Addison  Was fine until her 9 month shots.  When she was 12 months old she received Hib, Hep B, MMR, PCV, Varicella, IPV, and DTaP all in the same office visit.  She had a fever and became unconsolable from then on out.  She would have fits of screaming like she was in pain, totally quit napping or having anything close to a regular sleep pattern.  She became fixated on this in an unnatural way. Lost all eye contact and smiling.  She began having cronic constipation and would become fixated on certain foods only eating bread and drinking milk for over a year following her shots.  She received these shots in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.  Now 8 years old diagnosed severely autistic, she is non-verbal, constantly stims, has major fine motor delay, seizures, very narrow eating habits, no regular sleeping patterns, melts down several times a day, is very sensory sensitive to noises, textures, clothing, and has a constant need for deep pressure.  She also has an elevated lactose to pyruvate level, and an elevated lactose level.  She has a mitochondrial enchelopathy documented by two different MRIs.  No eye contact.

Anne X  My son will soon be 3 years old, he is a twin to my daughter and at 18 months when they received the MMR He developed a high fever the next day of 104.7, a rash, and got very lethargic so I took him to the hospital and they couldnt figure out what happen and sent us home. I noticed that he stopped talking an started babbling. The dr did a development milestone test on him and was concerned so they sent the result to a Ga state psychologists and they diagnosed him with autism. Now he has speech therapists and behavioral therapists. He has tantrums and get angry when you cant understand his needs. He is a twin and this is very hard for me because she is developmentally on time In Decatur, Ga.

Anne X  Son Christopher received MMR vaccine December 1994, found dead in bed ten days later. Vaccine “ruled out” at autopsy but another child in the same class had the same vaccine on the same day and had a seizure. (County Down, Northern Ireland).

Anonymous  My daughter was admitted to the hospital within days of her first birthday. On that day she had 2 shots. One in each leg. I was told it was her MMR & she couldn't go to school without it. (I think the other shot was her 3rd hepatitis B?) She was also given the polio drops. She was admitted for & diagnosed with orbital cellulitous. She woke up one morning with a black eye & a fever of 105. She was developing normally, talking & babbling...telling the nurses "no touch" when they adjusted her IV. She called frogs "bud" because of the Budweiser commercial. She had constant ear infections after that. She forgot how to hold a bottle. She walked on her toes with her head tilted back. She lost all her speech. She didn't potty train until she was 5 because BM just oozed out. She learned to talk with PECS. We started a GFCF diet. We put tubes in her ears. She had her tonsils out due to chronic strep throat. Slowly she returned. She is now mainstreamed in high school. She is socially behind, but is doing well. She still has some OCD behaviors & weird rashes that look like healing mosquito bites all over her legs & torso. The school nurse has sent her home with ring worm 3 times, but it is just this rash. Her doctor says it isn't ringworm.

Anonymous  My child, no hep B at birth, given vitamin K DTaP and HIB at 4 months. Was fat and chunky prior to vaccination, had a fever, some ecxema started appearing later, probably a milk allergy diagnosed at 9 months. 9 months-6 words, 12 months- about a dozen words in English and Spanish. Normal, but delayed schedule for DTaP and HIB followed. Varicella at 15 months, chicken pox, high fever followed. Not reported as ped said can't get chicken pox from the vaccine. I started asking questions about her being language delayed. Now I realize we shouldn't have been asking about language delays in a child doing phenomenally well with language prior to varicella.  MMR at around 18 months-followed by measles, very sick. Again, not reported, as the ped said she couldn't get measles from the vaccine. language delays following. Could no longer say even a syllable. Early intervention program, was in the bottom 25% for language and other delays. Has never received another vaccine. How she is doing now-Dramatic diet change at 34 months, multiple food allergies. Immediate language acquisition with diet change. Continued diet modification to this day. Age 8-clearly suffering, unable to sleep, severe educational regression, pulling out hair. Met criteria for PDD-NOS. Started with DAN intervention in 1/09. Dramatic improvements, but continues to struggle. Food allergies are overwhelming. Current diet is consisting of primarily soups. Intolerant of many supps. Suspected seizure activity, ped won't investigate further.

Anonymous  My son was closer to 18 months when he got his MMR shot. It was a mis-communication with a nurse at the doctor's office. He was talking. He didn't have many words, (maybe 10-15 words) After MMR he stopped talking. He was one big tantrum. He lost a pound. He either threw-up or had diarrhea daily & it was foul smelling. The doctor suggested it was a milk allergy. The diarrhea continued. Then he had a high fever. He was admitted to hospital. They took x-rays, did blood work, & scans. He saw a gastrologist. He put him on zantac & propulsid. All he wanted to do was suck his fingers & have me rub his tummy. He didn't sleep. ADHD was the first diagnosis. I was an "over protective mother." I was making a big deal out of nothing because I had a daughter with speech delay. "Boys talk later."  We tried adderall & other ADD drugs before age 4. By age 4 dx of autism. He hated clothes & I have pictures of him in pre-school handicapped as only child in autistic class without clothes smiling at the camera in school. He hated shoes. He loved to swim. He could climb a 5 foot chain link fence at age 2. By age 3, we didn't worry about him drowning in the pool. (Friends thought he was a mermaid.) He had such pain tolerance he broke his arm & the ER doctor said there is no way it is broken but "we will do an x-ray to make you feel better mom." (This happened twice.) We started a GFCF diet. I searched high & low for help. I went out of state to find someone willing to treat my son. He rolled his tummy on exercise balls & slept with the top half of his torso hanging off the bed. His diagnosis is gastro-esophageal reflux disease.
Anonymous  My son is dependent on Sulfasalizine & zantac & without the meds he vomits. We have a plumber on call. His daily BM is a foot long & about 4 inches in circumference. (a little bigger than a cardboard paper towel roll) He sleeps 4-6 hours most nights, but sometimes he sleeps 12 hours once or twice a week. We built an indoor pool to help with his water addiction. He swims almost daily year round. He has his own playground in the back yard & he jumps & runs. He can dribble a soccer ball faster than most can run. He climbs on the roof of the house & doesn't realize he could get hurt jumping off. He is a runner. He is non-verbal. He needs 1:1 supervision!  I can't find a local insurance doctor that will believe me that food choices effect his behavior drastically. Schools are constantly giving him things he shouldn't have & then his behaviors come back. Some years I can get the teacher to follow the "only food from home" note I have from a doctor we see out of state. Other years, like this year, the teacher chooses not to listen or thinks he can have an item just because it is gluten free. He goes to a special high school & he is their problem child. He has been kicked out of some of the best schools all over the state. He is still at a pre-school educational level. He understands English he just doesn't speak. He doesn't make needs known he goes & gets what he wantsI have been accused of child abuse 3 times. The first time they thought I poisoned my son & that is what caused vomiting & weight loss.(at 18 months) The second time he bit his sister's arm & the school nurse reported me for neglect. She was worried about my daughter's safety. (understandable as I was also covered in bite marks from my son) The school wanted to put him in residential care in the custody of the state. The third time he was in terrible pain with his tummy. He had a seizure. I had been restraining him with help. A home schooling teacher witnessed him climb on the kitchen table & jump at me. My mouth happened to be open at the time & I left teeth marks on his upper arm. The teacher reported to CPS that I bite my son. How does one bite with only their top teeth? She quit the next day. I guess I should mention all complaints were dismissed after investigation. Anyway...we have been through it. I love both of my children & don't know what I would do without them. If I can help one family not to go down our path, it would be my one wish. God bless Dr. Wakefield! I heard him speak at a DAN convention in Florida around January 2000. We tried GFCF diet shortly thereafter. I hope this helps!

Anonymous  My daughter was on target with milestones but didn't start noticing major problems until around 2 to 3 yrs when tantrums all of a sudden started. Looking back though she started to get constipated between 9 -12 months. Taking B12 injec., glutathione injec. Vit/minerals, some GF/CF, liver life, etc. and she is coming around slowly. West Virginia, USA

Anonymous  Birth: Born APGAR 10, no family history that would have indicated any risks. Vaccine:  MMR. Reaction:  Fever of 106 deg F, body swelled and turned greyish, to emergency room unable to breathe frequently for over a month before he was even a year old. Coincidentally, later, when we asked for his medical records, somehow the office did not have them. Where: Upstate NY.  Childhood: Severe screaming, violent reactions, sensory issues, rigid thinking, autoimmune issues, seizures.  Today: With a lot of intervention, now young adult, brilliant and fairly skilled socially, but lives in a group home, still has rigid thinking and inflexible world views that can lead to rages.  My heart is still broken.     

Anonymous  My daughter - I rebelled, I dragged my feet, I waited as long as possible yet still obeyed the law to keep my girl in school since I was single working mom. She now has Hypersomnia AND I KNOW IT'S FROM VACCINE POISONING. I KNOW IT IS. The doctor did extensive blood work. No idea what to do for her (she's 20 now). A naturopathic doctor was just as confused. I'm taking her to a Chinese acupunture doctor soon. Provo, Utah

Anonymous Hi Our daughter Ellie commenced exhibiting side effects of having the HPV vaccine roughly 15 months after her last vaccination. She suffers fatigue, constant headaches, joint pain, Stomach and bowel problems resulting in iron deficiency, severe vision impairment which has taken her perriferral vision besides she can only read a 72 font alongside and short term memory loss and thus word recognition. When as her parents we discuss with Consultants about this being linked to HPV vaccine they are dismissive of this and always want to treat the symptom and not the cause which is really frustrating. They have also tried the psychological cause which has been ruled out by specislists. As parents we are so frustrated that no one is listening and that our daughters life continues on a downward spiral, please anyone if you are able to give advice please do so!

Brittany X  I have 2 children ages 9 and 7. My son James was my first born. Being that James was my first born I didn't exactly see his behaviors as different, as other experienced moms saw. James's grandmother would tell me later that she thought he  changed after his baby vaccines, I believe before his first year. He was a very easy, happy baby. I never had trouble putting him to sleep. He never fussed unless he  was hungry or needed to be changed. Then after his 4 months shots he changed. He was very fussy, we could no longer just lay him down and put him to bed. We would spend hours walking  around with him or rocking him trying to get him to stop fussing and fall asleep.  In his toddler years he would fixate on objects he had to have, he would stare off and ramble to himself and have a hand up looking like he was calculating with his fingers. He would wake up in the middle of the night and ramble on to himself. He was very particular with clothing, he hated socks and shoes. He hated loud high pitched noises.  One thing that is very odd to me is that in all the years of helping him in the bathroom, he NEVER had a normal formed stool. His bowel movements were always mushy, or loose. At the age of 3 we put him in Head start, an early childhood class that I thought he would really enjoy and learn. It was then that his teachers began to tell me that he was not normal and he was given  an IEP. He has remained on an IEP since then. He was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder and megacephaly around 6. Today he is an extremely intelligent and loving child. He does try to make friends but his large lack of social skills and awareness greatly impair that. When he  was younger he mostly played by himself. He didn't even seem to notice the other kids at times and he appeared very content to play by himself.He gets in trouble a lot at school because kids know that he can't control his emotions at times so they consistently  tease him to get a rise out of him and then make fun of him for it. He has always been a large boy, he was very very clumsy when he was younger. I feel like he doesn't have complete control over his body. He has  motor skill problems, he has astigmatisms in both eyes, as well as , being near sided. When he was younger we always had to tell him to look at us, like he didn't want to make eye contact. His 3 month vaccines were given in Hudson, WI. His 4 and 8 months were given in Mandan, ND.  I am very interested to learn more about Dr. Wakefield's studies and others. I am listening, thank you for your time.     

Carri X Our son is 30 years old this month. At 2 1/2 months he had an oral polio vaccine. Within a few days he had flu-like symptoms. Several days later paralysis set in. He spent two weeks in NICU. By the grace of God the virus receded and did not affect any of his major organs. He uses a power wheelchair. He has the use of one arm/hand. He plays guitar with the use of a hand splint he designed himself. He prefers to bowl the "normal" way and averages a 200 game. He drives his own van albeit VERY expensive with the electronic gas/brake computer system. He bought a house 2300 miles from "home". We almost lost our son in 1983 due to a cover up by Lederly Labs and the federal government. They thought it way too expensive to recall a bad batch of vaccine. Our son was 11 years old when we finally found that out. He was awarded a settlement from the Vaccine Injury Act. After seeing three attorneys the fourth one took the case. Our son was 11 years old when our attorney and the government’s attorney agreed on a settlement. No amount of money can replace the loss of a fully functioning body. They say the benefit out ways the damages. If it was their child would they feel the same? Shame on our government. Have they not learned anything in the last three decades? With all of our advances in technology can they not improve vaccines? I just happened to stumble on this list and it saddens me greatly. It is such a long list. Too long in my opinion., polio vaccine, Hillsboro, Oregon. 

Felicia X  On 7/7/2005 my six month child was given: DTAP#2, IPV#2, HeminfB#2, HepBvax#3, & pneuped#2. 24 hours later Swelling of the entire body occurred, inconsolable screaming as well. My son's skin was covered in red, blotchy skin rash with classic bulls eye pattern (well documented vaccine reaction, erythema  multiforme ), and lasted for 3 days. At day four, my son began to bang his head on the wall, developed severe aggression which lasted in tantrums lasting for 2 hours or more, nd later began to fall constantly once he learned to walk. He had extreme opposition to verbal directions, extreme exaggerated emotional response, and cognitive delays. He began to display odd facial expressions, odd play with his toys (obsession with organization) and self-stimulating behavior. He now is 6, with the same issues, and is delayed emotionally and cognitively. At six, he functions on the level of a three year old. At age 2 he was seen by a neurologist, and diagnosed with ADHD and ODD. At age 5 he was diagnosed with PDD-NOS. Now that he is six, he will be evaluated with the ADOS, to see where he is on the autism spectrum.

Jane X  24 year old son developed slurred speech 2.5 days after Hep B vaccine, then given 2nd dose on 8th day. Developed intractable seizures, died after 8 weeks.

Pam  X  My daughter was developing normal and tracing things back after her 6 month old vaccines about 7 days later the whole house was sick with fever and respiratory illness, seemed like she wasnt hearing me but still interacted with us, but then at her 12-18 month shots when she was 13 months and received MMR and flu and 3 other vaccines the same the happened about 6 days later everyone in our house sick with fever and resp illness again but this time she socially withdrew; stopped babbling, loss of eye contact, hand flapping, tiptoe walking, etc... This is my fourth child and would have never believed that vaccines caused problems until it happened to me!!!!! Im angry and sad that this is happening not just to me but other children too! We have got to have the govt step in and realize that this is a true epidemic and the one size fits all vaccine schedule is completley absurd. Temple,TX

Peanuts mama   My son was a twin,and they were born 33wks. He rolled first, sat up first babbled first. Then at the time of his one year shots, he was still small compared to his twin brother and I hesitated to vaccinate him but figured I was protecting him then the weeks to follow his brother took the lead, and I noticed less eye contact from him and he wouldn't play like his brother he'd tip over cars and play with just the wheels. I have video before and after those shots he's not the same kid. My other boy was fine except some add.

Pjtung X  My son was born in August 2007 via an epidural vaginal delivery, weighing 9 lbs.  He received the usual newborn vaccinations.  In the hospital he had some mild jaundice, and at ten days of age he needed to go back for UV treatment.  He also had shots at two months, one of which left a hardened lump on his thigh.  During that time he grew well and was an "easy" baby, with some very mild eczema.  But I did not give him his six month jabs on time as I was becoming aware of the potential dangers posed by the aluminum and other toxins in shots.  I finally relented when he was 8 months.  He had Prevnar and several others.  For the week after he stopped making sounds and lost all eye contact.  He seemed like he was drugged.  His previously meaty, dense legs turned soft like tofu.  He didn't gain any weight for the next four months, and didn't walk.  It was not until I started giving him supplements (carnitine, CoQ-10, cod liver oil) and Thuja, a homeopathic vaccine remedy, that he started walking (at nearly 15 months).  He has been on supplements since and done nearly 20 rounds of Cutler protocol chelation.  We've also done speech therapy and OT and fortunately he is doing fine in mainstream preschool.  He will not have any more vaccines as long as I can control it. 

Russell X  Friend’s son Jamie received MMR, developed raging temperature same night, subsequently developed autism, now age 19 (Weymouth).

Sheila X  My son when he had his first baby injection it was a triple with petusus init[not the mmr] he had a reaction to it where his leg blew up to almost 4 times the size of his other one, we took him to the hospital and they kept him in over night by the following day it had gone back down they said it was probably the petusus as this is the one that causes most reactions. This was approx 1996 in Aberdeen Scotland UK. At 7 he was diagnosed with perthes the Dr's explanation of perthes was that the blood flow to the ball of the hip joint had been cut off and so the ball had stopped growing and was too small for the joint they didn't know why. At 8yrs old my son was diagnosed with aspergers he is number 6 of 8 children and he's the only one that is asd.

Sopars Mum  My son had three weeks of fevers right after his one year mmr and slowly lost his ability to walk, talk, socialize, eat, had constant diarrhoea, cried nonstop, didn't sleep, lost eye contact, tensed uncontrollably,  Snohomish county, Washington state.

Sebree  My son, Nick, received the MMR at 24 months, Marietta, Georgia.  He was verbal before this.  Within 2 months, he quit talking and resorted to humming.  Also, constantly climbed up and down stairs. Nick is 15 now and functions moderately.  He has  alot of anxiety and  OCD.  He regained his language at 5 years and at 12 regressed to whispering.  

Wanda X  Son had MMR II in 1990, developed urticaria 8 days later, then first seizure a few weeks later. Diagnosed lymphoid nodular hyperplasia and colitis, measles virus found in gut, biopsy revealed vaccine-strain measles virus in brain, now epileptic.