year. Joshua had extremely acidic stools in the 97 / 98 time frame while he was being given antibiotics in excess. Stool was so acidic that it would blister his buttocks upon contact with his stool. He still has self stimulatory behavior such as arm flapping, and toe dancing. He is potty trained for the biggest part, but requires some help cleaning up after his bowel movements. Hannibal, MO.

Glenda Middleton My son had the MMR vaccine aged 15 months. He is 24 now and has a diagnosis of severe autism with severe learning disability. He has bowel problems plus many other undiagnosed physical issues.

Shelagh Middleton Son Ethan developed normally, MMR at 13 months, immediately sick, high temperatures, screaming, stopped eating, screaming went on for weeks, lost all interest in everything and everyone. I watched him regress and disappear into another world. Diagnosed with autism one year later. Finally said first word at age 5 years, now aged 13 years and has speech of approx 2 year old. (Newcastle)

Christine Miffling Brynn Miffling, 18mnth old vaccination 2001. Until this poison was administered I had the perfect son. Now aged 15 we live a continuos nightmare, constantly battling SEVERE AUTISM,EPILEPSY,HYDROCEPHALUS RESULTING IN A VP SHUNT,DYSPRAXIA,GASTRONOMY PEG-for feeding at first-now for large cocktail of medicine administration, severe aggression-Mood swings, non-verbal for 7 years, lost ability of all faculties-to the point of not even being able to hold a spoon, requiring a wheelchair, smearing (we have shares in Dettol & pine o clean, produces no melatonin -hence lack of sleep, day usually starts from 3am bouncing off walls........the list goes on & on, our lives revolve around him, this impacts what no-one can imagine on his 3 sisters, all our lives......there are positives.......LOTS OF LOVE & the girls are very compassionate with any person that has a disability.......BUT HIS IMMUNISATIONS ARE THE FAULT of his DISABILITIES.....we LOVE HIM, he is ours, I am constantly overwhelmed that this has happend to him/us.......cruel & unfair.... Collie, West Australia

Robert Miles Received Pluserix MMR at 15 months, then he experienced gait disturbance, flushed cheeks, fever, loss of communication skills, and was eventually diagnosed with late onset autism. (Jersey)

Paul Millar My boy Robert was a normal boy up till he recieved his second MMR shot, then he regressed, lossed appitite and became mostly non verbal. After lots of 1-1 with a behavioral specialist he's now talking and going to kindergaten with his own age group and has adjusted well. I strongly belive the MMR shot was the trigger that caused my boys Autism. my youngest son is not getting vacinated. British Columbia. Canada

Katrina Miller My son received 5 vaccines, in total before we stopped... (1 hepB, 2 dtap, and 2 Ipv.) Prior to Sept 26th, 2005 my baby seemed to be a happy baby growing normally. On Sept. 26, 2005 I took my son in for a routine well baby check up where he received two vaccines (I wouldn't allow them to give him 4 as this was just too many!) a dtap and Ipv were given. Within hours of the vaccines my son began screaming bloody murder and back arching. His head and feet were curved toward each other as if he were trying to make the two touch! The back arching was pretty severe! We took him back to the pediatrician the next day voicing our concerns... we were told that our son was trying to roll over and had colic!!!! NO WAY!!! Thank God he wasn't our first baby and we knew better. The doctor also told us to undress my son for the other two vaccines we had refused the day prior... I asked him if he thought we had just lost our minds??? Heck NO my son would NOT be receiving any more vaccines! We were then fired from the Ped's office. which we were fine with after all we could weigh him at home and I own a tape measure. Today my son is well but its been a long road. He went through a head banging phase. When he began walking he constantly walked into walls, door facings and other items, he had issues with preception. He finally learned to walk past these obsticles only to have his head drop to the side banging it anyway, it was the oddest behavior I've ever seen!!! Definately NOT normal or typical! He began exhibiting repeatitive behaviors and later issues with toilet training. He is free of these problems today. He currently has issues with memory and he makes up very believable but fabricated stories. His vaccines were given in Radford, Va - USA.

Joan E Miller My son, Hollis, would react every time. High fever, vomiting, lethargic. After any shot with mercury his sensory issues would be uncontrollable for 3-6 months. After MMR his communication almost ceased and he did not speak more than two words together until almost 5 years old. We live in Bentonville Arkansas USA.

Stacy Miller My son was normally developing until the mmr vaccine, at which point he just stopped all speech. We live in PA. He attends the Watson Institute now, he’s 4yrs old...still no speech

Stephanie Miller 14 yrs old (all vaccines given in Rockville, MD). She was given the Prevnar booster at age 2. 28 days later she experienced her first double ear infection, that continued until she was 12. To date she had 3 surgeries on ears; 2 adenoidectomies; over 20 rounds of antibiotics. Her diagnosis at age 4 include: High Functioning Autism; Seizure Disorder; Auditory Processing Disorder; low muscle tone and speech delay. At age 7, she was diagnosed with Lyme Disease, which is now chronic Lyme Disease. Thanks to a lot of detoxing, she no longer has a diagnosis of Autism and had been seizure free for the past 4 years (no meds). She is currently in all regular classes and Honors Science, she has a lot friends and is very social. K - 11 yrs old (all vaccines given in Rockville, MD). She regressed after her 18 month vaccines, which were DTaP; Hep B; IPV; Hib and Prevnar. She was later diagnosed with PDD-NOS and low muscle tone at 20 months. She will be entering 6th grade in August, with her reading and math capabilities on the second grade level. She has been our biggest challenge, as she does not respond to interventions as well as her older sister; but, we keep trying. She is in a self-contained ASD classroom, with minimal support.

Christina Miles Same story here manda. my lad is 16, 6 foot odd, and can't communicate. he never 'got' pecs..i do worry for his future.. Reading, berks in the uk.

Karin Million My son, Andre, only received the vitamin K shot at birth. Throughout his first two years, he continually had mucus issues all the time. It seemed as though he was sick every few weeks. He developed wheezing and had to do breathing treatmen...ts. After going to a more natural natural dr, we found he had tons of food allergies, did sublingual drops and he is now off any treatments and has no wheezing. I never associated with the vit k shot, but I do now. I refused all vaccines, but at 2.5 I let Te dr convince me to 'just try one'! They gave him a DTaP shot. He was fine initially, but after 2 hours he took a 5 hour nap! When he woke up he was VIOLENTLY SCREAMING & HEAD BANGING for 3 hours! It was horrifying! I could see he was suffering and knew it was my fault for giving into the pressure from the dr! NEVER AGAIN! Today, he seems fine, but is quite loud and rowdy. I am not sure if it's from the shot, but as awful as that episode was, This was in I called Te dr and left a message to document this in his chart & that I wanted it reported. I also sent a fax with all the info so they could do this. Imagine my disgust at his 3 year visit no documentation or fax copy could be found. And he acted like it was no big deal and that we would just wait a month or so more before doing another. Excuse me dr dumb!? Not my baby! Indianapolis Indiana.

Sarah Minardi-Giefert My son was developing typically meeting ALL developmental milestones and exceeding others till he received his 18month shots. He regressed losing all language, eye contact and developed GI problems as well. (He was developing so typically till this.. everyone, even my family doctor thought I was crazy when I mentioned autism.)Was diagnosed a year ago with ASD. He is almost 4 .Calgary, AB Canada.

Valerie Mindolovich My daughter was injured. She recieved all of them up until the age of three. After every time she would get diarhea, high fever ( 103 +) and sleep for twelve hours. Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Also a rash. We were told she just got a virus and it was a conincidence. She had to have occupational therapy for three years. We put her on gluten free casein free diet. She had symptoms of regressive autism. In other words, normal healty baby, slowly losing language and flapping arms, incontinence etc. Proprioceptive and vestibular disfuction. Never crawled but army crawled instead. Walked on her knees until she was 3 1/2. Started walking AFTER starting OT. Oh-- she was born Jan 2000.

Sam Mistal My daughter has suffered high temperatures and seizures 1-3 weeks after many of her vaccines. The last one we had was a Hep B booster. I was told repeatedly it was a very safe vaccine with little to no side effects. One day after the shot she woke up to what looked like bites all over her. Within 10 mins they faded, and then appeared somewhere else. They were large welt like masses of bites (hives) appearing and disappearing all over her. We took her to the hospital immediately where I was firm she was having a reaction to the vaccine. I was dismissed and asked if I had changed our laundry powder lately. 2 days after the vaccine she has developed a dry tight cough. We have another appointment with the doctor so that I can document this. I am for vaccines, but however the medical industry is deliberately hiding the true effects from the public to avoid mass hysteria.

William Mitchell My two sons vaccine damaged.

Ina Mitskevich My older brother died from meningitis. My parents were farmers and I always knew that all animals have to be vaccinated; otherwise they would die sooner or later from some disease. So when I got my kids, I knew that I have to vaccinate them. My first boy is 4 years old and second is almost 7 months old. I gave to my older son all required vaccines based on CDC recommended schedule. He had fever after every round of vaccines. I had to give him Tylenol for 2-3 days to lower the fever. My son was developing normally until 8 months old. He was making a lot of sounds. After another round of vaccines at 8 months he stopped making any sounds. I did not know what to do until I met several families with a similar situation. We got admitted to Early Steps programs where speech specialist worked with us. My son did not say anything at all until 2 years old. He started saying some basic words at 2. Now he is 4 and slowly regaining his speech. With my younger, I again decided to give vaccines but at a slower space. However, this did not help. Two weeks ago I gave him HepB and Polio. I noted right away that he started talking less. After two weeks I realized that he does not make any sounds. Today the whole day I tried to make him talk but all useless. I feel so devastated now. I ruined my second child too. This is horrible. When I try to talk to people nobody believes that something like that even possible. I am not crazy. I am an auditor and capable of being able to compare things before and after. Something has to be done. There should be a safer way to protect our kids.

Jenifer Moe Josiah was 15 mo when he got the MMR. Within hours he started this high pitched shrill screaming. He stopped walking and talking the same day. He was later diagnosed with autism AND chiari malformation which we know he didn't have at 12 months due to a scan. It's a brain herniation. He has had brain surgery to repair the herniation, no dairy or wheat and I've used zinc and b12 with him. After that 15 month old shot he didn't call me mommy again until he was 5. He is now 7 and with all the above strategies he now walks normally and can talk your ear off but he doesn't always look you in the eyes and behaves closer to a 2 or 3 year old. The city was Port Orchard, WA. I can even give you the clinic name if you want it. My son was only given the MMR at his 15 mo appt. I didn't want to over vaccinate him so asked for it alone. Man am I glad I did. hronic diarrhea that started the same day as well.

Becky Molnar My Third born I listened to docs but delayed vaxxed her, she had one shot every 6 mos til kindergarten then got religious exempt for those she didn't have and from gettting any more. She has severe asthma and is almost 10 now. My 4th born only got the hep b and vit k in hospital at birth against my wishes and I was bullied into another hepb and whichever one they give in drops at 2 mos and she never got more after that. My 5th born is completely not vaxxed and my 2 youngest have never been hospitalized for anything and my 3 vaxxed were all repeatedly hospitalized for bronchitis, bronchiolitis, rsv, rotavirus , pneumonia and both my older girls has numerous ear infections on top of ear infections and ear tubes twice. My 2 unvaxxed have never been sick or hospitalized and neither have ever had an ear infection or any respiratory issues. If they catch a cold they recover days to a week sooner than my vaxxed kiids do.

Sylvia Moloney My son was a very alert playful child with many words at 13 months, just like his cousin who is 6 days younger but this all changed when he received the MMR vaccine. He stopped talking and became more distant. 6 months later he revived the swine flu vaccine and then he was totally gone. Unfortunately it was only then I released it was the vaccines. He is now 5 and is non-verbal, has sensory issues, food issues and attends a special school for autistic children and is still in nappies. Although he is very happy he is extremely nervous and is very confused by the world.

Elizabeth Monterosso No physical progress after the MMR until biomed and homeopathy.

Karen Montgomery My niece 8 weeks old had her shots on friday she got a high fever at the er she stopped breathing and was intubated for 48 hrs in picu, then reg peds and came home yesterday. Vaccination was in henderson Nevada and time shall tell how she is, my son 13 has aspergers don't know what if any vaccine was a prob.

Susan Montgomery My son had an adverse reaction to vaccines at the age of two months. The vaccines he received at that time were DPT (possibly DTaP, I'm not sure, the year was 1996), Hib, and oral polio. He had also received hepatitis B and birth and at one month. But the day he got the DPT, Hib, and oral polio he had seizures, fever, and high-pitched screaming. In a panic, I called the doctor who gave the vaccines and she told me not to worry, what was happening to him was normal. That was my wake-up call and what opened my eyes. I did not allow him to have any more shots after that. We never returned to that doctor and later found another doctor who agreed it was a very bad adverse reaction and gave him a medical exemption from further vaccines. My son seemed to recover from the incident. Unfortunately, when he was six years old it became evident he had kidney dysfunction. In less than two more years he was in end stage renal disease and spent the next two and a half years on dialysis. At age 10 he received a kidney transplant. He is now almost 15 and still has the transplant. He has to take immunosuppressant drugs for the life of the transplant. Of course no doctor has ever said that his reaction to the vaccines is related to his later kidney failure, in fact they've all denied it, but I have always suspected they are related. He was born healthy and the disease that affected his kidneys is autoimmune.

Rebecca Montgomery-Deaton My Son did everything early. He skipped crawling and went to walking at 8 months, he ate pretty much anything except peas, at 10-11 months he could get to the letter H in the alphabet and count to 5. He got his 12 month vaccines in Avon, Oh. and started to digress almost immediatley. He stopped talking, was very repetative, very OCD, the fits of anger were horrible, he stopped eating anything with a soft texture(pasta, mashed potatoes, oatmeal, etc.) Now he will only eat Hamburger, sometimes chicken, raw veggies, and fruit, at least he eats healthy. We did start the GFCF diet in November and within 3 weeks, we saw results. It doesn't work for everyone, but it has for us. He started talking, even though a lot of it is scripting from TV. Yesterday was his 4th Birthday party and he actually played with other children instead of paralell play. Such a milestone!

Monica Montoya My son is 5 after his last shots at 2 1/2 he got avery high fever he stopped saying all the words he had learned and doing things with his toys that other kids his age didnt he stopped interacting with us and was in his own world! He recieved his shots here in Bakersfield California in the United States

Lisa Moon My typically developing son received a large dose of shots before starting kindergarten, within six months he was a totally different child. I live near charlottesville,va

Dede Moore My son had his obvious reaction after 6 month shots. Screaming unconsolably for about 3 hours. ( shots included:DTaP, HIb, hep b, prevnar) Began crying in pain at night with gut issues. After 1 year shots( including polio, MMR, varicella), he lost words and simply began humming, began to run path through home in same direction over and over seeking stimulation by bouncing off furniture,started gagging at sight of foods he previously ate, loss of eye contact, continued loose stools that would burn his skin, stopped playing peek a boo and quit sleeping. He now has Autism, ADHD, and Apraxia. Changes in diet, including no milk and lots of vitamins, have helped the gut and crying in pain. Aidan takes medication to sleep, because he would go 5 days without it. He has not received shots since 15 months. No 3 or 5 year school shots or flu shots for us! We are done! Thanks for all you are doing! I love this! Shots were given in Raleigh, NC.

Heather Moore The vaccine was the MMR and my daughter had been functioning normally, then the night of the shot she began staring off into space and pulling at her genital area. We went through 3 pin worm test (all neg) and she just kept regressing, loss of speech, eye contact and so forth. It was administered in Port Huron, Michigan. She is now diagnosed through the school system and the state of Michigan as having Autism. She does speak, but cannot understand emotion, has sever hand flapping and jogging in place, cannot manage nor care for herself in a hygiene way. She has an extremely high tolerance to pain and will rip off her toenails. She will play mary had a little lamb on the key board for hours upon end, she will be 12 next month. She also has no fear of anything, including scary things and strangers. However, my sister has 5 children, not one has had a vaccine not antibiotic and they are so healthy and smart. She is lucky. We say no to all injections, they are not normal and they just mess up our own fighting mechanisms. ahhhhh hope this helps a little. (: Heather Moore Vice President Inspiring Hearts for Autism

Juliette Moore We had problems after almost EVERY vaccine. First trip to the e/r, with over 104 temp was @ about 6weeks. The loss of language, etc...did not hit until after either 15 month shots or 18 month. Lots of family stress, at the time, so my memory isn't what it should be. Got the e/r records to PROVE there's a link for my 10 year old Lion; who's much improved with a ton of hard work AND going gluten-free. San Antonio, Texas

Alison Mor My grandson was a happy healthy baby, we have video footage of him at a year old trying to walk and saying dada and mama and video footage of him waving byby. A happy healthy normal baby then he had the MMR vaccination, and almost immediately began to regress. He will be 4 years old next month and has an autism and candida diagnoses. He's on a very strict diet and medication regime and his parents have had to give up their home and move in with family to help them cope.

Maria Hernandez Mora My son received the MMR vaccine in Fort Lauderdale, FL. He cried louder than usual, more like a shrieking scream for a very long time. I didn't think anything of it until my little boy who had already began to talk and played with toys appropriately, just completely became withdrawn and started pointing at things instead of asking for them. Began flapping his hands and was unable to be in large crowds or crowded areas like a supermarket or mall without freaking out. My son is now 19 and is still non-verbal, shows aggressive behavior but, you can see that my sweet little boy is still locked in there. I totally agree that the turning point in my son's life was when he received that vaccine.

Belinda A Moran My son suffered a massive brain hemorrhage at 2 1/2 months of age after the hep b, DPTH and oral polio. We were also falsely accused of Shaken Baby Syndrome. He is now 15, he's been stable but severely disabled. Hep B given at birth, Nov 4,1995 St. Peters Hospital,New Brunswick, NJ Findern/Bridgewater NJ-January 12, 1996-dpth Tetramune/oral polio. Our shaken baby syndrome testimonial is on the www.sbsdefense.com site under cases people vs. moran

Adriana Morel my first son, Eric (8 and half), was inoculated with all vaccines and now we are treating him for Asperger Syndrome....for all his life. For the second son, Patrick, we refused to vaccinate him from 1 year old till now (he is 4 and half). Bucharest-Romania

Jane Morgan My son was almost 2 when he got the MMR. He was very ill and reacted very badly with a high high fever. prior to this he had been a very advanced child. Walking talking, feeding himself etc. After the shot he was in a fog. Lost languag...e skills was pale and sick looking. he stopped eating. He stopped speaking. this was in 1992 in Providence RI. It was a dramatic change and noticeable. I just thought it was the terrible 2s and he was a boy. He was basically mute and non responsive. He was diagnosed as having autism in 1994. Today he has gained language skills and is a wonderful son. However, he is someone who will need supports and services his whole life.

Marti Morgan MD my pediatrician didn't even diagnosed my little WITH autism, after he received those shots. I had to go to children's hospital to find it out. my pediatrican kept saying he was fine. NOT! My lil one is 6yrs old. I had 2 other children over 20 yrs ago, and NEITHER of them were harmed by shots. Prince Fredrick Maryland

Sara Morgan At my son's 15 month appt (Northridge, Ca) he was administered the MMR. within 2 days he had regressed from a normal child to non-verbal, no eye contact , flapping, spinning, head-banging. today thru LOADS of Therapy he's finally verbal again ( though not much beyond able to express direct wants/ needs), he was diagnosed High Functioning Autistic by age 2.

Sue Morgan Hi, my child, Garrett Platz, reacted to doubling up on his Dtap (I think?) and adding the influenza vaccine in October 2003, as best I can figure. The pediatrician wanted him "caught up. If you want further information, I can get his shot records. I don't have them with me today. He also had a runny nose and an ear infection at the time and was or had been on antibiotics repeatedly.

Sue MorganNanaMama My 12-year-old was adversely affected by the vaccines, including the flu shot (first half) he received in November 2003. He had the usual US shots for a one-year-old, plus they "caught him up" on the ones he was behind in. He has mild-to-moderate autism, ADHD, and developmental delay. He is fairly flexible due to YEARS of behavioral and other therapies. He struggles with social situations and perseverates on whatever he happens to be obsessed with at the time. My 15-year-old grandson was immediately affected by the first round of shots received in late September/early October 1999 (sorry, my memory is faulty). It was whatever the US first shots would be. He began screaming immediately and thereafter screamed through most of his infancy. He turned his head far to the side and cut his eyes away to avoid looking at faces. He has moderate autism with developmental delay. He is very rigid in his thinking and believes he is always right. He has very limited social skills and can't ascertain what others' motivations or feelings are (and in fact really doesn't think others HAVE feelings).

Janice Morenzone My Son Kyle after getting his MMR'S Vaccine in 1993-94 Kyle My son started screaming, stiffened up, had a seizure in my arms. I had called my mom and told her it was from the shot's, back then it was like NO WAY. He turned almost blue. We were on are way tothe E.R and he stopped, NOT ONLY Screaming but the next day I found him hiding behind the couch. My son would eat ~ sleep ~ talk / Kyle my son stopped eating, sleeping, talking after that : ( Slowly lost him. He is now 19, was non verbal until the age of 7. I no what happened to my Child. He lost his ablity to even say mama. He was 2 and 1/2 at the time

Sara Moroza-James In retrospect my son's development was delayed from early on, perhaps from birth but he had many many skills and I have them on video. He spoke, he made eye contact, he looked at books and played with toys, he fed himself, he was interested in us, he answered his name, he laughed and smiled. Following his MMR, my son lost all his skills. He could no longer feed himself. He was no longer interested in books or toys or us. He span plates all day long, he never smiled or laughed again. He took ages to sleep and screamed out in pain at night. He could no longer tolerate other children. He lost all his language and eye contact. He could no longer feed himself and became a very fussy eater.

Billie Jo Morris my son now five got his mmr at two. he was doing everything a two should. the injection site swelled was red and hot to the touch. He only speaks a few words and stims most of the day is just starting to want to be around the rest of our family. He got the shot in Corry, Pa.

Jennifer Morris On November 17, 2003 my son, Joseph Morris, had just turned 1 year old. He received MMR, Hib and Varicella. Within 7 days he began running an extremely high fever and had foul smelling breath. He was sick for close to a week and then began to get better. After 2 weeks he was sick again. This started the cycle of not sleeping, constant sickness coupled with ear infections and his regression into the world of autism. He lost speech and began tantrums with self-stimulatory behavior. My son is now 8 years old and is still far from recovered. We have tried so many biomedical approaches to help him. He has followed very strict diets since he was 2 years old that have helped, but are far from a miracle. It has been a long and difficult journey for Joey. He is in a special Autism Support Classroom and still demonstrates tantrums and OCD. He has limited speech and very poor fine motor skills. Based on his functioning level today it is hard to imagine a day when he won't be living with me, but never say never AND I refuse to give up. One other thing I would like to note is that my son was born November 16, 2002 and became very sick in early January of 2003. He had 2 spinal taps that were negative but the assumption was made he had viral meningitis. I am now questioning that diagnosis along with the treatment of IV antibiotics and the constant administering of Tylenol!! He had received a Hep B Vaccine on Nov 17, 2002 and Dec. 19, 2002 and I cannot help but strongly feel that this was a vaccine reaction. He hardly had a chance to recover when he was jabbed again on January 28, 2003 with DTaP, IPV, Hib and Prevnar. That sounds like a complete assault on an immune system that was a total disaster. Looking back I can see that he may have had some quirks and was a little slower with speech but was far from a diagnosis of severe autism with implications of mental retardation. Thank you for taking the time add my precious son, Joey, to your collection of data. Antietam Pediatric in Hagerstown, Maryland.

Lori Morris My daughter was always sick (fever, sleepy, and just acted weird in general) after she got the mmr. I have 2 older children and this was not the normal reactions you are warned of it was more than that. She is now 7 years old with adhd, ocd, autism, and possible odd. She still speaks at a 24-36 month level. Her vaccines were given in perry county indiana. My son Matthew who is 9 is currently being evaluated for aspergers. I did not add him to the vaccine list you had before cause he was not on the spectrum (that we knew of) but I do think that vaccines are the cause. Here is the thing he was born in T3exas and started his shots in Texas, when he was 8 months old we moved to Indiana and when he went for his vaccines there they have a different shot schedule there and they made him get some shots over because they said texas gave them to young, so my poor son has his mmr and polio double what is "needed" I just wanted you to know.

Nancy Morris I am 100% sure vaccines triggered my son's autism, to which he was genetically predisposed. He was perfectly normal and social until his first round of vaccines. Years later, when I took him to a biomedical intervention medical doctor, she said, "After he got a round of vaccines, did he wake up screaming during the night?" That cinched it for me--it had happened every time he got shots. I thought he was reliving the trauma, but she said no, the shots affect their bodies in a way that hurts them. If you give your son vaccines, make sure they contain NO thimerisol (my son's pediatrician lied to me about this); and Dr. William Sears says it helps to spread the shots out over time instead of getting several together. The medical community will maintain that the vaccines are harmless--they will support any lie in order to prevent money being taken out of their pockets.

Elizabeth Morse ‎ 8 vacs in 1 day- 13 mtgs old 6 days later broke into fever mild seizue and rash all over body. Autistic PDF now better with DAN diet. Puyallup Washington

Tena Mosher My child that was developing normally suddenly disappeared after vaccines. "Mmr regressions after, shakiness, bowel problems constantly,loss of speech, eye contact gone, head banging and s.i.b. diagnosed with autism, a mood disorder, and ocd vaccines given in saranac lake ny (us)."

Brandon Moulds He was a very bright, happy clown of a baby. Always laughing and smiling. AT age 15 months we got his MMR vaccine. Shortly after that we noticed his left eye had turned in. Of course the doctors didn't see it. At the same time he turned into himself. We call it "lost in space". His whole personality changed. He no longer was the clown or the rambunctious boy he had been. We took him to the opthamologist about his eye, and they said he had amblyopia and strabismus and recommended surgery. He finally had that surgery at age 5. It didn't work. Throughout his time in school, not one teacher ever mentioned him having any type of disability, they would just talk about his behavior. Not one doctor ever said a word about his behaviour. I didn't know anything. I just saw a change and thought it was just him. Needless to say, his injury was never reported. It wasn't until he was almost 10, that we finally got a diagnosis of Autism. This was after a psychiatrist diagnosed him with ADHD, Bipoler disorder and anxiety and medicated him for it. He had very bad reactions to those medications. Before this doctor diagnosed him, his family doctor gave him a prescription for ADHD, and it caused really terrifying hallucinations. Since I started researching I have found that his eye problem isn't caused by a loose muscle, it is caused by nerve damage from the vaccine. No amount of surgery in this world could have helped the nerve damage. Brandon has suffered too much at the hands of mainstream doctors and medications. My son is 12 years old now. He lives everyday with his autism, and we live everyday trying to help him with all of his struggles. These struggles could have been prevented....his Autism could have been prevented. I believe my oldest daughter was injured also. Again she was normal, then at one point lost communication. She didn’t talk or potty train until she was 5. She went through extensive speech and occupational therapy for 3 years. She is 17 now and doing ok. I guess my son's hits me harder because he is still dealing with the issues. And my youngest son had a 105 degree fever/seizure after his 6 month vaccines, that is when we stopped. Wish I would have woken up sooner. My other daughter didn't have any reactions, but all 4 suffer from eczema and the two older have asthma as well. Kennewick Washington USA.

Nagla Moussa My son ran a fever of 105 started having seizures after his 2nd DPT shot, after that he developed chronic ear infections took tons of antibiotics and by the time he took the mmr he was diagnosed with developmental delays by age 4 Autism.

Paula Mowder-Greene With regard to our 6 yr old vaccine injured son it was the DaTP and MMR combo AND the double does of Hep B they gave because they didn't pay attention to his shot record. He has Autistic characteristics, ADHD, sensory processing disorder with OCD, behavioral issues and a few others. With intensive therapy over the past 3 1/2 yrs we now have a verbal child with less issues but still lots of challenges.

Jane Muggeridge My son received the MMR aged 12.5 months at a surgery in Edenbridge Kent in November /December 1998. Prior to this he was hitting all his milestones. Post MMR he became immediately physically very ill with constant screaming and high temperatures and endless ear infections and antibiotics. He also developed coeliac disease which went undiagnosed for 6 months but the gastro paediatrician said he believed was triggered by the vaccine. We believe he had measles encephalitis via a perforated ear drum as a direct result of the MMR. The coeliac further damaged his brain through malnutrition. John is now severely autistic, non verbal, has severe learning difficulties and has lived in residential since the age of 5. He will need 24 care for life. He has sensory issues and is extremely self injurious. The gastro paediatrician said he had never seen such a positive blood test for coeliac - he had insisted that even if it came back positive he would have to do a stomach biopsy to confirm the disease as it was a lifelong condition but agreed it was absolutely unnecessary in this case as my sons test ŵas so extreme (clear evidence to me that the MMR had blown his immune system as coeliac is an autoimmune condition)

Dela Carpenter Mullins My Lainey was diagnosed at 18months, I thought she had lost her hearing, after a complete, detailed screening.. Our Dr. Suggested to us to have her evaluated and tested for autism, I believe we noticed a change after her 1yr shots. Her shots were given in Corinth, MS. I noticed a rapid, large group of children in our area that were diagnosed. Its a little suspicious.

Julia Mulyk My son was born in1999, met all the milestones up to 2.5 years when he had the mmr shot, regressed, faeces smearing, slow speech, early intervention at 4 helped, as well as sciapathy with a therapist in our own city, he's 11 now, high functioning, with an amazing humorous & loving personality, every teacher he's had just love him immensely, God bless us for the gifts that these children of ours have, Edmonton, Alberta.

Tara Mundorff My oldest was affected by his DTap at 6 weeks and his booster at 18mos. Within 5 days, he no longer had words and become combative. He was sensory seeking constantly. He was seen as high functioning Autistic and is now 1point from being considered Autistic. I think the one point is a bunch of crap but that's what MIND institute said. I'm challenging it. He has social deficiencies and is unable to read and decipher body cues and language. He is a college student who struggles to gain employment. It's very sad. It was in Murrieta, Ca in December of '95 and then again spring of '97 for his 18mos shots. He was given the A-cellular Pertussis at 6 mos because of his reaction to the first one.

Laura Munion Hi! I have twin daughters with autism and they will turn 13 on the June 21st. They received the following vaccines when they were 13 months old in Portsmouth, Ohio: Hib, DTP, MMR, and polio. They had a fever and loose stool the next few days. Then they developed a yeast rash on their privates, abdomen, and face, and their stool became very loose and had an unusual, foul smell. They quit acquiring new words, and within a couple of months they'd lost all the words they had (about 15-20) and began having strange repetitive behaviors (crying when a door was shut or opened; throwing a fit when an appliance was turned off or on; etc.). They currently are diagnosed as moderate autism and mild to moderate mental retardation. They have some gastrointestinal issues (constipation/diarrhea/bloating), insomnia, and occasional yeast outbreaks on their bottoms/legs.

Tanya Munro My son had the MMR at 13 months, lost eye contact, milestones regressed, severe diaorreah immediately after vaccs for at least a year, trouble sleeping,constant ear infections, chest infections, antibiotics. Now 7 yrs diagnosed high functioning asbergers and recovering gradually from supplements, diet and kinesiology thanks to good naturopath and kinesiology specialists. My love to all of you amazing mothers and to our incredible children. My daughter also got immune and gut problems after her MMR at 2 years old. By the way he was given the dttp the same day.

Nicholas Murphy was born 7/06/2004. He was sick at birth from swallowing his faeces. He developed normally until his multiple antigen injections in which he ended up in hospital and was very ill. He developed over time sensory problems with touch and noise and it was like the light went out of his eyes. Nicholas was diagnosed at 5 with Asperger’s with autistic traits, and his whole world and mine have been changed forever. Looking back I can Honestly say the changes occurred after this injection. Pls think twice before giving this to your child as I can tell you my heart breaks every day and I wish I could change this mistake!

Susan Hammen Murphy My son was "typically" developing up to 18 months. I took him to the peds. and they administered a cluster of 7-8 shots (they were behind and told me it was completely safe).Shortly after that the lights went out! My son was diagnosed at 2 yrs with ASD. (The peds thought I was "over-reacting" when I presented my concerns at the 2yr well visit)! At the time, we lived right outside of Philly. The peds was in Ambler, Pa. My son has been receiving services for over 4 yrs now (he is 6). He is still socially & verbally delayed, but doing extremely well despite it! He is 96% integrated into a typical classroom setting!

Janice Murray My son was vaccinated at birth, 2mo. 4mo. and 7mo. in Duluth MN. U.S.A. The names of the shots are Prevnar, Pediarix, and Pedvax. From the very beginning I thought things weren't right with him. Twitching so strongly that it woke him up no matter how I swaddled him. I remember thinking to myself that he looked like he was trying to crawl out of his skin after each set of shots. I watched his brain fry within an hour of him receiving the last set of shots he will ever have. We got home from the Dr and I set him down in his infant seat to remove my coat and when I looked at him his eyes were flicking side to side in a way I've never seen. I scooped him up and it stopped but I was sick to my stomach,scared to death, and went into denial about what I'd just seen. I watched and waited and knew then that my son would be autistic, and he is.

Yakesh Murray Joe was given mmr - 6 days later i went to see the health visitor re developmental check - referral to child doctor then another who gave diagnosis - i gave joe some chelation drops - i still have clay - joe is coming along at his own pace - with alot of love and attention joe goes to full time special school and will tolerate people and new places with reassurance joe benjamin bidmead 16-12-05 i thought joe just had hearing probs. Kidderminster Worcestershire UK

Kathy Murschel Hep B vax, my son could not breastfeed, admitted to NICU with high red blood cell count due to "dehydration". DX'd 3 mos later with hypotnia and flat head. He is now 8 yrs old and with the help of biomed treatments and gfcf diet and various therapies is in a typical 3rd grade class with severe focus and attention issues. Current dx is ADHD. City of vax was Park Ridge, IL. My daughter born in 2004 also rec'd Hep B and could no longer latch on for breastfeeding. She now suffers from dairy allergy and ashthma. Same hospital as my son.

Mindy Mw My daughter started having seizures after her MMR at 15months old. Seizures are listed as a possible side affect on the handout given with this vaccine. Perhaps it does not happen this way for all ASD kids, but certainly it does for some. Vaccine courts exist for a reason. On seizure meds, 10 years thereafter. Hillsboro Oregon 1999

Monica Mwangunga-Okuribido Joan my case is same as Stephanie Garcia's but haven't reached the talking part yet but very very active.


Kara Nadeau-Sejd About 18-20 months & my son was given a group of vaccines plus the chicken pox which they said he was late on. prior to this he ate any & everything - all hell broke loose. he literally stipped eating & survived on pediasure & loved dirt ! no language & scrame bloody murder when ever anyone entered our home. the vaccines were given in yorkville Il. however that same doctor recognizes that he believed my son is vac injured & 100 % backs us up in not vaccinating any more.

Heidi L. Nangle Yeah, Joe has terrible GI issues. They have only gotten worse with posturing and behaviors. He also contracted clostridia. I wish I could get rid of it but it keeps coming back. BTW, my 3 year old Keenan, did not have any vaccines and is not autistic! West Jordan, Utah and Pensacola Naval Hospital, FL

Deb Nantz My son, Thomas Sigmon, was an active, happy, healthy boy until 1993 following his MMR/DPT Vaccine which was given by the Iredell County Health Dept. in Statesville, NC. He became very ill within hours of receiving his vaccines. He began screaming uncontrollably and no one could console or comfort him. He was in severe pain which we thought he was feeling in his abdomen or stomach. To my recollection, this was on a Friday. He also ran a low grade fever. Up until that day; all milestone achievements were right where they should have been. He was very fussy all weekend. My sister was babysitting him while I worked. I came home from work on Monday and she said "something is wrong". He had totally changed. He no longer made eye contact; didn't want to be held. He totally regressed. He had severe temper tantrums, staring at lights, fans. My child was gone. He didn't talk until he was three. He began having allergies, colds, gastrointestinal issues. I and my family know that his vaccines given on that day in 1993 are the culprit.

Dana Ramdwar Napoleon The MMR Age 12 months In Huntington beach, ca. Stopped eating, Stopped sleeping and leaky gut

David Nash Now age 17 years, had MMR at age 13 months, and 4 days later suffered chronic diarrhoea, lost eye contact, social skills and speech, appeared “drunk”, screamed constantly and couldn’t sleep. His regression from capable infant to autistic toddler was frightening. Nothing has changed 16 years on. (Kent)

Greg Nawrocki My daughter Sonia (now 22) was injured by a DPT (old whole cell pertussis) vaccine at 4 months of age. She is severe/profound MH, and has had a terrible seizure disorder her entire life. She was recently diagnosed with the sodium channel genetic defect that is common with Dravets. It was administered in Chicago, IL

Jessica Bailey Naylor My daughter was given the MMR at 18 months at that time she was not only right on but perhaps a little bit more developed for her age. She recieved the shot and within a few hours had a very high temperature, and her body broke out in a terrible rash that lasted days. I called her Pediatrician and they said it was just a side affect and it will go away, almost instantly she stopped gibbering and talking and within a few weeks couldn't even babble, today she is in a life skills program and is getting better, still only a few words she can speak. Johnstown Pennsylvania.

Alli Needles Our son, vax injured first time when his liver was compromised at birth and they gave him a HepB shot. shortly after the shot he screamed and was horridly fussy - always wanted to be held and would cry and scream most of the time, day and night. Would not sleep more than 20 min at a time during the night. age 4-6 mos - seizures. By 1 and 1/2 years he was better. We then got him the Dtap shot at 19 mos and lost him more and more with each shot - stopped all talking and words, stopped looking at us, and diagnosed as autistic. He is now 4 - finally talking some and finally not having daily migraines but we have a long way to go still.

Rhiannon Negron I know our son had a reaction to his vaccines and it caused brain damage as well as his autism. We’ve seen it with our eyes. Keaton is 5 and a half, and his vaccines were given in Webster, Texas

Bridgett Deem Nelson Our son, Parker, received his DTaP, HiB, and chickenpox immunizations during one 'well baby' check-up at age 15 months. What immediately followed throughout the next seven days included many fevers, massive diarrhea and a bottom covered in yeast, loss of speech, screaming all through the day and night, and a baby boy who no longer wanted to be held or touched. Indeed, it seemed to hurt if we touched his skin. Throughout the weeks that followed, he'd spend hours staring at the cracks in the paint on our walls, turning himself in circles while looking at us out of the corner of his eyes, inappropriate giggling, odd play with his toys, and sleepless nights. Finally, at age 2 years and 10 months, Parker was diagnosed with moderate to severe autism and our lives turned upside down. Although looking back, our lives actually turned upside down in that doctor's office while Parker was being injected with his routine childhood vaccines. You know the ones which are so safe we can inject 10,000 all at once. Had vaccinations inWenatchee, WA. Now in Vienna, WV.

Pam McCracken Newlin My son continued a slow progression with each new round of vax and then really went downhill around 15 months when he received the MMR and several other vax. Greenwood, Indiana - a suburb of Indianapolis. I know not all children are the same but given the number of vax children generally receive with each "well baby" visit, I have always been a bit skeptical when a parent says their child regressed after this particular vax or that one - especially when they solely place blame on the MMR, considering many times it is also given in conjunction with one, two, three, or even four other vaccines (Hib, chickenpox, Hep A, Hep B, DTaP, Polio, etc.). I mean, if a parent is not separating out the vaccines, then how can a person blame one vax in particular? Don't get me wrong, I am by no means advocating anything pro-vaccine but unless a parent separates vaccines out, I just think it's ludicrous to blame one in particular when they are all made up of toxins.

Ken Nicholas My son Mark developed normally, responded to name, new his colors shapes and Disney characters. Could say 80-100 words. HIB, MMR, Varicella all in the same day (age 15mos). 2 days later 106 fever/asthmatic bronchitis. Gradual loss off all speech and milestones listed above. Became hyperactive and stopped responding to name. DX Sever Autistic Disorder approx 1 year later.

Kristine Nicholas My son Ben was initially injured by his very first vaccine -- the vaccine I had put on my birth plan that he NOT receive -- the HEPB. When he was first born, he was calm and so sweet. He cried so cute! Later that night, they brought him to me and he was screaming. He screamed a lot after that, but continued to develop fairly normally aside from the screaming. At 2 months, he received the DPT and another round of HEPB. He screamed without stopping - a high-pitched horrible scream - for three days and night. After that, he was always crying. He completely stopped smiling, and his development slowed to the point where he was sent for evaluation from Early Intervention services. I was also told to stop nursing him, as he had developed loose stools and severe stomach pains. I first tried eliminating dairy and other "typical" offenders from my diet. When that didn't help, I listened to the pediatrician and stopped nursing and put him on a series of hypo-allergenic formulas, never finding anything that truly helped. We lived in Saugus, MA at the time. He was born on 4/20/2002 in Melrose, MA (where he was given his first vaccine), and his second set of vaccines was given in Revere, MA. I left out some crucial details. Before my sons second round of vaccines at 2 months, he was a fussy baby, but he DID smile at us. He also made good eye contact, and could roll over. After the vaccine, as I stated before, he screamed non-stop for three days and nights without stopping. He would only nurse for a few seconds at a time in between screams. I called his doctor's office during this time, and was told he was having a reaction, but "not to worry." After the screaming stopped, my son was a different baby. He was even fussier than he had been. All eye contact stopped. He stopped rolling over (and didn't start again for months), stopped babbling, and stopped smiling completely. He developed eczema and had runny stools. He had obvious extreme distress to sensory stimuli. If he was held away from my body, his bottom lip would quiver in fright. He screamed the whole time he was in a car - he couldn't stand the motion. He wouldn't eat solid food - he couldn't handle the textures. By the time he was 8 months old, his pediatrician suggested autism, and referred him for Early Intervention. He was officially diagnosed with autism at 2 years old. After I moved, I changed doctors and picked up his medical records. There was no mention of my call during his screaming episode, and no mention of a vaccine reaction of any kind. It only mentioned that I was refusing additional vaccines. Georgetown, MA

Cindy Lou Nickerson We delayed vaccines. My twins were 3 when the flu shot immediately made them ill. Within a week we had lost eye contact and all functional language. They were dx at 4 with severe regressive autism. After diet and detox they are now pretty typical boys but we still have some recovering to do.

Helen Nicolson My son was fine until he had his MMR booster at age 3 years 1 month old. The only thing I noticed immediately after the vaccine was he developed an obsession for elephants and insisted on carrying five with him everywhere. Three months later he totally regressed. He showed no signed of autism before this time, he was speaking in sentences and using the toilet. He was diagnosed with ASD at age 3 years 11 months. He is now 5 and has made improvement since beginning GFCF diet and supplements but still he has very little speech, cannot cope with change and goes to a special school because he could not cope in mainstream. I am from the UK but we were living in Berlin at the time when the booster was given. It was a mistake made by the doctor. It should have been given to his older sister. The vaccine was MMRVAXPRO manufactured by Sanofi Pasteur. I contacted them and completed an Adverse Event Form but didn’t hear anything back.

Dawn Noble I have 7 kids, many have been affected by dif ones. My autistic boy was affected by the mmr, he had small seizure and couldn't move or walk for what seemed an eternity. Phx, AZ (and when I took him back to pedi they said "sorry you got a hot batch")

Rihipeka Nock My daughter at the age of one was given MMR, she looked out of place but the doctors said she was fine, she didnt look well the day after and they said give her panadol, she seemed different all around for over a week and I was very frightened, doctors claimed she has a virus and she will get better but she was perfectly fine right until the MMR, then all of a sudden she walked over to me looked and me and fitted and went uncouncious, she had no pulse and I performed CPR. She came to, the retarded hoapital that they sent me to (not the childrens one I might add) said she was attention seeking,and she is fine!!! no not the MMR as this didnt happen immediately, I call B.S her symptoms were immediate. The ambulance guy told me that he got 1-2 calls a week or more with children that had a reation to the MMR, he also said the doctors wont believe you Perth, Western Australia

Jessica Northrup My son is 2.f and just was diagnosed, i watched his development in social and language stop and degenerate, he received 6 injections and nine vaccines, MMR, Dtap, varicella, hib, and polio that just what i remember off hand we've requested his records and lot numbers, hes not been the same since and he deteriorated more after a booster, before we knew he was autistic and that there was any kind of problem, its been only in hindsight that we see when he stopped developing and how severe the problem was we hoped and our doc seemed to beleive he was just kinda wild and would eventually start talking, its only when he turned 2 that she rec ST and its in this evironment that his sensory and behavior problems became really pronounced. in fresno, ca

Petra Itsmyopinion Norris W got first 3 vaccinations. After 2nd he had obvious pain in the injection sight, crying inconsolably for the rest of the day. Developed eczema at 3 months, has asthma, cows milk and egg intolerance, severe peanut allergy and allergic to gr...ass pollen. Now 4 years old, not had any vaxes since, speech delayed, dribbles a lot, eczema cleared through diet and TCM but struggling with asthma when he catches a cold. Live in Beverley, UK.

Lynn Notgrass My son at age four had a sever reaction. He received the: MMR, HepB, Polio, Dtap in the same day. He received the vaccines in Stockbridge, GA. He had issues once we arrived home. He would fall down for no reason. The next day he developed a large welt where the Hep B was administrated. He also was very weak. About two weeks later he started with very strange behavior and constipation issues. By the four week he was exhibiting some traits of Autism. He was not the same beautiful little boy. We use Dr. Megson's high dose vitamin A protocol. Thanks to a call to Dr. Wakefield's office. His nurse had me call a DAN doctor in our state. Six years later we are doing very well. Nicholas Madison is in 5th grade. He is outgoing and loved by his class mates. We do have some issue with ADHD but over all I thank God every day.

Marijan Nout Our daughter now 20 years old, was vaccinated with MMR when she was 15 months. within 2 weeks she had about 100 seizures a day and have become autism finally. Today she is functioning as a child where it started, somewhere between 1,5 and 3 year old. I'm from the Netherlands and here are also much children with all kinds of developing problems probably by our toxic environments, vaccinating, toxic food, e-smog and so on...

Dr. Jill Novak My son received the MMR vaccine and because he had the autoimmune gene, the mercury in the vaccine turned the gene "on" and he developed leaky intestines. (BTW this is what is done to lab rats, they inject them with mercury and then experiment with different drugs depending on what disorders develop in the rats) When he ate wheat it cut tiny holes in his intestinal wall and everything he ate after that he became allergic to. Toxins leaked into his body and brain and caused motor problems and sensory problems. Because this is the time a child develops social skills, my son began to regress, He also began to stem. He began to drool and everything began to bother him, he would sit in the corner and scream for 5 hours straight. I was told this was normal by our pediatrician. I knew that it wasn’t I took him off wheat/gluten. Within a week he began to calm down and I sought out a holistic doctor who diagnosed vaccine damage. He was put on large doses of vitamin c to heal his intestines which cured him of all food allergies (except wheat). He still has brain damage and has had to undergo years of OT and Speech Therapy to fix what one vaccine did to him. I don’t think that vaccines are bad, I just think that we should stop treating all children under the age of 5 the same medically, and that children should be tested before giving them 35 vaccines!!

Göran Nyström Vaccinations in Gävle, Sweden, of many kinds before we moved abroad to Singapore. I remember them calling it booster vaccinations. My son was 15 mths. This was in 1992. Got light fever. Lost some motor skills and did not develop speech until late. Was very skinny for a year. Diagnosed with Asperger but never really a good fit. Lives quite well today at 19 with ASD.


Kerri Oastler Logan talked by 9 months and played and developed very well until the shot, afterwards he would scream in the corner for an hour or so and then his speech faded away and he tuned everything out-you can look through the photos and see it like a sad movie.

Louise O Brien My princess had her mmr at 16 months she had lots of words and v happy but after vaccine it all went and still gone.

Patricia O'Brien My son was a normal, developing child before he was given the MMR. On the day he received the shot it was like watching a door closing on my child's development. He literally stopped talking, responding. It took my sister's intervention to tell me of the signs of Autism and luckily we got him help from the age of 3 years and on. He will never be developmentally the age that his body is. He will never know what it is like to be an independent person. I went back to his doctor and of course she denied that the MMR had anything to with his Autism but than my daughter got the same shot and developed Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. Again the doctor denied that it was the MMR shot but couldn't deny that both of my children were normal, developing children BEFORE receiving this shot. My son is now 17 and my daughter is 13. My son is doing school work below my daughter and will never be able to catch up with her.

Yvonne O’Brien My son took a reaction to an injection he got at 4 months old, his injection consisted of Diphtheria, Tetanus, Whooping Cough, Polio, Hib, Meningitis C & Pneumococcal. Looking at this now I wonder are they crazy injecting these into our kids all at once. My son had a bad reaction, swollen leg, rash & fever & even though he was only 4 months it was like a light went out in his eyes, he started to scream constantly & wouldn't go to anyone, would get sick alot & became a very bad eater & started showing signs of autism. He received his injections in Northern Ireland.

Jodi Pequignot O'Connell Jillian Elise O'Connell ~ normally developing infant per doctor observations, given MMR, varicella, Hep A, Prevnar at 12 month visit. Regressed behaviorally within weeks, screaming, not sleeping, agitated. Given DTap and Hib at 15 months. By 20 months, no eye contact, no sleeping, constant screaming, no words, flapping, spinning. Diagnosed with "autism" at 2.5 years. Subsequent testing has found no immunity to polio, varicella, tetanus, pertussis. Extremely abnormally high antibodies to measles, mumps and rubella. Heavy metal toxic. Mitochondrial dysfunction. Immunizations given in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, USA.

Katie Anne O'Dea Thank you! My youngest was born May 2008. I was still trying to wrap my head around all the research regarding vaccines. Since he was 5 weeks premature but still 8 1/2 lbs, I wanted to space out each vaccine to make sure there was now react...ions. In August 2008 he was 2 weeks shy of 4 months and the received the Rota-Virus orally, in Loris SC. 2-3 days later he wound up very ill and nearly died from Intussusception. In 1 month he will be 3 and still has adverse reactions and awful stomach problems because of this. He has not had another vaccine since. Other then the stomach issues and food allergies he is incredibly bright and healthy!!! Loris, South Carolina

Carmel O’Dell Son had DPT at 8 weeks, and reacted with illness, fever and discomfort, loss of appetite and breathing difficulties. Subsequent reactions were conjunctivitis, recurrent ear infections and discharge. Now age 8.5 years, diagnosed with fine motor control impairment, difficulty in concentrating, (Sussex)

Casey Ohlsson My son is named Nick he had multiple vaccines throughout his first year of life and in utero (Flu and Group B strep antibiotics). He had so many so often we can’t say which exactly caused his constant regression. And I mean constant- or he never developed. His birthday is March 18, 2007. On Jan. 4, 2008 he had HPV-3 and he begin to vomit immediately and was sick for 6 weeks- he was tested for gut bugs, allergies, and any other cause. We were told by the Pediatrician it was “normal”. I was very suspicious. THEN, at his one year old check up he had four administered at once and the regression was complete- no longer talking, walking correctly, self injurious behavior, stimming, sever food allergies, asthma, silent reflux.. you get the idea. I have included a complete list of all his vaccines- as you can see it is a lot for a ONE year old! What was I thinking?! Tulsa, OK USA.

Sussie Olofsson My son was three month when he got the vaccination from MPR. His behaviour change on the third day; He got fever once a day, every week, he got something wrong with his leg (the hip and in the other leg and I could not hold him in my arms when he sucked from my breast - but in the nights he could suck from my breast and it took me some days to understand why; in the nights I did not hold him tight in my arms then I lay him down on the bed. I study sensory integration and I understand that he had a over reaction from stimuli via touch and also, I understand later, when he was about one year, he had a under reaction from stimuli via the kinaesthetic system and with stimuli by hurting by a push he also had a under reaction. Also he showed us that he did not like the smell for example egg or things like that and he over reacted from the sound from machines like the hoover, the noise in swimming pools etc. He hold his ears and all his body shakes and the skin became wet (in Sweden we say "kall-svettades") So in school, he has no energy to write or draw as he has no strength in his body and finds it difficult to stand up and sit down all the time. Then he would lay down to the floor. When he was six years old he ran from the school when they should write or do something else with the pen. He was more up on the roof instead of down on the floor. Now he is 24 and I think that he was more predisposed to vaccine injury than my three other child because of his light skin and the hair with a little touch of red in! and I have seen many of this in children in the "child- and youth centre that I had worked in between 1985 to 1998.

John and Ruby Olsen Our son, JP was committed to the world of Autism when he got trace amount of Thimerasol (and other stuff) in his shots leading up to his MMR (along with 3 other shots that day). When his body got this live vaccine of Measles. The virus stuck in his gut and caused Autistic Entercolitis (Leaky Gut) and in turn Static Encephlapathy (starving brain). He went from being a happy 15 month old who was advanced in every area and was curious about everything to a child at 32 months (dx'ed) who was at a 10-12 month level for everything except for gross motor. When he got his MMR, we spent the next 6+months with a child who had not been sick to a child with one unexplainable high fever (anywhere from 100.1 to 103.5) after another (each time his pediatrician would say it is a viral infection and it has to run its course -- give tylenol alternating with motrin to make him comfortable). One of those fevers turned in to German Baby measles. Fast forward he is now is a moody 12 yr who see all the bad in the world with Tics and OCD and Asperger’s and still battling Autistic Entercolitis. We love him but hate what vaccines have done to him. Silver Spring, MD

Rick Olsn Howell Michigan. 2005 She was able to count to 21 and knew her abc's and almost potty trained (close) After getting 5 SHOTS (around 18 - 19 months) in one visit she lost it all. Went through all phases of head banging, super melt downs, no eye contact at all, etc. She is going to be 11 May 11th her golden birthday. I am been a stay at home dad I never left her but once at grandma's now at age 11 after I pulled her out of school where she was being abused (by pulling her out of class had 3 times in just over a month they did that made to sit up 2 hours at a time in corner on floor not fit for a dog nothing at all just a plain matt on floor! God knows what else they did. Her biting , hitting , kicking stopped in a few short month's went down 85% + after I pulled her out of school 2 years ago ish and also they claimed she swore never ever heard here say it at home. It's been a long road with still more to come but we still have to help with bath room for other parents reading this try a Bidet I am always thinking outside the box. She started talking more at age 6 1/2 now doing ok our family MOTO NEVER GIVE UP NEVER SURRENDER. So sorry I went over thank you. To all the parents never give up have faith! It has cost us a lot I am stay with her 24/7 so we try to make it on 1 income just really regret not being able to take her on a real Vacations but all we can do is try to do what we think is best. God Bless P.S. I know it was the shots how can she go from where she was at to that????

Heidi Jacqueline Orman My son was 18 mths and had been on antibiotics the week before receiving hepatitis and dtap. doc said he'd be okay.. sean also had "elevated levels" in my blood test for trisomy 18. he hit his milestones ahead of or on average and was atypical in every way. he stopped talking and eating within 24 hrs of receiving his vaccines and i was told to give him time. it took 2 yrs to get one word out of him. he was diagnosed at age 4 with autism. the vaccines were given in allen park, michigan.

Katie Ryan O' Rourke Mmr, Cork Ireland. Five days after Mia got her mmr she started to feel under the weather. Personally i thought moving of it being a reaction to the injection. She started getting the shakes and got the mumps. Mia has not been 100% health wise since getting the injection and has had severe problems since then and I blame the injection on this.

Heather Ortega After MMR a friend asked me. "What happened to the spark in her eyes??" That's it. Heather Ortega My comment is from Los Alamos NM. Sorry about that I was trying to keep it to one sentence

Aida Ortiz My first son got his shot in bridgeport ct and then I started seen him acting different then the doctor said he has autisim he's 13 years old now. My 8 year old was diagnosed on vineland n. J. He has autism too. In new jersey they put the flu shot on my son chris who's 13 years old and he started acting different he started getting seizures?

Candace Ortiz My son was born normal. If I had to pick a vaccine it would be the Hep B. The rest of the vaccines at that point were collateral damage. He received the Hep B vaccine at the hospital (Newton Memorial Hospital Newton, NJ) which I had reluctantly signed off on. After bringing him home from the hospital he would wake very hour. He would also "laugh" in his sleep. Which was odd but, as new parents we didn’t know any better? After spacing out the reminder vaccinations, he would always get high temps (103 was the highest) he started having behavioral issues and ear infections, diarrhea, and eczema. After tubes were placed, we thought are problems were over, but his behavioral issues increased and he sort of "checked out” he created a world for himself. Nobody new what was wrong until about 3 when he was diagnosed with PDD-NOS with SID. Since that time we have implemented ABA therapy as well as supplementation therapy. We have seen a drastic improvement and will continue fighting until he is well.

Lori Swetoha Ortiz From S. Florida, USA. DX with Severe Autism at 19 mths of age. Regressive . Reaction after DTaP. Seizure, lost skills, eye contact, began to have digestion issues (1 week) and regressed over a yr in skills. Today, after GF/CF/SF diet at age 18 mths, countless hours of therapy, BioMeds starting at age 2 1/2, and Sequential Homeopathy, his health is amazing and still in the recovery stage AFTER 6 1/2 VERY long years. He's now 8.

Susan O'Shaughnessy My son who is 7 and non verbal when give a vaccine would always get very high fevers over 105 this was EVERY TIME… Doctor would just tell me he got sick then why when we went in and didn’t get a shot did he not get the fever. At 9 months he had an MRI everything normal… at 2.5 MRI showed PVL which they say is lake of oxygen at birth they why didn’t they see it at 9 Months. He also started having seizures at 2.5. Lemont, IL.

Yvonne O'Sullivan My eldest had shown reactions to multiple vaccines prior to MMR, but the latter was the most aggressive. Within 24 hours he was having convulsions, had to go for scans, developed agressive bowel problems, screaming everytime he wanted to go to the toilet. Was on laxitive for over three years. Everything did eventually clear up and I know we're the lucky ones, whilst many still suffer. Long may we have the energy to fight for the truth. We live in London

Rita Oswald My name is Rita Oswald aka Alligator according to my 7 year old Autistic grandson, Brezlin Moore. He was born on 10/05/2009. He was extremely healthy and scored high on his apgar. He was given Vit K and it is not yet known what else at birth. At 2 months he received several injections. He suffered dearly for days. From that point he began doing repeated motions with his right arm over and over again in the exact pattern. He developed anger with certain things and a shaking and stiffening of his body and I would have to hold him tight until the body quivering stopped. Legally diagnosed at 4 with AUTISM. There are so many things to tell regarding Life with Brezlin, it would be a book on how Vaccine Injury has not only changed Brezlin's life but mine as well. I need help to help Brezlin. So far there has been NO help.

Susan Jane Otto My son of 2yrs and 8 months had the MMR injection (February 1991). He died from encephalitis when he was 3yrs and 1 month (July 1991) after having fits. It was reported and it was denied.

Kathy Ouma March 1995--2 month female--DtP--seizures--St. Francis Hospital--Wilmington, Delaware

L.W. Owens My daughter in Dallas had sucking problems and became a failure to thrive soon after birth. Beginning in early infancy, she became very delayed in gross and fine motor skills and had sensory integration problems, and chemical and food sensitivities all through young childhood. We didn't suspect the vaccines were involved until she was four when we noticed the dates on videos of her while we had her vaccine record in hand. It was clear from the videos that about a week or two after each round of vaccines she lost more skills each time. Reviewing these timings, her doctor exempted her from more vaccines at age four. She ordered vaccine titres and her polio titres were elevated. A mito expert told me recently that this sort of delayed loss of skills is the more typical pattern seen in mitochondrial disease. We believe she has had fibromyalgia and has been in severe pain since she began early intervention at 11 months of age, but now the diagnosis of fibro is completely certain and she has a disability rating in college and requires a gluten free diet but does not have celiac.